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Kearney City Directory

Street Directory

(On each page columns read top to bottom, right to left.)

Page 144

 (Cent. Ave, Andrews Bld, cont.)   (Central Ave., cont)
 1-2Brown Norris, U S senator  2115Cameron J J, phys
 3-4McDonal N P, lawyer  2115Mears C E, dentist
     7Grothan & Grothan, phy  2115Palace Drug Store
    10Peterson & Ireland, osteopaths  2116Stilwell F E, conf
    16Swan C O  2117Chase V C, clothing
    18Andrews K R, office  2117Sutton I C, phys
    19Andrews H C, lawyer  2118Dildine A H, jeweler
    23Crouse F P  2118Sample M V B, phys
    24Ackelson J F  2119Challman L B, tailor
    29Piper E A  2119Farmers Bank Buldg
    32Wenzell Mrs Ellen  2119Getz P B, barber
    36Scoutt Mrs S W  2120Bodinson C F, Hardware Co
2101Gibbons Block  2122Henline Building
2101Crocker-Tucker Co, clothing       1Wade J C, phys
2101Larimer J A, real est       1Wade Georgia, phys
2101Packard F A, phys       2Blanchard J S, phys
2101Packard G J, dentist    3-4Dryden J N, lawyer
2102Hawthorne J D, jeweler  2122Henline S A, Drugs
2103Gibbons C K, phys  2122Masonic Hall
2103Hoover M A, phys  2123Fess S A, jeweler
2103Lee A J  2200Everson & Foutch, grocers
2013Sandberg John, tailor  2200Johnston E A
2104Finch C B & E B, department store  2200Nelson & Fagerstrom, dressmkrs
2104Empire Alfalfa Ranch and Cattle Co  2201Hamer Block
2105Smith J E       3Hamer & Hamer
2105Woolworth E J   Kearney Democrat
2105½Lemmon & Herring, real estate  2201Gould E D, grain
2106Bryant & Webb, grocers  2202Hubbell Bros, Hardware
2106Jenkins James  2203Hospe A Co
2107Walter A E, bicycles  2203Root Mrs M E & Co
2108Downing W A Saddlery Co  2204Mears M J, cigars
2108Heitman P W  2205Tatum Seth, windmills
2108Leonard H K, conf  2205½Thygesen E J, painter and paper hngr
2108Nebraska Telephone Co  2206Squires Mrs M A, milliner
2109Warters T A, barber  2207Offill Mathias, live stk
2109½Stamos John, conf  2208Ingham Mrs Mary, milliner
2110Gregg C H & Co, dry goods  2209Barney W W, real est
2111Anderson A T, photogr  2210Holmes K O, books
2111Capps L J, cigars  2210Neal H F
2111Morrow W S, dentist  2211Kelley W L, meats
2112Olson Clothing Co  2212Brashear Elizabeth
2113Roudiez Mrs L J  2212Hoxie Grocery & Mercantile Co
2113Shada & Gibreal, gen store  2214Bowie Mrs J A
2114Nebraska Cash Grocery Co  2214Franks J W

