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Partial Transcription of 1940 census
for Buffalo County, Nebraska

I'm sure I'm not the only one who's eager to dig into the newly-released 1940 census. Volunteers around the country are indexing the millions of pages so that we can search by name. Until the indexes for the complete state of Nebraska are on-line, I'm making this page available to help researchers of Buffalo County.

Here are a few townships from Buffalo County that I have transcribed because
1.) I'm most interested in these townships, and
2.) these contain the names I'm most familiar with, so they are easier for me to read.
These do not contain all the information available on the form, but rather provide a transcription of the basic information so that a researcher can easily locate the correct on-line image without the need to search page after page.

They are posted here where, hopefully, they can be of help to others as well. If any of you would like to help by transcribing a village, town or a township, please contact me. If we each do a little, the census for the whole county could be done quickly.

Each sheet has a front and back, A and B. The line numbers continue from 1-40 on the first side, and 41-80 on the back side. Corrections and additions are on a separate sheet, always designated as Sheet 61A.
Just a note about some of the symbols and abbreviations:
"Status" refers to marital status. S=single; M=married; Wd=widowed; D=Divorced. I used M7 for what appears to indicate married but separated.

For children under 2 years of age, the fraction x/12 indicates age in months.

District 10-1 - Miller Village
District 10-2 - Armada township
Districts 10-10 and 10-44 - Divide township **Complete
District 10-18 - Amherst village
District 10-19 - Grant township outside Amherst
District 10-20 - Harrison township
District 10-28 - Logan township
Districts 10-34 and 10-44 - Riverdale Village **Complete
District 10-36 - Rusco township
District 10-37 Sartoria township
District 10-39 - Scott township

**Note - All of Riverdale Village lies within Riverdale township, except for one family, whose residence lies within Divide township. That single residence is District 10-44, and is shown here in both Divide township as well as in Riverdale village.

We're looking for volunteers to do:
District 10-3 Beaver township, Poole Village
District 10-4 Beaver township, outside Poole Village
District 10-5 Cedar township
District 10-6 Center township, islands in Platte River
District 10-7 Cherry Creek township
District 10-8 Collins township, part of island in Platte River
District 10-9 Collins township, State Industrial School for Delinquent Boys
District 10-11 Elm Creek township, Elm Creek Village
District 10-12 Elm Creek township outside Elm Creek Village, islands and part of island in Platte River
District 10-13 Gardner township
District 10-14 Garfield township outside Ravenna City
District 10-16 Gibbon township, Gibbon Village
District 10-17 Gibbon township outside Gibbon Village
District 10-21 through 10-27 Kearney City
District 10-29 Loup township, Pleasanton Village
District 10-30 Loup township outside Pleasanton Village
District 10-31 Odessa township, Odessa, part of island in Platte River
District 10-32 Platte township, islands in Platte River
District 10-33 Ravenna City
District 10-35 Riverdale township outside Riverdale Village
District 10-38 Schneider township
District 10-40 Sharon township
District 10-41 Shelton township, Shelton Village
District 10-42 Shelton township outside Shelton Village
District 10-43 Thornton township
District 10-15 Valley township

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