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Business Directory

Omaha: J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publisher, 509-510 Paxton Block 1890. Entered according to Act of Congress in the year of 1890, by M. M. Wolfe & Co, in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C.


Kearney, the county seat of Buffalo county, is one of the most progressive, wide awake and prosperous cities in the western country. A distinctively American community, it is noted for its vigor and enterprise of its business life and for its highly intellectual and moral status. Its many metropolitan features incline some people to over-estimate the population, a conservative estimate of which would place it at about 8,500. The city is beautifully situated on a broad level plateau 2,150 feet above sea level, insuring a clear, bright atmosphere tempered during the summer with a continual breeze, and is located immediately south of the high ridge separating the valleys of the Platte and Wood rivers, which has afforded the natural opportunity for the establishment of three artificial lakes giving an immense water power, the capacity of which is scarcely disturbed by the various manufacturing plants now being operated by it. The town site embraces undulating bluffs, which afford magnificent residence lots from which is presented picturesque views of the grand plateau of land and the shining waters of the great Platte river. Wide streets crossing each other at right angles are everywhere lined with shade trees natural to the climate, which do not, however, interfere with a comprehensive view of the many superb business blocks, handsome schools and churches and other public buildings, while the residence streets are lined with costly home among which the eastern eye looks in vain for the usual sandwich of poverty. Farther away in the suburbs are seen the tall chimneys of extensive manufacturing plants in operation, or under construction, and which richly demonstrate the beginning of the unusual possibilities of the town which is nearer to the great Wyoming coal fields than any other of its size in the state. The city is lighted by electricity as well as gas. the water supply for consumption is ample and perfectly pure. The water for power purposes is practically unlimited. The sewerage is excellent and the peace, order and cleanliness everywhere observant, demonstrates that in its municipal affairs, as well as in social and commercial matters, Kearney rises at the same usual early hour and steps out for the day with what is locally known as the "Kearney Gait." An electric street railway is in operation, and every other facility and convenience which electric science has made known is here and is liberally patronized. This includes telephones, phonographs, electric house service and private wire lines. Three daily and six weekly papers published here seem, from their prosperity , to be necessary in furnishing the worlds news to the community, while three libraries of public access lend their aid in supplying its intellectual wants. Five schools, including a High School, have been found insufficient for the attendance which increased 50 per cent during 1889, and preliminaries have been concluded for the erections of two more and a large addition to the High School. Eleven church organizations ware well supported and have their homes in handsome edifices. Kearney has in the last year been added to the cities entitled to free postal delivery at street and number. The State Industrial school is located here. Seven banks and numerous investment, loan and building companies conduct the finances of the community. A magnificent opera house with 1,200 seating capacity, is approaching completion, and this together with several minor places of the kind now existing, affords ample facilities for public gatherings and amusement. The various secret and benevolent societies are well represented, and there are a number of local social organizations. Taken altogether, commercially and socially, Kearney may well be proud of its record in rising to its present eminence, considering that but eighteen years ago the first house was built here, and but five yours ago she could number but 4,000 souls. Its future outlook is full of bright promise. It is one of the best advertised cities of the west, and the enterprise and public spirit of the citizens is everywhere recognized.
  AGRICULTURAL. -- The Land in Buffalo and adjoining counties is as good as any in the west. The country surrounding Kearney is a beautiful one, well watered, timbered and possessing all the natural advantages that tend to prosperity. The soil being a rich loam, is admirably adapted for farming purposes, although but one-fourth of it is under cultivation. This section of the state is watered by the Platte, Wood, Loup and Republican rivers, and has never suffered from general crop failures. Corn in the leading crop, of course, although wheat, rye, oats, millet, flax and it fact all the principle grains and grasses are grown in abundance. The raising of stock is an important industry in this country. Many fine horses, pure bred and high grade cattle are raised here and shipped to adjoining counties and states. The Buffalo County Agricultural Society, having its headquarters at Kearney, is a very active organization and acts in unison with the large amount of eastern capital invested in land in this section of the state in making Buffalo County fairs very attractive and popular.
   RAILROADS. -- Kearney very properly assumes the name of the Midway City, as it is equi-distant from Boston and San Francisco. Its mileage from the Missouri river is 195, the passenger train time being the same either by the Union Pacific or Burlington & Missouri railways from Omaha. The Missouri Pacific is building toward Kearney and is now running to Prosser, 25 miles distant, and will shortly give Kearney direct connection with the agricultural and lumber fields of the South. The Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific and the Chicago & North Western railways are building in this direction with Kearney as one of their main objective points on their way to the Rocky Mountains and the far West. Another road, which is, so far as can be ascertained at present, a purely local enterprise, backed by local capital, is the Kearney & Black Hills railway, which was build by the Wood River Improvement Company. It is graded to Callaway. The iron rails are now being received and the road will soon be in operation. It will make a large territory tributary to this city and will be of easy access to the rich iron, coal, oil and timber fields of Wyoming. Among the contemplated railroads which have originated in Kearney are the Kearney, Hutchinson and Gulf, and the Kearney and Bismarck railway companies. Both have been organized and have made extensive surveys, and it is save to predict that, between them, a north and south line from Dakota to the Gulf coast will ere long be in operation with its headquarters here. The B. & M. and the U. P. Ry. have ample yard facilities and engine houses here and contracts have been made for the erection of a large stone union depot by the Union Pacific road to accommodate itself and the Kearney & Black Hills railway, which will front on the main street. Kearney is the city of western Nebraska, and its multiple railway facilities mean much in the future.
