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Kearney Residence

Do You Know Kearney---
--was founded April 11, 1871.
--was incorporated January 11, 1873.
--is located midway between Boston and San Francisco, 1733 miles.
--is the county seat of Buffalo County.
--has an altitude of 2,146 feet.
--has an area of approximately four miles.
--has a population of 9,000-91.6% native born whites, 8.4% foreign born whites.
--has a splendid public school system .employing 80 instructors and enrolling 2,100 students annually.
--has two well-equipped Parochial schools enrolling more than 100 students annually.
--has the State Industrial School for Boys, comprising 11 buildings, 602 acres, 40 employees, and accommodating 210 boys.

Hotel Midway

Do You Know Kearney---
--has the largest of the four State Teachers Colleges, a spacious and attractive campus, five large buildings, employing 65 instructors, and enrolling 1700 college students annually.
--has a Carnegie Library of 15,000 volumes.
--has the State Hospital for the Tuberculous comprising six buildings, 38 acres, 60 staff members and employees, and accommodating 170 patients.
--has 21 churches, representing all principal denominations, and Salvation Army located in its new $6,500.00 building.
--has a number of jobbing and wholesale houses.

Masonic Temple

Do You Know Kearney---
--has two well equipped hospitals.
--has retail stores carrying high quality merchandise and serving a large trade area.
--has a number of manufacturing plants.
--has two newspapers--one daily and one weekly.
--has Radio Station KGFW--"The Midway Station of the Nation."
--has a hydro-electric generating plant, distributing electricity over a wide area; complete natural gas service; and a municipal water plant, all with favorable rates.

Do You Know Kearney---
--has automatic telephone service, and is district headquarters for nineteen exchanges.
--has a home ownership of 65%.
--is on the main line of the double-tracked Union Pacific Railroad.
--is a terminus of the Burlington Railroad.
--is a terminus of the Union Pacific Stapleton Branch.
--is on a trans-continentcd airmail route.
--has nearly 30 miles of wide paved streets
--has a fully motorized fire department with life saving equipment.

Hotel Fort Kearney

Do You Know Kearney---
--has two air-conditioned moving picture houses, with latest-type sound equipment.
--has one of Nebraska's popular golf clubs, spacious club house and sporty 18 hole course.
--has Mayor-Council form of government.
--is on the Lincoln Highway--U. S. No. 30--paved from coast to coast; Federal Highway No. 83; State Highway No. 10; and on the Old Oregon Trail.
--has six modern tourist parks with a range of facilities for all types of motor travel.

Do You Know Kearney---
One of Kearney's Hospitals

--has an assessed valuation of $6,350,000.00.
--due to its central location, and splendid hotel and cafe facilities, is host to many state, regional and district conventions annually.
--is, due to its geographical location, and its splendid distribution facilities, the home of many commercial representatives covering Nebraska and surrounding states.
--is the location of one of Nebraska's leading agricultural exhibits-- the annual Buffalo County Fair.
--has outstanding parks and playgrounds. Four well located parks; Harmon Field, comprising 16 acres, with new $45,000 swimming pool, extensive rock garden, wading pool, lighted baseball and softball diamond, tennis, horseshoe and croquet courts, all types of playground equipment, picnic facilities, in fact everything to provide out-of-door sports and wholesome recreation for both young and old.

State Tuberculosis Hospital

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Do You Know Kearney---
--has an American Legion Junior Drum Corps --twice state champions.
--Chamber of Commerce, with a membership of 250, employs a full-time secretary and assistant, and maintains attractive headquarters adjoining main lobby Hotel Fort Kearney. Well attended membership luncheons are held every Monday noon.
--is but seven miles from the site of Old Fort Kearney, one of the most historical spots in the middle west. It was established in 1848 and garrisoned with United States Troops until its abandonment in 1873--now Fort Kearney State Park, accommodating hundreds of picnic parties yearly.
--has 26 passenger and mail trains daily--12 of them handling mail and 16 of them handling express.

