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Just-A-Mere Club of Denman was organised on September 11, 1935 at the home of Mrs. Frank Wiese. There were thirteen original members, one of which remains, Mrs. Cortland Bombeck.
Colors: Pink & Lavender
Moto: Climb Tho’ The Rocks Be Rugged
Flower: Sweet Pea
The above picture of the club was taken in 1945.
Those standing are: Eva Stearley, Orpha Woodman, Nora Peck, Florence Holl Gladys Duker, Mary Stade, Doris Stade, Elinor Ramsey, Ann Andersen, Estella Liggett, Wilda Reeder, Dora Stade.

Sitting: Deloris Holl with Kent, Mary Holl with Loren, Melvina Bombeck with Janelle, Ruth Bombeck with Dick, Darlene Woodman, Dessa Woodman with Steve.

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1944 Denman School Picnic


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The picture shows the then near new school house (1916) with Bill Rumplets, the first depot agent in Denman, standing at the South east corner.

In the back-ground can be seen the barn where many of us can remember some cold miserable mornings and evenings hitching up and stabling "old Dobbin". There were also more exciting times on the road "bumping wheels", etc. as we raced for school or home.

Note the pump In the fore-ground where we got our drinking water usually in our cupped hands, if the weather was not too cold. Our playground equipment was maybe a baseball and bat or basketball. Dare base was played a lot and Spring brought the big, heavy, long jump rope manned by big strong arms.

Parts of Minutes from Old School Meetings

A mass meeting was held at Denman on the evening May 27, 1914, A. J. Denman was elected chairman and M. L. Morse as secretary. Legal voters present are (L. B.) Woolever, E. J. Woodman, C. R. Lippincott, Oren Peck, Karl Miller, A. J. Denman, M. L. Morse, Sig Blue, Russel Lippincott, J. D. Lippincott, John Gearhart. Plans were explained by Mr. B. J.Hilsabeck.

Moved and seconded that the school board proceed to get a petition and call a school meting to vote a building fund for a new basement school house at Denman. Carried.

The petition stated: You are herby petitioned by the below voters of District No. 41, (Buffalo) in said County, to make the following described change in District boundries, to wit: that the territory of school District 68 Hall County be attached to


School District 41, Buffalo County, (which District shall here-after be known as 41, Buffalo- Hall) thus forming a consolidated district.

Petition signed by these people, dated June 6, 1914:
John Gearhart
M. L. Morse
Raye White
Russel Lippincott
Karl Miller
James Etherton
Lizzie Etherton
Lilly Lippincott
F. S. Blue
C. Yeagley
John D. Lippincott
Noma Lippincott
C. R. Lippincott
Mrs. Olga Lippincott
Mrs. Mattie Meyers
M. Lockwood
W. L. Frye
Mrs.W. L. Frye
C. W. Lockwood
R .F. Block
Mary Blue
Oren Peck
Laura Denman
Harry Peck 
Chas. Helser
Lewis Webber
Ja. Wabel
Mrs. Ella Wabel
Colbert Elliott
Fred Elliott
Mrs. Fannie Elliott
L .B. Woolever
Mrs. L .B. Woolever
A. J. Denman
The annual meeting of School District No. 41-68 of Buffalo & Hall Counties, Nebr. was held in Bank room at Denman, Nebr., in said District, on Monday June 29th, 1914 at 8 o’clock P.M.

A motion was made and seconded that a vote be taken for or against the levying of a tax to create a fund in the amount of five thousand dollars, for the following purposes, to wit: purchase a site, and erect and furnish a building suitable for school purposes; and to levy a tax of ten mills per annum for 10 years, to pay same and interest thereon, interest payable annually; operation to take effect immediately.

A ballot was taken and counted as follows: 21 votes for, and 4 against the proposition.

Mel Lockwood, John Gearhart and M.L. Morse were elected to act with the school board as a Building Committee.

Moved and seconded that the school board be allowed to vacate and sell the old sites and school houses when no longer needed. Carried.

Moved and seconded that the school board purchase a site West of the store buildng and North of Island to the amount of two acres at $200.00 per acre. Carried. Motion made and seconded to adjourn. Carried.
--A. J. Denman, Director

The building committee met on July 21, 1914 with the C .W. Way Co. of Hastings, who planned the building to let the contract. It went to Chas. R. Tritt for $4,390.00. A bid was also let to the Shelton Hardware for $265.00 for the heating plant and installation.

