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Buffalo Co. Courthouse
from Standard Atlas of Buffalo County Nebraska 1907

Sarah and Mary Cleveland's book contain several names, and are
dated from Stanley Nebraska in 1887-1889.
Autograph book of J.W. (Joseph) TYLER,
teacher in near Elm Creek area, 1897 - 1901.

Snippets and items from old newpapers.
Fourth of July, 1874 Use your browser's BACK button to return here.
Ravenna News, October 20, 1922. Use your browser's BACK button to return here.
November 2, 1911 issue of The Shelton Clipper

Link to 1886 Elm Creek "Stars" Baseball team photo.
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Program from the Kearney District Annual Convention, 1909.

Sam H. Brown farm
Old house, formerly belonging to H.L. Friend, Scott twp.
W.R. Jones Homestead in Sec. 24, Sartoria
Frank and Mary McCurry home
John Merryman's team of horses
House at Poole

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Solomon Butcher photos.
Enter "Buffalo" and change the number of entries to display
to "950" for a complete listing. Or search using a surname,
town, or other feature such as "farm" or "sod", etc. Be aware
that surnames are sometimes misspelled. Click here for a
list of Buffalo County Surnames in these photos.

Andrews Block
Big Snow, May 1907
Brown Transfer
Cottonmill Lake & Club House
City Hall, Kearney, about 1910.
City Hall, color
Frank House
Good Samaritan Hospital
Tower and Rock Garden in Harmon Park
Kaufmann-Wernert Tailor Shop
Kearney Hydro-Electric Plant
Methodist Episcopal Church, Kearney
Midway Hotel & Soldiers' Monument
Military Parade, 1921
One Hundred Views of Kearney, 1892
Opera House
Platte River Bridge
1733 Ranch
Ranch hand's home at 1733 Ranch
1733 Oxen
Stickel Lumber Co.
Watson Boulevard, "Seedling Mile"

Cards from a collection of Will C. Mueller, several
of them dating from his school years of 1911-1918:
Fred's Post Card collection of Kearney views.
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Memories of a Pastor's Wife, Mrs. Gans
Journal of Victor League
Stories of Seth T. Tatum

World War I Draftees, April, 1918
World War I Draftees, August 29, 1918

George and Maggie Arndt of Elm Creek
Dale Brown, baby
Hank and Nettie Brown, near their sod house
Nancy Ireland Brown, with Four and Five Generation photos
Rex Keith Brown
Wilhelm Dahlke
Cecil and Reamor DeLaBarre
Bernice Eberly
FITCH Photos - - Alva Levi Fitch Family
- - Alva Levi Fitch
- - Daughter of Alva Levi Fitch
- - John Albert (Bert) Fitch
- - Dorothy Fitch
Hannemann Family
Hughes children - Annie, Delia and Will
Gans & Jones (Johannes) girls
Thyra Hultman, tailoress
Mr. & Mrs. W.R. Jones
Sarah Royle Jones and son Will
Jones-McCurry Cousins
Franz Kargl Familiy
Chester Kinnear
Mr. & Mrs. Horatio Lewis
Mr. & Mrs. William Luehr, 50th Anniversary
Family of Mr. & Mrs. William Luehr
Mr. & Mrs. W.F. McCurry
George & Mary Morris Family
Edwin Wellington Potter and Robert Potter
Mr. & Mrs. John Rumbeck
Scheihing Boys
Schwiesow Sisters
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Strandt
Minnie Sutton
Mary Talbott and grandson
Mary Rebecca Volk?
Walker Family Reunion, Gibbon, 1908
Lloyd Zimmer and Arthur Binder

Two young ladies Are these your family?
Mrs. & Mrs. John Ring of Gibbon?
Five Young Women
Perhaps Schwiesow or Hunt related?
new MANY unidentified photos from the Buffalo County area are posted
on Deadfred.com. At that site, scroll down to the "Keyword" search
box and enter "Kimble01" without the quotes. If you can identify any
of them, please contact Kimble

For more information about school names,
district numbers and locations, see the Schools Page.
Bryant Elementary School Building, Kearney, (late 1940's?) new
Bryant Elementary School, Kearney, about 1928.
Bryant Elementary School, 1st grade, 1934.
Bryant Elementary School, 3rd grade, 1934.
Bryant Elementary School, 4th grade, 1934.
Bryant Elementary School, 5th grade, 1936.
Buda High School Graduation, about 1917
Buffalo County Eighth Grade Graduation, 1923
District 15, Riverdale 100th anniversary
District 20, Cedar Creek, 1912
District 35, Hopewell School, Photo 1928-1929
District 45, Sunny Side School, 1903 Souvenir booklet
District 45, Sunny Side School, 1910 Souvenir booklet
District 45, Sunny Side School, 1915 Souvenir booklet
District 45, Sunny Side students, about 1910
District 45, Sunny Side School building
Ona Lemon, who taught at District 45 around 1910
District 46, Concord School taught by Zana Beryl Huggins
District 55, Divide Township, School program, 1903,
District 55, Photo, about 1913
District 57 - Mt. Pleasant, Photo, 1925
District 66 - Majors, 1892-93
District 66 Program Souvenir 1897-98
District 73 - Sartoria School, 1909-10 Souvenir bookletx
District 73 - Sartoria School, 1917 Souvenir bookletx
District 73 - Sartoria School, School house and students of 1916-1917
District 87 - Mt. Zion, 1910 Souvenir Booklet
District 91 Program Souvenir 1897
District 112 - Gardner
District 116 - Plainview - Brown - 1912-1913
Kearney Longfellow graduates, 50th anniversary of class of 1932
Kearney, unknown schools
Ravenna Grade School, 1916
High School Admission Certificate, 1908
Teacher's Certificates
State Normal School, Kearney

German & religion school,
held in the building of Dist. 100 during the summers.
Photo from about 1915

Link to an article about West Kearney High School,
   formerly known as the Boys' Training School and
   Boys' Industrial School. Click your browser's
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Amherst Train Depot
Amherst Elevator & Depot, looking west
Amherst post card
Zoom of photo above, Amherst Main Street
Early Gibbon homes
History of Pleasanton
Ravenna Mill and Spillway
Sartoria - Loup River Bridge
Sartoria Village photos
Sartoria - Swenson's Store Promotion
Watertown, date unknown, probably before 1910
See also Bassett's Buffalo County and Its People, Volume I chapters XXXIII - XL

Wedding of Albert Hauschild and Marie Ahrens
Wedding of Carl Labs and Josie Schukar
Wedding announcement of Jean Lesan and Sigbal Johnson
Wedding photo of Oliver McCurry and Margaret Norcross
Wedding of Emil Parks and Florence Miller
Wedding photo of Gale Patterson and Sadie Hughes
Wedding photo of John Thirtyacre and Sadie Lewis

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