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of the Counties of

Buffalo, Kearney, and Phelps in Nebraska

Containing Portraits and Biographies of all the Presidents of the United States,
and of the Governors of the State.
of many of the prominent and representative citizens
and sketches of many of the early settlers of these counties.
Chicago, F.A. Battey and Company, 1890.

List of Buffalo County entries

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Allen, Homer J.
Anderson, W. H.
Andrews, Edgar H.
Arendt, John P.
Armstrong, A.L.
Ashburn, D.P.;
Ashton, Benjamin
Aspinwall, George D.;
Austin, William H.
Ayres, Charles D.
Babcock, L.J.
Bailey, C.S.;
Baker, George H.
Baker, Nelson A.;
Barnd, John ;
Barron, Mrs. Mary;
   maiden name Power;
   husband's name William   
Basset, S.C.
Bayley, John M.
Beecher, R.;
Bentley, Morrison A.
Berry, J.W.
Blair, J.W.
Bliss, N.T.
Blue, Jacob L.
Bowie, H.H.
Boyd, Joshua
Brigham, Lyman M.
Brown, Conrad B.
Brown, David I.
Bruker, Alexander
Burks, E.W.
Burt, Arthur F.
Carleton, George W.
Carpenter, Eleazer W.
Cass, Carlton B.
Chapman, M.V.
Clancy, Jacob W.
Clark, David B.;
Clayton, Joseph
Conner, Alexander H.;
Cook, W. L.
Cornelius, Tony
Cornell, George W.
Craven, William M.
Cunningham, L.B.
Daniels, J.F.
Darbyshire, Richard
Daul, Frederick
Davidson, J.K.
Davis, James H.
Dempster, William H.
Demuth, John
Devall, James M.
Dooley, Patrick
Dow, Charles H.
Drury, J.D.
Eaton, Rice H.;
Eddy, A.
Edwards, Amos H.
Eldred, Thomas W.
Esler, Martin V.
Farr, R.W.
Fellows, Albert
Fieldgrove, Henry;
Fish, Jasper
Fitz, Joseph
Fitzgerald, Edward
Fleharty, George;
Forney, Samuel M.
Forrest, John W.
Forrester, George
Foxworthy, P.E.
Frantz, James M.
Freeze, Andrew J.
Gabriel, Jacob
Gamble, Ross;
Gass, James
George, A.D.
Gibson, A.F.
Gibson, William W.
Godbey, William D.
Graves, S.H.
Green, Henry C.
Greer, R.R.
Gresham, Charles Edward
Guffey, Oliver Perry
Haag, Augustus
Hamer, Francis G.;
Hamilton, Oscar F.
Harbaugh, Brinton F.
Harrel, J.W.
Harrington, J.S.;
Harse, John
Hatten, Jerome
Hayden, A.K.
Hedges, Aaron
Hedges, John S.
Hendrickson, John
Henninger, Soloman F.
Herrick, Andrew J.
Higgins, Samuel
Hill, Cosmo S.
Hill, Stephen S.
Holloway, C.C.
Hormel, Wilbert S.
Hoover, Maurice A.;
Hostetter, David C.
Houston, Charles M.
Huggins, William C.
Hull, Hiram
Hull, J.C.
Hutchison, David H.
Inman, David
Jackson, W.N.
Jaco, Nelson
Jenkins, James
Jones, B. Frank
Jones, Darius B.
Junk, D.P.
Karn, Jeremiah
Keens, F.G.;
Keep, William C.
Kesler, Maurice O.
Killgore, William H.
King, John W.;
  Medical Doctor
Kinney, Holloway W.
Knapp, Family
Knox, William E.
Layton, Mrs. Sarah L.;
   maiden name Kinner;
  husband's name Jacob
Learn, William R.
LaBarre, I.D.
Lebhart, Frederick
Leland, J.W.
Lippincott, James F.
Loewenstein, John D.
Luce, John
Lund, John E.
McComb, David
McCreary, James
McDonald, Nathan P.
McLellan, William
Magee, Frank W.
Mahon, John
Mallalieu, John T.
Meisner, George;
Mercer, John
Mercer, V.T.
Milbourn, George
Miller, George
Miller, George E.
Miller, Jacob
Mills, Mrs. Eliza B.;
   maiden name Burch;
  husband's name George M.
Mills, George M.
Mills, James H.
Moore, Josepus
More, L.R.
Morse, Miss Eliza R., M.D.
Morse, Henry W.
Nantker, Henry
Nash, John
Neal, John B.
Neely, William J.
Noble, M.H.
Norris, George E.;
Nutter, William
Osterheil, C.G.
Owen, Joseph
Parker, Robert G.
Parrotte, J.L.;
Patterson, Charles F.
Patterson, William G.
Patterson, William Wallace;
Pease, Benjamin F.
Peck, Emory
Peck, Thomas J.
Pettett, W. C.
Peters, Henry
Pierce, Philetus
Plumb, Lorenzo
Pool, William W.
Potter, Robert K.
Post, George S.
Putman, Chester W.
Randall, W.L.
Reed, Brothers ;
   Frank D. and William M.
Rice, Frank
Roach, William
Rogers, H.P.
St.John, S.S.;
St.Peters, Alexander
Salisbury, W.H.
Salsbury, John S.
Schars, Peter F.H.
Scheihing, Gottlob
Schieck, Karl B.
Short, Nelson W.
Shovel, Anthony
Shreeve, Walter
Silvernail, George H.
Silverthorn, A.F.
Smalley, O.H.
Smith, Erastus
Smith, E.L.
Smith, George N.
Smith, H.K.
Smith, Horace P.
Smith, James
Smith, James K.
Smith, James M.
Smith, Marion H.
Smythe, William Ellsworth
Snyder, George W.
Springer, Byron N.
Spry, Milton J.
Stark, Fritz
Stedwell, Abram
Steele, Henry S.
Steven, James
Steven, Walter J.
Stimpson, Charles R.
Stonebarger, Halleck H.
Swenson, John
Tawney, Jeremiah
Thatcher, T.D.
Thomas, Alfred E.
Thomas, Edward W.
Thomas, James
Thompson, O.E.
Thompson, Stanley
Thornton, Samuel W.
Towers, H.S.
Tracy, George R.
Traut, S.R.
Turner, Bartlette
Tyler, John
Ulrich, John I.
Upton, Sherman
Urwiller, Fred
Van Alstine, C.W.
Volk, R.N.
Waldron, S.J.
Walsh, P.
Waters, Charles R.
Waters, Joseph A.
Waters, Richard F.
Weibel, Sylvester
Welch, Albert G.
Wheeler, J. B.
Wheeler, William R.
Willard, Isaac
Williams, Adam
Willis, Charles A.
Wilson, John
Wilson, John H.
Winchester, H.H.
Winslow, Jahugh
Witmer, George W.
Wolf, John
Woodworth, Leonard P.;
Wright, Isaac K.
Yelinck, Johann
Young, John F.
Young, Mason A.

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