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News Extracts from the Oakland Independent by Justin Masters
Years 1881 & 1895 are partial
Years 1896, 1897, 1898, 1899, 1900, 1901 & 1902 complete

Tekamah Journal Extracts

Stories in the News of Burt County

Actual news stories from Nebraska newspapers as they happened.

Burt Co Veteran's Assoc. | Old news | Old Settlers Association | Extra! | Burt Newspapers list

Burt County Veteran Association, 6th Annual Reunion - 1894

Burt County Veteran Association - 1895 Reunion

History of Burt County G. A. R. written in 1915

1887 "Boom in Nebraska", promo to attract settlers to Burt County

PILGRIM articles from the Tekamah Journal, 1900 - visits with the old settlers, memories of the old days!

    - additional Pilgrim articles (page two)

Reminiscent article by A.P. DeMilt (Tekamah Journal 1900).

"Up the 'Crick'"

Reunions, Deaths of Burt County Pioneers & Old Settlers -

1903 - Formation of the Burt County Pioneer Association - Burt County Herald

1904 - Reunion, where some old settlers have gone - Burt County Herald

1905 - Folsom Park Picnic of pioneers & old settlers

1906 - Pioneers & old settlers meet again at Folsom Park

Old Settlers Gather in 1907 - first sodbuster in each precinct honored.

1908 Reunion of Old Settlers honors tree planters

Old Settler's Association list from 1909 Oakland "Independent" newspaper.

List of Old Settler's deaths for 1910

Old Settlers Reunion and death list for 1911 from Oakland "Republican"

1912 - Old Settler's Reunion, Gov. Aldrich speaks, some history (two articles)

1913 - Old Settler's - few remaining of those that arrived in the 1850's

1914 - Reunion celebrates 60 years since first settlers arrived in Burt County, list of firsts

1915 - Reunion of Old Settlers from the Lyons Mirror

  Deaths reported at the Old Settlers Reunions of Burt county were printed from the summer of 1908 to summer of 1911.


Craig, 1913 Easter Tornado - May 27, 1913 The Craig News

EASTER CYCLONE Whirling Demon Visits Craig and Vicinity in Its Path of Devastation and Destruction of Life and Property. Series of news stories about that horrendous experience.

1917 + Burt County in the Great World War collection of newspaper articles. Use your "Back" button to return to this page.

1919 - 1922 Burt County Herald - news clippings of births, anniversaries, marriages of current or former Burt County residents outside of Burt Co., and deaths of residents in the Tekamah area.

Contact the Burt County Coordinator for extractions of articles which appeared after 1922.

8 May 1930: There was a tornado causing major damage and loss of life in Tekamah.

19 August 1953 Lincoln Star - "Fame is Fleeting"...
article about Cowboy Actor Hoot Gibson ...native of Burt county as he returned to that county after many year's absence.

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Burt County Newspapers on microfilm at NSHS


Craig News


Decatur Advertiser


Lyons Mirror-Sun


Oakland Independent and Republican


Burt County Herald


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