   MANUFACTURING -- Kearney is about 200 miles west from Omaha, with a stretch of 400 before the western line of the state is reached. There is nothing west of it in the state that at present affords any manufacturing facilities, and no point eastward can offer better advantages for prospective plants. There are now here several brickworks, a planing and woodworking mill, foundry and machine ship, canning factory, stone works, flouring mill, cracker factory and a number of other minor industries, all in successful operation. A paper mill has been erected, a cotton factory is under way and at present writing a large glucose factory stands a most excellent show of being established here as the most feasible project that has been presented for approval. A number of other manufacturing plants are under consideration, but have not yet approached that point to definitely declare themselves.
   WATER POWER -- Kearneys great water power is a fact that places it pre-eminently before any other city in this state as a manufacturing point. It is the one thing which makes Kearneys claim to attention in this respect exceptional. It had its inception in the discovery of the fact that the broad Platte river, traversing the state, passing by Kearney, had an underneath and powerful current which could at all times be relied upon. This was ascertained by geologists and practical tests. To get a water power it was necessary to tap the river at a proper grade and conduct the supply to the elevation between the Platte and Wood rivers which is situated immediately north of the city. This was done and at Elm Creek, sixteen miles west, the water was obtained and led along the natural elevation which divides the valleys. A canal was dredged and the water stored in a series of three lakes from either of which it can be turned over falls sixty feet into the river again. The capacity of these lakes can be increased indefinitely and at present the practical use made of this vast storage of force by the various manufacturing establishments of this city is scarcely felt by it. The immense volume of one lake is tapped to a small degree in conduction power to the electric power house, the capacity of which, as already existing, is but touched upon by the factories now here in operation. Too much cannot be said to the facilities and opportunities Kearney possesses as a manufacturing center. It is a railway focal point now, many new companies having it for an objective point. It is the furthest west of any large city in the state, and this fact means that the vast coal fields of Wyoming can naturally lay their products here cheaply.
  ELECTRICITY -- There is more interest manifested and capital invested in electrical science in Kearney than in any other point in Nebraska or surrounding states. The Kearney Electric Company is supplies with power from the Kearney canal. The power station, recently build, is equipped with dynamos of the Edison and the Thomson-Houston systems. The electric power is transmitted to factories in all parts of the city in units up to several hundred horse-power, and is used for all purposes where power is required. By it light work, such as the running of elevators, printing presses and lighter forces required in factories, is furnished. Arc lamps for lighting of streets are used and several thousand incandescent lamps for lighting of public buildings, business houses and residences. Electric house service is more in vogue here than in many eastern cities of several times its size. The Central Nebraska Phonograph Company has its headquarters here, and many of these instruments are in use here for business purposes. It is needless to say that the telephone is almost everywhere and constantly used in this community.
   COMMERCIAL AND FINANCIAL -- The wholesale business of Kearney is beginning to keep pace with the remarkable growth of the city. The larger half of the state lying west of it is rapidly growing and Kearney should have no competitor in that field as a distributing point. The merchants, both wholesale and retail, are entensive dealers, and trade is drawn from long distances.
   FINANCIAL -- The Kearney banks, investment companies, loan companies and other corporations dealing with the finances of the community are too numerous to be particularized here. Full information regarding them will be found in the following list of business houses and concerns in alphabetical order. Suffice it to say that there is an immense volume of eastern capital which is actively represented here, supplemented by a large European monetary interest. The local representatives of this capital are , in the main, young men full of push, energy and enterprise, and their principal competitors are local capitalists full of the same vim and vigor.
   NEW BUILDINGS -- Among the principal buildings recently erected or being complete are the new Buffalo county court house, the cost of which furnished is $100,000, the new city hall, costing $30,000, the magnificent new opera house block, a six-story stone edifice, costing $100,000, the First National Bank building, the new Union depot, the City National Bank building, Kearney electric light and power house, Kerarney packing house, Midway Loan and Trust Cos building and several churches.
   HOTELS -- The Brunswick on Central avenue, a block from the depots, and the Windsor, the same distance from depots on Avenue A, and the Midway, recently destroyed by fire, but to be immediately rebuilt are the leading hotels. They afford every convenience and comfort and are general favorites with commercial men.
   CHURCHES -- Following are the churches of Kearney: St. Lukes Episcopal, United Presbyterian, Baptist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, First Methodist Episcopal, South Kearney M. E., Trinity M. E., Congregational, Christian and St. James Catholic.
  SOCIETIES -- Masonic: Robert Morris Lodge No. 46, A. F. & A. M., Kearney Chapter No. 23, R. A. M., Mt. Hebron Commandery No. 12, K. T., Damascus Lodge Perfection No. 7, A. N. A. S. R. and Tuscan Lodge No. --- O.E.S. Odd Fellows: Buffalo Lodge No. 3, Kearney Encampment No. 15, Excelsior Canton No. 3 and Naomi Rebekah Degree Lodge No. 12. K. P.: Royal Lodge No. 122, Gem Lodge No. 14 and Mona Division No. 4 U. R. A. O. U. W.: Forman Lodge No. 12 and Kearney Lodge No. 170. G. A. R.: Sedgwick Post No. 1, Smith Garitt Post No. 209, W. R. C. No. 1 and Gen. J. B. McPherson Camp No. 51 S. of V. Miscellaneous: Kearney Assembly No. 4748 K. of L., Victor Lodge No. 29 I. O. G. T., Hope Camp No. 316 M. W. A., Kearney Tobaggan Club, Kearney Boating Society, Kearney La Crosse Club, Kearney Musical Society, Kearney Military Band, Buffalo Medical Society, W. C. T. U., O. D. Club, Buffalo County Bible Society, Bachelors Protective Union, Young Mens Christian Association and the Ladies Auxillary of the same.
   NEWSPAPERS -- Dailies: Kearney Journal, morning; Enterprise, morning, and The Hub, evening. Weeklies: Kearney New Era, Buffalo County Journal; Courier, Enterprise, Hub, and Democrat.
   CITY OFFICIALS -- N.A.Baker, Mayor; T.N. Hartzell, city clerk; E.C. Calkins, city attorney; O.P. Pearson, city treasurer; E.N.Porterfield, city engineer; W.R. Learn, police judge; L.L. Ketchem, city marshal; John Wilson, chief fire department; J.T.Morey, superintendent public schools.

