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POLK'S KEARNEY CITY (Buffalo County, Nebraska) DIRECTORY, 1952

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Page 82 (continued)

K G F W RADIO STATION, "The Midway Station of the Nation,"
      Jack Yeager Pres-Mgr, Federal Annex Bldg, Tel Executive Offices
      23541, Tel Program Dept 31551

Kahle Edna L clk J M McDonald Co r RD 4
--Fred A (Lois) city pollcemn h307 W 31st
--Leon USN r307 W 31st
--Lois Mrs instr Singer Sew Mach Co h307 W 31st
Kaintz John h1715 Avenue D
Kalous Bill F studt r426 E 25th
KALOUS JOE (Marjorie E), Building, Remodeling and Cabinet Work,
      Office and Residence, 426 E 25th, h do, Tel 31443

Kaltenberger Marie Mrs r324 W 31st
Kantaras Nick driver County r1622 Avenue G
Kanzler Adolph (Sybil C) merchant policemn h821 W 28th
Kappas Alexander mus tchr 316 D 25th r do
--Amelia G cash Chocolate Shop r316 W 25th
--Chas (Beulah E) restr 10 W 23d h2826 Central av
--Gus P (Christina; Chocolate Shop) h316 W 25th
--Helen studt r12 W 23d
--Lulu r316 W 25th
--Tom (Clara) h12W 23d
Kaps John h1811 Avenue B
--Thelma Mrs cook PS h609 E 27th
--Vernon S (Thelma) formn George's Super Serv h609 E27th
Karenbauer Eug M (Florence) hlpr McMahon Bros Plmb & Htg Co h2321 Avenue H
Karsten Clarence L (Grace) bgemn UPRR h25 E 31st
--Fern bkpr Western Mfg & Sup Co h224 E 26th apt 5
--Grace Mrs cook White Spot Oil Co & Cafe h25 E 31st
Kasperson Berthine Mrs r201 E 26th
Katen Michl (Maxine) slsmn h1502 7th av
Kates J Maurice (Iva) h22 E 28th
Katherine Apartments 809 W 25th
KATY-JO STYLE SHOP (Mrs Katye and Jolene Peterson), Women's
      Ready To Wear, Where Style and Quality Meet at Moderate Prices, 2016 Central av

Kaudelka Vicky waiter FtKearney Hotel
Kauffroath Roland S (Mabel) h3423 Avenue D
KAUFMAN J E (Hortense C), General Contractor and Builder, Office
      and Residence 2716 9th av, Tel 29392 (For further information see page
      10 Buyers' Guide)

Kaufmann David (Kaufmann & Wernert) r Grand Island
--& Wernert (David Kaufmann L L Wernert) dept store 2200 Central av
Kavadas Annette Mrs cook White Star Cafe h3215 5th av
--Building 17½ W 22d
--Nicholas waiter White Star Cafe r3215 5th av
--Saml waiter White Star Cafe r3215 5th av
--Thos (Annette; White Star Cafe) h3215 5th av
Kealiher Gail bkpr Meyer Mtr Co 216 W 30th
Kealy Lester E (Olga) driver Brown Transfer Co h902 Central

Page 83

Kearney Aero Service (Fred H Voight) Municipal Airport
--Auto Parts Co (Earl A Foster Thos A Thomson Ralph Farrall Geo A Miller 2017 1st av
--Billiards (Cole and Albert Dobberstein jr) 2030 1st av
--Bowling Alley (Raymond F Hollinger) 2115 Avenue A
KEARNEY BUICK CO (Clayton A Peckman), Buick Sales and Service, 2516
      Central av, Tel 31761 (For further Information see page 5 Buyers' Guide)

--Candy Co (Paul A Dale) whol 18 E 21st
--Cemetery John T Horton caretkr 4400 Avenue I
KEARNEY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, Glenn McEniry Sec-Mgt, Luncheon
      Every Monday Noon, Hotel Fort Kearney, Headquarters Main Lobby Hotel
      Fort Kearney, Tel 27261

--Chapter No 23 meets 2d Tues each month Masonic Temple
KEARNEY CITY DIRECTORY, R L Polk & Co Publishers, 500 Karbach
      Block, Omaha 2, Neb, Tel Harney 0221

KEARNEY-CITY OF (See City Offices)
KEARNEY CLINIC (R F Jester MD, H V Smith MD, L D Lane MD, D A Nye
      M D, W V Glenn MD), Physicians and Surgeons, 2304½ Central av, Tel 2145

--Cosmopolitan Club meets Fort Kearney Hotel
--Country Club Herman Strackbein mgr ns Watson blvd and Tower Hill rd
--Creamery (Willard D Richardson) 2223 2d av
KEARNEY DAILY HUB THE, Ormond P Hill Publisher, E E Chittenden
      Editor, Bill Miller Adv Mgr, Robert S Ayres Circulation Mgr, 13
      E 22d, Tel 2153 (For further information see page A)

--Drive In Theatre end E 28th
--Electric Service (Geo F Cornelius Lucas Smith) elec contrs 1717 8th av
--Encampment No 15 Clarence Higgins sec IOOF Hall
--Equipment Co (Earl Denman) agri implts 1722 Central av
KEARNEY FLORAL & NURSERY CO (Oliver L "Doc" and O L "Jack"
       Erickson Jr), Everything in Choice Cut lowers, Floral Designs, Plants and
      Bulbs and Full Line Nursery Stock, 2006 2d av, Tel 2196, Res Tel 22581
      (For further information see page 12 Buyers' Guide)

--Foundry & Irrigation Supply Co (Albert W Block) 1800 Central av
--Free Church 217 E 25th
KEARNEY HARDWARE CO (Marvin Olson), Hardware, Paints and
       Sporting Goods, 2014-16 Central av, Tel 23251 (For further
       information see page 14 Buyers' Guide)

