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Denman Nebraska     Pages 6-7

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This shows Mr. and Mrs. Charley Stairs and Tracy Woods at their comfy sod house back on Stairs Island, where they raised broom corn and made brooms. In the bottom picture the Stairs stand in their big truck garden where celery was a specialty of theirs.
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In later years most of us remember it as Kingsley Island, where Harvey, his wife Mary and family lived. It was an established fact that children from this island had to be towed to the mainland in a boat by the father to attend school in Denman.

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This is the addition made on the Sam Peck Homestead. Sod house can be seen in the background. This house is still standing on Orin Peck's farm. It has had two additions built on it since this picture was taken.

Sam Peck arrived here in 1871, and settled near Lowell. He built a sod house on the Peck Homestead. Mr. Peck waded the Platte many times in walking to Juniata for groceries, or to Grand Island for mail.

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