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Red Cross Drive 21 June 1917

Red Cross Donors 28 Jun 1917



Subscription $1.50                      Tekamah, Neb., Thursday June 21, 1917                     Vol. 43 No. 42
THE $100,000,000.00 DRIVE!




(Editorial from the New York Sun)

Sixteen hundred years ago an enemy host threatened Gaul, precursor of modern France. The first Constantine, surnamed the Great, let his armies to the defence (sic). Three times he was victorious, and it was in this campaign as Eusebius and other historians record, that he saw in the sky a luminous cross, with the Greek words which have been rendered into English: "In This Sign We Conquer."

After sixteen hundred years there blazes in the heavens a cross as luminous as that which struck awe to the heart of Constantine, a cross fiery, flaming and red - red with the blood of millions who have died for freedom, red with the glow of the inferno wherein the liberty of the liberty (sic) of the world is being forged.

The Red Cross must be the symbol in which America goes forth to conquer. All other forms of conquest we have renounced. Ours is the task not merely to supply millions of men and mountains of foodstuffs, ships and the weapons of warfare; we must rebuild cities and hearten war worn peoples, pour oil on their wounds and bind them up, kneel by the dying and receive from their lips the simple testament of the faith in which we rise, fight forward and finally rest on our arms victorious.

The tardiness of our entry into the war must be the measure of our effort. Let us give our money without stint when the call comes. The Red Cross is appealing to America for $100,000,000. There ought not to be an American who will not give something. A dollar from each of us would suffice. It must be more than that wherever possible.

To give money is so little! Can you shut your eyes upon the shining Red Cross?

We must win in Europe and keep the enemy from our shores
Give to the Red Cross War Fund.


America must break the deadlock. That means you.
Give to the Red Cross War Fund.


TWO DAYS OF WAR Costs $120,000,000.00
The Red Cross wants $100,000,000 in seven days. You must give NOW.

If Germany wins you will pay all you have to indemnity. Help our Allies by giving half of what you have to the Red Cross War Fund.


The greatest money raising campaign in history.
Help suffering humanity. Give to the Red Cross War Fund


Would your help them if you were there. You can.
Give to the Red Cross War Fund.


The following business men pay for the advertisement appearing on this page.
Jas. Cornish
McDonald & Smith
E. Amick
W. E. Brookings
C. A. Jack & Son
J. M. Crowell Co.
G. Baker
Farmers State Bank
Mitten & Nesbit Co.
Fuller -Norseen
Burt County Bank
Jeep-Ellis Co.
F. C. Ulrich
J. Booth
Bessie Mencke
Barrett Furniture & Undertaking Co.
B. I. Penry
Gano Dry Gods Co.



"Men and Women from all walks of life are going to give to this fund as they have never before. They realize it is for their sons, their brothers, and in many instances their husbands or their fathers. Coincident with the mobilization of our army is the mobilization of the Nation's resources for relief to our own soldiers and the soldiers of our Allies. The whole $100,000,000 will come, we are sure of that in spite of the shortness of time in which the movement has had to be organized. Approximately one thousand cities and towns have signified their intention to wage aggressive campaigns. Governors of states and Mayors of cities have supplemented the President's proclamation by proclamations to their people. The thing has a sweep such as no movement, excepting only the Liberty Bond sale, has ever had in this country. Second only to the Liberty Bond sale is this, the most vital issue before our people."

We, your officers, of your Red Cross Chapter consider the order from the President as a real order and one that should be obeyed. We consider that we as well as YOU are in this respect as much under orders as the soldier who is sworn and taken the Federal Oath.

Through the Red Cross Society you serve your country as the solder in the ranks serves his country there. You serve with your money be it a small amount or large, your time, all that you can possibly give and more than you think you can afford to give.

Even then you cannot give as much as a soldier who give up practically everything he expects, even to his life if necessary, to serve his country.


Mrs. E. C. Houston, Pres.; Mrs. Geo. McGuire, Secy.; D. W. Greenleaf, Treas.;
Finance Committee, E. I. Ellis, Dr. I. Lukens, E. C. Houston

Note: Lists of donors from Tekamah & Oakland follow. No newspaper found for Craig during this Red Cross Drive.