KEARNEY HATCHERY (Lester R Jensen, Clairement E Peck) Baby
      Chicks, Poultry Supplies and Remedies, 2212 1st av, Tel 20131

--Hub Publishing Co Ormond P Hill publ newspaper 13 E 22d
KEARNEY ICE & COLD STORAGE (Elise G Tollefsen), 1925 Avenue
      A, Tel 20051 (For further information see page 17 Buyers' Guide)

--John J (Doris) mtcemn UPRR h2403 Avenue E
--Kabin Kamp (Henry W Eckel) 1412 W 24th
--Kiwanis Club meets Fort Kearney Hotel
      Real Estate, Farm and City Loans, Insurance and Surety Bonds, 2221
      Central av, Tel 30521 (For further information see pages 18 and 25
      Buyer's Guide)

Page 84

      Years of Quality Services at Your Command By Calling Us, 15-19 W 23d,
      Tel 24501 (For further information see page 9 Buyers' Guide)

--Lions Club meets Tues eve Midway Hotel
--Livestock Commission Co (Warren T Marshall) ofc and yds 2018 Avenue F
--Loan & Finance Co (Harold Oldfather Robt C Hazlett) 1 Fort Kearney Natl Bank bldg
KEARNEY LOCKER & STORAGE CO (Geo I Niles), Frozen Food
      Lockers, Wholesale Meats, Complete Processing and Groceries, 2013-15
      Avenue A, Tel 29541 (For further information see page 13 Buyers' Guide)

--Lodge No 984 (BPOE) Vance A Nielsen exalted ruler 2100 1st av
--Municipal Airport Claire C Condon supt 1 mi east on Lincoln hwy
--Packing Co (Neal J Holub Wm R Surface) 500 2d av
KEARNEY PAINT & WALL PAPER CO (Don W Miltner), Paint, Oils,
      Varnishes and Wall Paper, 8 W 23d, Tel 22124

--Patricia beauty opr Midwest Beauty Shop r Elm Creek
KEARNEY PLUMBING & HEATING CO (Bert W and Richard W Wallace),
      Sanitary Plumbing, Heating Engineers, Pumps and Windmills, 2003
      Central av and 10 E Railroad, Tel 33791 (For further information see pages
      15 and 23 Buyers' Guide)

--Produce (Erwin E Ohlmann (Clarence Baade) 2120 Avenue A
KEARNEY PUBLIC LIBRARY, Mrs Maud S Knight Librarian, 104 W 21st,
      Tel 23861

--Radiator Works (Walter B Fowler) 2210 Avenue A
      Refrigerators, Commercial Refrigeration and Household Appliances, 1901
      Central av, Tel 31051

--Rendering Service Emil Broekemeier agt 1419 Avenue A
KEARNEY ROOFING CO (Ray G Gibson), General Roofing Contractors,
      1808 Central av, Tel 24551 (For further information see page 26 Buyers'

--Rooms & Apartments 3d fl 2122½ Central av
--Rotary Club meets Mon eve Midway Hotel
--Shine Parlor (Vernon G and Eug K Yanney jr) 2019 Central
--Tavern (Edgar and Mrs Margt Turner) 17 W 23d
KEARNEY TRAILER SALES (Glenn A and Rebekah K Bowen), We Buy,
      Sell and Trade Trailer Homes, 1700 Central av (Tel 30761 (For further
       information see page 27 Buyers' Guide)

KEARNEY UPHOLSTERY, Fred Weeks Owner, 17 E 21st, Tel 27142 (For
      further information see page 27 Buyers' Guide)

--Wm F (Emma L) h14 E 29th
--Women's Club Mrs Dorothy Wilson pres723 W 22d
--Youth Center 3020 5th av
Kee Cora Mrs r323 W 21st
Keech Betty J slswn Kaufmann-Wernert r916 W 24th
Keen Enda Mrs maid Ft Kearney Hotel r Minden
Keen's Home for the Aged Carmelite Sisters in chg 417 W 17th

Page 85

Keenan Candy Co (John H Keenan) 119 W Railroad
--J Harold (Phebe; Midway Coca-Cola Btlg Co) h2220 6th av
Keenan's Beverage (John H Keenan) 119 W Railroad
Keens Fred G (Mabel A) h416 W 28th
Keesaman Kay (Rose) formn City Water Dept h3202 Avenue D
Kegley Joyce R fnshr Liberty Dry Clns r501 E 22d
--Ronald R studt r107 W 22d
Keiffer Edgar A lab r1718 Avenue F
--Ernest R h1718 Avenue F
Keiss Donald D (Geraldine) slsmn Bierman's Specialized Automotive Serv & Sup
      h115 W 32d
--Ira L (Minnie B) dep county treas and Auto License Clk h220 E 26th
KEITH JEWELERS, B Ken Gregerson Owner, Diamond Watches,
      Jewelry, Clocks and Silverware, Dependable Merchandise and
      Satisfactory Service, General Repairing of All Makes of Watches and
      Jewelry, 2313 Central av, Tel 25131

Kellaway Stanley (Louise M; Coast to Coast Stores) h23½ W 22d apt E
Keller Florence A (wid Stanley S; Keller Radio & Sound Serv) h120 W 24th
--Glenn R (Ethel) constn wkr h106 E 30th
--Jean r106 E 30th
      Servicing All Makes of Radios, Sets Called For and Delivered, Public
      Address Systems and Inter Communication Systems, 120 W 24th, Tel 33891