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Page 145

 (Central Ave., cont)   (Central Ave., cont.)
2214Jenkins Mrs M L  2308Singer Sewing Mach. Co.
2214Kirby Wm  2315Kirby Tupper, phys
2214Moore J S, meat market  2401Major Frank, contr
2214Wilkins Mrs Ccynthia  2403Snow A J, saw filer
2215Stemis John, bootblk  2405Bartz C A, poultry
2216Jenkins J N, sewing machines  2411Knutzen & Isdell, contrs
2217Butcher S D & Son, photogrs  2412Turner W L, comn
2217Kearney Pub & Immigration Co  2416O'Kane Daniel, grocer
2217King J J, real est  2419Freeman W S, contr
2218Crescent Theatr   Midway Hotel
2218Graham & Neal, real est   Fleming Frank, barber
2219Erickson P G, tailor   Close H E, cigars
2219Tollefsen & Thompson  2524Andrews H C
2219½Boltin A H, real est  2602Messick Mrs E J
2219½Jenkins James, shoemkr  2612Stevens A L
2220Hartzell T N, books  2616Walmer L B
2221Capps L J, cigars  2624Smith D R
2221Gaston Music Co  2702McCully W G
2223Kelley Louis, cigar mnfr  2720Dyer Kirk
2223Midway Loan & Trust Bldg  2805Ray Mrs Lydia
     1Phillips Mrs E M  2820Brown F J
     7Nye F A  2826Goodell JC
   11Eldred T W  2900Gould E D
   12Rosencrantz F M  2900Norton C W
   17Saltzager Mrs Sarah  2904St John L N
   19Ganzans Eugene  2914Trimble A J
   23Boltin A H, real est  2919Courtright E P
   24Quinton Daniel  3300Snow A J
   26Parker Mrs Sarah  3302Graham Isaiah
2223Northwestern Elec H & P Co  3314Barry Wm
2223½Schenk Robert, shoes  3322Beyer P A
2224Hann JR, tailor   Marshall J I L
2224Sample C B  3701Holmes N P
2224Strand A L, painter   Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Ry Co
 Strand A L, tailor   Hart J W
2300Porterfield Block   Shoop Mrs L E
2300Hoge John, lawyer   Swinyer A H
2300Porterfield E N, real est   Esterling George
2300Steele Grocery Co   Fisher Peter
2301Switz Furniture Co   Campbell John
2302Harper Mrs M J   Christensen J C
2302Scott F C, second hand store   Kearney Flour Mills & Elevator
2304Beeman F E, lawyer    
2304Dowler Mrs S J   EAST LAWN
2304Huston Frank, plumber   Brown J L, nursery and poultry man
2306Blakeley F P, grocer   Ganson L A
     Tabor E W

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Page 146

 EIGHTEENTH-EAST   Fifteenth-East, cont
  122Herring G A    324Whitaker Rev D S
  422Griss Fred    423Farris Charles
1124Montague M D  1623Robinson J W
    15Schroeder C F    600Woolworth E J
  122Rhoades Ray  1202Conner I B
  122Rook T J    
  212Slattery Mrs Rose   FIFTH AVE
 Kearney Alfalfa Meal Co  1117Haislet W B
  424Dowell W J  1207McGuire T H
  505Rosso F C  1304Salgren J S
  505Russell F C  1404Salgren A P
  519Hecox D W  1410Anderson A T
  523Francis John  1413Martin Jacob
    1506Haase G E
 EIGHTH AV  1602Kyser Adelbert
1318Graves Bishop A R  1708Tucker James
1406Inks Thomas  1712Southard R B
1418Black Mrs Isabel  1802McLain J L
1506Bromley Asel  1815Troupe M N
1518Everson A C  1816Johnson Rev N C
1606Holmes K O  1820Clifton W d
1618Brown Norris  1821Quinton Daniel
1710Jones G E  1920Horm Mrs Lavinia
1804Lancaster C M  1921Foltz C B
1814Hoover G F  1923Saltzgaber Levi
1902Pickering E B  1927Hokinson Swan
1903Mount Albert  1928Vosburgh W J
1904Just Mrs Frances  1930Heasley C J
1908Hawley N N  1931Keefer W A
1911Hunt Dennis  1933Meadows J M
1923O'Reilley Mrs Margaret  1934Shahan R S
1924Laughlin Mrs Bridget  1935Burbank Mrs Lucy
1927Becker J L  1935Robison F S
1930Cleary J A  2001Burge Marion, real est
1931Christy B F  2002Snyder C W
2220Everingim W P  2004See G E
2502Cook Mrs Hulda  2007Matson N P
2508Lake A B  2008Deets L S
3202Wickham John  2009Mollring E D
    2020Swan C O
 ELEVENTH-EAST  2102Thornton S W
  723Jones I D  2110Boyd J A
  824Esmond Leary  2202Hermanson Terkel
1400Jenkins Burl  2214Robinson C A
    2219DeWitt H M
  223Hayes J L  2308Fountain L D, house mover
  323Geist Gottfred  2302Webbert H A