JUNE 28, 1917


        A-E                     F-L                      M-R                    S-Z 
Ackerman, D. F.          Farrens, G. G.         MacDonald, Chas.         Schafer, V.  Dr. 
Adams, J. A.             Farrens, Ralph         MacGregor, D. W.         Schrawger, G. A. 
Amick, Elmer             Feuerbacker, Wm.       Maher, Ellen   Mrs.      Schroeder, C. M. 
Anderson, A. M.          Finley, C. H.          Mallory, Ira             Scmidt, Chris 
Austin, C. E.            Fischer, Dan   Jr.     Manning, J               Scott, Wm  &  Mrs 
Austin, E.  Mrs.         Fischer, J. M.         Manthe, Archie           Service, F. A. 
Austin, J. H.            Fischer, P. W.         Marden, E. B.            Shafer, G. E. 
Baker, Art               Flanagan, J. M.        Marr, B. C.              Shaffer, E. L. 
Baker, Geo.              Florence, Mrs.         Marr, J. P.              Shartel, J. C. 
Baker, Henry             Foree, James R         Marr, P. G.              Sherman, J. W. 
Baker, Jacob             Frence, Harry M.       Marr, R. G.              Shuey, Alex 
Baker, John              Frew, T. J.            Marsh, John              Sims, F. R. 
Baker, Joseph            Fye, B . A.  Rev.      Marsh, Myrtle            Singhaus, J. A. 
Baker, Martha            Gammel, C. R.          Marsh, Tom               Sisson, E. F. 
Baker, R. C.             Gammel, T. T.          Marshall, B. X.          Skinner, John 
Baker, Roy L.            Gammel, Walter J.      Marshall, G. W.          Skinner, Paul 
Baldwin, T. A.           Georgson, Geo          Marshall, N. S.          Sklenor, Joseph 
Baptist, S. S.           Gibbons, P. P.         Marshall , T. B.         Smith, C. H. 
Bardell, N. W.           Gilbert, A. H.         Martin, C. F.            Smith, Frank 
Barker, Beradine         Gilbert, A. S.         Martin, John C.          Smith, Geo. B. 
Barker, W. S. Mr. & Mrs. Gill, J. S.            Mason, C. W.             Smith, Kirk 
Barker, W. H.            Gill, T. H.            Mason, D. G.             Smith, L. C.  Mrs. 
Barrett, J. G.           Gilliam, Jas.          Mason, D. W.             Smith, R. J. 
Batchelder, Walter       Gilliam, John          Maun, Dr.                Smith, Sarah   Mrs. 
Bean, Louisa   Mrs.      Gilliam, W. I.         McClanahan, Jay          Smith, V. A. & Orrin 
Beaver, Geo.             Giventer, Sam          McClanahan, Linnie       Smith, W. D. 
Bell, W. W.              Goll, C. A.            McCormick, E. J.         Smith, W. E. 
Bently, J. S.            Goodwill, Mary L.      McCoy, P. W.             Smith, Dale 
Bereans, Loyal           Gorey, John            McCullin, Glen           Smith , Guy  RFD Craig 
Berry, Grace             Gorey, Glen            McCurdy, S. E.           Smith , J. C. 
Berry, Maude             Gossard, T. B.         McDaniel, H.             Snyder, Clarence 
Blackstone, A. R.   Mrs. Gowey, G . C.          McDonald, Ed             Snyder, Jacob 
Blankenbeckler, D. J.    Greenleaf, Arabella F. McDonald, H. W.          Sorenson, Ed 
Blankenbeckler, E. D.    Greenleaf, D. W.       McDonald, P. E.          Sorenson, Jno L.   Mrs. 
Bobbitt, Wm.             Griffith, Mrs.         McGill, H. M.            Southord, Earna 
Boling, M. H.            Grothe, C. E.          McGuire, E.              Sparling, C. C. 
Bovee, R. H.             Grothe, G. L.          McHartnell, W.           Speilman, Jesse T. 
Bowden, L.               Gustopson, Emil        McKinnis, Elmer          Spielman, Cecil 
Brandt, P. C.            Hall, Ellsworth        McKInnis, F. L.          Spielman, J. W. 
Braun, H. L.             Hall , T. R.           McKinnis, Lynn           Springer, Lester 
Braun, Karl M.           Hamblin, C. H.         McKinnis, M. G.          Stanfield, H. V. 
Breckenridge, J. E.      Hancock, R. K.         McLean, W. F.            Stanfield, O.  Dr. 