--Wm L h621 W 23d
Kelly Bridget A h219W 30th
--Geo r1304 7th av
--Kath Mrs r823 W 22d
--Lawrence E (Laura L) clk UPRR h2012 6th av
--Wm M slsmn Eben W Wheatley r Gibbon
Kemmerling Lillie M (wid John) news stand Fort Kearney Hotel h312 W 20th
Kempf Fred B (E Constance) coml artist h411 W 29th
Kendall Herbert W (Ruth D) h932 W 24th
Kendle Albert F jr (Vivian J) mgr Hawthorne Jwlry h623 W 25th
--Russell J (Phyllis A) watch mkr Hawthorne Jwlry h319 W 29th
Kennedy Anna M (wid Arth) supvr h3421 Central av
--Geo M (Verna A) carmn UPRR h724 W 27th
--Jas W (Mary) slsmn Nebr Crib & Silo Co h205 E 27th
--Jos (Cath) h1325 Avenue H
--Mary A Mrs supvr Kearney Lndry r3421 Central av
--Nettie M Mrs food serv wkr State Hosp h2102½ Central av R
--Ronald M (Betty; Midwest Camera Co) h211W 32d
--Verna A Mrs cook Chocolate Shop h724 W 27th
--Wm (Mary) h309 W 24th
Kenney Beverly J audit mgr Sears r2209 2d av
--Jacquelyn opr Northwestern Bell Tel Co r2209 2d av
--Kay A clk Sears r2209 2d av
--Pearl R (Wilma) steward Elks Club h2209 2d av
--Y'londa r2104 2d av
Kentner E S Ted (Mabel) farmer h ns Watson blvd

Page 86

Kenton Dan J N h2820 Avenue E
--Ray (Bernadine) lather r2522 Avenue N
--Wm constn wkr r16l9 2d av
--Wyvette cook hlpr Plane View Cafe
Kenwood Grocery (Marshall E Potter) 511 W 16th
--School 1511 5th av
Keough John T (Doris) comp Kearney Hub Publ h1225 E 18th
Kerns Robt M (Ann C) div mgr Sears h310 W 29th
Kersting Clara (wid Fred) r1810 Central av
--Forrest (Edna) brklyr r1511 3d av
--Lester A (Mary) trucking 1102 Avenue E h do
--Lloyd (Iola) lab h1151 1st av
Kerwood Harold L (Mary) carp h1902 3d av
--Lola r1902 3d av
Keyes Nathan M (Eva) slsmn Bodinson Hdw h2309 5th av apt 3
Keyser Marie food serv wkr State Hosp r do
Kibler Ada N (Kearney Land & Mtge Co) h210 W 25th
--Alta tchr PS r2l0 W 25th
KIBLER INSURANCE AGENCY (Ada N Kibler, C S Morrow), 2221 Central
      av, Tel 30521 (For further Information see pages 18 and 25 Buyers' Guide)

Kiehl Lida Mrs cook Boys Training Sch r do
--Otto F (Lida) baker Boys Training Sch r do
Kienlen Jos (Gertrude) plmb 2015 Central av h523 W 4th
Kilburn Betty r903 W 22d
Kimbrough Beverly Ms r813 W 28th
Kimler Warren W (Dorothy R; B&K Hosiery & Cotton Shop) h22l5½ Central av
Kincaid Clara J (wid Frank) r2900 Central av
--Lloyd H (Estella M) implt mgr Chicago Lbr Co h519 E 25th
--Lovisa Mrs r1523 8th av
--Virgil D (Mildred B) slsmn Nielsen Chev h221 W 29th
--Wm G (Lela P; H&K Super Mkt) h709 E 25th
King Alva R (Nellie C) h203 W 27th
--Distributors (Earl W King) whol radios 1924 Central av
--Earl W (Louise B; King Distrs) h2108 4th av
--Eliz A (wid Wm O) h22l6 4th av
--Floyd W Rev (E Loraine) pastor Ch of the Nazarene h217 E 30th
--Jean Mrs sten Fox Produce r1919 Avenue C
--John G (Lula K) slsmn h2115 3d av
--Lloyd M (Olive) bartndr Fraternal Order of Eagles h1701 Avenue D
--Margt E tchr r203 W 27th
--Wm W slsmn King Distrs r2108 4th av
Kingston Claud I (Malissa) h3333 Avenue E
Kinkaid Floral & Nursery (Frank W Kinkaid) 1423 Avenue I
--Frank W (Anna M; Kinkaid Floral & Nursery) h1423 Avenue I
Kinney Ina h8l4½ W 23d
--Merle R (Evelyn M) slsmn h107 E 26th
--Kinnison Manford (Mildred A) h104 E 23d
--Neva C fnshr Liberty Dry Clns r104 E 23d
Kipp Donald J (Ruth M) aide State Hosp r do
Kirby Wm H lab h1901 Avenue B
Kirk Korace V (Luretta P) formn h28 W 28th
Kirkendall Clifford J (June) brkmn UPRR h1822 1st av

