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1890-91 Nebraska STATE GAZETTEER
Buffalo County Farmer List
A - C

Omaha: J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publisher, 509-510 Paxton Block, 1890. Entered according to Act of Congress in the year of 1890, by M. M. Wolfe & Co, in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C.

Note: Those farmers listed with a Lowell address lived in Buffalo County, but were served by the Lowell post office in Kearney County.
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~ A ~
Aaron Chas H, Armada.
Abel Charles, Armada.
Abel J L, Armada.
Abels Heinrich, Greendale.
Abrahamson D, Sweetwater.
Abrahamson H, Ravenna.
Acheson A A, Armada.
Acheson J C, Armada.
Achey H H, Kearney.
Ackerman J, Nantasket.
Adams C W, Riverview.
Adams Frank, Ravenna.
Adams G W, Ravenna.
Adams Jas, Ravenna.
Adams J B, Gibbon.
Adams J W, Majors.
Adams J W, Gibbon.
Adams P E, Gibbon.
Adams S T, Sweetwater.
Adeling Chas, Armada.
Adolph Geo, Armada.
Aishe Aaron, Sartoria.
Akeyson Oliff, Odessa.
Albert Wm, Ravenna.
Altmaier Adam, Kearney.
Altmaier A J, Kearney.
Altmaier Phillip, Kearney.
Albrecht Fred, Armada.
Albrecht John, Armada.
Albright Fred, Greendale.
Albright Wm, Armada.
Alexander C W J, Odessa.
Allen H, Kearney.
Allen J N, Shelton.
Allen J N, Gibbon.
Allen J S, St Michael.
Allen T F, Shelton.
Allen Thos, Mahila.
Allison J C, Elm Creek.
Ames H C, Gibbon.
Ames Lowell, Shelton.
Ames T W jr, Gibbon.
Ames T W, Gibbon.
Anderson A, Kearney.
Anderson Carl J, Elm Creek
Anderson Chas, Shelton.
Anderson D, Kearney.
Anderson D L, Kearney.
Adnerson Ed, Shelton.
Anderson John, Ravenna.
Anderson P L, Armada.
Anderson W H, Kearney.
Andrews David, Kearney.
Andrews E H, Kearney.
Applegait J M, Gibbon.
Arbuckle D M, Kearney.
Arbuckl F, Kearney.
Arch Chas, Shelton.
Armstrong A A, Armada.
Armstrong M E, Armada.
Arnold F, Gibbon.
Arritt Floyd, Armada
Ashburn D P, Gibbon
Asher James, Ravenna.
Asher J R, Ravenna.
Asher M, Mahila.
Ashton Ben J, Lowell.
Ashwood Richard, Kearney.
Aspinwall M R, Armada.
Atkinson S, Elm Creek.
Atkinson Wm, Elm Creek.
Aude John, Gibbon.
Aumick C G, Gibbon.
Austin Wm, Elm Creek.
Avery F, Gibbon.
Avery F L, Gibbon.
Ayres B F, Greendale.
Ayres Chas, Kearney.
Ayres Chas, Greendale.
Ayer S C, Gibbon.

~ B ~
Bachman Ed, Ravenna.
Bachman Will, Ravenna.
Backora Frank, Shelton.
Backus R S, Riverview.
Bailey C L, Gibbon.
Bailey C S, Shelton.
Bailey D B, Shelton.
Bailey G A, Odessa.
Bailey J R, Kearney.
Bailey S E, Gibbon.
Bailey Wm, Elm Creek.
Bair A H, Odessa.
Baird Mitchel, Kearney.
Baker Chas, Odessa.
Baker Elijah, Stanley.
Baker Jessie, Prairie center.
Baker J K, Gibbon.
Baker J W, Gibbon.
Baker W, Kearney.
Ball Jacob, Kearney.
Ball R, Majors.
Ball S, Majors.
Bamd John, Kearney.
Bamford E, Kearney.
Bams John, Ravenna.
Banandt J, Prairie center.
Bancroft W A, Sweetwater.
Banford Warren, Kearney.
Bannon J H, Sartoria.
Bannon J W, Sartoria.
Bannon W H , Sartoria .
Barker C W, Ravenna.
Barker S A, Nantasket.
Barney R E, Odessa.
Barney W W, Kearney.
Barrett Geo, Mahila.
Barrett Grant, Shelton.
Barrett G W, Shelton.
