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1890-91 Nebraska STATE GAZETTEER
Buffalo County Farmer List
T - Z

Omaha: J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publisher, 509-510 Paxton Block, 1890. Entered according to Act of Congress in the year of 1890, by M. M. Wolfe & Co, in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C.

Note: Those farmers listed with a Lowell address lived in Buffalo County, but were served by the Lowell post office in Kearney County.
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~ T ~
Tailor H, Kearney.
Talbott Wm, Gibbon.
Talliaferro John,Stanley.
Tannan James, Shelton.
Tanner M R, Shelton.
Tarbox G E, Armada.
Tarrence S P, Kearney.
Taubenheim Franz, Kearney.
Taubenheim Gus, Kearney.
Taubenheim Wm, Kearney.
Tawney J, Ravenna.
Taylor F E, Ravenna.
Taylor G D, Gibbon.
Taylor J M, Shelton.
Taylor L J, Ravenna.
Taylor T J, Shelton.
Taylor T L, Gibbon.
Teagar Geo L, Nantasket.
Teats Wm, Kearney.
Teed Ebenezer, Gibbon.
Templeman J F, Gibbon.
Templeman W W, Gibbon.
Teple Carry, Stanley.
Terry John, Ravenna.
Terry N, Ravenna.
Thacker Harvey, Ravenna.
Thatcher C P Shelton.
Thatcher V E, Shelton.
Theodore W, Sweetwater.
Thibado N T, St Michael.
Thiel Adolph, Mahila.
Thiel Alois, Mahila.
Thiel Robt, Mahila.
Thiede John, Armada.
Thirtyacre Chas, Kearney.
Thirtyacre J L, Gibbon.
Thomas A E, Kearney.
Thomas Geo L, Shelton.
Thomas H B, Sweetwater.
Thomas Joseph, Gibbon.
Thomas J M, Kearney.
Thomas W A, Shelton.
Thompson A H, Gibbon.
Thompson H, Prairie center.
Thompson Helim, Gibbon.
Thompson John, Elm Creek.
Thompson J T, Riverview.
Thompson O E, Gibbon.
Thomson B P, Shelton.
Thorgsimson M, Sweetwater.
Thom Albert, Ravenna.
Thom Chas, Ravenna.
Thom S A, Kearney.
Thornton F D, Prairie center.
Thornton H L, Prairie center.
Thornton J, Shelton.
Thornton J D, Kearney.
Thornton O M, Kearney.
Thornton W D, Prairie center.
Thrall Arthur, Ravenna.
Tillson W L, Sweetwater.
Tillson W T, Kearney.
Tilton W S, Kearney.
Timm Hans, St Michael.
Tingley L J, Armada.
Tingley L M, Lowell.
Tingley S N, Elm Creek.
Tingley F S, Elm Creek.
Tisdale J H, Riverview.
Tomer John, Ravenna.
Tompson S, Odessa.
Tool J L, Kearney.
Tooman Samuel, Luce.
Towers H S, Gibbon.
Towers W H, Gibbon.
Tracy G R, Kearney.
Tracy I S, Kearney.
Trampa W, Armada.
Triplett W F, Armada.
Tripp B J, Gibbon.
Tritt J M, Sweetwater.
Trivelpiece James, Kearney.
Trivelpiece Wm, Gibbon.
Trott C M, Prairie center.
Trott Marvin, Kearney.
Trott Sheldon T, Kearney.
Troupe M N, Sartoria.
Truax Homer, Gibbon.
Truent M, Sartoria.
Trumbull J, Elm Creek.
Trumbell Morris, Elm Creek.
Tuchel S, Prairie center.
Tucker B W, Elm Creek.
Turnell Ed, Elm Creek.
Turnell Henry, Elm Creek.
Turnell O, Odessa.
Turner Bert, Kearney.
Turner C E, Kearney.
Turner H M, Kearney.
Turner W J, Kearney.
Tussing B F, Odessa.
Tuttle A, Elm Creek.
Tuttle Erlo, Shelton.
Tutler R C, Riverview.