Page 87

Kirkwood Mary I phys r20 W 30th
--Nelle L asst bursar State Tchrs College h20 W 30th
Kirsch Alta tchr PS h620 W 21st apt 7
Kirwan LaRae opr Northwestern Bell Tel Co r411 W 22d
Kistlers Doris L Mrs h906½ E 31st
Kitterer Betty J Mrs waiter Palm Garden r204 W 25th
Kittner Everett J sls mgr h641 Evergreen av
Klein Alert O r2119 2d av
--Dorothy instr State Tchrs College r714 W 24th
--Jake (Frieda E) h801 W 27th
--John A (Marie C) r948 W 24th
--Lubertha M r948 W 24th
--Lulu M (Wid Fred) h714 W 24th apt 5
--Marilyn waiter r2922 Avenue A
--Milton N (Mary E) slsmn h1407 8th av
--Russell E (Dorothy L) aide State Hosp h H3 Veterans Village
Klincheck Marjorie Mrs clk Farmers Union Co-op Store r502 E 25th
Kline Jack lab Frank C Vandewerker h2022 Avenue I
--Normalene Mrs cash bkpr Dawson Co Pub Power Dist REA h1702½ 1st av
--Philip A (Normalene) dept mgr Penneys h1702½ 1st av
Klinkacek Louis (Anna) lab Dept of Roads and Irrigation h1613 Avenue K
--Wm lab Dept of Roads and Irrigation r1@13 Avenue K
Klinzman Laura (wid Louis) hlpr h408 E 29th
Klopp Dorothy r2216 1st av
Klotz Beulah Mrs slswn Hawthorne Jwlry r2215 Avenue B
Plunder Chas H (Mary H) h2721 Avenue D
Knaggs Wm D ydmn UPRR r1412 W 24th
Knapp Crystal Mrs clk Farmers Union Co-op Store r1320 6th av
--Jas studt r823 W 24th
--Jeff R (Crystal) mgr Farmers Union Co-Op Store r1320 6th av
--Lorine C (Imogene) farmer h3010 8th av
Knapple Lois tchr PS h419 W 24th
Kneeland Effie M Mrs sec WCTU h311 W 32d
--Archer (Effie M) wichmn State Tchrs College h311 W 32d
Kneese Milton M (Pauline) bodymn Nielson Chev h106 E 31st
Kniffen Nellie (wid Don) h1510 3d av
Knight Ardith A sten Fort Kearney Hotel r1503 Avenue A
--Bessie Mrs cook Allen's Cafe r324 W 29th
--Chas E (Almeda F) h1815 Avenue F
--Earl E (Dorothy O) clk McCue Feed Store h1503 Avenue A
--Edgar (Kath) USA r324 W 29th
--Elmer R (Helen) driver Brown Transfer Co h423 W 25th
--Glenn G Rev (Mae) pastor First Bapt Ch h2202 12th av
--Kath Mrs dispr Yellow Cab Co r324 W 29th
--Maud S Mrs librn Kearney pub Library h2103 Avenue C
Knispel Louis (Dena E; Knispel & Weed Constn Co) h2612 Avenue B
KNISPEL & WEED CONSTRUCTION CO (Louis Knispel, Rolland G Weed),
      Land Leveling, Dam Building, Erosion Control and Engineers, 2108
      Avenue A, Tels 27985 and 29701 (For further information see page 11
      Buyers' Guide)

Knobel Fred, pres Buffalo County Fair Assn r Odessa

Page 88

Knoll Flying Service Inc Wm J Knoll jr pres RD 1 Air Base
--Wm J (Eliz) h16 W 27th
--Wm J jr (Sina M; Plane View Cafe) h1115 E 25th
Knosp Herman F (Ruth E) jan Ft Kearney Natl Bank h418 E 23d
Knowles Fred lab r2216 Avenue B
Knox Jesse S (Martha) lab h814 W 22d
--Lucille A Mrs prs opr Kearney Lndry h1802 Avenue G
--Orville (Lucille A) driver Kearney Crmry h1802 Avenue G
Knudson Hazel Mrs ofc wkr Schweser's r501 W 28th
--Margt tchr PS r2215 5th av
Knuth Robt (Marjorie) slsmn h2309 5th av apt 5
Knutson Gertrude Mrs r1523 8th av
Knutzen Anne C h318 W 30th
Knutzman Wm E (Lola) supt State Hosp for the Tuberculous h do
Koch Henry W (Geneva J) electn h105 E 29th
--Rodney lab r823W 24th
Koepke Oscar J (Nell M; OK Farm & Mtr Co) h26 Hillcrest dr
Koeppe Arth S (Pansy J) h213 W 27th
Kohlscheen Kenneth USAF r2307 Avenue A
--Wm H (Helen H) h2307 Avenue A
Konen Ruth E Mrs clk r411 E 25th
Konsella Hugh R r2900 Central av
--Mildred F (wid Hugh) slswn h2900 Central av
Korslund Mary A clk Kearney Lndry r816 W 27th
KORSLUND WM O (Florence B), Special Agent National of Hartford
      Group, 2122½ Central av, Tel 25541, PO Box 417, Residence 816 W
      27th, Tel 23571

Kostal Eleanor Mrs r2301 Avenue B
Kotsiopulos Con G (Nitsa G) dry cln h415 E 26th
--Geo P (Paula; Liberty Dry Clns) h12 E 26th
--Mary buyer r415 E 26th
--Peter G (Antigon) h27l8 9th av
Kouba Sterling L (C Eunice) chkr UPRR h2904 Kimler av
--Wm F (Harriet) cash Brown Transfer Co h106 W 31st
Koudelka DeltonC (Viola) carp h2402 Avenue F
Kozel Jos r823 W 22d
Krause Arth W (Anna) h1202 Avenue D
--Eliz A (wid Fred W) waiter Ft Kearney Hotel h2223 Central av apt 8
Krebs Alva r160l Avenue I
--Annie (wid Wm) r302 E 23d
--Cecil D lab Gilbert L Carver r3115 2d av
--John W h1601 Avenue I
--Lawrence L (Marvel) reprmn Kearney Auto Parts Co h1715 1st av
--Sara J ofc sec Co Supt of Sch r1715 1st av
Krebser Warren studt r1216 W 22d
Kreitzer Jos (Anna) h423 W 17th
Krell Eva E Mrs div mgr Sears h115 E 26th
--Gerald R (Eva E) sht mtl wkr Anderson Bros Plmb & Htg h1l5 E 26th
Kreps Clarice window trmr Woolworths r2516 1st av
--Virgil H (Maude) servmn Wards h2516 1st av
Kreutzer Bertha (wid Vincent) atndt h203 E 30th
--Gustav K (Esther) slsmn Gamble Stores h2714 7th av
--Rudolph E (Bertha P) h1002 E 27th