Barrett S A Gibbon.
Barrus G W, Armada.
Bassett James, Gibbon.
Bassett S C, Gibbon.
Bataille Edw, Kearney.
Bataille E J, Gibbon.
Bateman A, Odessa.
Bates Albert, Kearney.
Baumgarn H, Kearney.
Baumgartner J E, Greendale
Barrager Nettie, Peake.
Bayley J M, Shelton.
Bayley L W, Shelton.
Bean W H, Kearney.
Beanhouse J, Sweetwater.
Bearss S, Kearney.
Beasley A, Shelton.
Beasley Wm, Mahila.
Beatty J H, Gibbon.
Beaumont Geo, Kearney.
Beavers S , Elm Creek.
Beaver S W, Armada.
Beaver Wm S, Armada.
Bebb E J, Kearney.
Bebb S E, Kearney.
Beck C M, Gibbon.
Bedke Aug, Ravenna.
Beebe John, Gibbon.
Beebe O M, Gibbon.
Beecroft H D, Elm Creek.
Beerbower C, St Michael.
Bell J B, Majors.
Bell J J, Majors.
Bell John, Gibbon.
Bell Thos, Mahila.
Bell W H, Kearney.
Belschner Chas, Kearney.
Benedict C H, Kearney.
Benedict E D, Kearney.
Bennanger A, Kearney.
Bennie D, Prairie center.
Bentley Clarence, Armada.
Bentley M A, Armada.
Bentley S N , Ravenna.
Bentzenburg F A,St Michael
Berger Antone, Kearney.
Bergt G J, Kearney.
Bergt Gustave, Kearney.
Berkheimer H, Kearney.
Berlin Wm, Luce.
Bernauer Wm, Kearney.
Berry Frank, Gibbon.
Berry Geo, Gibbon.
Berry John W, Gibbon.
Besack F C, Armada.
Bessee W H, Gibbon.
Bessell F H, Shelton.
Bessie F H, Elm Creek.
Betka Wm, Ravenna.
Beyers A, Kearney.
Beyer H A, Ravenna.
Beyer L, Sweetwater.
Billingsley Jos, Shelton.
Bigelow A, Gibbon.
Bigelow A L, Kearney.
Bigelow R, Gibbon.
Billings E H, Odessa.
Bird George, Kearney.
Bird Wm, Gibbon.
Birdsal O D, Gibbon.
Birke C E, Elm Creek.
Birkhead W A, Armada.
Bischel Bros, Kearney.
Bisco L A, Lowell.
Biser S E, Elm Creek.
Biser Taylor, Elm Creek.
Bishop F H, Kearney.
Bishop Wm, Kearney.
Bishop Wm, Ravenna .
Bissell Wm J, Luce.
Bitner Alvin, Ravenna.
Bixby R A, St. Michael.
Bixler B M, Kearney.
Bixler Lewis, Kearney.
Bixman J, Nantasket.
Black J W, Sartoria.
Black S R, Kearney.
Black W S, Ravenna .
Blackburn V, Gibbon.
Blahak J, Kearney.
Blair J W, Gibbon.
Blakely F P, Armada.
Blakley T, Shelton.
Blaschko Thos, Ravenna.
Blaschko Vencil, Ravenna.
Bliss John H, Luce.
Bliss N T, Luce.
Blodget Cornelius, Sartoria
Blois S R, Kearney.
Blue A M, Gibbon.
Blue Frank M, Gibbon.
Blue Henry, Elm Creek.
Blue J E, Gibbon.
Blue J S, Ravenna.
Bodman S L, Nantasket.
Bodinson C F, Kearney.
Bohn Christian, Nantasket.
Bohning F W, Ravenna.
Boivine Henry, Kearney.
Bond G L, Kearney.
Bond L H, Kearney.
Bone Will jr, Gibbon.
Boner Joseph, Gibbon.
Bonnann Max, Shelton.
Bonnette E D, Kearney.
Bonsack Chas, Shelton.
Booher H, Riverview.
Booher M S, Mahila.
Boote I W, Shelton.
Borchelt Henry, Armada.
Borders C A, Prairie center
Borders J H, Kearney.
Bosshamer J H, Kearney.
Bowen J C, Odessa.
Bowers B, Odessa.
Bowers E M, Sartoria.
Bowie C R, Elm Creek.
Bowie H H, Em Creek.
Boyd A, Stanley.