The school continued in this same building over the years until August, 1975. When for lack of students it was declared closed. David Stade was the last full time student, attending the 1973-74 school year mostly alone.

During the years between 1914 and 1975, there were several different grade categories taught. The first two years there were only nine grades with two teachers. In 1916 ten grades began and three teachers, and tenth grade diplomas were given. Eleventh grade was added in 1917 and continued until 1923-24 school term with two teachers upstairs and one down.

From 1924 to 1946 there were ten grades with either two or three teachers and sometimes only four grades downstairs. In these years the school books are not all available so pupils, teachers, grades, school boards, etc may not be absolutely accurate.

The school decided to contract for high school in the 1946-47 term. and from then to 1960-61 term there was only one teacher and from Kindergarten to eight grades taught downstairs only.

In the 1961-62 term there was again two teachers and the two downstairs rooms were used, one teacher having grades from Kindergarten to third or fourth, and the other one from third or fourth to eighth. This conintued until the end of the 1969-70 term.

At this time seventh and eighth grades also contracted out, so one teacher took over grades one to six with a continued dimenishing enrollment and school was discontinued for the 1975 Fall term, all grades contracted to Shelton.

The school building and grounds were taken over by the Alumni Association in the summer of 1977.

As near as can be acertained there are four families of which three generations attended school in Denman. They are Chas. Sorensen, Clifford Woodman, Ferne (Blue) Eddy and Bill Bombeck families.

There follows as near as can be ascertained, using all records available, an alphabetical list of all who attended school here:



A. J. Denman
L. B.Woolever
C. R. Lippincott
F. S. Blue
H. E. Peck
Mrs. Chas. Cruse
Mrs. Chas. Helser
Mrs. R. F. Block
Geo. Morse
Lester Wells
Myrtle Wiese
Herb Roush
Wm Andersen
Russel Lippincott
Clifford Woodman
Reta Roush
Wm Bombeck
Virgil Ramsey
Irene Sorensen
Glen Westing
Kenneth Bombeck
Don Ernst
Luther Burt
Lee Conroy
Norris Jepson
Leonard Stade
Chas. Keubler
Lynn Bombeck
Frank Eddy


Vera (Utter) Wendling
Ethel (Parks) Gearhart
May (Cook) Woolever
Naida Randall
Olive (Pember) Adams
Geneva Adams
Ada B. Kind
Pearl E. Haynes
Mary Wilson
Clarence Curnyn
Nell Ernst 
Ben A. Andersen
Bertha M. Bitter
Alma Noe 
Sidney Masser
Gertrude (Holl) Blue
Clinton Burmood
Phyllis Panek
Mabel Williams
Eva Buck
Myrtle (Riesland) Wiese
Libbie Prochaska
Norma Steiner
Clyde P. Masse
Anna Howe
Ray S. Reith
Roy J. Reith
Esther Reith
Florence (Young) Schneider
Harold McClarey
Faye Burge 
M. D. Johnson
K. D. Wary
Laura Brady
Edith Thatcher
Marvel (Lippincott) Miller
Mary B. Smith
Arlene (Oliver) Lockwood
Francis Kingsley
Loine (Blue) Jacobs
Maxine Schiefelbein
Bernice Weston
Donna B. Thomas
Bessie A. Mays
Sherry Stephens 
Ester Davenport
Zerelda Dysart
Orpha Hoage
Lynda Allen
Naty Harney


Muriel Anderson
Helen Adams
Henry Andersen
Virginia Andersen
Evelyn Andersen
John Adams
Virgil Andersen
Trina Aldana
Carmel Aldana
Jennie Aldana
Joe Aldana
Leroy Andersen
Carman Aldana
Arther Andersen
Anna Andersen
Michelle Allen
Timothy Allen
Mark Allen
Peggy Sue Allen
Carrol Anderson

Esther Blue
Barbara Blue
Delbert Blue
Gertrude Brown
Gwendolyn Block
Arthur Brown
Richard Block
Cortland Bombeck
Earl Brechner
William Bombeck
Everett Brown
Julia Brown
Donald Brown
Jerrold Brown
Fern Blue
Loise Blue
Iola Blue
Betty Lou Butler
Lyle Bates
Carol Bates
Vaughn Bombeck
Jerry Bates
Ivan Bombeck
Richard Bombeck
Cary Wayne Blue 
Roger Bombeck