Kearney Public Library

Do You Know Kearney---
--has a forward looking citizenship, exemplifying genuine western hospitality and working together for a greater and more beautiful city.
--has an unlimited supply of pure water from deep wells.
--has an active Chamber of Commerce; Cosmopolitan, Kiwanis and Rotary Clubs; Altrusa, Business and Professional Women's and Woman's Clubs.
-had, during the year 1937, the largest postal receipts in the history of the city.
--has no bonded indebtedness.

A Kearney Church

Do You Know Kearney---
--is served daily with transcontinental busses operated by the Union Pacific Stages and the Burlington Trailways, also local bus service by the Burlington Transportation Company. Bonded truck lines operate daily schedules in and out of Keamey.
--has one of the best Athletic Parks in Nebraska. A field 336 feet by 565 feet is completely enclosed--regulation sodded football field and track facilities--with seating capacity for 3000. Flood lighting equipment provides night football and other night activities.
--has, in connection with its public schools, a complete Vocational Agricultural Department. A director gives full time to this work, using fully equipped Manual Arts Building for the training of more than fifty boys each year.
--has the distinction of having one of the most beautiful drives on the paved Lincoln Highway--Watson Boulevard--with its double row of large trees on either side for more than a mile.

Kearney Country Club

Do You Know Kearney---
--has nearly 300 hotel rooms-one new seven story fireproof hotel-two hotels with complete convention and banquet facilities.
--has a new commodious National Guard Armory especially built and equipped for the needs of Co. D and Med. Dept. Det. of 110th Q. M. Regiment, and this building provides additional facilities for various community activities.
--is only three miles from a state recreation grounds, known as Cottonmill Park, a 100-acre tract on the banks of a pretty little state-owned lake. Good fishing--sunfish, crappies, cattish and bullheads. Fine accommodations for camping and trailers. Over fifty acres of water.

Postoffice and Federal Building

Do You Know Kearney---
--Woman's Club, with fifty years of service, has its club home--the Downing Memorial Home--which provides ample facilities for all of its meetings and social activities.
--Elk's Club has 200 members, owns and operates its spacious club home, conveniently located, and visiting Elks are always welcome.
--is located on the Platte river-and that for hundreds of miles of its length and for several miles on either side, at a depth of only a few feet, there is an underground stream which is authoritively said to be inexhaustable and which supplies the water for pump irrigation throughout the valley in Central Nebraska. An attractive, wide, paved bridge spans the Platte just south of Kearney on State Highway No. 10.

Do You Know Kearney---
State Boys Industrial School

--enjoys the most cordial, cooperative, and neighborly relations with those who reside in the surrounding territory--whether on the farm or in the neighboring towns and cities.
The following Kearney statistics compiled by U. S. Department of Commerce for the year 1935:

Kenwood Elementary


Do You Know Buffalo County---
--has a population of approximately 25,000.
--has 2350 farmers operating 3200 separately owned tracts of land.
--farms average 250 acres each.
--has 40 miles of paved roads.
--has 425 miles of graveled roads.
--annually produces 125,000 tons of alfalfa.
--is second in Nebraska alfalfa shipments
--annually produces 4 1/2 million bushels of corn.
--produced 40,000 tons of sugar beets in 1937.
--has 18,000 acres under ditch irrigation.

Do You Know Buffalo County---
--has 500 irrigation wells on 300 farms.
--was selected for 1937 State Cornhusking contest.
--has 50 herds of purebred dairy cattle.
--has an active Farm Bureau employing four full time workers.
--farmers operate over 1000 farm tractors and work
    10,000 head of draft horses and mules.
--produced 800,000 bushels of early potatoes of superior quality in 1937.
--had over 600 boys and girls enrolled in 4-H Clubs in 1937.
--agriculture is as diversified as the State of Nebraska, ranging from
    intensive truck crop production to small scale cattle ranching.


Fort Kearney
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