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     NEBRASKA has 370,152 acres of water area and 679,788 acres under irrigation.

     BUFFALO county has 16,627 acres of water area and 20,000 acres or more under irrigation.

     Different states have different statutes governing the measurement of water, but all are based upon the number of cubic inches or cubic feet per second or per minute, which information follows:

     231 cubic inches=one liquid gallon.

     1728 cubic inches=one cubic foot, or approximately 7 1/2 gallons.

     One cubic foot of water passing a given point each second (no matter what size stream) is termed a "second foot"

     One second foot delivers approximately 450 gallons per minute.

     An acre contains 43,560 square feet. An acre covered one inch deep with water is termed an "acre inch", and an acre covered twelve inches deep is termed an "acre foot". One second foot of water will deliver one acre foot of water in twelve hours and six minutes, which is equivalent to one acre one foot deep or twelve acres one inch deep. One second foot covers nearly 60 acres in 30 days.

     The amount of water used or required to produce a given crop is termed "duty of water" or "water duty". If a small amount of water is used to serve a large amount of land it is termed a "light duty" and if a large amount of water is used it is termed a "heavy duty".

     The capacity of the average irrigation well in Buffalo County is 800 to 900 gallons per minute or about two second feet. An unlimited supply of water for irrigation wells is available practically all through the Platte valley.

     We have an abundance of water in Nebraska. By building more dams we can conserve more water. With more water there is more evaporation. More evaporation means more rainfall. More rainfall in middle and western Nebraska means better and more stable crops and live stock production. More production means a greater income and an opportunity for more people and more enterprises, which develops larger and better towns and cities to offer to Nebraska citizens better markets, better service, conveniences and pleasures.

     Irrigation to Nebraska lands is like salvation to the soul. When Christianity is applied where mankind is found, by perseverance, service and sacrifice, the cannibal and the heathen are transformed into useful, helpful, happy, beings.

     By irrigation in Nebraska hundreds of thousands of acres of semi-arid lands have been changed from unproductive plains and waste lands into beautiful farms and communities with modern conveniences, and towns have sprung up almost like magic. By irrigation the farmer can produce a much larger variety of products, for use in his own home, town and community, and thus save the cost of transportation, and in addition have fresher and better quality products for home consumption.

     Nebraska says come unto me all ye that are diligent, honest and upright and partake of the waters freely, and I will give onto you beautiful homes, with trees, vines and shrubbery, lead you through green pastures, besides great waving fields of grain, provide abundance for the wants of your fellowmen, and store up for you a surplus to be used in time of need, that you may have peace, plenty, joy and happiness -- IN NEBRASKA.

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