Breckenridge, S. S.      Harney, Stephen        McMullen, Martha    Mrs. Stanfield, Ran 
Breckenridge, W. G.      Harrington, W.         McMullin, A. C.          Stapleton, E. E. 
Brookings, G. P.         Harris, B. R.          Mencke, B.               Stevens, F. W. 
Brookings, W. E.         Harris, Tom            Mettitt, J. P. Dr.       Stevens, W. J. 
Bruce, Ed                Haswell, Chas.         Metzler, C. A.           Story, Dora  Mrs. 
Bruce, Edna              Haswell, Earl          Metzler, C. H. and wife  Story, Fred 
Bruce, Geo.              Haswell, F. E.         Metzler, H. M.           Story, S. T.   Mrs. 
Bruce, Wm.               Haywood, C. V.         Metzler, Jonas           Sutherland, Geo. 
Brune, W. J.             Hemping, H.            Metzler, W. W.           Sutherland, J. R. 
Bryant, E. W.            Henry, J. E.           Michael, F. J.           Swanson, Bertha 
Butler, E. H.  Mrs.      Herman, J              Michael, John            Swanson, M. H. 
Cain, R. R.              Hiatt, Ethel           Michell, Fred            Swanson, Matilda 
Caldwell, W. E.          Holiday, D.            Miller, Sam              Swanson, Oto 
Cameron, F. A.           Holmes, John           Mitten, R. J.            Swanson, Surn 
Chamberlain, C. C.       Hopewell, H. M.        Monson, Nels             Sydow, J. W. 
Chatt, S. A.             Hopewell, W. M.        Moore, J. D.             Talbot, R. M. 
Chilcott, Josephine      Hull, H. A.            Moore, J. L.             Tamplin, J. W. 
Christy, W. H.           Hume, R. B.            Morehouse, Fred          Taylor, J. W. 
Clark, C. G.             Hurlocker, Bert        Morton, R. E.            Taylor, Tillie 
Clark, James A           Hurlocker, C. L.       Moschel, C. E.           Taylor, Wm. 
Clifford, H. V.          Hurlocker, C. W.       Nelson, A. G.            Taylor, Al;fred 
Coleman, Charlotte       Ireland, G. A.         Nelson, Paul             Templeton, R. A. 
Coleman, L. C.           Isgrig, W. J.          Nelson , Aug.            Thompson, Mark 
Colson, L. E.            Jack, A. H.            Nesbit, John F.          Titze, Wm. 
Confield, J              Jack, C. A.            Nesbit, Sarah J.         Tobin, John 
Conkling, Ronald         Jack, C. G.            Oakley, Fred             Tobin, Thos 
Conkling, W. C.          Jack, C. H.            Oberst, John             Tomlinson, D. S. 
Connealy, Wm.            Jack, Fred             Olinger, Elmer           Tompson, C. W. 
Constable, S. H.         Jacobsen, James        Olinger, Oliver          Trueblood, Mary 
Cook, F. L.              Jacobsen, Andrew       Orr, W. E.               Tucker, G. C. 
Cooper, H. O.            Jarland, Alfred        Ott, Geo.                Tunberg, Henry 
Corbin, G. A             Jeep, Chris            Palen, F. W.             Turner, J.L. 
Corbin, Leo              Johnson, Elmer         Palmer, J. B.            Ulrich, F. C. 
Corkill, F. R.           Johnson, Lodel         Palmer, J. Frank         Valder, C. A. 
Cornelius, W. B.         Johnson, Swan          Palmer, Roy              Valder, H. E. 
Cornish, J. E.           Johnson, W. J.         Palmer, W. T.            Valder, O. H. 
Cornish, W. E.           Kearney, L. M.         Palmer, Walter           VanCleve, W. H. 
Cram, Bart               Kelly, Clyde           Patterson, O. & E.       VanNette, C. W. 
Cramer, G. W.            Kelly, G. W.           Pearce, Albert E         VanNostrand, H. I. 
Crannell, F. H.          Kelly, J. F.           Pearson, Erick           Ward, F. E. 
Crannell, G. A.          Kelly, R. H.           Peck, Earl               Wassum, S. A. 
Crannell, O. E.          King, Al               Peck, John               Wassum , S. A.   Mrs. 
Crannell, G. P.          King, Ed               Peck, Leo                Weaver, C. F. 
Creely, C. F.            King, Homer            Penbroke, Squires        Weber, John 
