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Tekamah Journal Extracts

Submitted by Bill Wever

1- 7- 1909

Death-Clinton Monroe Houston

Death-Henry Jensen 

Anniversary-Mr. and Mrs. James Healea 10th . Bucktown

Birth-Mr. and Mrs. Bert Hopkins son, Bertha

Death-Miss Bessie Arnold , Berthold, North Dakota, sister Mrs. Chas Keifer of Bucktown


Relocation-James and Jack Hill families to Snohomsih, Wash.

Relocation-Bert Averill to Snomosih, Wash.

Death-Mr. and Mrs. Kirkle, former Silver Creek Pct area residents? 8 mo.old daughter

Marriage-William Russell / Stella Latta, Bertha Pct. Area

Relocation-Peter Christenson, former resident returns to Pincher Creek, Canada?.Bertha area

Birth-Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jarland, girl bn.Jan 5, visit by grandmother Mrs. Matheny, Silver Creek

Birth-Mr. and Mrs. Herman Mone, Jan 8th, son , Decatur

Relocation-A. Reese has moved to Plankinton, South Dakota


Marriage-Charles T. Stenberg/ Miss Dora Hanson?.Betha Pct.

Death-Mr.& Mrs. I. L. Mathison, former Silver Creek area residents, 18 month daughter.

Death-Miss Maggie Darling, Decatur, 

Death-Miss Bessie Arnold , moved from Craig area 6 years ago.


Divorce-Ruth Bryan Leavitt initiates divorce action against W. H. Leavitt

Death-Mrs. W L. Ireland , in California, was former resident of Burt county

Death-Lou Calnon , Lyons.

Death- Jason White, Decatur suffered loss of child.

Marriage-John Irvin, Decatur married in Souix City


Relocation-Former resident M. H. Theilman, now Wasau, back for visit.

Death-Emma Gail Shafer death

Death- Mrs. Clement Shafer Jeep, former resident

Birth-Mr and Mrs. George Stout, parents of twins

Birth-Mr. and Mrs. Rosker, son

Relocation-Mr. and Mrs. Will King to Moreland, Oklahoma, Summit

Marriage-Troy Dill/Mabel Walter in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Summit

Death-Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Smith, son bn Saturday, died Tuesday, Bucktown


Marriage-Arthur Miller/Miss Eva Evans , resident Lyons

Marriage-J Fred Choate/Miss Effie Mae Gibbons 

Relocation-L L Young farm sale, to Idaho

Relocation-Chas. Harney and wife to Omaha


Marriage-Carteton R. Wilson/Miss Fay Latta

Death-Mrs. Nancy King

Marriage-Illes Frary/Miss Margaret Gartman , was former resident of Bucktown

Death-Mrs. E. D. Grinnin , Decatur

Death-Six month old child of Fritz Winbright, Decatur

Death-Mr. and Mrs. Stephen mourn loss of little babe, Decatur

Death-Mrs. Jessie I. Smith, nee Ellen Isodeen Kelly death, Craig

Death-George L Wixer. in Tekamah


Death-Mrs. Rebecca Clementine Rumley 

Obit-Mrs. Nancy E. King, formerly Nancy E. Job 

Death-James Clark death 


Crime-Nick Farrens trial begins, death of Lester Ball

Death-Samuel Christopher 

Marriage-Irwin Gray/Sarah Woolheeder 


Birth-Mr. and Mrs. Charles Show, girl March 4th.

Relocation-Mr. and Mrs. R W Jack to Pincher Creek, Canada, Silver Creek

Relocation-Charlie Chase family to Michigan, Bertha 

Relocation-A.W. Irwin family to Guyman, Oklahoma

Relocation-Murray Quick family to Tekamah from Proctor, Minnesota

Crime-Jury could not convict in Farrens trial.


Death-Mrs. Lethey E. Williams Dill 

Death- William H. Slade, uncle of Roy Smith; Boone, Iowa was well known in Tekamah

Relocation-Harvey Lewis family to western Nebraska. ,Summit

Death-Mr. And Mrs. Henry Hampton suffer loss of 20 month old son, Floyd

Death-Mrs. Nancy F Fairbanks Giddings, Twin Lake, MI; sister to Mrs. Ester Freeman, Craig 


Death-Mrs. Corneila Madden, mother of Mrs. A W. Bruce, Tekamah at Denver, burial in Pender, Nebraska

Birth-Mr. and Mrs. Harry McGrew, son. March 22; Decatur


Death-Mrs. Patrick Conneally , Decatur

Relocation-Ernest Dunlap expecting to purchase farm near Minneapolis, Minnesota, Decatur

Relocation-Guy Jennewin family left for Dakota farm, Decatur

Relocation-James Force went to Gregory, South Dakota seeking land


Relocation-Chas Bring left Monday for Dallas, South Dakota where he will make his home. Family will go later.

