The Kearney District
Epworth League

Program   Annual Convention to
be held at Broken Bow, Nebraska,
June 2d., 3d. and 4th, 1909.

Convention Text:  "And ye shall
witness also."
Motto: "Look Up;  Lift Up"


C. S. BURKERD, President
Shelton, Nebraska
Lexington, Nebraska
Shelton, Nebraska
Kearney, Nebraska
MABEL COOK, 4th Vice P.
Cozad, Nebraska
Kearney, Nebraska
GUY LUTZ, Treasurer
Arcadia, Nebraska
GRACE WILCOX, Junior League Supt.
Overton, Nebraska

General Information.
*   *   *
Each league is entitled to two delegates; where membership exceeds one hundred, three delegates.

The local league presidents are entitled to a voice in the convention.

Dues: Each league is to contribute five cents per member and the juniors two cents per member, for convention expenses. Send your dues to Guy Lutz, Arcadia, Nebraska, by May 20th.

The junior leagues are asked to send the superintendent as their delegate.

Speakers will be limited to the time given their subjects on the program. Chairman will call time.

Entertainment free for all delegates and visitors, providing you notify Katie I. Dukes, Broken Bow. League presidents, see that you notify entertainment committee by May 26th.

Bring your perplexing questions and your most successful plans to the departmental conference Wednesday evening.

* * *
Wednesday Evening, June 2d.

8:00--Devotional meeting led by Davis
   Creek chapter.

8:15--Address of Welcome

8:30--Departmental Conference.

Thursday Morning. June 3d.

8:30--Praise Service led by R. H.
   Thompson, Broken Bow.

9:00--Roll Call. Two minute talks on
   Things We Have Found Helpful.

9:30--And Ye Shall Witness Also, Rev.
   Henry French, Elmcreek.

9:45--Why We Are Here, Mary Piernce


10:15--League Finances, Gary Lutz,


10:45--Report of Department Officers.
   Secretary's Report.

11:15--Business Session.

Thursday Afternoon

1:30--Devotional Meeting led by Calla-
   way chapter.

1:45--The Epworth League as a Train-
    ing School for Christian Workers,
    Lelia Moorman, Ord

2:00--Committee Work, Miss Lomax,
    Broken Bow.

2:15--Feed My Sheep, Fred E. Elder,

2:30--Doing as Jesus Would, Lois Bid-
   good, Ravenna.

3:00--How an Epworthian May Grow,
    O.J. Hawk, Loup City

3:30--The Social Life of an Epworthian,
    Miss Winifred Raynolds, Shelton.

Thursday Evening.

7:30--Vesper Service, Broken Bow
8:00--Address Rev.B.F. Gaither, Lex-
9:00--Social Hour.

Friday Morning, June 4th.

6:00--Sunrise Praise Service, C. S.
   Burkerd, Shelton.

8:30--Devotional Meeting

9:00--Systemic Giving, W. W. Has-
   kell, Ord.

9:45--Junior League Work, Miss Grace
   Wilcox, Overton.

11:00--Election of Officers.

Friday Afternoon

1:30--Devotional Meeting led by Sar-
   gent chapter.

1:45--Temperance, John Jacobson, Lex-

2:15--Civic Righteousness, Ray Kuns,
   Broken Bow.

3:00--Missions, Home and Foreign,
   Lida Brounfield, Cozad.

3:30--Question Box, John T. Carson,

4:30--District Outlook, District Super-
   intendent L. H. Shumate.

Friday Evening

7:30--Devotional Meeting led by West-
   erville chapter.

7:45--Everybody's Time.

8:00--Lecture, Dr. G. W. Abbott.

9:00--Report of Resolution Committee.

9:15--Arise Let us Go Hence.

*   *    *

Look Up; Lift Up.
*  *  *
(Tune: Battle Hymn of the Republic.)
Mine eyes have seen the tokens of an-
   other Pentecost,
Mine ears have heard the gath'ring of a
   dedicated host,
My soul has felt the presence of the pro-
   mised Holy Ghost,
       Our God is marching on.
   Look up, lift up, hallelujah!
        Look up, lift up, hallelujah!
   Look up, lift up, hallelujah!
       Our league is marching on.

There's fire of consecration that is kind-
   ling in our youth,
They are vowing hearty service to the
   Master and His truth,
Their faith is pure and ardent, and their
   work's a gospel proof,
       Our youth are marching on.

There's a fervor of revival burning bright
   in many hearts,
There's glow of gen'rous loyalty their
   noble purpose starts,
'Tis the Spirit of the Father and the zeal
   that Christ imparts.
       Our church is marching on.

They unfurl the Epworth banner, and,
   behold, the thousands rise!
They are looking up in pray'r to Him
   enthroned beyond the skies,
They are lifting up their brother from
   the ruin where he lies,
       Our league is marching on.

Submitted by Carol Granville. Thanks, Carol!!

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