Page 89

Krick Camilla (wid Lewis) h2102 3d av
--Lillie tchr PS r2102 3d av
Kriha Anna M r1608 2d av
--Joe C (Kath) carp h1608 2d.av
Kring Archie L jr (Emma) partsmn Meyer Mtr Co h1801 8th
--Dewey A (Helen G; Hub Prntg Co) h812 W 21st
--Frances Mrs r823 W 22d
--Robt W (Cath) photog h812 W 20th
Kromer Chas A (Ruth) supvr h3215 Keiss la
Krotz Wilsie G (Bernice) wldr Ace Farm Tools h~323 Avenue D
Krueger Erma Mrs lndry wkr State Hosp h2406 Avenue F
--Joy (Joy-Lynn Flow's & Gifts) r520 W 27th
--Rodney D (Erma) mach h2406 Avenue F
Krumback Arth carp r100 E 31st
--Donald car wshr Mueller Mtrs r202 W 31st
--Eliz E Mrs hlpr Central Cafe h3125 Avenue A
--Geo P (Eliz E) lab h3125 Avenue A
--LeRoy (Virginia; Arabian Nites Club) h2922 Avenue A
--Mae K (wid Albert) lndry wkr h110 E 31st
Kruser Ione food serv wkr State Hosp h1904½ Central av
Kryger Anna M (wid Martin) h1907 Avenue C
Kubes Thos (Anita) USMC r2011 Avenue H
Kubli Elsie J Mrs nurse 2708 9th av r do
Kuchta Anton J (Anna) mech Chicago Lbr Co h2014 Avenue G
--Rita A studt r2014 Avenue G
Kuebler Wm C (Emma) farmer h2000 E 40th
Kuhl Jos h1802 1st av apt 4
Kuhlman Ross W (Theresa C) mgr Nelson's Furn & Appliance h810 W 28th
--Wilma Mrs nurse Robt O Johnston h25 E 24th apt 5
Kuticka Emma Mrs r417 W 17th
Kyle Byron opr Neb Pub Power Sys h547 E 26th
--LeNeve M visitor Co Assistance & Child Welfare h206 E 30th apt 3
Kyros Peter sptr Liberty Dry Clns r12 E 26th
L & S ARMY STORE, Jack S Lederman Owner, Ray Goldberg Mgr, Men's
      Clothing and Army Surplus, 2010 Central av, Tel 32841

L & W SERVICE, Douglas Jones Mgr, Gas Station, 2425 Central av
L & W SERVICE CENTER (Les Loescher, Geo Wehmeyer), Standard
      Standard Oil and Firestone Products, OK Rubber Welders, Distributor
      Lubri Gas and Schrader Merchandise, 19 W 25th, Tel 28134 (For further
      information see page 3 Buyers' Guide)

Labart Anna L r1109 W 22d
--Laura (wid Michl) h1109 W 22d
Labs Rubbin S (Ruth E) driver h1423 4th av
LaCornu Mary (wid John) r20 E 31st
--Wm G (Marie) swtchmn UPRR h11 E 28th
Lacquement Orville D lab r1112 Avenue E
--Philip J (Mabel) cement wkr h1112 Avenue E
Lade Lawrence G (Virgine) caretkr h613 E 27th
--Louis O (Minnie) electn Milam Elec Shop h2202 Avenue G
--Walter F {Mabel) lab UPRR h2211 Avenue G
Laffoon Thora Mrs maid Midway Hotel r103 W 25th

Page 90

Laflan Leonard E (Mary) wtch repr h213 E 31st
--Marcia M adv solr Kearney Hub Publ r120 W 30th
--Wm USA r120 W 30th
--Wm B (Anna M) lab Gilbert L Carver h210 E 31st
LaFlorence Beauty Shoppe (Florence A Tracy) 2104½ Central av
Lahm Delton O (Mildred L) ins 303 W 24th h do
Lahoutz Thos studt r706 W 25th
Laird Victor H (Eveliene C) slsmn Payne-Larson Furn r RD 3 Box 460
Lakemaker Hulda E Mrs hlpr Sears r RD 1
Lambert Harry S (Ila) plmb 2011 3d av h do
--Hobart A (Melba G) whsemn Pettinger & Clabaugh Truck & Tractor Co h516 W 29th
--Lucius T h1204 2d av
--Robt partsmn Pettinger & Clabaugh Truck & Tractor Co; r1116 E 25th
Lammers Bertha (wid Emil) h116 W 29th
--Clarence R (Marie) auto mech h1702 Avenue A
--Claus J (Lela G) parts mgr Bierman's Auto Elec h1818 1st av apt C
--Edna F ofc asst Natl Farm Loan Assn h23½ W 22d apt D
--Jennie (wid Claus J) cook Dady's Delicatessen & Cafe h1623 2d av
--Lela G Mrs clk Wards h1818 1st apt C
--Marcella M lister Kearney Lndry r211 E 25th
--Melvin (Ardith; Custom Fl Serv) h521 W 22d
--Pauline opr Northwestern Bell TelCo r211 E 25th
Lamphere Walter S (Clara G) h1812 Avenue B
Lancaster Bruce C r127 W 29th
--Chas W studt r505 W 27th
--Cornelius (Nellie F) h127 W 29th
--Grocery (Logan H Lancaster) 2611 6th av
--Jas R studt r505 W 27th
--Jessie E Mrs clk Lancaster Gro h2611 6th av
--Logan H (Jessie E; Lancaster Gro) h2611 6th av
--Logan R (Ada V) sch supt h121 W 26th
--Ralph H (Bernice P) supt Bd of Pub Works h505 W 27th
--Roger J (Virginia) driver h524 W 23d
--Zada (wid Chas) h604 W 26th apt 2
Landis Albert J (Nellie M) slsmn h2210 2d av
--Delmar C (Daisy) asst postmstr PO h3118 3d av
--Donald E carrier PO r3118 3d av
--I Vern custdn PO h l807 2d av
--Marilyn ofc sec W W Barney & Son r3118 3d av
--Nellie M Mrs slswn Kaufmann-Wernert h2210 2d av
--Verna M smstrs Liberty Dry Clns r1807 2d av
--Wayne driver Vern F Bickford r1717 Avenue B
Lane Chas E (Jean M) studt r D3 Vets Village
--L Dean (Frances B; Kearney Clinic) h705 W 30th
Lang Frank J (Verna M) opr City St Dept h1524 6th av
Lange Julius M (Elva O) carrier PO h2313½ Central av apt 6
Langer Anna Mrs maid Union Pacific Hotel h1815 2d av
--Edw J (Anna) carp Boys Training Sch h1815 2d av
--Wert USN r18152d av
Lantz Alford C (Mary R; Lantz Drug Store) h524 W 26th
--Alford L (Minna; Lantz Drug Store) h910 W 24th
--Burl E (Virginia P) adv mgr Midway Coca-Cola Btlg Co h2l4 W 27th apt 2