Abrahamson C J, merchant tailor, 2014 Central ave.
Achey H H, restaurant, 2017 Central ave.
Adair J S, cashier City National Bank, Central ave, cor 21st.
Adair W R, vice-pres City National Bank, Central ave, cor 21st.
Aitken A E, real estate, rear Kearney National Bank.
Allen & Barney, abstracts of title, real estate, loans and notary public, Opera
   House blk.
Allen Fred, tinsmith, 1823 Cen. ave.
Allen Homer J, treas Kearney Land and Investment Co, vice-pres Chamber
   of Commerce, treas Nebraska Fence Co. (See adv page 248 - B.)
Allison J D, second hand store, 1823 Central ave.
Alspach H A, dentist, 2110 Cen ave.
American Water Works and Guarantee Co, W H Cramer supt, 21st cor 8th ave.
Anderson A T, photographer, 1808 Central ave.
Anderson W S, phys, First National Bank bldg.
Andrews H C, atty and notary, 2031 Central ave.
Andrews & Hull, farm city and chattel loans, 2031 Central ave.
Archibald J A, contractor, builder, 19th cor 1st ave.
Arnold C D, pres Buffalo County Abstract Co. (See adv page 248 - D)
Ayres C D, coal, farm machinery, 1925 Central Ave.

Baker H, phys, 2201 Central Ave.
Baker N A, vice-pres and mgr The Midway Land Co, vice-pres Central Neb Land
   and Immigration Co, city mayor, city hall.
Baldwin B L, ins. 2201 Central ave.
Barclay & Gordon, blacksmiths, horse-shoers, 2110 Ave A.
Barnacle R B, dye works, 19 E 22nd.
Bartlett J J, mgr Kearney Milling & Elevator Co opp B & M depot., president
   Kearney National Bank
Bartz & Wilhelmy, boots and shoes, 2308 Central ave.
Basten C V, phys, 2104 Central ave.
Beardsley H C phys, 2104 Central ave.
Beattle R J, real estate, ins, Central ave cor 23d.
Beckett House, J W Bryant prop, 1810 Central ave.
Beemen F E, atty, 2101 Central ave.
Bell H S, phys, 2029 Central ave.
Bellinger W J, cigars, tobacco, 2123 Central ave.
Benedict Chas, real estate, ins, Central ave cor 23d.
Bennett J L, real estate, loans, 2217 Central ave.
Bennet & Spence, billiard hall, 1920 Central ave.
Benschoter M W Mrs. prop Wyoming Hotel, 1901 Central ave.
Bertrand A G, asst cashier The Commercial and Savings Bank.
Bicknell F B, notary, City National Bank bldg.
Bierce W C , oil, 1603 Ave B.
Blanchard & Snare, groceries and crockery, 2217 Central ave.
Bogard N E, contractor and builder, 117 W 19th.
Bogue C G & Co, J L Tout mgr, lumber, coal, Central ave cor 19th
Bohrer D, grocer, 2118 Central ave.
Boston Clothing House, A Sands prop, clothing, shoes, 2203 Central ave.
Bowman F D, flour, feed, E 19th nr Central ave.
Boyd J A, cashier The Farmers Bank, notary Central ave cor 20th.
Boyle Juan, vice-pres Hancock Improvement Co.
Brady & Brady, real estate, 2101 Central ave.
Bresee B, restaurant, Ave A nr 20th.
Brown & Brown, attys, 2117 Central ave.
Brown M A,sec, treas, mgr and editor the Kearney Hub.
Brown C W, sewing machines, 10 E 22d.
Brunswick Hotel, M A Leach prop, 2004 Central ave. (See adv page 248 - A.)
Bryant J W, prop Beckett House, 1810 Central ave.
Buffalo County Abstract Company, paid up capital $10,000, C D Arnold pres,
   S E Caldwell vice-pres, A H Thompson sec, J W Shahan mgr, First Natl Bank
   bldg. (See adv page 248 - D).
Buffalo County National Bank, capital $100,000, Ross Gamble pres, F J Switz
   vice-pres, A F Gamble cashier, Central ave cor 23d.
Bullivant Jas, veterinary surgeon, E 23d nr Ave A.
Bunnell & Eno Investment Co (branch office). H T West local mgr. City Natl Bank
Bunnell F W, Christian Scientist healer, 2031 Central ave.

