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Ravenna WWI Plaque

Thanks to Tawnya who submitted the following information.

A plaque on the public library building in Ravenna, Nebraska honors the men and women who served in the military in World War I. The plaque is called the, "Roll of Honor. At the bottom of the plaque reads, "Erected by Ravenna Red Cross Canteen in Honor of those whose names appear above who served in World War 1914-1918." Only one woman from Ravenna served in WWI - Miss Margaret Clara Jungles (later Mrs. David Francis "Dave" Michie). She served in the US Army Nursing Corps.

On the left side of the plaque is a wreath with six names. Each name has a star to the left of the name. The names are:

Walter Bales, Tom Cordy, Albert De Witt
Ferdinand Jelinek, Charlie Krejci, Harry Kyne.

I photographed the plaque. I tried to read the names from the photos. If I had trouble reading the name from the photograph, I put a question mark after the name.

The rest of the names are as follows:
James Adam
Alfred Ahrens
Joseph Ambrose
Louis Ambrose
W.F. Anderson
Walter Anson
William F. Baker
William C. Bales
Byron Bales
George E. Bays
Frank V. Benesh
Otto E. Beranek
Martin F. Blaschko
Harvey F. Bluss
Dr. George Buol
Louis Bushhousen
Veto Carbucbe
Victor Christianson
Cecil James Clark
Otto M. Cords
Clarence Coulter
Robert Leroy Cruit
Harry Demaranville
Clester De Witt
Francis De Witt
Clifford Diffendaffer
Jerry Dunning
Frank Eberle
William T. Eckerson
Edward H. Eggering
Gus Engbert
Leonard Finder
Howard J. Fisher
Clarence L. Foster
Ernest Frazer
Henry Fries
Oscar E. Geist
Roy Fuller Greenslit
William J. Griffin
Lisle P. Hale
James H. Hansen
Ralph Herrick
Robert Hetrick
Charlie W. Hill
Adolph V. Hlava
William Hlava
Lucas L. Hofbauer
Richard Holub
William Holub
Joseph Horak
William J. Hosek
James Hrad
Rudolph J. Jelinek
Albert S. Johnson
Louis O. Johnson
Miss Margaret Clara Jungles
Adolph P. Kasal
Harry J. Klatt
Charlie E. Knerl
Floyd Knerl
Charlie L. Kolak ?
Edward Kostal
Lester V. Kozel
Albert A. Khira ?
Edward Kuticker ?
William Lamb
Frank Loskol ?
Henry C. Lovell
Max Lutr
Lewillia Mangritz ?
E. Martin
Clarence McKinney
Fred McKinney
Samuel A. McKinney
W.D. McLachlin
John Milian ?
Leonard Mickish
Chauncy Miller
Glenn T. Miller
Roland J. Miller
William Miller
James Miloske
Dr. Walter H. Miner
Wallace Mingus
Warren Mingus
Elmer Moore
Charlie Mrkvicka
John Mrkvicka
William Musil
Charlie Naiberk
Charlie H. Ondrak
Henry Ondrak
John Ondrak
John Paulson
Hubert Pesek
Carl Peters
Paul Peterson
Herman A. Piderit
Walter Polenz
John Rasmussen
Roy R. Rasmussen
Bert C. Reese
Glenn L. Riddle
Howard Rider
Gordon Robinson
Norman E. Robinson
Allard Rowbotham
Byron Rowbotham
Richard Russel
Carl R. Schaper
Albert Henry Scott
Paul W. Secora
Albert O. Skochdopole
Adolph A. Smaha
Amos B. Smaha
Emil W. Smaha
William Snyder, Jr.
Edwin Spevacek
Waldo Stevenson
Elmer Strom
Leo Strubel
Dr. Frank Sundstrom
Joseph G. Svanda
John C. Sweeney
Charlie Thiessen
William Thiessen
Charlie Thompson
George Tibbetts
Roland A. Tibbetts
G.O. Vant
Emil Veit
Rev. George J. Weber
Roy Westlake
Albert Zeller
Rudolph Zeller
Louis H. Zeller
James Zickmund
Charlie Z. ?