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SERVICE has become the prime factor in this day and age of almost every successful person or firm. In perparing [sic] this Guide or Atlas of Buffalo County our aim has been to supply the most facts and information pertaining to the County, using the least possible space, that we might produce a practical, serviceable and economical book which can be conveniently used by every one.
   In this Guide we show a complete Rural Directory of the County, giving the name, post office and route number, and the township and section of each farmer living in the County. The names are indexed for the entire County and not by townships.
   The Directory, both Farmer and Business, is shown on alternate pages through the book with maps of each township of the County.
   Names of the owners of land are shown in the script type on the maps, and the renter's names are in print, where there was space enough on the map to insert both. In some small tracts there was not enough room to enter the owners name, in such case the tracts were numbered consecutively in each township, and the owners name given at the edge of the map, corresponding to the number of tract or block of land: as, B-l, B-2, and so on.
   The address of each farmer is given on the township maps by a code system. The towns in and around Buffalo County, that have routes in the County are numbered. The number or numbers accompanying the name indicates the address. The first number indicates the town and the second the route: as, 15-2 means Kearney, route number 2.
   The maps are listed through the Guide in the same routine as sections are numbered in a township, beginning at the northeast corner of the County and ending at the southeast corner.
   In the center of the Guide is a small convenient County map which shows the location of townships, towns, roads, railroads, rivers, creeks, schools and other information of the County.
   In the latter half of this book is shown a Business Directory of each town in the County, giving the name and location of person or firm and telephone number, making it of value to those who wish to call or communicate with those outside their own immediate territory.
   There is also much valuable information included pertaining to the State and County which is of interest and value in the home, school or business place.
   Much of the information in this Guide was obtained by personal observation and canvass of the County. The balance of the data has been furnished by local, State and Federal assistance.    We have used the utmost care to avoid errors and ommissions, yet they are bound to occur in a publication of this kind; but we will appreciate any correction or suggestion that will be of service in future editions.
   We wish to take this opportunity of thanking all who have helped in any way toward producing this Guide, which is of mutual benefit to citizens of Buffalo County.
   We also appreciate very much the co-operation of the advertisers in this guide, and for the convenience of the user we have placed the number of the page on which their card or advertisement is found, prior to their name in the various Business Directories in the book.

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