Caldwell S E, vice-pres Buffalo County Abstract Co. (See adv page 248 - D.)
Calkins E C, city atty, city hall.
Calkins & Pratt, attys, City Natl Bank bldg.
Cameron J J, phys, 2201 Central ave.
Cameron J S, vice-pres Wood River Improvement Co, 2108 Central ave.
Campbell J L, saloon, 20th cor ave A.
Cannon Bros, cigar mfrs, 2107 Central ave.
Carleton D, treas The Midway Land Co.
Carpenter F J & Co, dry goods, 2304 Central ave.
Carson Bros, livery, 2025 1st ave.
Carter M L Miss, millinery, 2205 Central ave.
Cassell J T, vice-pres The Kearney Hub, 23 W 22d.
Central Nebraska Land & Immigration Co, capital $100,000, Willis L Hand
   pres, N A Baker vice-pres, W J Scoutt sec, H H Martin mgr,
   L N Mowry treas, Central ave cor 23d.
Central Nebraska Phonograph Co, Geo R Sherwood pres, G H Cutting sec, F Y Robertson treas, First Natl Bank bldg.
Chase & Kahn, clothing, 2117 Central ave.
Chilberg N G, billiards 12 E 21st.
Christian Science Reading Room, Central ave s e cor 21st.
City Cemetery D M Swisher sexton, Ave I cor 44th.
City Hotel, John Freel prop, E 23d nr Central ave.
City National Bank, capital $100,000, F G Keens pres, J S Adair cashier, Central
   ave cor 21st.
City Steam Laundry, W H Smith prop, 1924 3d ave.
Clark & Miller, props The Fair, 2003 Central ave.
Clarke A B, real estate, 2111 Central ave.
Clifton House, L & M Roach props, 1809 Central ave.
Cocke Bros, livery, 2111 Ave A.
Coddington R & Sons, wholeseale grocers and coffee roasters, 2007-9 Central ave.
Collard C A, arry, notary, 2300 Central ave.
Collard & Stover, real estate, ins, notary, 300 Central ave. Commercial & Savings Bank, capital $100,000, S S St. John pres, John Barnd cashier,
  Central ave, cor 22nd.
Cook W L, cigar mfr, 2100 Cen. ave.
Corey W F, cigars, confectionery, etc., 2121 Cen. ave.
Cornelius A, saloon, 1913 Cen. ave.
Cornett Thos H, county judge, Buffalo county.
Cox & Elliott, architects, City Natl Bank Bldg.
Craig J M, harness mfr, 11 E 21st.
Cramer W H, supt water works, 21st, cor 8th ave.
Crawford Jas, marble works, 2415 Cen. ave.
Crisman & Nye, groceries, queensware, 2019 Cen. ave.
Crocker, Finch & Co, clothing, 2101 Cen. ave.
Crossley A J, real estate, 2300 Cen. ave.
Cumnock J W, vice pres Kearney Land & Investment Co. (See adv. page 248 - B.)
Cunningham E M, editor The Journal Co.
Cunningham L B, pres The Journal Co.
Currie J C, real estate and insurance, Central ave, cor 23d.
Curtis N, prop Metropolitan Hotel, 1716 Central ave.
Cutting G H, insurance and notary public, Central ave, cor 22d

Dagley E L, phys 2204 1st ave.
Daniels J F, watches, clock, 2208 Central ave.
Davenport & Wait, flour, feed, 14 W. 22d.
Davidson, E D, pres K& B H Ry Co, pres Neb Fuel Co.
Davidson W E, sec and treas Wood River Improvement Co., 2108 Central ave.
Davis C E, second-hand goods 15 E 22d.
Davis W H, barber, 15 E 21st.
Decker F N, groceries 2424 Cen ave.
Decker & Newcomb, attys, First Natl Bank bldg.
Dorsey D A, real estate 2428 Central ave.
Downing Geo H, coal W Railroad nr Central ave.
Downing R L, lumber, agl implts, pres Kearney Milling & Elevator Co,
   1936 Central ave.
Downing W A, vice-pres K & B H Ry Co, carriages, harness, 2108 Central ave.
Drake, Almon, flour, 17 E 22d.

Earnshaw & Dean, attys, Central ave cor 23d.
Easterling J M, atty, notary 2300 Central ave
Eaton R H, pres The Kearney Hub, postmaster, 23 W 22d.
Ekle R A, marble works, 2119 Ave A.
Ellis & Caldwell, plumbers, 19 W 22d.
Elmendorf C H, real estate, Central ave cor 23d.
Empie, G C, harnessmaker, 2217 Central ave.
Evans J C, ins, notary, 2201 Cen. ave.
Fair (The), Clark & Miller props, clothing, shoes, caps, furnishings, millinery,
  hardware, 2003 Cen ave.
Farber J H, merchant tailor, 17 E 21st.
Farmers Bank (The), capital $50,000, Lew Robertson pres, J A Boyd cashier,
   Central ave cor 20th.
Ferrell B F, confectionery, 2107 Central ave.
Finch C B, dry goods, hat and caps, 2104 Central ave. (See adv page 248 - B.)
Fink E, shoemaker, 2012 Cen ave.
First National Bank, capital $200,000, F Y Robertson pres,
   F S Spafford asst cashier, Cen ave cor 22d.
Ford C R & Son, lumber 23d cor Ave A.
Foster W Z, architect, 2119 Cen ave.
Fox H N, loans, First Natl Bank bldg.
Frank, Bailey & Farmer, architects, 2031 Central ave.
Frank Geo W, pres Geo W Frank Improvement Co, Kearney Electric Co,
   Kearney Canal & Water Supply Co, Kearney Street Railway Co and
   Nebraska Ice Co, 25th cor 1st ave.
Frank G W Improvement Co, capital $3,000,000, Geo W Frank pres,
   C M Rice sec and treas, J T O'Brien supt, 25th cor 1st ave.
Freel John, prop City Hotel, E 23d nr Central ave.
French R E, blacksmith, wagonmaker, 2032 1st ave.

