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Towns and Post Offices, Past and Present
Buffalo County, Nebraska

Those marked with * are listed in the Business Directory of the 1890-91 Gazetteer.
  • Alfalfa Center, UPRR station west of Kearney.
  • Amherst, town and post office established 1890, moved from Stanley.
  • Armada*, village and post office which opened in 1875, moved across the Wood river to Miller when RR station was built there.
  • Baker, post office opened in 1885 near Ravenna.
  • Beaver Creek, post office established in 1878, became Ravenna in 1886.
  • Berg, community center of the Saxon Colony, Schneider Township. Post office opened in 1873.
  • Boyd Ranch, one mile west of present Gibbon.
  • Buda*, post office about 5 miles east of Kearney on the U.P. R.R., replaced Shelby in 1878.
  • Butler*, post office established in 1884, and village in Valley Township, 9 miles north, and 8 miles east of Kearney.
  • Centennial, post office established July 5, 1876 in north central Buffalo County.
  • Cherry Creek, post office established in 1879. Also served Sodtown.
  • Crowellton, post office established 1872. Became Odessa in 1876.
  • Denman, town in the extreme southeast corner of the county, post office opened in 1914.
  • Elm Creek, town 16 miles west of Kearney, post office established 1872.
  • Gibbon*, town 13 miles east of Kearney, on the U.P.R.R. Post office established 1871.
  • Glenwood, Glenwood Park, R R station about 3 miles due north of Kearney; post office opened in 1892.
  • Greendale*, post office about 2 1/2 miles northwest of Amherst, established in 1879. Post office moved and renamed Amherst in 1890
  • Huntsville, post office established in 1873. Moved 2 miles west in 1877 and name was changed to Stanley.
  • Kearney* First post office in 1872 was named Kearney Junction. Name changed to Kearney in 1875.
  • Kearney Station, post office established in 1868 near present Buda.
  • Luce*, community in east central part of the county; post office opened in 1885.
  • Mahila*, post office opened in 1882 about 12 miles west of Ravenna, in Loup Township.
  • Majors*, post office established 1878 in Cedar Township, about 20 miles north and east of Kearney.
  • Miller*, town moved from Armada when RR station was established; post office opened in 1890.
  • Nantasket*, village about 3 miles east of Ravenna, post office opened in 1887.
  • Nebraska Centre, same location as the Boyd Ranch. This was the first post office established in the county during the territorial period, in 1859. Named the first county seat in 1859 but there is no record of any county activity taking place there.
  • Odessa*, station on the main line of the U.P.R.R., about 10 miles west of Kearney. Replaced Crowelltown post office in 1876.
  • Peake*, post office opened in 1884, 14 miles north and 5 miles west of Kearney, in Rusco township.
  • Pleasanton*, established in 1890 when U.P.R.R. branch was extended. Moved from Riverview.
  • Poole Siding, post office established in 1892 about 6 miles southwest of Ravenna in Beaver township, closed and served by Majors until 1906 when it re-opened as Poole.
  • Prairie Center*, post office about 12 miles north of Kearney, established in 1874.
  • Ravenna*, town in northeast part of the county, post office opened in 1886, from Beaver Creek.
  • Riverdale, post office and town about 6 miles north and 4 miles west of Kearney. Post office was open from 1883-1886, and re-opened in 1890 when the railroad came through.
  • Riverview*, post office first opened as South Loup in 1874, then as Riverview in 1883. Changed to Pleasanton in 1890.
  • St. Michael*, station and post office in extreme northeast corner of the county, established in 1887
  • Sartoria*, post office opened in 1880 in the northwest part of the county, in Sartoria township.
  • Shelby, post office established in 1876, became Buda in 1878.
  • Shelton*, on the main line of the UPRR, 18 miles east of Kearney. Post office replaced Wood River Centre in 1873.
  • Sodtown, community about 3 miles south and 6 miles east of Ravenna. It was a busy village in the 1880's but never had its own post office.
  • South Loup, post office from 1874-1877. Name changed to Riverview and then to Pleasanton.
  • Stanley*, name changed from Huntsville in 1877. Town moved to Amherst in 1890 when RR station was established there. Stanley Cemetery remains near the original location of the post office which was discontinued in 1890.
  • Stevenson*, former station on the UPRR about 5 miles west of Kearney.
  • Sweetwater, post office from 1874 and village near the Sherman county border.
  • Trocknow, post office established in 1886. In 1887 the name was changed to Nantasket.
  • Watertown*, village named for the tanks constructed to supply water for the steam engines. Post office opened in 1890. Immanuel Cemetery is about 2 miles east. new Photo, date unknown.
  • White Cloud, the third post office established in the county, in 1864, this town later became Wood River in Hall County, but at that time was within the boundries of Buffalo County.
  • Wood River Centre, second post office in the county, established in 1860 in a town founded by Mormons. Moved to Shelton.

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