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Denman Nebraska     Pages 33-34

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First Row of Seats to Left: (from back) Marcus Morse, Arthur Truby, Robert Ramsey, Fred Morse.

2nd Row: Herb Pember, Dale Haug, Irvin Sorensen, Josie Woodman.

3rd Row: Audrey Dailey, Vera Ramsey, Carrie Graham, Vesta Cruse.

4th Row: Vera Cruse, Sylvia Ramsey, Barbara Blue, Chick Sorensen.

5th Row: Ethel Lippincott, Raamah Vance, John Pember, Virgil Ramsey, Fred Morse.

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Back Row: Ethel Lippincott, Raamah Vance, Herb Pember, Vesta Cruse, John Pember, Sylvia Ramsey, Virgil Ramsey, Carrie Graham, Chas. Sorensen, Vera Cruse, Fred Morse.

Center Row: Alma Noe (teacher), Josie Woodman, Barbara Blue, Vera Ramsey, Audrey Daily, Sid Mosser (teacher).

Front Row: Robert Ramsey, Arthur Trubey, Marcus Morse, Dale Haug, Irvin Sorensen, Fred Pember



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Back Row: Chick Sorensen, Virgil Ramsey, Fred Morse, and Sid Mosser (coach).

Sitting: Fred Pember, John Pember, Herb Pember.

Down over the years Denman has enjoyed some fine years of sports.

In the above picture these boys and the Model T Ford went hand in hand. They traveled to many nearby towns and even as far away as Doniphan.

In the late '2O's and early '30's there was also a very good basketball team as well as baseball. The boys constituting these teams were Fred Humiston, Lloyd Morse, Lester Ramsey, Fred Thomas, Richard Block, Walter Humphrey, Stanley Pember, Kenneth Ramsey, Vaughn and Howard Lippincott, Bill Bombeck, Wayne Cruse, Clifford Woodman and Arthur Brown.

In 1928-29 some of these boys played in a Platte Valley Tournament. They defeated such teams as Shelton, Gibbon, Kenesaw and Lowell, and came out the tournament winners, no small achievement.

The baseball team was a winner most of the time also, with Tommy taking mound duties and Floyd or Walt behind the plate.

In the middle '30's there was a good boys softball team but by then with declining population they were taking on smaller schools like District 22,10 in Adams County, Lowell, etc. Some boys in this unit the Sherrards; Clair and Donald, Everett Brown, Elton Smith, Donald Lippincott, Don Maurer, Robert Wheeler and others.

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