Gallentine A J, real estate, Central ave cor 21st.
Gallentine C D, real estate loans and chattel loans, also negotiable
   paper bought. First Natl Bank bldg. (See adv page 248 - D.)
George C H, grocieries, queensware, 2302 Central ave.
George Wm D, notions, 1912 Central ave.
Gies H C, harness maker, 1915 Central ave.
Gilchrist G H & Co, lumber, Central ave cor 25th
Gillespie & Murphy, attys, 2201 Central ave.
Goins Ed, barber, Cen ave cor 22d.
Goulding B G, real estate, ins, 2401 Central ave.
Gow W J & Bro. loans and notaries, Central ave cor 22d.
Green O L, real estate, 2117 Cen ave.
Greene & Hostetter, attys, 2210 Central ave.
Gress J, cigar mfr, 2013 Cen. ave.

Hasse & Sherer, groceries, 2006 Central ave.
Haggard, J A, phys, 2011 Central ave.
Hake W, confectionery, etc, 1928 Central ave.
Hale Leonard, sec K & B H Ry Co, 2104 Central ave.
Hamilton & Heyden, flour and feed, cigars and tobacco, 12 W 25th.
Hamilton Loan and Trust Co, M E Worthen pres, F W Popple 1st vice-pres,
   W F R Mills 2d vice-pres and western mgr, 2119 Central ave.
Hancock Land and Improvement Co, capital $500,000. J J Osborne pres,
   Juan Boyle vice-pres, O S Marden treas, J W Haynes sec, Opera House block.
Hand Willis L, atty-at-law and pres Central Nebraska Land and
   Immigration Co, Cen ave cor 23d.
Harrington F L, hardware, guns, pistols and bicycles, 2214 Cen ave.
Harter G M, clothing, 2100 Cen ave.
Hartman & Dryden, attys-at-law and notaries public, First Natl Bank bldg.
Hartshorn Bros, furniture, carpets, 25 W 22d.
Hartzell T N, books, etc, 2216 Central ave.
Hastings & Son, groceries, dry goods, 2200 Central ave.
Hawthorne J D, watches, clock and jewelry, 2102 Central ave.
Haydon & Pargerter, groceries, glassware, shoes, 1922 Central ave.
Heinatz H F, painter, 1809 Cen ave.
Henderson & Scoutt, real estate, notaries, 2117 Central ave.
Henline S A D, drugs, 2206 Cen ave.
Henthorne I, nursery, 1813 Ave K.
Hereford N Mrs, music teacher, 2001 Central ave.
Hesselgrave & Garget, pump mfrs, 1819 Central ave.
Hibberd R, contractor and builder.
Hogue John, atty, justice, 21st nr Central ave.
Holden W C, prop Kearney Courier, 2014 Ave A.
Hollingsworth J R & Co, crockery, 2029 Central ave. (2nd digit of street number is very difficult to read.)
Holmes K O, books, wall paper, 2210 Central ave.
Hooley Bros, bakery, confectionery, 2024 Central ave.
Hoover & Duckworth, phys, 2031 Central ave.
Hopwood J M, drugs, 2308 Cen ave.
Howell E P, boots, shoes, furnishing goods, 2305 Central ave.
Hubbell Bros, hardware, stoves, 2202 Central ave.
Hull & Kuhn Bros, prop Kearney Foundry & Machine Works, Central ave cor 18th.
Humphreys G L, phys, Central ave.
Hurd & Bullivant, livery, stable, E 23d near Ave A.
Huston G L, atty, Cen ave cor 23d.
Ingham D S, real estate, 2423 Cen ave
   Ladies Suit Store, millinery, 2105 Central ave.
Ingram Wm, livery, 1907 Cen ave.
Jackson C A, phys 21 W 22d.
Jackson C V, pianos, sewing machines, 2213 Central ave.
Jackson & Parish, real estate, Central ave cor 23d.
Jackway W E, jewelry, 2016 Cen ave.
Jenkins James, boots and shoes, 2113 Central ave.
Jenkins J M, sewing machines, 2017 Central ave.
Johnson N H, groceries, crockery, 2212 Central ave.
Jones E B, atty at law, 2117 Cen ave.
Jones R E & Co, dry goods, 2221 Central ave.
Journal Co (The), publishers Kearney Daily Journal and Buffalo
   County Journal (weekly), capital $25,000. L B Cunningham pres,
   J J Whittier sec, P H Steele mgr, 23d bet Central and 1st ave.