Crithfield, H I.         Kjeldgaard, Ben        Pence, Con               Webster, Albert 
Crom, E. L.              Kohler, Dick           Pence, Joseph            Webster, H . L. 
Crowell, J. M.           Kohler, Peter          Pence, Joe   Jr.         Weitzel, Fred 
Cullen, W. B.            Kokes, F. R.           Penry, B. I.             Welch, C. J.  Mrs. 
Deaver, H. C.            LaFrenze, C. A.        Peterson, C.  Mrs.       Welch, Barton 
Deaver, Harry            LaFrenze, J. F.        Peterson, Estella        Welch, Frank 
Deaver, Chas.            Lamphare, Jack         Peterson, Louis J        Welch, Fred 
Deaver, J. R.            LaRue, L. S.           Peterson, P. C.          Wetherell, Roy 
DeGrote, Mrs.            Lashmutt, W. J.        Peterson, R. P.          White, W. M. 
Denny, M. M.             Latta, Bud R.          Peterson, R. X.          Wilcox, Marshall 
Dorn, G. W.              Latta, Bur             Peterson, Chris          Wilcox, Preston W. 
Douglas, G. W.           Latta, Ed              Peterson , P. C.         Willert, M. D. 
Douglas, Thomas          Latta, G. C.           Phelps, W. C.            Williams, J. F. 
Dunn, G. L.              Latta, W. W.  Mrs.     Pilcher, H. L.  Mrs      Williamson, H. O. 
Dunshee, M. S.           Latta , Mary C.        Pipher, Jas.             Williamson, H. O. 
Dye, J. A.               Laughlin, D. M.  Mrs.  Plummer, Fred            Williamson, Ike 
Earlewine, Gilbert       Lester, C. D.          Potter, Harry W.         Willman, H. C. 
Eckley, C. S.            Lester, H              Potter, J. L.            Wilson, S. B. 
Eckley, Frank            Lingwood, Wm.          Pratt, W. E.             Wixer, Geo.  Mrs. 
Eckley, J. S.            Litel, A. L.           Prussia, Arthur          Wixer, F. 
Eckley, J. S.            Litel, Frank           Rankin, J. M.            Wood, L. G. 
Eckley, Walter           Litel, Viola           Ray, J.B. & F. B.        Wood, M.  Dr. 
Elliot, R. E.            Livingston, W. L.      Reasoner, J. H.          Woodard, M. B. 
Ellis, C. A.             Loftis, Frank          Redding, I. L.           Woodard, J. T. 
Ellis, F. W.             Love, Geo.             Redding, R. E.           Woodward, J. E. 
Ellis, J. F.             Lowe, G. F.            Reinart, C. W.           Woodward, Ray 
Ellis, W. L.             Lundstrom, F. O.       Reinert, Louise          Workman, W. B. 
Ellis , E. I.            Lydick, Alvin          Reyman, Abe              Youell, E. W. 
Enger, H. F.             Lydick, J. W.          Reyzlick, Joe             
Erlewine, Ed             Lydick, Jake           Rice, A. K.  Sr.          
                         Lydick, Sam J.         Rice, A. K.   Jr.         
                         Lydick, H. C.  Mrs.    Richardson, D. C.         
                         Lydick, Cora           Roberts, J. E.            
                                                Roberts, W. S.            
                                                Robinett, A. N.           
                                                Robinson, A. W.           
                                                Robinson, John            
                                                Robinson, L. L.           
                                                Robinson, Mary C          
                                                Romans, B. H.             
                                                Romans, W. D.             
                                                Roy, Charles              
                                                Roy, Charles Mrs.         
                                                Royal, N. A.              
                                                Russell, C. L.            
                                                Russell, D. B.            
                                                Russell, Ora              


