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Denman Nebraska     Pages 12-13


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This is what most of us knew as the store building, but in the early twientieth century it was a hotel. It was across "main" street East of the store-bank building. Both buildings were built by Wade Morrison, who lived in the hotel and managed it. He also managed the elevator and lumber yard which were owned by S. E. Smith & Sons.
When Morrison left, Bill Reeder took over and lived in the building. He started a country store of the staple things there, after the one burned down across the street. He also managed the elevator and lumber yards after B. J. Hilsabeck left in 1915 or early 1918.

In 1919, Ann Andersen acquired the building and came there to live as a newlywed with her husband Mike. She continued to serve meals and take in boarders. In 1921 her brother Frank Wiese started the Denman store and in 1923 a brother Bill and wife, Anita (Farmbacher) joined them. Frank married Myrtle Riesland , a long time teacher in the Denman school system, in 1924.

Bill did trucking and bringing in groceries and supplies from Hastings, while Frank tended the store and served as post-master. At first, Bill and Frank with their families lived upstairs in the hotel building. Ann and Mike Andersen lived downstairs on the North side. Ann Andersen served as bookkeeper for her brother's business, on the South side. Later the store occupied the whole downstairs and the Andersens moved upstairs along with different boarders, while Frank and Bills' families moved to private homes nearby.

The section crews for the rail road were discontinued in the early 30's so Denman lost some more population.

In June, 1943, Bill Wiese and family left Denman for Vancouver, Washington, and Frank and Myrtle continued the store for almost another 20 years, along with the post office.


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After Bill Reeder quit the store he stayed in Denman, managing the elevator and lumber yards. Coal was probably the main stay at this time because of the need of the nearby early settlers. The owners were S.E. Smith & Sons of Shelton.

The lumber yard was disbanded in about 1930 and the elevator was leased to T .B.   Hord in 1951 who purchased it in 1955. They in turn sold it to Turner Grain of Cairo, Nebraska in 1957, who own it today.

Bill Reeders' son, Howard continued managing the elevator and lived In Denman with wife Wilda, raising their family. Howards' son Eldon continues as its' manager at present and it is the only surviving business in Denman.



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