Boyd Benj, Armada.
Boyd Benj sr, Armada.
Boyd J, Elm Creek.
Boyd John S, Armada.
Boyer S, Lowell.
Boyer S L, Lowell.
Bracek Wm, Mahila.
Bradley C, Elm Creek.
Brady J A, Gibbon.
Brand Henry, Shelton.
Bremner D F, Ravenna.
Bremser Jacob, Gibbon.
Bremser W H, Shelton.
Bretz Lewis, Kearney.
Bretz Wm, Kearney.
Brick Ann, Kearney.
Brick Peter, Prairie center
Bridge Frank , Shelton.
Bridgeman Patrick, Odessa.
Brigham C E, Kearney.
Bristol W H, Sartoria.
Britt Samuel P, Stanley.
Broadfoot Jas, Greendale.
Broadfoot John, Greendale.
Broat Willard, Odessa.
Brobst W A, Ravenna.
Brockway H, Majors.
Broderick T F, Gibbon.
Brodine Andrew,Elm Creek
Brodin A S, Elm Creek.
Brodin Fred, Elm Creek
Brogden F E, St Michael
Brooks A T, Luce.
Brooks Flora M, Kearney.
Brooks Geo M, Kearney.
Brooks G W, Luce.
Brooks J R, Kearney.
Brooks Jas J, Kearney.
Brooks Thos, Kearney.
Brotherton J, Prairie center
Brown A D, Sartoria.
Brown C B, Odessa.
Brown Chas, Kearney.
Brown E, Elm Creek.
Brown E D, Kearney.
Brown E L, Kearney.
Brown F D, Armada.
Brown F H, Odessa.
Brown F M, Kearney.
Brown G A, Kearney.
Brown Hamlin, Stanley.
Brown J, Stanley.
Brown J A, Gibbon.
Brown J J , Lowell.
Brown J L, Shelton .
Brown J L, Kearney.
Brown L A, Armada.
Brown L M, Odessa.
Brown R, Odessa.
Brown S H, Sartoria.
Brown W A, Stanley.
Browning W F, Kearney.
Brown Will, Armada.
Brown Wm M, Kearney.
Brown W S, Sartoria.
Brucker A J, Kearney.
Bruce G, Elm Creek.
Bruckner J C, Nantasket.
Brucker L, Kearney.
Brucker W, Kearney.
Brukner R J, Nantasket.
Brunnwell Ed, St Michael.
Bryan E, Kearney.
Bucher John, Sartoria.
Buck David, Gibbon.
Buck Joseph, Shelton.
Buckley John, Armada.
Buckley W E, Armada.
Buddemeir J F, Odessa.
Buel Henry, Elm Creek.
Bull Lafayette, Ravenna.
Bullock W H, Ravenna.
Bump W P, Sartoria.
Bunce A B, Gibbon.
Bunn Albert, Kearney.
Bunnell I C, Kearney.
Burdick G D, Stanley.
Burger E A, Gibbon.
Burger J H, Gibbon.
Burgess Jas, Gibbon.
Burgess Mike, Ravenna.
Burgess Owen, Ravenna.
Burgess Peter, Gibbon.
Burks E W, Armada.
Burnett Chas, Nantasket.
Burnett Paul, Nantasket.
Burns John, St Michael.
Burt A F, Armada.
Burt E, Armada.
Burt F S, Gibbon.
Burt J A, Armada.
Burton J S, Kearney.
Bush A C, Ravenna.
Buske Aug, Ravenna.
Butler W, Ravenna.
Byers Jacob, Armada.
Byers Peter, Armada.

~ C ~
Cadwalader G,Prairie center
Cadwalader J D, Majors.
Cain James, Lowell.
Calhoun A, Kearney.
Calhoun A G R, Kearney.
Cameron Daniel, Odessa.
Camp W L, Kearney.
Campbell Eli, Shelton.
Campbell Harper, Gibbon.
Campbell Wm, Kearney.
Cannon A P, Nantasket.
Carlson A, Kearney.
Carlson Alfred, Ravenna.
Carlson C G, Ravenna.
Carlson Theodore, Ravenna.
Carlton C H, Kearney.
Carmichael A, Armada.
Carpenter E W, Majors.
Carpenter J W, Majors.
Carpenter S, Majors.
Carper A J, Elm Creek.
Carr H J E, St Michael.
Carrigan J W, Ravenna.