The names were taken from several issues of the Oakland newspaper starting
June 20, 1917.  The total money collected was $8446.55 from a total of 841
contributors.  This list has slightly over 700 names.  Those I didn't
copy were business and organizations.  
Alexander, Anna         Hallin, Henning      Magnusson, A.           Saf, John A. 
Alexander, Dave         Hammarstrom, A.      Magnusson, John P.      Samson, Oscar 
Alm, Chas.              Hammerland, Blenda   Marquardt, Chas.        Samson, S. A. 
Andersen, Jonas P.      Hanneman, Ralph      Martin, Anton           Samuelson, C. E. 
Anderson, A., Mrs.      Hansen, H. J.        Matsen, Emil J.         Samuelson, J. O. 
Anderson, A. A.         Hansen, J. H., Mrs.  Mattson, Otto B.        Samuelson, Oscar N. 
Anderson, A. P.         Hansen, Ned          May, A. A.              Sandahl, C. F. 
Anderson, A. P.         Hanson, Alice        Melander, H., Mrs.      Sandquist, Alfred 
Anderson, A. T.         Hanson, Arden        Melander, M.            Sandquist, Will 
Anderson, Adolph M.     Hanson, Ewd. G.      Meyer, D. G.            Sandvall, Anton 
Anderson, Albin         Hanson, Hary T.      Miller, Chas            Schroeder, Geo. E. 
Anderson, Alfred        Hanson, Henry A.     Miller, Clara           Schroeder, Louis 
Anderson, Amos          Hanson, J. C.        Miller, Henry A.        Seberg, Chas. 
Anderson, Anna          Hanson, John         Miller, Henry J.        Sehdin, Ernest 
Anderson, Anton E.      Hanson, John M.      Miller, Isaac           Service, George 
Anderson, C. E.         Hanson, Lewis        Mogol, C. A.            Service, Sarah 
Anderson, C. E.         Hanson, M. P.        Morell, Andrew O.       Servine, Alf. 
Anderson, C. M.         Hanson, Peter A.     Moseman, Henry          Servine, Ed 
Anderson, Carl          Hanson, Roy          Moseman, John G.        Servine, John E. 
Anderson, Carl A.       Harding, B. C.       Naslund, Carl           Severson, John 
Anderson, Edgar D.      Harding, E. W.       Natt, Carl F.           Shepler, Lester 
Anderson, Edith         Harding, Ellen J.    Neiberg, Art            Silver, Paul 
Anderson, Ella          Harlow, John W.      Neiberg, Ben            Simonson, Marie 
Anderson, Ellen         Hedin, John          Neiberg, E. W.          Skoglund, E. 
Anderson, Emily, Miss   Hedman,  A. P.       Neiberg, G. D.          Slatt, Henry E. 
Anderson, Erick, Mrs.   Heitshusen, J.       Nelson, A. J.           Smith, Lewis C. 
Anderson, Fred          Helstrom, Carl       Nelson, Adolph          Smith, Peter J. 
Anderson, Gust A.       Henderson, M.        Nelson, Alfred          Snyder, Andy 
Anderson, Helge         Hendrickson, Swan    Nelson, And.            Snyder, John 
Anderson, Henning       Henry, J. P.         Nelson, Aron            Soderstrom, A. F. 
Anderson, Hulda         Hill, Lydia          Nelson, Arthur          Soderstrom, A. W. 
Anderson, Israel        Hineline, H. E.      Nelson, Aug.            Solle, Chas S. 
Anderson, John, Mrs.    Hissman, Lizzie      Nelson, Axel E.         Stauffer, C. O. 
Anderson, John          Hohnberger, Anton    Nelson, C. B.           Stauffer, T. 
Anderson, Lambert       Holm, Oscar          Nelson, C. L.           Steinbaugh, Carl 
Anderson, Leonard       Holmes, Anton E.     Nelson, C. M., Mrs.     Stenberg, Chas. 
Anderson, Matilda, Mrs. Holmes, Geo.         Nelson, C. O.           Stenberg, Henry 
Anderson, Nels          Holmes, Gunder       Nelson, Chas. T.        Stetson, Hugo 
Anderson, Olivia, Mrs.  Holmquist, Carl      Nelson, E. F.           Stolley, John 
Anderson, Rella         Holmquist, Wynlow    Nelson, Elin            Storm, Russell 
Anderson, Sherman       Holt, Andrew         Nelson, Emil R.         Strelo, Carl 
Anderson, Vic. E.       Hopkins, Alice       Nelson, Emil S.         Strom, Gerda 
Anderson, Victor        Hopkins, Ethel       Nelson, Emil W.         Suhr, G. A. 