Donnell Bombeck
Marcene Blue
Melvin Block
Wm Blumenthal
Lynn Bombeck
Larry Bombeck
Donald Bombeck
Janelle Bombeck
Junior Blumenthal
James Brisbin
Craig Bombeck
Kathlee S. Burr
Christy Best
Judy Best
Gregory Garth
Clinton Burr
Michelle Burr
Lori L. Bombeck
Earl Blue

Lloyd Cruse
Vera Cruse
Vesta Cruse
Wayne Cruse
Leland Cook
Claremont Clark
Nellie Clark
Patricia Coon
Gail Conroy
Gene Conroy
Gary Conroy
Helen Callison
Oryl Callison

Marion Denman
Audrey Daily
Gordon Daily
Wayne Daily
Freddie Dissmeyer
Hazel Denman
Douglas Dean
Frank Dean

Myrtle Etherton
Oren Etherton
Beulah Ernst
Diana Eddy

Deloris Ellis
Gene Eddy
Collene Eddy
Linda Ernst
Wayne Ernst
Peggy J. Ernst
Mariann Eddy
Mark Efird
Myrtle Elliott
Florence Elliott

Willie Fry
Jerene Fabor
Junior Fabor
Harold Farmer
Thelma Fisher
Nelson Fisher

Nadine Gearhart
Albert Graham
Carrie Graham
Anke Gerkes
Henry Gearhart
Katie Gettman
Frieda Gettman
John Gettman
Robert Garska
Buddy Garska
Jack Garska
Roger Garska
Reyna Guadaloupe
Billy L. Gettman
Shirley Gettman
Eliza Godinez
Byron Gilliland
Glen Gilliland
Donald Gilliland

Harold Hall
Mildred Holl
Elmer Holl
Dale Haug
Gordon Helser
Marvin Helser
Fred Humiston
William Heinzman
Walter Humphrey

Marie Hawke
Evelyn Humphrey
Julias Heinzman
Ruby Humphrey
Blanche Heinzman
Leona Holl
Cecil Harpham
Gilbert Harpham
Belva Hibberd
Joyce Halte
Leona Hoagland
Marion Hawke
Merle Humphrey
Emery Hawke
John Paul Holl
Bonnie Sue Holl
Susan Ann Holl
Staci Jo Hornbacher
Ernest Heinzman

Grace Johnson
Doris Jacobitz
Vera Joan Johnson
Chas. Johnson
Loy Layne Jepsen
Bradley Jepsen
Julia Journey

Francis Kingsley
Clyde Kingsley
Virgil Kennedy
Margaret Kingsley
Donald Kingsley
Denny Kennedy
Rosemary Kingsley
Jerry Kingsley
Robert Kesterson
Cindy Ann Keubler
Kristi Kuebler
Lori Lynn Kuebler

Abbie Lippincott
Mose Lippincott
Vance Lippincott
Ethel Lippincott
Hazel Lippincott
Opal Lippincott

Sadie Lippincott
Dessa Lippincott
Otis Lippincott
Evelyn Lee
Maxine Lippincott
Majorie Lippincott
Vaughn Lippincott
Howard Lippincott
Harry Lewis
Donald Lewis
Marvel Lippincott
Inez Lippincott
Donald Lippincott
Doug Lockwood, Jr.
Bernadine Lippincott
Jr. Lewis
Albert Lewis
Bailey Lewis
Frieda Liggett
Virginia Lockwood
Carriebelle Lang
Cynthia Lockwood
Donald Lockwood

Fred Morse
Opal Meyers
Geo. Morse
Abbie Mead
Lloyd Morse
Marcus Morse
Donald Maurer
Chas. Martin
Galen Maurer
Wm Morgan
Dale Morgan
Jacqueline McIntosh
Myrna McNair
Lavern McMullen
Merle McMullen
Romona Merritt
Frances Martin
Carrol Meyers

Nancy Nazzise
Martha Nazzise

Frankie Nazzise
Sam Nazzise
Anita Nunez
George Nebower
Mildred Nebower
Nellie Nebower

Lucille Oliver
Josephine Oliver
Howard Owens
Luella Owens
Deloris Owens
Merton Oliver
Lloyd Oliver

Erma Peck
Everett Peck
Bernice Parks
Eola Pember
John Pember
Herbert Pember
Fred Pember
Stanley Pember
Mildred Peck
Ruth Palmer
Blanche Palmer
Harry Palmer
Williard Palmer
Josephine Palmer
Jonathan Pfeiffer