Carroll Emmett, Shelton.
Carson J G, Kearney.
Carter D C, Kearney.
Carter Jos, Elm Creek.
Cary Lyman, Ravenna.
Casel W P, Gibbon.
Casey J M, Ravenna.
Cassidy Hugh, Shelton.
Castell John, Kearney.
Catterlin J R, Shelton.
Catterlin Wm, Shelton.
Cave W C, Kearney.
Cabal Frank, Ravenna.
Chambers Chas, Gibbon.
Chambers Frank, Gibbon.
Chambers J A, Gibbon.
Champ W A, Shelton.
Chandler J G, Mahila.
Chandler Wm, Mahila.
Chapman B O, Shelton.
Chase H A, Shelton.
Cheedle J W, Kearney.
Cheedle P J, Kearney.
Cheney S F, Elm Creek.
Cheney S, Elm Creek.
Chenoweth D W, Kearney.
Cherry A B jr, Armada.
Chidester Moses, Gibbon.
Childs C O, Shelton.
Chips E S, Sartoria.
Chingren August, Kearney.
Chop Frank, Ravenna.
Chramosta Frank, Ravenna.
Christofferson C, Kearney.
Chritton W S, Armada.
Cibola John, Ravenna.
Clancy J W, Kearney.
Clapp A, Kearney.
Clark Albert, Shelton.
Clark B, Kearney.
Clark C R, Mahila.
Clark Ed, Gibbon.
Clark E S, Sartoria.
Clark J D , Sartoria.
Clark John, Kearney.
Clark J T, Shelton.
Clark Thorn, Ravenna.
Clayton Jos, Ravenna.
Clelland Thos, Kearney.
Clevish Frank, Mahila.
Cline Frank, Shelton.
Cline J J, Kearney.
Cline S M, Odessa.
Close Ernest, Armada.
Cluster Chas, Kearney.
Cluster D, Kearney.
Coates James G, Greendale.
Cobleigh O G, Odessa.
Coffett Geo W, Armada.
Cogley M E, Odessa.
Colburn L A, Mahila.
Cole J S, Kearney.
Coleman Robert, Odessa.
Collart C, Elm Creek.
Collins Chas, Armada.
Colvin O A, Kearney.
Colwell O, Gibbon.
Conklin J A, Gibbon.
Conner C A, Kearney.
Conner Jas, Ravenna.
Conner Joseph, Kearney.
Connolly Michael, Armada.
Conroy Geo, Shelton.
Cook Chauncey, Gibbon.
Cook Chas S, Sartoria.
Cook H, Gibbon.
Cook W H, Armada.
Cook M S, Gibbon.
Cool David, Ravenna.
Cool Jas H, Sartoria.
Cool Sam'l, Sartoria.
Cooley O H, Armada.
Coombs A E, Armada.
Coombs Edwin, Armada.
Coombs Will, Armada.
Coon D C, Mahila.
Coon James, Shelton.
Cooper F G, Shelton.
Cope J T, Kearney.
Copeland Geo, Gibbon.
Cora Joseph, Ravenna.
Corliss M E, Gibbon.
Cornelius W J, Lowell.
Corrigan Jas, Shelton.
Cossairt C G, Gibbon.
Coverly Geo E, Shelton.
Covert W H, Kearney.
Cowell John, Shelton.
Cowles E H, Gibbon.
Cox Oscar, Shelton.
Cox S E, Shelton.
Crapo F B, Kearney.
Craven Will M, Armada.
Crawford B J, Majors.
Crawford James, Kearney.
Crawford James, Armada.
Crawford Wm, Stanley.
Creffield Eli, Sweetwater.
Cresler John, Sweetwater.
Criffield Dacon, Mahila.
Crockett A J, St Michael.
Crooks H W, Prairie center.
Cross E C, Sartoria.
Crow P A, Gibbon.
Crowell S A, Gibbon.
Cruit R F, Kearney.
Crusinberg A, Elm Creek.
Crusinberg John, Elm Creek.
Cummings John, Elm Creek.
Curd J D, Elm Creek.
Curel T W, Riverview.
Curlis Saml, Mahila.
Curtis Edward D, Armada.
Curtis John H, Ravenna.
Curtis Wm, Kearney.
Cusinore M S, Kearney.
Cusinore R E, Stanley.
Czenkusch A, Greendale.
Czenkusch H, Greendale.

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