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Bits & Pieces

This is a collection of small items that are sometimes found next to obituaries and other notices in the paper. They shed light on the times and places of our ancestors, but don't fit any kind of category. If you'd like to share any that you've found, please send them to be posted here.


  • 'Kajanka' will be the next great attraction at the Kearney Opera House."
    - Kearney Hub, 18 Feb 1882
  • Mlle. Bertotto, a charming young dancer, with an original method of her own, will take part in 'Kajanka' Wednesday night.
    - (Kearney Hub, 18 Feb 1882

  • "The City Council Meeting, Monday Evening" included the following item: "A petition signed by fifty ladies, was brought before the council to have Mrs. Emma J. Sewell [or Bewell] removed from the city. Petition referred to police committee."
    - Kearney Hub, 18 Feb 1882

  • A new sidewalk has been laid in front of the vacant lot south of the opera house and a new fence built to keep dizzy headed people from falling off the walk."
    - Kearney Hub, 18 Feb 1882

  • A white pony attached to a cart took a little spin around the opera house corner and fell down, the driver alighting on top of the animal. No damage was done.
    - The Daily Hub, 27 April 1892

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