Kearney City Hall
From the Kearney Hub, May 10, 1906 --
On May 10, the clock which has been placed in the tower of the city hall,
and which was donated to the city by F.G. Keens, will strike for the first
time and from then on tell the hour of day or night to the citizens of Kearney.
It has been suggested that the clock be dubbed "Little Ben" as a mark of
honor to the donor, Mr. Keens, who as a boy heard the clock, popularly known as
"Big Ben," proclaim the time in musical tones from Westminster. The sound of
Little Ben here would serve as a reminder of bygone days.

From the Kearney Hub, May 10, 2013 --
THE CLOCK at City Hall occupied three stories in the tower, the first being
occupied by the works, the second by the bell and in the top story were the
four dials, one facing each point of the compass. The dials were 6 feet, 6
inches in diameter. The clock was manufactured by the George M. Stephens
company at Boston and was ordered and put up by J.D. Hawthorne.
W.J. Freeman, the contractor, installed the clock in the tower.

Photo submitted by Virginia Cisewski.

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