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1890-1 Business Directory & Farmer's List of the Nebraska State Gazetteer 


Burt County

Argo - Arizona - Craig - Decatur - Golden Springs - Lyons - Oakland - Tekamah

ARGO, a postoffice in the southwestern part of Burt County, six miles from Tekamah, the county seat. A flouring mill is in the course of construction.
CASPER A, gen. mdse, postmaster, notary.
Christensen A, gen mdse.

ARIZONA, a postoffice in the southeastern part of the county near the Missouri river, six miles east of Tekamah, the county seat.
Dreamer S K, blacksmith.
NEWTON W. B, postmaster, genl. mdse.

CRAIG, in the southern part of Burt County, has a population of 250. It is situated on the line of the C.ST. P.M. & O. ry nine miles north of Tekamah, the county seat. It has a good school, bank, and newspaper. The churches are Presbyterian, the Christian and the Methodist.
Bank of Craig, Driscoll & Nesbitt props.
Clark Bros. masons.
Clark C E, phys.
Conine J E, hotel.
Conrad H, carpet weaver.
Crenklaw G A, carpenter.
Critchfield Otto L, blacksmith.
Crowell Lumber & Grain Co.
Cummings T J, furmiture.
Davis James t, postmaster.
Davis & Singhaus, gen. mdse.
Diehl W A. sta. tel and ex agt.
Eagleson A H, hardware.
Gibbs Ed B., meatmarket.
Gibbs Mattie Mrs., millinery.
Hale C J, gen. mdse.
Hickman T C, drugs.
Ireland W L, bricklayer.
Jeger F., prop. Craig Hotel.
Larson Hans, blacksmith.
McGrew M S, ins, notary.
McLaughlin J A, agl implts.
Moneyham T, livery.
Nichols F, saloon.
Peavey F H & Co. grain.
Peterson C J, harness.
Plumb L E, genl mdse.
Smith J C, hardware.
WARNER L H. pub Burt County News, atty.
Youngkin D S, carpenter.

DECATUR, is in the northeastern part of Burt County, and has a population of 700. The town is situated at the foot of the bluffs on the Missouri river, and one of the prettiest villages in the state. No saloons, one hotel managed by Mrs. E. L. Pebbles, four churches-Presbyterian, Catholic, Episcopal and Methodist-the latter an elegant structure just completed at the cost of $3000, one grist mill, one sawmill, one bank. The town is connected with Tekamah 16 miles distant, by daly stage. Also Onawa 8 miles distant in Mowana county, Iowa to which the I.C.R.R. has built with the intention of extending its line of the road across the Missouri River at this place. When that is completed Decatur will be the town of Burt County.
Adair J T, justice.
Aiken L, livery.
Ashley James, hardware.
Ashley J G., genl. mdse.
Ashley Thomas R., atty. at law, notary public.
Bank of Decatur, Ashley & Canfield props.
Barlow C B, justice, drugs, gen mdse.
Burbank J H, live stock dealer.
Butts E, blacksmith.
Byram Bros, genl. mdse.
Calnon James, blacksmith.
Carter B F, prop. stage lines.
Chapin & Sons, drugs.
Decatur House, Mrs. E L Pebbles mgr.
Dillon W R, barber.
Ettleman & Stephensen, meat market.
Fuller A B, hardware.
Gregg W. B., phys.
Griffin Frank, livestock.
Higley Almon, postmaster.
Hull & Son, steam ferry.
Kennedy James E, genl. mdse.
Kenyon M J, flour mill.
Langley R G, carpenter.
Lewis Walter, phys.
Loveland & Ashley, harness.
Maryott J C, millinery.
Maryott & McHirron, sawmill, lumber.
Miller J W., pastor M E Church.
Morley D E, genl. mdse.
Morley J A, jeweler.
Peebles J N, genl. mdse.
Perkins Honey, genl. mdse.
Preston S T, agrl. implts.
Robinson A, livestock dealer.
Rohde E, boots, shoes.
Sears E A, phys.
Stillman, contracter, builder.
Tallifero E J, livery.
Welsh A V, genl. mdse.

GOLDEN SPRINGS, a postoffice in the northeastern part of Burt county on the stage line between Tekamah and Decatur, six miles south of the latter place.

LYONS, in the western part of Burt County, is a pushing , progressive city of some 650 inhabitants, 23 miles north of Tekamah, on the C.ST. P.M. & O RY. The people here are of the most progressive character. The city is finely located and all the interests of a city of its size are receiving careful attention. Its newspapers are the Lyons Mirror and Logan Valley Sun, both excellent sheets. Two banks are established here. Among the hotels are the Logan House and the Merchants. The roller mills of Lyons are well known in the state. The proprietors are also extensively engaged in brick making at this point, as well as dealers in stock and grain shippers and elevator proprietors. The schools have teachers of the first class. The churches are Presbyterian, M.E. and Catholic.