Ed Rayback
Florence Ramsey
Virgil Ramsey
Sylvia Ramsey
Robert Ramsey
Vera Ramsey
Lester Ramsey
Lucille Reeder
Mary Rayback
Doris Rayback
Kenneth Ramsey
Arthur Reeder
Thelma Rima
Imogene Roush
Robert Rima
Emma May Reeder

Marvin Reeder
Beulah Reeder
Viola Reeder
Leonard Reeder
Eldon Reeder
Corrine Reeder
Betty Rayback
Jackie J. Roush
Jean Rayback
Melvin Donnell
Joe Rookstool
Clayton Rookstool
Lila Joan Ramsey
Larry Reeder
Gary Reeder
Glendora Reeder
Randy Reeder
Carl Rayback
Mabel Rayback
Doris Rayback
Ruth Rayback
Helen Rayback

Lester Skein
Lita Simon
Chas Sorensen
Irvin Sorensen
Clara Sorensen
Ida Sorensen
Mildred Sorensen
Jesus Sunday
Clair Sherard
Thelma Smith
Leonard Stade
Lawrence Stade
Melissa Sunday
George Sunday
Ellen Sunday
Rosetta Sunday
Floyd Sunday
______ Sunday
Dora Stade
Fern Stade
Alvin Svoboda
Kenneth Stearley
Mabel Sadd

Audrey Stearley
Bobby Sadd
LaVon Sadd
George Sadd
Jeanette Sadd
Robert Sorensen
Junior Sadd
Mona Mae Sargent
Lucy Steinmark
Loretta Sadd
Donald Steinmark
Marjorie Sadd
Mary Salpas
Margaret Salpas
Helen Salpas
Joyce Stearley
Francis Salpas
Charlene Sorensen
Beverly Sadd
Kathyrn Sadd
Josie Salpas
Russel Swisher
Juanita Swisher
Josephine Smith
Dorothy Salpas
Carolyn Sadd
Toni Salazar
Juanita Salazar
Kirk Smith
Vaughn Smith
Darnell Smith
Verene Smith
Carol Sherard
Mary Lucille Smith
Donald Sherard
Wilbert Smeall
Paul Smeall
Leona Stade
Kenton Sorensen
Richard A. Schmidt
Debra Kay Stade
George Sadd
Carol J. Scheidies
Roger Scheidies
Mike Scheidies
Ruthe Schafer
Tammy Scheidies
Boyd Sorensen
David Stade
Ruth Smith
Elton Smith
Mary Smith
Bernice Smith
Bernadine Smith
Viola Snowden
Neva Snowden
Francis Smeall
Glenn Smeall
Violet Trubey
Eugnen Trubey
Venita Taylor
Arthur Trubey
Dedder Thomas
G. Thomas
Pauline Triplett
Dallas Thomas
Dan Thomas
Fred Thomas
Dessa Thomas
Joseph Termini
Judith Thompson
Delmer Tucker
Margaret Tingley

Henry Uhrich
Esther Uhrich
Billy Uhrich
Rosie Uhrich
John Utecht
Donnette Utecht
Judy Utecht

Hazel Vogel
Raamah Vance
Frank Vogel
Donald Vance
Irving Vonderfecht
James Vogel
Mary Vogel

Jerry Woodman

Leonard Wabel
Josie Woodman
Percy Wells
Lester Wells
Ercie Woolever
Floyd Woodman
Enid Whiting
Madien Whiting
Lyle Whiting
K. D. Wary
Robert Wheeler
Ruth Ellen Webber
Rosalie Wiese
Billy Wiese
Rex Wiese
Marlin Wells
Bobby Wiese
Lois Wiese
Jack Woodman
Margaret Wiese
Sam Wells
Charlotte Webber
Raye Woodman
Patsy Lee Woodman
Larry Woodman
Thomas Woodman
Charlotte Woodman
Dean Woodman
Debra Ann Warner
Denis R. Woodman
Jody Jaye Webben
Sandra Rae Warner
Dannel Scott Woodman
Douglas Woodman
Jamie Webben
Jeffery Webben
Kenneth Woodman
Kevin Woodman
Tommy Westrand
Christine Wilkinson
Julie Wilkinson
Jessie Wilkinson
Marie Webber
Raymond Webber
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