Birth-Mr. and Mrs. Hiland Stanfield ; daughter to be companion of their little son


Death-Mr. and Mrs. Hiland Stanfield mourn loss of baby girl 

Death-Roscoe Clark Lang; 11 years of age

Death-William F. Goodwill , former resident; Galesburg, Illinois

Birth-Mr & Mrs. Herman McGill, daughter last Wednesday. Decatur

Marriage-Frank V. Smith/Miss Mabelle Josephine Anderson, Craig


Death-Mrs. Waldo Lyons ,early resident of Lyons.; Town of Lyons named after Lyons family

Death-Mrs. McGinnis at residence of daughter, Mrs. C W Conklin; Bertha

Relocation-T. J. Dunlap left for his new home near Minneaapolis, Decatur

Birth-Mr. and Mrs. I L. Mathison, son?now residents of Presho, South Dakota


Death-Mr. John Bowden, Silver Creek

Birth-Mr. and Mrs Owen Critchfield, son, Summit

Birth-Mr. and Mrs Claud French, girl, Summit

Death-D. C. Griffin, at home of son F. J. Griffin. Decatur

Death-, John Bowden t

Death-Sarah Jones , mother of Mrs. Samuel Bowden 


Marriage-Dr. John P Merritt/ Lulu Remine Carpenter

Marriage-Albert J McDaniel/Miss Eva Young 

Marriage-Antler Clark/Miss Anna Gillette, Onawa. Iowa, Decatur

Death-John Eby, Omaha, Summitt


Anniversary -Mr. and Mrs. E F Sisson, 40 years

Birth- Mr. and Mrs Ira Austin, a son Decatur

Marriage-Oscar Nelson/Miss Anna Knudson, Silver Creek


Death-Susan McClusky, Decatur


Tekamah High School graduating class

Flossie Brunker

Enod Scoville

Jasper Johnson

Phoebe Goll

Effie Allen

Bayard Griffin

Marguerite Nesbit

Ethel Story

Helen Thomas

Arthur Nesbit

Relocation-County Judge H. H. Basler resigns, to Grant's Pass, Oregon

Birth-Mr. and Mrs Will Duury, girl May 13, Summit

Death-Hiram Jesse Allen


Marriage-Richard Houston/.Miss Grace D. Carson, Huntington, Inidana

Death-John Ketchmark

Death-Mrs. H S. M. Spielman

Marriage-Harlan Roberts of Olivet, Michigan/ Idumea Bundy


Relocation-C H. Scoville family to Catana, Iowa

Relocation-H V Chae and family return to Silver Creek, had been Burt county residents.

Death-Mrs. Chapman of Persia,Iowa?mother of Allie Heath-Decatur


Eight Grade Diplomas

District No 2 Isabelle Woodward

Allie Ellis
Cecile Hurlocker

Alice Pearson
Nina Manley
Silas Manley 
Myrtle Kelly

Abner Chestum
Clara Bacon
Oscar Nelson 
Vida Ulrich

William Young

Pearl Critchfield 
Grace Drury

Herman Meyer
Christina Jacobson 
Mack Conklin
Goldie Force
Nellie Force

Vera Miller

Alex Nelson

Ira Way

Claud Weeces

Flossie Davis

Harry Erwin

Vivian Hanson

Elsie Smith

Grace Smith

Donald Claypool

Marriage-J. S Crue/Miss Dasie C Johnson, Oakland

Marriage-Announcement, Mr. Agnew, Omaha/Miss Genevieve Hamblin


Marriage-Mr. Arthuur Jack/Dora Loucomer 

Death-Flossie Blanche Strong, age 6


Death-Mrs. L Jennewein at home of son of Charles in Onawa, Iowa, Decatur

Death-Randolph Gamble 

Marriage-Mr. Leon Agnew/Miss Genevieve Hamblin


Marriage-J. L.Minier/Mabel Renard, Oakland


Birth-son to Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Gilbert


Death-Mrs. Sarah A. Lusk

Birth- son to Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Freeman, Bucktown


Death-Mr. John Stephens, the former Miss Rebecca Fox, past Tekemah resaident.

Marriage-Dane Hukill/Miss Lena Giltner, Arizona neighborhood.

August 5, 1909

August 12, 1909

Birth-Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Bobbit, girl

Marriage-Chas Eby/Nellie Bruce, Summit

Birth-Mr. and Mrs. Levi Gibbons, daughter, Summit

Birth-Mr. and Mrs. Thornton Gatewood, son, Decatur

Marriage-John Davis, former Silver Creek resident, now Wellington, Colorado to a Miss Terry.