Page 91

--Drug Store (Alford C and Alford L Lantz) 2121 Central
--Ernest L (Wilma M) floor sanding 900 E 31st h do
--Geo (Helen B) driver h1622 Avenue B
--Virginia P Mrs teletype opr Kearney Hub Publ h214 W 27th apt 2
Lapp Fern L Mrs chf clk US Selective Serv Bd r3 W 25th
--Lawrence F (Verla E) clk UPRR h407 W 26th
Lapthorne Albert W Rev (Lillian) pastor First Meth Ch h216 W 22d
Larchick Lambert (Velma) carp Spelts Lbr Co h124 W 30th
Larkin Ethel M tchr PS r411 W 24th
--Romaine (wid McClellan) h411 W 24th
Larsen see also Larson
--Arth L (Birdie; Larsen's Barber Shop) h111 W 30th
--Bros Service Station (Elmer and Earl Larsen) gas sta 1024 Central av
--Earl (Betty J; Larsen Bros Serv Sta) h1402 Avenue D
--Elmer (Letha P; Larsen Bros Serv Sta) h903 Central av
--L Malvern (Ellen J) instr State Tchrs College h3217 1st av
--Robt A (Wilma; Platte Valley Refrigeration Serv) h1921 9th av
--Vernon W mgr Neb Crib   Silo Co r801 W 29th
Larsen's Barber Shop (Arth L Larsen) 2209 Central av
Larson Frank A r421 W 22d
--Geo A farmer h1524 E 16th
--Jas F (Magdalene; Payne-Larson Furn) h1926 5th av
--Minnie instr State Tchrs College r2220 8th av
LaShure Oliver F (Lillian F) mech Eben E Wheatley r RD 3
Laue John L (Verda) carp Frank C Vandewerker h1621 3d av
--John L jr (Violet) ordnancemn h1509 Avenue A
--Joyce sten J DeWayne Wolf r RD 4
--Wm D (Sarah) h1716 3d av
Lauer Allie (wid Elmer) h303 W 26th
Laugel Jos B (Davis Paint) r Rapid City SD
Laughlin J Frank (Vivian M) gas ftr NW Pub Serv Co h930 W23d
Laughton Asa B (Maude A) cabtmkr 13 W 19th r2206 Avenue B
Lavington Lottie tchr PS r324 W 29th
Lawhead Margt L Mrs clk Davis Paint r2314 Avenue H
--R Wayne (Irma) equipmn UPRR h1408 Avenue A
--Ralph W (Anna) lab h1422 Avenue A
--Ralph W jr (Margt L) driver r2314 Avenue H
--Robt E (Lois) lab h1720 3d av
Lawless John lab r1720 Avenue E
Lawrence Agnes M Mrs clk r318 W 21st
--Lester A (Leona M; American Auto Parts) h2720 Avenue H
Lawson Alex J (Mary A) lab h1023 Central av
--Beulah A cash TelCo h1407 Central av
--Clifford slsmn Singer Sewing Mach Co r Lexington
--Delphine sten Guaranty Trust Co r1023 Central av
--Eulah E cash Nielsen Chev r1407 Central av
--Frank M (Flossie) h1420 Central av
--Geo H (Edith) carp h1109 Avenue A
--Lois Mrs waiter Plane View Cafe r2522 Avenue N
--Richd G (Joyce) h1007 Avenue B
--Ward (Eliz) gdnr h1027 Avenue A
Layne Chas L (Frances) h302 E 26th

Page 92

Leach Marie Mrs slswn Wards h2008 5th av
League Victor A (Ida E) h1102 Avenue A
Leake Benj (Elsie B) slsmn Consumers Pub Power Dist h2808 9th av
--Don (Sue E) bkpr Industrial Elec Serv h319 W 26th
--Elsie B Mrs emp State Hosp h2808 9th av
Leaming Vaughn F Rev (Letha) pastor First Evangelical United Brethren Ch
      h2525 Avenue A
Lechner Ruby M Mrs clk The Anderson Studio h717 W 25th
--Wm A (Ruby M; The Anderson Studio) 717 W 25th
Lecron Fred H (Ruth M) slsmn h2223 12th av
Ledbetter Alva L (Elsie M) carp contr 2915 2d av h do
--John studt r20 E 24th
--Kenneth L (Mary; Ledbetter Oil Co) h20 E 24th
--Leonard E (Ledbetter Oil Co) r310 E 24th
--Oil Co (Kenneth L and Leonard E Ledbetter) gas sta 23 E 22d
Lederman Iron   Metal Co (Jack Lederman) 2010 Avenue B
LEDERMAN JACK PARTS CO (Jack S Lederman), Auto Parts, Glass, Tires,
      Wreckers and Scrap Iron and Metals, 2006 Avenue B, Tel 267l9l (For
      further information see page 5 Buyers' Guide)

