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NEBRASKA produces annually:

Six million tons of alfalfa and other hay crops.

Over one million tons of sugar beets from which 200 million pounds of sugar is manufactured.

Eight million bushels of potatoes.

Fifty-five million bushels of wheat.

Two hundred and twenty million bushels of corn.

NEBRASKA has 21,854 farm homes equipped with running water.

NEBRASKA has 15,493 farm homes lighted with electricity.

NEBRASKA has 117,989 automobiles and 17,044 trucks belonging to farmers.

NEBRASKA has 392,381 motor vehicles registered. One for every 3.5 persons.

NEBRASKA has 1,591,655 acres of school land, valued at approximately $22,000,000.

NEBRASKA is sixteenth state in total wealth and sixth in per capita wealth.

NEBRASKA is ninth state in poultry production and thirteenth in egg production.

NEBRASKA has seven sugar refineries. It would require 5,000 freight cars to move Nebraska's annual sugar crop.

NEBRASKA'S 21 cheese factories produce 3,400,000 pounds of cheese annually.

NEBRASKA has two milk condenseries producing more than 800,000 pounds of condensed and powdered milk annually.

NEBRASKA has 839 post offices.


NEBRASKA has about 1,000 rural mail routes in operation, aggregating 36,525 miles.

NEBRASKA has a rural school, enrolling more than 600 pupils and employing nineteen teachers.

NEBRASKA has nine senior colleges, ten junior colleges, four state normal schools and four universities. The University of Nebraska is thirteenth largest institution of higher learning in America in point of full time student enrollment. It is the largest university in the Missouri Valley.

NEBRASKA has 95 flour mills.

NEBRASKA has about 1,000,000 bearing fruit trees, nearly 700,000 of which are apple.

NEBRASKA has sixteen brick and tile plants.

NEBRASKA has the largest macaroni factory in the world.

NEBRASKA has-two Portland cement plants, one at Superior and one at Louisville. The two plants have a capacity of 2,000,000 barrels a year.

NEBRASKA ranks first in per capita beef production.
NEBRASKA ranks fourth in butter production.

NEBRASKA ranks sixth in the percentage of income spent on education. $33,000,000 is spent annually on schools.

NEBRASKA has the lowest death rate of any state of equal population.

NEBRASKA'S health record is 23 per cent above the average of the United States.

NEBRASKA'S total wealth is estimated at $5,320,000,000 or an average of over $4,000 per capita.

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