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Burt County Oops Page

These are corrections reported by visitors to this site.
The Burt County coordinator has not verified these corrections is not responsible for anything listed on this page.

Marriage Bk. 1

Hans Hansen married Andrea Kronberg not Andrea Bromgerk

Marriage Bk. 3

Christiana Owens married Lillie Lewis when in fact the marriage was Christian R Owens and Lillie M. Carfer.

Marriage Bk. 4

Wilder Stanton should be Stanton B. Wilder. He married Anna M Lewis on 10 Apr 1901.

Marriage Bk. 6

Pierce, Frank E. - McMullin, Cara J should be CORA J
Prepared by Michelle Savre Hansen
Another oops:
Frew Multon J. should be MILTON

Marriage records book 8:

Eva Viola Enstrom should be Erna Viola Enstrom
Oberst, Delmar Burt marriage to Nelson, Emma Margaret. The spelling of Oberst was illegible.

1885 Census:

Arizona Pct.- Charles and Amanda Bean improperly list as surname Beam.
William and Sarah Bean improperly listed as Beam.

1885 census pg. 11

It lists Edgerson, C______y (this is my great-grandfather) as Chalkley L. EDGERTON and family. (I believe the Frances is also in error; I had a great-uncle Frank, but no female Frances. He would have only been 1 (born May 18, 1884) at the time, so perhaps it was Francis, and the enumerator made an error in thinking he was a girl.)
All the family records list Chalkley as b. July 4, 1843 and Loucinda, his wife, on Feb. 14, 1848; so it seems clear Great-Grandma was lying about her age by the time of this census. John K. should be John Leonard.
Please feel free to ask if I can clarify anything further, but this is one bunch that seems to have used all kinds of name variations, so it can be kind of open to interpretation. Sincerely, Cynthia Edgerton Kauffman <> Mon., Dec. 10, 2001

1910 Census in NeGenWeb Project Archives

The surname Tranmer on line 48 of page 190 A is incorrectly spelled.

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