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Page 147

 FIRST AV   (First Ave., cont.)
1003Haney Mrs Alice  2602Jacobson Christian, contr
1222King P J  2614Brown M A
1411Lane D D  2704Shovalain Mrs Bridget
1424Johnson Bertha  2718Forehand L D
1508Smead E O  2720Webb Max
1516Cline H M  2723Walter A E
1522Feather J M  2724Trott Mrs M A
1608Harper B F  2819Carroll Patrick
1624Andrews F A  2825McCulla Mills
1706Shroy Mrs Catherine  3422Birdsall Benjamin
1708Carter F T  3423West G A
1716Russell R W    
1722Berbig Mrs Theresa   FOURTEENTH-EAST
1802Kearney Public Hospital    403Staley J C
1812McIntyre R D    423Shields H B
1902Rhoades Stephen    821Shilds Hosiah
1909Craven H C    923Crippen Vernon
1909Simpson C S    
2006Union Pacific Hotel   FOURTEENTH-WEST
2008Kearney Automobile Co    820Murrish J W
2010Crossley G F, contr    824Lemmon O A
2012Kearney Creamery Co    906Fitzgerald O E
2014Kearney Bottling Co    
2018Saunders E P   FOURTH AV
2019Campbell & Peck, feedbarn  1101Cochran J F
Kearney Feed & Grain Co  1202Shields F M
2030McIntyre R D, blksmith  1215Wagner John
2105Wolfe A L  1319Parr B C
2108Hostetler B O  1320Bond A W
2109Postal C H  1408Peaker D L
2112Moore Mrs R J  1410Sandberg C J
2113Kelley Mrs F L  1602Franks Robert
2118Gibbons C H  1612Bailey Mrs J G
2122Chadwick Mrs E M  1622Gronberg E E
2202Spencer T G  1704Keens F G
2204St John S S  1906Deets J H
2206McCormick Andrew  1909Davis C C
2208Coffelt H W  1912Smith W E
2209Heithecker J F  1914McCullough Wm
2213Reynolds E E  1918Patterson Mrs F E
2213Women's Christian Temperance Union Hospital  1922Kinney H W
2215Sutton Mrs Rhoda  1923Leskey Mrs Cathernine
2221Mills E B  2004Perkins R N
2221Mills G M  2005Sawyer C H
2300First Presbyterian Church  2010Byrum J L
2306Gould R D  2012Johnson G A
2321Keefe Mrs Ella  2015Oberlander J M
2322Hartzell T N  2016Reilley Mrs Margaret
2400St James Catholic Church  2020Black Joseph
2514Davidson J O    

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Page 148

 (Fourth Ave, cont.)   SECOND AV
2100Scoutt A A    910Benzler Gottlieb
2110Meservey E A  1124Brownfield A M
2112Everson F J  1217Belfrage C G
2120Hawthorne J D  1220Smith V V
2202Lowe J G  1302Scott Benjamin
2212Dowing I L  1319Grant J M
2216King W O  1410Hayak M G
2220Morrow W S  1412Hughey J N
2310Lambert P T  1513Thompson John
2816Johnson J H  1523Fuller J B
    1523Thorne Mrs Anna
2900Reynolds C B  1612Snaveley E M
    1616Crowell D A
 NINETEENTH  1622Eastwood W E
   19Fish L J  1704Rork Charles
  323King E C  1720Hallowell F M
    1800Foster Mrs Annie
 NINTH AV  1805McCutchen J C
1303Bartz C A  1806Trausbaugh O R
1324Stock Charles  1807Palmer Charles
1703Hecht Mrs S I  1810Wiester Mrs C S
1802Johnston R C  1812Crouse J O
1906Rayment Thomas  1820Vader Elmer
1920Brown Mrs A M  1901Pruner R M
2202Goodell B H  1902Pickrell D T
2222Thomas A O  1904Regan A F
2318Fair S J  1906Peterson W
2719Bidwell W R  1938Kearney Floral Co
    1940Waters T A
 N RAILWAY-EAST  1944Bungan C E
    10Nebraska Suspender Fac.  2009Green H C
    14Dunham G A, saloon  2011Schars Peter
  722Scott E D  2013Peterson S T
 Day U A  2025Wilcox F E
    2100Gibbons C K
 N RAILWAY-WEST  2104Patterson J W
    5Claypool & Johnson, real est  2109Tonkinson H M
    5Bessie & Foltz, hay  2112Murch C A
    7Platte Valley Land & Cattle Co  2119Manker R W
    7Postal Telegraph-Cable Co  2210Wort Mrs M M
    9Kronegg Christian, shoes  2214Ingham D S
   11Stickel W L Lumber Co  2215Conrad A E
 Kearney Floral & Seed Co    