--Jack S (Helyn; Jack Lederman Parts Co) h824 W 27th
Lee Laura F Mrs slswn Kearney Hdw r1917 4th av
--Robt E (Elaine) slsmn h306 E 28th
Leeper Bernice Mrs r212 W 21st
Lehmann Walter E (Ruby) dist stores supvr Consumers Pub Power Dist h2922 8th av
Leibee Bros Opera House Tavern (Harry F and Lloyd C Leibee) 10 W 21st
--Harry F (Erma; Leibee Bros Opera House Tavern) h506 E 23d
--Lloyd C (Lindsay M; Leibee Bros Opera House Tavern) h 119 W 30th
--Max studt r506 E 23d
--Milton USN r506 E 23d
--Roy O (Geraldine L) USAF r1l9 W 30th .
Leithoff Bess C Mrs Ins agt Bankers Life Ins Co of Neb h620 W 27th
--Chris J (Bess C) partsmn Steven Co h602 W 27th
Lengkeek Bernice Mrs lndry wkr Nursing Home Serv h2012 13th av
--John (Bernice) carp h2012 13th av
Lentz Clemon J bartndr Vets of Foreign Wars Club h214 W 27th apt 1
Lenz Darrell waiter Cozy Corner Cafe r Mens Hall State Coll Campus
Leonard Bernard F (Dorothy F) stockmn h1025 W 22d
--Chester F whsemn Sears r2512 2d av
--Claude W (Margt M) h610 W 25th
--Nellie (wid Frank) r516W 21st
--Wayne G (Addie D) livestock buyer h102 W 29th
Leppin Serena E Mrs slswn Kaufmann-Wernert h2721 6th av
--Wm A (Serena E) acct Consumers Pub Power Dist h2721 6th av
Leslie Bessie M slswn Kaufmann-Wernert h2215 4th av
Lessinger Chas r823 W 22d
Lewis Alice B Mrs h520 W 27th
--Almeda (wid Wesley) r100 E 23d

Page 93

--Anna B (wid Otis) bkpr Anderson Bros Plmb &Htg h712 W 29th
--Betty asst The Salvation Army r2216 1st av
--Chas O (Grace E; Lewis Mfg Co) h716 E 25th
--Daniel R chkr Fairmont Foods r716 E 25th
--Ethel Mrs mgr Janet Dress Shop r305 E 23d
--Gary studt r2210 Avenue G
--Jack B (Esther A) chf eng K G F W h2106 12th av
--Lawrence W (Gertrude) lab Dept of Roads and Irrigation h2210 Avenue G
--Louise Mrs h1927 8th av
--Mfg Co (Chas O Lewis) 810 E 25th
--Marjorie L tchr r2210 Avenue G
--Orson E (Letha V) driver Fairmont Foods h317 E 26th
--Patricia A ofc sec W W Barney &Son r RD 1
--Robt (Darlene) fcty wkr r1927 8th av
--Thos T (Mabel I) county supvr US Dept of Agri Farmers Home Admn h1302 2d av
LIBERTY DRY CLEANERS (Geo P Kotsiopulos), Expert Dry Cleaners,
      Pressers and Hatters, Sanitone Service, 2013 Central av, Tel 26031 Branch
      813 W 25th, Tel 30835

Liddle John meat ctr Model Food Mkt r811 W 26th
Lidgard Ralph E (I Gail) dist supvr State Board of Vocational Educ h1802 3d av
Liesinger Alice r1323 Avenue C
--Sarah E (wid Louis) h2302 Avenue K
--Walter lab r2302 Avenue K
--Walter D lab h1323 Avenue C
Lieske Gustave H (Tena K) farmer h1107 Avenue H
Likens Dean A (Berneta I) farmer h607 6th av
Linch see also Lynch
--Beth Mrs nurse Nursing Home Serv r1316 1st av
--Chas R (Eliz) rl316 1st av
--Ida M (wid Benj B) h1316 1st av
--Stanley E USAF r1316 1st av
Lincoln Charlotte (wid Roscoe) smstrs h3021 Central av
Lindemann Hanny (Nancy) plmb State Hosp r do
--Nancy Mrs food serv wkr State Hosp r do
Lindenstein Elmer r2017 2d av
Lindholm Delwyn (Lois) studt r310 W 27th
--Frank R (Ola) pntr UPRR h1511 Avenue F
--Robt W (Grace) lab h1323 3d av
Lindsay Dewey W (Helen L) carp h2006 4th av
--Helen L Mrs slswn Kearney Hdw h2006 4th av
Lindstrom Helen tchr PS h922 W 22d
link Grace E (wid Russell) mus tchr Midway Hotel r do
Linnemeyer LaVeeda L Mrs cook PS h1606 Avenue G
--Walter H (LaVeeda L) driller h1606 Avenue G
Linstrom Roy lab 19½ E 21st
Liston Verna Mrs cook The Aristocrat h318 W21st
Little Paul N (Lois H) slsmn h816 W 24th
--Perry driver Dealers Trans Co r1712 1st av
Livingston LaVern (Verna) lab h1617 Avenue F
Lizer Claude W live stock dir 2008 Avenue H h do
--Elva Mrs h1402 Avenue B
--John B (Marcella D) bartndr Leibee Bros Opera House Tavern h1309 Avenue A