~ U ~
Uhrine Anton, Sartoria.
Uhrine George, Sartoria.
Uhrine John, Sartoria.
Ulrich Aug, Elm Creek.
Ulrich John I, Elm Creek.
Ulrich Jos, Elm Creek.
Umbenhower F M, Kearney.
Umbenhower M, Stanley.
Unick James, Mahila.
Unvillen Jacob, Shelton.
Upton S, Elm Creek.
Uras John, Ravenna.
Urwiller Fred, Shelton.
Urwiller Lewis, Nantasket.
Urwiller Saml, Shelton.
Urwiller Saml, Nantasket.
Usher L C, Shelton.
Valak Joseph, Ravenna
Valentine L C, Majors.
Valentine W A, Majors.
Vance Carey, Gibbon.
Vanderlin A, Elm Creek.
Vandyke L B, Shelton.
Van Etten F J, Lowell.
Van Etten Jos E, Lowell.
Van Gilder G, Ravenna.
Van Meter A J, Kearney.
Vannata G, Kearney.
Van Viet Byron, Mahila.
Vanwassmer L A, St Michael.
Van Wey J O, Shelton.
Van Wey Jos, Shelton.
Van Wey John, Gibbon.
Van Wey L J, Shelton.
Varina Jos, Shelton.
Varney J B, St Michael.
Vass Carl, Elm Creek.
Veal Geo G, Armada.
Veal Geo L, Armada.
Veal J N, Armada.
Veal Samuel, Armada.
Veit Emil, Ravenna.
Vesey B E, Gibbon.
Vesey I L, Gibbon.
Vest J J, Kearney.
Vest Joshua, Kearney.
Vest W F, Kearney.
Viaene L, Prairie center.
Vlach Mathew, St Michael.
Vogt Wm, Ravenna.
Vokorm Frank, Ravenna.
Vokorm Vencil, Ravenna.
Voland Lawrence, Shelton.
Volk R, Elm Creek.
Vollman R, Armada.
Vosrepka J V, Riverview.
Voss Hans, Ravenna.
Voss Wm, Elm Creek.