Kaiser Leonard, confectionery, fruits, etc, 1806 and 1908 Cen ave.
Kearney & Black Hills Ry Co, E C Davidson prest, W A Downing vice-pres,
   Leonard Hale sec, W C Tillson treas, 2104 Cen ave.
Kearney Brick Co, M E Hunter mgr, S Y Osborn sec and treas, E A Snow supt,
  2031 Central ave.
Kearney Canal & Water Supply Co, capital $600,000, Geo W Frank pres,
  O M Rice sec and treas, J T O'Brien supt, engineer, 25th cor 1st Ave.
Kearney Canning & Pickling Works, 19th cor 16th ave.
Kearney Chamber of Commerce, O S Marden pres, H J Allen vice-pres,
   K O Holmes sec, E JM Judd treas, city hall.
Kearney Cornice Works, Kummerland & Ayres props, cornice mfrs, roofing,
   furnaces, 2123 ave A.
Kearney Courier, W C Holden prop, 2014 ave A.
Kearney Electric Co, electric light, power, and street railway, capital $250,000,
  Geo W Frank pres, C M Rice sec, treas J T O'brien supt, 25th cor 1st ave.
Kearney Employment Bureau, Miller & West props, 2101 Central ave.
Kearney Enterprise, (daily and weekly). Smythe, Brittin & Poore pubs,
   2412 Central ave.
Kearney Foundry & Machine Works, Hull & Kuhn Bros props, Cen ave cor 18th.
Kearney Gas Co, capital $50,000 A S Maxwell pres, E P Maxwell treas,
  Geo L Maxwell sec, Central ave cor 23d.
Kearney Horse & Livery Co, Johnson & Shur mgrs, 25th and 1st ave.
Kearney Hub (The), (evening daily and weekly), R H Eaton pres,
   J T Cassel vice-pres, M A Brown sec, treas, mgr, editor 23, W 22d.
Kearney Land & Investment Co, capital $100,000, B D Smith pres,
   J W Cumnock vice-pres, Homer J Allen treas, Henry G Wiley sec, genl mgr,
   17 E 22d. (See adv. page 248 - B.)
Kearney Library (subscription), W S Skinner prop, Cen ave cor 21st.
Kearney Loan & Collection Agency, C O Norton prop, 101 W 21st.
  (see adv. page 248 - D.)
Kearney Lumber Co, H H Seeley mgr, lumber, 1923 Central ave.
Kearney Milling & Elevator Co, capital $100,000, R L Downing pres,
   Henry Gibbons sec, W C Tillson Treas, J J Bartlett mgr, opp B & M Depot.
Kearney National Bank, capital $150,000, surplus $50,000, J J Bartlett pres,
   W A Downing vice-pres, W C Tillson cashier, H H Porter asst cashr,
   Cen ave cor 21st.
Kearney New Era, (weekly), Rhone Bros editors, props, 26 W 21st.
   (See adv. pages 248 - C.)
Kearney Novelty Works,, C E Taylor prop, mfr rubber, steel stamps, seals,
   stencils, badges, checks, job printing, 2310 Cen ave. (See adv. page 248 - C.)
Kearney Opera House Co. (building) capital $100,000, W A Downing pres,
   Homer J Allen vice-pres, W C Tillson treas, J J Osborn sec, Opera House Block.
Kearney Packing & Provision Co, Wm Heck, Albert Snare, J H Dietz, props, 2021 Central ave.
Kearney Savings Bank, capital $100,000, Ross Gamble pres, Geo C Aspinwall
  cashier, Central ave cor 23d.
Kearney Stone Works, capital $60,000, M E Hunter pres and mgr, City Natl Bank bldg.
Kearney Street Ry Co, captial $50,000, Geo W Frank pres, C M Rice sec and treas,
   25th cor 1st ave.
Kearney Telephone Exchange, G W Rutherford mgr, 2104 Central ave.
Keens F G, ins abstract, City Natl Bank bldg
Keller W L, meat market, 2418 Central ave.
Kenmore Hotel, Wm Stephenson prop, ave A cor 20th.
Kennedy H A, real estate, loans on city and farm property, insurance,
  notary public, 2101 Cen ave. (See adv. page 248 - D.)
King J C & Son, painters, 2108 av A.
Korcek Tillie Miss, restaurant, 2211 Central ave.
Kronegg Christ, shoemaker, 1902 Central ave.
Kummerland & Ayres, props Kearney Cornice Works, 2123 ave A.

Lagomarcino Chas, confectionery, 2312 Central ave.
Lalone J W, painter, paperhanger, 13 E 22d.
Lambert Bros, guns, pistols, 2205 Central ave.
Lantz W C, confectionery, 1900 Central ave.
Leach Chas, bakery, confectionery, 2004 Central ave.
Leach M A, prop Brunswick Hotel, baker, 2002-4 Central ave. (See adv.
  page 248 - A.)
Learn Eugene, shooting gallery opp Windsor Hotel, Ave A.
Learn W R, police judge, justice, notary, city hall.
Lebhart F, saloon 1910 Central ave.
Lester A G, drugs, 2115 Central ave.
Lyman W H, real estate, ins and notary, 2300 Central ave.

