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Boyd County Connections

Dec 2011

It may have been 10 years ago or possibly longer when I was posting queries on Burt County Web site regarding my kinfolk, mainly my grandpa Peter Thurstenson and others.  In one of your responses you asked me if I knew anything about the migration of Burt County residents to Boyd County. At the time, I knew only of my grandfather making such a move and that being about 1908.
This last week, while reading a book “History of Boyd County Nebraska” compiled by Luree (Snider) Barnes – written 1938, I find the following regarding school district 28 which was organized Jan. 11, 1892.

(Following are some abbreviated statements from the book)

December, 1889
Men came from Oakland, Burt County, Nebraska to look for a suitable location for a Swedish settlement. They were "Same Fried, Charles Erickson, Arvid Bengston, August Lindgren, Sam L. Nelson, Charles Odlund, August Green and Eric Hedlund."
In a week's time, they had 3 possible locations, all unbroken prairie. 

February, 1890
Same group with Chris Andersen "from Whiting’s on the Niobrara River to help them locate their claims north of Bristow  Other early settlers in this community were:  Andrew Nord, John Hultquist, John Johanson, Anton Hegberg, Andrew Londquist, Bill Johnson, Ole Jonason, Charley Bergsten, Charley Nelson, C. W. Carlson, Emil Londquist, August Erickson, Peter Johnson, Chas. Bengson, Chas. Ekman, Aug. Stenberg, Charley Stark, C. A. Carlson, John Johnson and J. M. Anderson."

Fall 1891 - The first schoolhouse was built. It was also used for Lutheran church services.
1893 - Swedish Lutheran Church built. Cemetery was adjacent. Eventually, a new church was built in Bristow.
1897-1905 - Rosedale Post Office.

Note: Book includes a multitude of additional bits of info.  You can probably get the book by inter-library lone.

There were frequent visits by our family to this community during the 40’s and 50’s when my dad would take our family there. My grandparents, Peter and Ida Thurstenson, had several photos of guests from Rosedale and their visits to the Rosedale church between 1910 and 1940. 
I have learned through a personal letter from Russell Lang, that my grandfather lived in Burt County from 1888 – 1905 and appeared on the 1900 census as “Peter Torstenson”.  Russell believes he would have lived in section 16, 17, 20 or 21 of township 20 North, Range 9E during that time.  These are the 4 most Southwestern sections in Burt County.  I have not been able to verify, but I think Peter Thurstenson had connections at the Swaburg church in that neighborhood.  His destination when he immigrated was Hooper in the company of Elna Persdotter Lund and her 4 year old daughter Ingrid Lovisa who were coming to join Elna’s husband Ola (b. 1849).  I’ve never been able to find any trace of this family in USA.
Here’s hoping the quote provides some clues to the query you presented to me years ago.
Joe Thurstenson
Siloam Springs, AR

2011  Joe Thurstenson & Bill Wever