August 19, 1909

Marriage-Clarence Johnson/Miss Alice Scherer

Birth-Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Maxwell, son, Summit

August 26, 1909

Death-Allie Clark

Birth-Mr. and Mrs. Noah Marsh, girl

Relocation-Ed Scmidt family, Blair

September 2, 1909

Death-Miss Sadie Hopper, automobile, Omaha

Birth-Mr. and Mrs. Henry McKenzie, girl, Bertha

September 9, 1909

Marriage-Paul VanArsdale, former resident, now White Owl, S.D/Bertha Schreckengaust

Death-Joseph Alvin Clark

Death-Mr. and Mrs. Ben Richmond, 18 month old daughter

September 16, 1909

Death-A. G. Davis

Marriage-Earl K. Shorett, Omaha/Miss Josephine Barker

September 23, 1909

Relocation-John Fowler visit, former resident, now Blaine Washington

Birth-Mr. and Mrs. Thal Spafford, son; Decatur

Relocation-Miss Bess Cousins to Portland, Oregon indefinately

Death-Mrs. H. P. Beebe; nee Valber A Galland, former Burt county resident

September 30, 1909

Crime-Al Baker murders wife, commits suicide

Marriage-George W. Martin/Miss Eva Kelso

Death-Mrs. James Conneally

Relocation-Rev and Mrs. F. O. Bump to Emerson, Iowa

October 7, 1909

Death-Mr. and Mrs. Guy Smith, son; grandson of Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Lewis

Marriage-Rovena F. Jarvis/Blanche Peterson

Marriage-Hugh Gallup/Jessie Shawyer

Marriage-Frank Steeple of St. Paul, NE/Elzada Baker

Birth-Mr. and Mrs. J G. Orinder of Fowler, CO., twins, former Burt county residents

Death-Levi L. Darling at home of daughter, Peru, NE.

October 14, 1909

Relocation-Mr. and Mrs Ed Stapleton to Thurston, NE

Relocation-Grant Phipps moves to California

Relocation-F. E. McNutt to Missouri Valley, Iowa

Birth-Mr. and Mrs. George, son

Death-Mrs. Francis Scott, dau. of A. A. Thomas, Harrisonville, MO

October 21, 1909

Marriage-Wayne Tibbles/Mamie Clements at Ak-sar-ben, Summit

Relocation-Will Kirkle to Burt county from Idaho, visit

October 28, 1909

Marriage-J. C. Peterson/Miss Josephine Martin

Marriage- License to Lynn H. Spafford, Aurora/Nellie Stass of Lyons

Marriage -License to Frank Bayless/Adda E. Persons, Decatur

Marriage-License to Willie Woodworth/Lillie Carlson, Craig

Marriage-Charlie Swanson of Lyons/Emma Lange of Pipestone, Minn.

Birth-Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lee, baby girl, Summit

Death-Miss Mary Kyle, noted Nebraska educator

November 4, 1909

Birth-Mr and Mrs. B Mandalstam, son, Decatur

Birth-Mr. and Mrs Al Galup, daughter. Decatur

Death-Mrs. E. G. Gangstead of Omaha, Decatur

Relocation-Tom Elliott visit from home in Forest Grove, Oregon

November 11, 1909

Marriage-James Moyer/Miss Myrtle Fay Thompson

Crime-Trial beigns for Nick Farrens in Elisha Ball death-Decatur

Relocation-A. C. Randall of Fremont visited Tekamah?homesteader south of Craig 1867

November 18, 1909

Crime-Nick Farrens found guilty of death of Elisha Ball, 2 years imprisonment.

Death-Mr. and Mrs. Kerns, son, Arizona neighborhood

Marriage-Charles Peterson/Ida Hancock

Death-Mr. and Mrs. Mathews, girl

Marriage-Thos Dolan/Nora Kiefer, license issued

November 25, 1909

Marriage-Henry Meyer, Huron, South Dakota/Pauline Zander, Lyons; license issued

Relocation-Chas Umbreit and family left for California, Decatur

Relocation-Geo. Ashley to Chicago, will move in with mother, Mrs. Neil Ashley

Relocation-Ralph Rogers and family relocate in Montana, Decatur

Relocation-Ben Miles and family to farm south of Onawa, Iowa

Marriage-Tom Dolan/Nora Keiffer, Bertha

December 2, 1909

Marriage-Stephen A Chatt/Miss Ruby Palen

Marriage-Fred Blackstone/Miss Lena Ward

Death-Harry McDonald, former resident, now Pender, NE

Birth-Mr. and Mrs. Carl Norseen, girl

Death-William Riley Davis

December 9, 1909

Death-Mr. and Mrs. Carl Forseen, baby girl

Relocation-J. A. Baker to Orange, California to make home

December 16, 1909

Missing Issue

December 23, 1909

Marriage-Will Englebright/Goldie Reece of Lyon, license issued.

Marriage-Ferninand F. Henkens/Verna Hawkins, of Hooper, NE license issued

Marriage-Nels A Bennard/Gertrude Johnson, of Craig, license issued

Marriage-Edward G. Whale/Lola Drummond of Lyons., license issued

Birth-Mr. and Mrs. Walter Besst, son

December 30, 1909

Death-Augustine Sklenar

Marriage-William Tuttle/Miss Edna Bowers

Birth-Mr. and Mrs. Dick Pounds, son, Summitt

Death-Mrs. S. J. Jewel, Blair, mother of Mrs. Fred Weitzel

Marriage-Fred Stevens of Arlington, NE/Edna Gill, Silver Creek neighborhood

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