Adams J K, drugs.
Albee Alice Miss, millinery.
Anderson A M, prop. Logan House.
Barker Martin, barber.
Calnon T B, prop, Merchants Hotel.
Cass Wm, wagonmaker.
Clements E S, confectionary.
Clements W H, real estate, loans and insurance.
Comar O S, wagonmaker.
Darling C, genl. mdse.
Davis W G, genl. mdse.
Everett Fremont, attorney.
Everett & Musselman, gen. mdse.
Everett & Shumway, lumber.
Farmers Bank, Frank Everett & Sons, props.
Ford, M E, genl mdse.
Fritts Wm J, barber.
GOODELL & CARTER, pubs Logan Valley Sun.
Hamilton & Taylor, photographers.
Hildreth M L, phys.
Hill A T, phys.
Huntsberger J W, atty.
Huntsberger & Peterson, jewelers.
Johnson P M. blacksmith.
Koltze E, harness.
Little G W, sta,tel & ex agt.
Logan House, A M Anderson, prop.
LOGAN VALLEY SUN, Goodell & Carter, pubs.
Lyon Bros. props. roller mill. mfrs White Load, Home comfort, Reliance and Santa flour, brick makers, stock feeders, grain shippers and elevator.
Lyons Lumber Co, lumber, coal.
LYONS MIRROR, A H and W D Smith, props.
Lusk Bros, well borers.
McElhinney J C, furniture.
Mann Wm A, meat market.
Nathanson & Ruben, clothing.
Nichols E E, genl. mdse.
Owen I J, livery.
Peavy F H & Co., grain.
Peterson L A, blacksmith.
Pratt & Hart, groceries.
Ringer C L, harness.
Rix T H, painter.
Schalich Joseph, boots & stoes.
Shumway C O, agl implts.
Skeels H B, confectionary.
Smith A H & W D props. Lyons Mirror, attys.
Smith W D, postmaster.
Thomas J B, hardware.
Tranmer Zach, livery.
Welker E D, hardware.
White & Co., millinery.
Wiltse G W, atty.

OAKLAND, in Burt County, with a population of 700, is excellently situated. The farms about are well cultivated, the country is productive, the people are enterprising, progressive and successful. The town is situated on the C. St. P. M. & O. Ry., and is 16 miles north of Tekamah, the county seat. The village is incorporated and all classes of business are well represented. The Oakland INDEPENDENT is a representative newspaper of the county. The town has good hotel accommodations. The City Hotel is under the management of L. M Pilsbury, proprietor, and the St. Paul House is under the management of C. Astor. There are two banks, the Oakland Bank and the firm of Renard & Wells, doing an excellent business. A well graded school and several churches are among its features. The latter are Swedish Methodist, Methodist, Lutheran, Baptist and Episcopal.

Anderson J P, harness.
Astor C, prop. St. Paul House.
Axelson A, phys.
Bassman Alfred, livery
Bassman W H, barber.
Beckman A & Co, props. Oakland Bank.
Berg A G, shoemaker.
Bowes H H, atty.
Clark P J, phys.
Cook F L, meat market.
Cord C E, sta tel and ex agt.
Delbitt J R, phys.
Friel & Holmquist, hardware.
Griffin B F, jeweler.
Griffin Charles T, pub. The Independent
Griffin Earl, furniture.
Gustafson Alfred, harness.
Hallburg C O, blacksmith.
Hammarlun O N, insurance.
Harding W A, drugs.
Hegglund Wm, groceries.
Holmquist O, lumber.
Hopkins W W, postmaster.
Independent (The), Charles T Griffin, publisher.
Jacobs W L, photographer.
Jones C O, clothing.
Larson Carl, groceries.
Lund Peter, groceries.
Lundstrom S M, blacksmith.
Nelson David, genl. mdse.
Nelson John F, drugs.
Newmann Henry, genl. mdse.
Newlean J, agl. implts.
Oakland Bank, A Beckman & Co. props.
Oakland Creamery, Olander & Son props.
Oberg Emil II, harness.
Oberg H A & Son, genl. mdse.
Osborn Geo, justice.
Owsberg F L, drayman.
Peavy F H & Co, grain.
Peterson A D, saloon.
Peterson A M, genl. mdse.
Pilsburg L M, prop City Hotel.
Renard F, flouring mill.
Renard & Wells, bankers.
Renquist Ruth Mrs., boots, shoes.
rosen Jno P, genl. mdse.
St Paul House, C Astor prop.
Sears & Thomas, attys.
Stauffer Bros, livery.
Swanson C J, genl. mdse.
Swanson M, tailor.
Titze August, barber.
Torrell A J, shoemaker.
Torrey John, agl. implts.
Tunberg A H, meat market.
Uehling Fred, hardware.
Wagner A G, saloon.
Young Peter, saloon.