McCaffrey F H, restaurant, 17 E 21st.
McCormick J R meat market, 2015 Central ave.
McIntyre S T, real estate, Central ave cor 23d.
McKay H N, millwright, 117 W 19th.
McLaughlin L H, contractor, builder, 1817 Central ave.
Mack H J, agl implts, 2115-7 ave A.
Madison J L Miss, millinery, 2000 Central ave.
Main C E, agt Pacific and Wells, Fargo & Cos ex 2121 Central ave.
Mallalieu J T, supt State Industrial school, West Kearney.
Marden O S, prop The Midway Hotel, 26th, pres Chamber of Commerce.
Marston & Nevius, attys, Opera House block.
Martin Henry & Son, real estate, Central ave cor 23d.
Martin H H, mgr Central Nebraska Land & Immigration Co, mgr Nebraska
   Fence Co.
Martin J A, real estate, notary.
Maus G, barber, 1908 Central ave.
Maxwell E P, pres Kearney Gas Co, Central ave cor 23d
Maxwell Geo L, sec Kearney Gas Co, Central ave cor 23d.
Memmen T F, prop Midway Bottling Works, 15 W 22nd.
Messick T M, barber, 1926 Cen ave.
Metcalf Cracker C o, H C Metcalk pres, C W Metcalf sec, treas, 2007 1st ave.
Metropolitan Hotel, N Curtis prop, 1716 Central ave.
Midway Bottling Works, soda and mineral water, T G Memmen prop, 15 W 22nd.
Midway College of Business C A Murch prop, 2210 Central ave. (See adv. page
   248 - C.)
Midway Farm Creamery, J R & A C Mitchell props, West Kearney.
Midway Hotel (The), O S Marden prop, 26th.
Midway Land Co (The),capital $300,00, E W Tabor pres, N A Baker
   vice-pres and mgr, D Carleton treas, L N Mowery sec and mgr, 2422 Central
   ave.( See adv. page 248 - A.)
Midway Loan & Trust Co, capital $100,000, E M Judd pres, F J Switz vice-pres,
   Geo D Aspinwall sec and mgr, Ross Gamble treas, Central ave cor 23d.
Miller C H, hardware, 2122 Cen ave.
Miller & West, real estate, R R ticket brokers and employment bureau,
   2101 Central ave.
Mills G M & E B, phys, 2014 Cen ave.
Mitchell J R & A C, props Midway Farm Creamery, West Kearney.
Model Opera House (seats 600), Geo N Themanson mgr, Ave B nr 21st.
Moore F H, grocery, 2116 Cen ave.
Moore J M, bill poster, Brunswick Hotel.
Moore R A, atty, 2117 Central ave.
Morey E H, restaurant, 2409 Cen ave.
Morgan R C, drugs, points, oils, 1918 Central ave.
Morris G E, atty, 2001 Central ave.
Morse C D, jewelry, millinery, 2021 Central ave.
Morse Eliza R, phys, 2001 Cen ave.
Mowry L N, treas Central Nebraska Land & Immigration Co,
   sec and mgr The Midway Land Co.
Muchow D F, carriagemaker, 114 E 21st.
Murch Clarence A, prop Midway College of Business 2210 Central ave.
  (See adv. page 248 - C.)
Mutual Loan & Investment Co, capital $120,000, A C Hinman pres, S S St John
  sec and mgr, John Barnd vice-pres and treas, Central ave cor 20th.

National Hotel, G H Robbins prop, 1818 Central ave.
Nebraska Fence Co, capital $20,000, E C Davidson pres, H H Martin sec and
  genl mgr, Cen ave cor 23d.
Nebraska House, John Nutcher prop, 2010 Central ave.
Nebraska Ice Co, G W Franks pres, E E Mandeville mgr, 25th, 1st ave.
Neely W H, real estate, abstracts, notary, First National Bank bldg.
Nelson J C, painter, 2215 Cen ave.
Newman G E, atty, 2031 Cen ave.
Norton C O, loan broker and collections, attorney, prop Kearney
  Loan & Collection Agency, 101 W 21st. (See adv. page 248 - D.)
Nutcher John, prop Nebraska House, 2010 Central ave.
Nye & Wenzell, attys, notaries, Central ave cor 23d.
Nye W G, clerk District Court.

Oldham W D. atty 2201 Central ave.
Olney & Higgins, merchant tailors, 2303 Central ave.

Packard F A, phys, 2201 Central ave.
Parrish T J, creamery, live stock, Central ave cor 23d.
Phillips F C, plumbing, gas fitting, 19 E 21st.
Pickering W F, groceries, dry goods, 2307 Central ave.
Pommer M J & Co, real estate, ins, notary, 2219 Central ave.
Poore W H, editor Kearney Enterprise, 2412 Central ave.
Porter H P, asst cashier Kearney National Back and notary public,
   Central ave cor 21st.
Porter J J, phys, 2214 Central ave.
Postal C H, barber, 2025 Central ave.
Pulis W Pell, architect, 2119 Central ave.

Race W F, phys and surg.
Rankin & Fees, jewelry.
Rankin Robt M, county clerk and register of deeds.
Rhone Bros, editors and props Kearney New Era, 26 W 21st. (See adv. page
Rice C M, sec and treas The Geo W Frank Improvement Co, Kearney Electric
  Co, Kearney Street Ry Co, Kearney Canal & Water Supply Co,
  Nebraska Ice Co, and notary public.
Riley Chas, atty, 2219 Central ave.
Riley M M, nursery, 22 E 26th.
Roach L & M, props Clifton House, 1809 Central ave.
Robbins G H, prop National Hotel 1818 Central ave.
Roe W H, real estate, notary, 2101 Central ave.
Rogers F M, boot and shoemaker, 2025 Central ave.
Ross Bros, barbers, 2118 Central ave.
Rouse Geo D T, ins 2119 Central ave.
Russell & Jakway, hardware, stoves, 2014 Central ave.
Rutherford G W, mgr, telephone exchange, 2104 Central ave.

