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Nebraska Telephone Company


C. B. YOST, President.
W. B. T. BELT, Vice-President and General Manager.
C. M. LYMAN, Second Vice-President.
E.M. MORSEMAN, Third Vice-President.
W. A. PIXLEY, General Auditor.
J. W. CHRISTIE, Secretary and Treasurer.
E. M. MORSEMAN, Jr., Attorney.

General Instructions

    Call by Number only. For parties not listed in the directory ask for "information" for the number.

    Separate Figures when making a call, giving one number at a time. For Black 1450, you should say "Black one-four-five-oh."

    Speak Distinctly, in an ordinary tone. Talk directly into the transmitter, with the lips about one inch from the mouthpiece.

    Don't Say "Hello!" when your telephone bell rings, answer by giving your name as "John Smith talking-." It is both courteous and direct and saves your time and ours.

    For Long Distance, call "Central' in the usual way and ask for "Long Distance." When she answers give your name and telephone number, and the name, telephone number and address of the party to whom you desire to talk.

    Toll Charges are based on a three minute talk. An additional charge will be made for each extra minute or fraction thereof. Subscribers are responsible for all calls originating at their telephones.   

    Night Rates for service over the lines of this Company are approximately one-half day rates, but the night rate in no case will be less than 25 cents unless the day rate is less. Night rates for inter-state service are the same as day rates.

    No Liability is assumed by this company for errors or omissions in this directory. The company reserves the right to change any number at any time.


Rules and Regulations Governing Service Furnished Subscribers

      The following are the Rules and Regulations governing Subscribers' telephone service furnished by the NEBRASKA TELEPHONE COMPANY within its Kearney Exchange.

      All telephone equipment furnished to subscribers shall be used only by the Subscriber or members of his family, his guests or persons residing with him, or by his .agents or employes when engaged in his business; shall not be used in any manner in competition with the business conducted by the Company; shall not be removed from the Subscriber's premises except by an agent of the Company; shall not be connected with any equpiment [sic] or appliance not furnished by the Company; and shall be surrendered to the Company upon termination of the Subscriber's right of use.

      At all reasonable times the Company, through its authorized employes shall have the right of access to the premises of the Subscriber to install, inspect, or repair the lines or equipment, or to remove them upon termination of Subscriber's right of use

      The Company does not guarantee uninterrupted working of its lines or equipment For any complete failure of service of more than twenty-four hours duration, of which the Company is promptly notified in writing, a pro rata abatement of the contract charge will be made.

      The Company reserves the right to change the Subscriber's telephone number or designation at any time.

      The Subscriber will be required to pay the Company's customary charges for any change in the location of his telephone equipment, made at his request.

      The Subscriber agrees to pay the Company at its established rates for all supplemental service or equipment which the Company may furnish upon his written or verbal order.

      The Company may at any time demand payment on account in advance of the establishment of service.

      All bills are due when rendered, and are payable at the Company's office. Failure to receive bill, however, does not exempt the Subscriber from prompt payment as required by contract. In the event of any default of payment or other breach of the terms of its service contract, the Company may discontinue the Subscriber's service, or disconnect or remove his telephone equipment.

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