~ W ~
Wacek John, Ravenna.
Wagner Jacob, Majors.
Wagner Martin, Luce.
Wagner Theodore, Stanley.
Wahaka Mike, Ravenna.
Waldron S J, Kearney.
Walker Alexander, Gibbon.
Walker C, Gibbon.
Walker Geo W, Gibbon.
Walker M R, Elm Creek.
Walker Sarah, St Michael.
Walker S T, Gibbon.
Walker T F, Armada.
Walker Wm, Gibbon.
Wallace C W, Ravenna.
Wallace E J, Elm Creek.
Wallace J W, Kearney.
Wallace Robt J, Kearney.
Wallbrandt Wm, Gibbon.
Wallenshlinger G, Stanley.
Walters C F, Shelton.
Walter Jos, Peake.
Ward A J, Mahila.
Ward John, Elm Creek.
Ware Chas, Elm Creek.
Wareham A, Kearney.
Wareham S, Kearney.
Warfield J M, Shelton.
Warren F A, Shelton.
Warren S F, Kearney.
Warren S F, Armada.
Washburn O B, Shelton.
Waters C R, Prairie center.
Waters J A, Kearney.
Waters R F, Odessa.
Watson David, Armada.
Watson Sam, Gibbon.
Watters R J, Shelton.
Weaver J W, Shelton.
Webb E R, Odessa.
Weber John, Kearney.
Weber Joseph, Elm Creek.
Weber Wilhelm, Ravenna.
Webster G L, Prairie center.
Webster J E, Gibbon.
Webster J W, Gibbon.
Weeks L, Prairie center.
Weidner Aug, Ravenna.
Weidner Louis, Ravenna.
Weigle Julius, Ravenna.
Weist B, Shelton.
Weister O M, Stanley.
Weldin C T, Kearney.
Welden Z A, Gibbon.
Welland Wm, Gibbon.
Weller Geo, Kearney.
Weller John, Gibbon.
Welliver James, Mahila.
Wells A, Elm Creek.
Wells Bradley, Armada.
Wells C D, Armada.
Wells D, Kearney.
Wells E B, Elm Creek.
Welsh A G, Luce.
Wendling E J, Gibbon.
Wermuth E, Elm Creek.
Wermuth O, Elm Creek.
Wensel P B, Gibbon.
Wentzel M, Prairie center.
Wenzlick John, Kearney.
Wetherell E G, Stanley.
Wetherell J H, Stanley.
Wheeler W R, Gibbon.
Wheelock J F, Armada.
Whipple C W, Mahila.
Whistler B, Mahila.
Whitcomb Fred, Ravenna.
Whitcomb Walter, Ravenna.
White D F, Armada.
White J A, Armada.
White James, Gibbon.
White Wm, Armada.
Whiteaker G K, Ravenna.
Whiteaker J D, Kearney.
Whiteaker L P, Mahila.
Whiteaker W M, Majors.
Whitman Elsie, Ravenna.
Whitman Frank,Ravenna.
Whitman P, Gibbon.
Whitney W A, Kearney.
Whittaker Chas, Sartoria.
Whittier R A, Gibbon.
Wick Fred, Odessa.
Wickwire L A, Nantasket.
Wickwire M R, Nantasket.
Wickwire T M, Nantasket.
Widowson Geo, Shelton.
Wight L A, Gibbon.
Wight L E, Gibbon.
Wilbur D L, Shelton.
Wilburn E, Odessa.
Wiley H F, Kearney.
Wiley S H, Kearney.
Wilke Fred, Shelton.
Wilkie B, Ravenna.
Wilkie Herman, Ravenna.
Wilkie H G, Sweetwater.
Wilkie James, Gibbon.
Wilkinson John, Gibbon.
Wilkinson P W, Gibbon.
Willard V, Shelton.
Willey Henry, Shelton.
Note: The Williams - Wilson surnames are out of order, and follow Witters.
Wimderwald Carl, Kearney.
Winchester C H, Gibbon.
Winchester E M, Gibbon.
Winchester H H, Gibbon.
Windsor John S, Sartoria.
Wink Peter, Prairie center.
Winkler Fred, Ravenna.
Winslow J W, Kearney.
Winter F, Kearney.
Wise A J, Ravenna.
Wise F T, Ravenna.
Wise G H, Ravenna.
Wiseman David, Ravenna.
Wiseman Geo, Kearney.
Withrow H B, Sartoria.
Witmer G W, Elm Creek.
Witters G B, Gibbon.
Witters J M, Gibbon.
Williams A, Kearney.
Williams C L, Gibbon.
Williams D J, Kearney.
Williams G, Kearney.
Williams Geo, Shelton.
Williams Jacob, Kearney.
Williams Owen, Kearney.
Williams T B, Gibbon.
Willis C A, Elm Creek.
Willis G L, Gibbon.
Willmont W H, Shelton.
Willoper F, Kearney.
Willoughby H C, Kearney.
Wills H, Kearney.
Wilson Albert, Stanley.
Wilson C L, Shelton.
Wilson F J, Gibbon.
Wilson Frank, Kearney.
Wilson Frank H, Lowell.
Wilson H C, Kearney.
Wilson Henry, Odessa.
Wilson I A, Kearney.
Wilson Jacob, Odessa.
Wilson James, Shelton.
Wilson Jeremiah, Gibbon.
Wilson J H, Armada.
Wilson J W, Odessa.
Wilson L M, Mahila.
Wilson S C, Elm Creek.
Wohllebe Carl, Kearney.
Wolf John, Kearney.
Wolf W B, Shelton.
Wood Frank A, Kearney.
Wood Henry, Shelton.
Wood John, Shelton.
Woodard J W, Shelton.
Woods H B, Kearney.
Woods Wm, Ravenna.
Woodworth L P, Kearney.
Wooley E W, Kearney.
Woolly Herman, Kearney.
Wright Edgar, Odessa.
Wright Ezra H, Armada.
Wright Geo H, Gibbon.
Wright I K, Peake.
Wright Isaac G, Armada.
Wright J C, Armada.
Wright L A, Odessa.
Wright Orrin, Odessa.
Wright Ulysses, Odessa.
Wright Willis, Mahila.
Wylie J W, Armada.
Wyman Bernett, Shelton.
Wyman Emory, Shelton.
Wyss Simon, Ravenna.

~ Y ~
Yates Marcus, Ravenna.
Young Charles, Kearney.
Young Geo, Stanley.
Young J D, Mahila.
Young Joseph, Kearney.
Young J T, Kearney.
Young M A, Majors.
Young M B, Odessa.
Young R K, Ravenna.

~ Z ~
Zbinden Samuel, Ravenna.
Zbinden Wm, Ravenna.
Zemes Otto, Kearney.
Zimmek Chas, Stanley.
Zimmer Frank, Mahila.
Zimmerman C, Kearney.
Zimmerman John, Kearney.
Zuahuer Oscar, Ravenna.
Zulauf Chas, Ravenna.
Zweener John, Kearney.
Zwiner D, Kearney.

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