St Julian A, prop Windsor Hotel Ave A cor 21st. (See adv. page 248 - A.)
Salsbury M L, saloon, 14 E 21st.
Sands A, prop Boston Clothing House, 2203 Central ave.
Sawyer H H, dentist, Cen ave cor 23d.
Scanlan James, agt U P Ry.
Schnacker W J, coal and agl implts, 1905 Central ave.
Schramm Wm, drugs, 2018 Cen ave.
Scott & Bessie, grain elevator, opp B & M depot.
Scott W T, builder, contractor, building supplies, 17 Scott blk.
Scoutt W J, sec Central Nebraska Land & Immigration Co.
See C M, confectionery, 2410 Cen ave.
See Geo E, confectionery, 2114 Central ave.
Seeley G H, dentist, 2110 Cen ave.
Seeley J S, painter, 1902 Cen ave.
Seibold J C Mrs. millinery, 2421 Central ave.
Seymour J T, merchant tailor, 2204 Central ave.
Shahan J W, mgr Buffalo County Abstract Co. (See adv page 248 -D.)
Shephard A J, druggist, 2110 Central ave.
Sherwood A G & Co, ins, Central ave cor 23d.
Shipman J E, atty, 2300 Central ave.
Siebold John W, meat market, 2401 Central ave.
Silverthorn A G, drugs, 2103 Central ave.
Simpkins L E, veterinary, 116 E 21st.
Singer Mfg Co, S W Brown mgr, 10 E 22d.
Sizer J S, coal, agl iplts, 1924 Central ave.
Skelton H H, merchant tailor, 13 E 21st.
Skinner W S, city editor The Journal Co, subscription library, stationery.
Smith B D, pres Kearney Land & Investment Co. (See adv. page 248 -B.)
Smith Geo E, real estate, ins, notary, 23d cor Ave G.
Smith Geo W & Sons, meat market, 2008 Central ave.
Smith G H, horseshoer and blacksmith, fine trotting shoes wholesale, 114 E 21st.
   (See adv. page 248 -C.)
Smith J E, barber, 2109 Central ave.
Smith & Richardson, harness, saddlery mfrs, 2311 Central ave.
Smith W H, prop City Steam Laundry, 1924 3d ave.
Smythe, Britton & Poore, pubs Kearney Enterprise, 2412 Central ave.
Smythe W E, editor Kearney Enterprise, 2412 Central ave.
Somers A G, architect, 2111 Cen ave.
Spence Wm M, dry goods, 2022 Central ave.
Stahl C H, dentist, 2201 Cen ave.
State Industrial School, J T Mallalieu supt, J D McKelvey asst supt, West Kearney.
Stedman H J, sec and treas Kearney Stove Works.
Steel P H, mgr The Journal Co.
Stein J C, boots and shoes 2027 Central ave.
Stephenson Wm, prop Kenmore Hotel, Ave A cor 20th.
Stewart R A, books and cigars, 2308 Central ave.
Swan C O, real estate, 9 E 21st.
Sweeley S M, nurseryman, 2211 Ave G.
Switz F J, furniture 2301 Cen ave.

Tabor E W, pres The Midway Land Co.
Taylor Chas E, prop Kearney Novelty Works, 2310 Central ave. (See adv.
   page 248-C.)
Themanson Geo T, loans and collections, prop Model Opera House, 2111
   Central ave.
Thompson A H, see Buffalo County Abstract Co. (See adv page 248 - D.)
Thompson & Caldwell, real estate, loans, insurance and notaries public,
  First Natl Bank bldg. (See adv. page 248 - D.)
Thompson John & Son, merchant tailors, Central ave, cor 21st.
Thompson Stanley, attorney at law and notary, 2201 Central ave.
Thorn E, livery, 2015 1st ave.
Thygesen E J, painter 20 W 22d.
Tillson W C, cashier Kearney National Bank, treas K & B H Ry Co, treas Kearney
  Opera House Co.
Tisdell J M & Son, real estate, 9 E 21st.
Tomiska A, guns, pistols, 1911 Central ave.
Tool & Walker, meat market 1906 Central ave.
Tout James L, mgr C H Bogue & D, Central ave, cor 19th.

Vail & Greene, boots, shoes, 2016 Central ave.
Van Alstine C W, photographer, 2111 Central ave.
Vance W W, dentist, 2006 Central ave.
Van Metter J A, barber, 2015 Central ave.
Vincent F T, agt B & M R R.

Walker F M & Son, sewing machines, etc. 2403 Central ave.
Wambaugh I B, real estate, notary, 2101 Central ave.
Weaver & Bond, meat market, 2207 Central ave.
Weibel S, saloon 14 E 20th.
Wells C O, nursery 4124 Ave E.
Wenzell S, blacksmith 2417 Central ave.
West C, second-hand store, 16 W 21st.
West Kearney Improvement Co, R L Downing pres, H D Watson sec and mgr,
   2117 Central ave.
Whiteaker Bros & Warner, real estate, notaries.
Whittier J J, sec The Journal Co, atty.
Wickham J, carpetner, 2108 Ave A.
Wiley E C, grain, ins, 2117 Central ave.
Wiley Henry G, sec and genl mgr Kearney Land & Investment Co. (See adv. page
   248 - B.)
Wiley H F, treas Buffalo county.
Willard D B, ins 23 E 22d.
Willson V E, groceries, seeds, 2414 Central ave.
Wilson Harry, billiards, 2309 Central ave.
Windsor Hotel, A St. Julien prop, Ave A cor 21st. (See adv. page 248 - A.)
Winters W, saloon, 21st cor Ave A.
Wise & Getz, barbers, 2012 Central ave.
Wolfe William, boots and shoes.
Wood River Improvement Co (constructing Kearney & Black Hills railroad),
   J H Hamilton pres, J S Cameron vice-pres, W E Davidson sec
   and treas, 2104 Central ave.
Woodruff & East, attys, notaries, 2117 Central ave.
Woodworth & Jones, phys, 2300 Central ave.
Woolworth E J, real estate, abstracts, ins, 2101 Central ave.
Wright & Gregg, dry goods, 2106 Central ave.
Wyoming Hotel, Mrs M W Benschoter prop, 1901 Central ave.

Yost D J, furniture, carpets, undertaking, 2413 Central ave.

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