Walker Family Reunion, 1908

At the home of
Robert Walker (1839-1923) & Margaret Baird (1844-1933)
In Gibbon, Nebraska, USA
8th July 1908

Back row: Mary Louisa Walker (1871-1954); Eola Young (1873-1951);
Daisy Maude Hill (1871-1943); Blanche M. Gillespie (1880-1960);
Arthur Wellington Walker (1874-1956); Ida Rose Bray (1871-1940);
Niema Sybil Converse (1873-1939); Nettie Dot Ethel Bayley (1880-1969).

Middle row: James Wescott Miller (1859-1932); William Henry Walker (1870-1942);
Robert Baird Walker (1867-1929); Margaret Baird (1844-1933);
Robert Walker (1839-1923); John Walker (1863-1940);
James George Walker (1868-1940); Samuel Allan Alexander Walker (1873-1938).

Front row: Lila Maud Margaret Walker (1877-1927); Andrew Calvin Walker (1876-1953);
Grace Evelyn DeWolf (1887-1984); Frederick Douglas Garnet Walker (1880-1942).

Family Reunion at Walker Home: July 8, 1908:
Event occasioned by the marriage of Dr. Arthur Walker.

As a family grows up and the children marry and scatter in different parts of the County it is many times the case that for years it is impossible to gather them all together under the parental roof at one time. Many times, however, circumstances brings about the home coming of the entire family. Sometimes it is occasioned by the sad taking away of one of the beloved ones which casts a gloom over the home and the pleasures of the gathering. At other times and seemingly at rarer intervals the home gathering is occasioned by happier and more pleasant events, possibly the gathering is for a pleasant family reunion or perhaps the home coming is brought about by the scattered family coming to welcome the return home of a son or daughter who has but recently married and in these cases the event is one of pleasure and happiness to the entire family and especially to the parents who have watched throughout the years that have passed the growing up of the family and the scattering of their children.

During the past week this last happy event has marked the pleasures and happiness of the lives of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Walker who have enjoyed the great pleasure of having for the first time in many years all of their children at home at one time, and the event was brought about by the home coming of Dr. Arthur Walker with his bride, the young couple having been married Wednesday July 8th at El Paso, Texas.

The bride was formerly Miss Blanche Gillespie and at one time lived at Hastings. She has visited many times at the Walker home and is quite well known to many of the Gibbon people as is Dr. Walker who has also visited here many times and the Reporter wishes to join the many friends of the happy couple in extending congratulations and best wishes for a long and prosperous married life.

Those present at the reunion were besides the parents, Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Miller and children of Gibbon; Mr. and Mrs. John Walker of Mason City, Nebraska; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Walker and daughter of Mason City, Nebraska; Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Walker and children of Gibbon; Dr. and Mrs. Will Walker and son of Omaha; Mr. and Mrs. Allan Walker of Gibbon; Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Walker of Riverside, California; Andrew Walker of Mason City, Nebraska; Mr. and Mrs. Garnett Walker of Gibbon; and Misses Lila and Anna Walker of Gibbon.

A group picture was taken of the family by a Kearney photographer and Tuesday the members of the family from Mason City returned to their home accompanied by Dr. Will Walker who visited there a couple of days, his wife remaining in Gibbon. Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Walker will visit here for about a month before going to their home in California.

Submitted by Cliff Carson

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