Page 94

Lockhart Chas M (Edith M) mgr Furniture Mart h1522 5th
--Mae (wid Edw) r2715 Central av,
Loebig Paul R (Ila G) driver Fairmont Foods r1808 Avenue B
Loeffelholz Anthony (Emma) lab h2106 Avenue C
--Anthony ]r delmn Swan's Furn r2106 Avenue C
--Evelyn clk Johnson Clns r2106 Avenue C
--Kate (wid Jos) h2102½ Central av R10
--Ruby r2106 Avenue C
Loescher Lester L (June; L &W Serv Center) h618 W 22d
Loewenstein Alva (Opal) h420 W21st
--Ida Mr 603 W 21st
--Mary H (wid John) h603 W 21st
--Tena L ofc mgr Kaufmann-Wernert r603 W 21st
--Virgil (Shirley) trucking bsmt 1402 3d av h do
--Wm H (Pauline) gro 1410 Central av h do
Lofgren John G (Cornne M) dist meter supt Consumers Pub Power Dist h2r7 W 27fh
Loft Maude B Mrs r2217 Avenue D
Logan Dean E ins agt rl802 3d av
Long Edw lab r2216 Avenue B
--M Marvin Rev (Edna K) h306 E 26th
--Robt W (Carrie L) caretkr Harmon Parks h210E 30th
Longfellow High School 303 W 22d
Loomis Alva A (Lucy) lab h1522 Avenue A
--Lucy Mrs hlpr Foote Cafe h1322 Avenue A
Lopez Lottie Mrs cook Foote Cafe h1521 Avenue F
Lord A Jay (LaVera) lab Dept of Roads and Irrigation h1814 3d av
--Anna (wid Chas) r1814 3d av
Loshbaugh Albert C r2315 Avenue G
--Albert D (Maybelle J) clk h2315 Avenue G
--Maybelle J Mrs slswn Penney's h2315 Avenue G
Louderback Rubin (Crilla I) farmer h611 Central av
Loudy Enola F Mrs dept mgr Penney's r2103 Avenue D
--Gaylord (Betty) sta atndt White Spot Oil Co &Cafe h613 W 21st
--Oren L guard h2103 Avenue D
--Vernon M (Enola F) serv sls rep Singer Sewing Mach Co r2103 Avenue D
Love Russell studt r823 W 24th
Lowe Building 2000 Central av
--John G (Ethel S; Lowe &Co) h422 W 22d
--John G jr studt r422 W 22d
LOWE &CO, John G Lowe, Real Estate and Insurance, 2001 Central
      av, Tel 22021

Lowell Clifford E USAF r3202 Avenue A
--Doris opr Northwestern Bell Tel Co r3202 Avenue A
--Melvin studt r302 Avenue A
--Otto E (Mabel) carp h3202 Avenue A
Lucas Chas P (Mary) h202 E 27th
--Chas S (Patricia J; L S Lucas &Sons) h1101 W 32d
--G Dale (Ardyce D; L S Lucas &Sons) h205 E 31st
LUCAS L S & SONS (L S, G Dale and Chas S Lucas), Plumbing and
      Heating, 2223 1st av, Tel 31143 (For further information see page
      24 Buyers' Guide)

--Levi S (Alta; L S Lucas &Sons) h207 E 22d

Page 95

Luce Emma Mrs maid Midway Hotel r103 W 25th
--Genn E (Edna) adv solr Kearney Hub Publ h2203 Avenue F
--Jos lab r823 W 22d
Ludden Carrie E Instr State Tchrs College h723 W 24th
Ludu Dan (Lavada L) trucker h3720 Avenue E
Ludwig Alvie C (Freda) farmer h15i9 4th av
Luedke Russell USN r218 W 16th
--Wm A (Mildred) electn George's Super Serv h218 W 16th
Lund Alvin W (Mary A; Lund Oil Co Lund Oil Sta &Cabins) h626 E 25th
--Chas (Lund Oil Co) r626 E 25th
--Mary A Mrs (Lund Oil Co Lund Oil Sta &Cabins) h626 E 25th
--Mary studt r626 E 25th
LUND OIL CO (A W and Chas Lund), Service Station and Tourist
      Court, 606 E 25th, Tel 22131 (For further information see page
      6 Buyers' Guide)

LUND OIL STATION AND CABINS (Mary A Lund), Clean and Modern
      Cabins & Cafe In Connection, 606 E 25th, Tel 22131 or 24111

Lundberg Burdette J (Leona J) pres Neb Propane Gas Inc :h402 W28th
LUNDIN BODY SHOP (Frank A Lundin), Wrecks Rebuilt, Body,
      Fender and Cars Painted, 17 E 25th, Tel 29511

--Frank A (Lulu O; Lundin Body Shop) h19l4 6th av
Lundquist Carl H (Miriam E) h2823 Central av
--Kermit R (Dorothy; Campus Cafe) h606 25th
LUNDQUIST SINCLAIR SERVICE (Tannis H Lundquist), Complete Gasoline,
      Grease, Oil, Tires, Wash, and Battery Service, 822 W 25th at 9th av,
      Tel 29373

--Tannis H (Charlotte :E; Lundquist Sinclair Serv) h317 W 32d
Lunger Eliz (wid Waldron) h2102 3d av
Lustig Albert r3223 3d av
Lutes Carrie h1920 5th av
--Myrtle r1920 5th av
Luth Ronald K (Joan F) farmer h114 Central av
Luther Chas H (Alma) gravel contr 3114 Avenue A h do
--Dale K co extension agt 901 W 29th
Lutkemeier Fred (Pauline) pntr h1422 6th av
Lyle Jos J (Virginia B) fieldmn h2514 2d av
Lynch see also Linch
--Benj A (Mary E) auto repr 2019 1st av h1423 2d av
--Chandler S (Norma J) potato chip mfr 3010 4th av h3004 4th av
--Helen D (wid Henry) bkpr h2510 8th av
--LeRoy O (Bessie M) opr Neb Pub Power Sys h715 W 30th
--Mary E Mrs bkpr Baumgartner's h1423 2dav
--Richd D studt r1423 2dav
--Robt L (Patricia) auto mech George's Super Serv h1421 8th av
Lynn Donna Mrs maid 2111 7th av 321 W25th
--Ellis (Carrie) lab h3022 Avenue E
--Gus E (Hannah C) h619 W 28th
--Wm A (Maribeth) instr State Tchr's College h82l W 20th
--Wm C driver Dealers Trans Co r321 W 25th
Lyon Ralph E (Barbara) shtmtl wkr h917 W 21st

Kearney City Surnames
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