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Page 149

 (Second Ave, cont.)   Sixteenth-East, cont.
2215Wilson Alexander    
2222O'Brien P C  1503Gardner E E
2306Rhoades Mrs Martha, rear  1524Blake C A
2308Cope Rev James   SIXTH AV
2524Chapman J L  1519Miller Rev W C
3604Clark Leander  1521Crawford Mrs C M
    1523Brown U A
  202 Themanson Mrs H C  1715Allen E W
  222 Linzman D L  1724Francis George
  503 Jenkins J N  1802French R E
  602 Neal Roy  1813Herweg A G
  804 Dietrich Leon  1820Webb G W
    1821Larimer J A
  423 Calhoun A W  1908Lantz George
 Kenwood Terrace  1911Dunham G A
     1 Randall Mrs C L  1812Blanchard G f
     2 Maguire P W  1913Crichton W M
     3 Smith J W  1914Wohlebe Carl
     4 Duncan C S  1918Martin Andrew
    1920Young Mrs N W
 SEVENTH  1923Lantz W C, contr
1304Scott W C  2002Hunter R H
1722Hardie R H  2003Saup J F
1802Ceiselman Frank  2009Reasoner T H
1810Farris Swan  2010Maddux O W
1824Black H L  2013Fraser Rev A H
1909Barber Emory  2020Offill Mathias
1912Daughtery W M  2123Drake Ralph
1914Barns Kimel  2209Packard G J
1916Peterson B S  2210Clapp W S
1917Gibson W C  2213Roby L M
1922Temple A J  2220Porterfield E N
2002Smithey J H  2303Smith P H
2003Scott T J  2304Dryden J N
2112Potts Franklin, phys  2308Burke C J
2212Bilon L B  2309Packard F A
2220Nichols W R  2804Oard M V
2222Smith S E    
   523 Gates Wm  1404Snowden A J
    1608Cummings J M
   305 Honstedt Rev D F   THIRD AV
   823 Nelson Mrs Johanna  1510Harrett F R
1019Wilhelmy S E  1512Roudebush G F
1112Alcott School  1620Rumstig Christian
1115Young Mrs Lulu  1701Purdy E J
1203Uhrig Mrs May  1702McDaniel H T, contr
    1720Eldred J P

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Page 150

 (Third Ave., cont.)   (Thirtieth-West, cont.)
1724Burger J H  521Hawkins W T
1802Seeley C S  619Wallace J A
1904McMunn C A    
1908Jones David   THIRTY-EIGHTH
1920Thornbrugh F A   Shirey McClellan
2002Sammons John   Nickols J A
2005Mollard E L    
2009Salsbery J C   THIRTY-FIFTH
2010Panek W J   Slote J A
2011McKean J S    
2014Lindgren Peter   THIRTY-FIRST-EAST
2102Wilson P W  10Campbell Mrs Jane
2103Bastin C V D  11Wikstom Rev Andrew
2111Scott E J  14Kinse D N
2112Downing G H  15Griffith D D
2120Finch C B  20Sample C B
2614Stansbury Lee  21Brunke Louis
2724Udell B L  106Nixon G A
2804Dildine Mrs F A  115Montross W S
2822Hooley L G  124Hutchinson Mrs May, real est
    210Van Wey L J
402Sanders Abashia  403Lodwig H E
    403Lodwig Mrs Phoebe, dressmkr
22Cooper Claude  802Forney Rev S M
22Kimmel Louis, contr  803Hayward A P
102Holliday C O, contr  809Hayward F H
103Green W L E  810James Richard
106Porter Mrs Sophie  910Stone J P
110Hecht Wm   Kearney Military Academy
115Trimble W J    
125Thygesen E J  17Armstrong Mrs M E
222Slatter H S  19Fowler J H
223Smith O B  21Stark W G
302Downing Henry  407Cash A H
308Wallace C B  407Tarman Alonzo
328Graves Mrs A M    
515Clark Gardner   THIRTY-FOURTH-EAST
525Pike Mrs A L  1402Green Albin
110Hoon Philip  120Mallady John
210Wolford Rev I B  320Baker W F
304Lambert E T    
318Knutzen Walter  22Whitney H C

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