TEKAMAH, the county seat of Burt county, is 47 miles north of Omaha, on the C, St. P.M. & O. Ry. It has a popularion of 1,200. The surrounding country is of the best, all classes of farm products being here produced in abundance. The hotels are of an excellent character. The Merchants and Astor House are both kept by old experienced hotel men, and receive a liberal patronage. The banks are the First National, capitol $60,000, J. P. Latta president, B. W. Green cashier, Ed Latta assistant cashier, and the Exchange Bank are safe and prosperous institutions commanding abundant capital for all necessary purposes. A feature of Tekamah is the excellency of its schools---pupils graduating from the high school can at once enter the university. The churches are Presbyterian, Baptist, Episcopal, M. E., church and Catholic. With a good farming country surrounding the place, an excellent flouring mill in operation and other adjuncts of a young and prosperous city, Tekamah will rank among the best of the risng towns of eastern Neb4aska. The newspapers are intelligent and esterprising and conducted in an able manner. The Burtonian and the Herald are both first-class journals and widely read.

Adams R L,drugs.
Astor House, H N Wheeler, prop.
Bardwell C E, postmaster.
Barrows & Sons, hardware, groceries.
Bonnau Edmund, saloon.
Braun H L, jeweler.
Brookings Charles, carpenter.
Brookings W. E. Norwestern Hotel.
Brooks S C, harness.
Brown H F, photographer.
Bryant E W, gen. mdse,lumber.
BURTONIAN THE, Hoon & Ott pubs.
Clark H E, prop Merchants Hotel.
Conkling C W, real estate.
Conkling Joseph, justice.
Cornish E W, livery,
Dales R B, ins.
Day R N & Son, nursery.
DeWitt J R, dentist.
Dickenson C T, atty.
Ellis J F, blacksmith, agl impts.
Exchange Bank, Hopewell & Harrington props.
First National Bank, Captial $50,000, J P Latta pres.,
G. W. Green cashier, Ed Latta cashier.
Fisher D, Shoemaker.
Forst Joseph, merchant tailor.
Frew Thomas, groceries.
Gatlin G B, barber.
Gilkerson M J, phys.
Gilles H Wade, atty.
Green G W, cashier First National Bank.
Griffin B F, jeweler.
Griffin & Telyea, musical mdse.
Hamblin C H, sta tel and ex agt.
Hoon & Ott pub The Burtonian.
Hopewell & Harrington, props. Exchange Bank.
Houston E C & Co, lumber, livestock.
Jack & Rogers, hardware.
Jeep Bros, clothing.
Job I S, carpenter.
Kirk J C, saloon.
Korns W H. pub The Herald.
Latta, Ed. ass cashier, First National Bank, notary.
Latta J P, pres. First National Bank.
Lewis & Hall, agl implts
Luebe Fred, tailor
McLaughlin D L, phys.
Merchants Hotel, H E Clark prop.
Michael Fred, barber.
Mitten, Nesbitt & Mitten, genl. mdse.
Nesbit A D, phys.
O'Neal Mattie Miss, dressmaking.
Park Barton, flour and feed.
Peterson & Force, attorneys-at-law, real estate. loans, collections.
Pierce W L, phys.
Rice A R, blacksmith.
Scherer Henry, butcher.
Schroeder Charles, blacksmith.
Shaafer Sister, millinery.
Sheekell N J, atty.
Sherman J W, gunsmith.
Show, John T, livery.
Skinner S S, flour and feed.
Slaughter Phil, groceries.
Smith Bros genl. mdse.
Smith C F, furniture.
Smith W A, genl. repairing.
Tekamah Drug Co. J W Wallace.
Van Nostrand C L, marble dealer.
Wallace & Worcester, gen. medse.
Ware F F, drugs.
Weygold George A, shoemaker.
Wheeler H N prop Astor House.
Willert M D, harness.
Williams Porter D, grain dealer.
Wilson & Sutherland, hardware.
Wixer G H, contractor, builder.
Woodard P S, builder.
Workman W A, livery.
Young L L, restuarant.em

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