Anderson, Victor        Hopkins, Glen W.     Nelson, Erick           Sundall, Walter 
Anderson, Victor        Hopkins, N. W., Mrs. Nelson, Frank           Sundberg, S. P. 
Askwig, Ed J.           Hopkins, N. W.       Nelson, Fritz           Sundell, H. P. 
Askwig, Jas.            Hulbert, C. M.       Nelson, Gilbert         Sundquist, Aug. 
Backus, Anna, Mrs.      Hultgren, Elmer      Nelson, Gust A.         Swan, H. 
Backus, Frank           Hultman, F. E.       Nelson, Gust.           Swan, K., Mrs. 
Baugh, Ed A.            Hultman, Ivar        Nelson, Gust. A.        Swan, Mark 
Baugh, Leland           Hultman, John        Nelson, Gust. Albert    Swanson, Andrew 
Baugh, Pearl            Hultquist, C. L.     Nelson, Henning         Swanson, Axel 
Beck, Alfred            Hurlbut, Paul H.     Nelson, Herman          Swanson, C. P. 
Beckman, A. W.          Isaacson, F. O.      Nelson, J. M.           Swanson, E. V. 
Beckman, Andrew         Jacobs, A. B.        Nelson, J. P.           Swanson, Garfield 
Beckman, C. J.          Jacobs, Florence     Nelson, Joe             Swanson, Hilton B. 
Beckman, Ira T.         Jacobs, Mary M.      Nelson, John A.         Swanson, J. P. 
Beckman, Irving         Jacobs, W. D., Mrs   Nelson, John L.         Swanson, John A. 
Beckman, Walter         Jacobs, Wm.          Nelson, John M.         Swanson, John L. 
Bengsten, Jennie, Mrs.  Jacobsen, John P.    Nelson, K. W.           Swanson, Jonas 
Bengston, John          Jacobson, Anna V.    Nelson, Louisa C.       Swanson, M. 
Benson, Alfred          Jacobson, Arthur     Nelson, N. John         Swanson, Oscar 
Benson, Nels            Jacobson, Aug.       Nelson, N. M.           Swanson, Oscar E. 
Berg, J. Aug.           Jacobson, Aug.       Nelson, N. P.           Swenson, Martena 
Berquist, C. W.         Jacobson, Carl S.    Nelson, Olof            Swenson, S. A., Dr. 
Berquist, Esther        Jacobson, E. E.      Nelson, Otto V.         Tarlisthon, Otto 
Blomgren, John          Jacobson, Gilbert    Nelson, Peter           Tell, Esther 
Blomquist, Oscar        Jacobson, Harry      Nelson, Peter N.        Torry, Carl 
Bolin, 0scar            Jacobson, Oscar      Nelson, S. A.           Torry, Walfred 
Bordon, Olof            Jacobson, Oscar      Nelson, Sherman         Toxword, Ed S. 
Bordson, Richard        Jacobson, Remy       Nelson, Swan            Tranner, J. C. 
Bowen, Roy              Jensen, Aug.         Nelson, V. E.           Truelson, Gerda 
Boyd, Kate              Johnson, A.          Nelson, Walter          Truelson, Nels 
Boydston, E. L.         Johnson, A. C.       Neumann, Birge          Truelson, Ole 
Brunner, C. W.          Johnson, A. P.       Norbeck, Gilbert        Tyson, Amanda, Mrs. 
Brunner, Marie, Mrs.    Johnson, Andrew N.   Norberg, Oscar          Tyson, Edyth 
Carlson, Albin          Johnson, Annis       Nordstrom, Andrew       Uehling, Otto 
Carlson, And. D.        Johnson, Anton       Nylander, Bernt         Vedell, J. A., Mrs. 
Carlson, Anton          Johnson, Aron        Nystrom, Sven           Von Essen, Herman 
Carlson, Carl V.        Johnson, Arthur      Oaks, Seth              Wagener, A. B. 
Carlson, Edwin          Johnson, Arvid       Oberg, Gerhard          Wagener, Geo. H. 
Carlson, Einer          Johnson, Arvid D.    Oberg, H. A., Mrs.      Wahlman, Sigfrid 
Carlson, Elias          Johnson, Aug. L.     Oberg, Wm., Mrs.        Wahlstrom, Marie 
Carlson, Fritz          Johnson, Aug. W.     Olson, Aug.             Wall, Oscar 
Carlson, Fritz          Johnson, C. Aug.     Olson, Carl             Wallace, J. E. 
Carlson, Gust S.        Johnson, C. P.       Olson, J. Ed            Wallin, Carl A. 
Carlson, Gust.          Johnson, C. W.       Olson, O. G.            Wallis, W. N. 
Carlson, Mina, Mrs.     Johnson, Daniel      Osterberg, A. E.        Weander, Victor 
Carlson, Nels           Johnson, Elmer       Osterberg, Wm. C.       Weaver, Arthur 
Carlson, Oscar          Johnson, Emily A.    Ostrand, Alfred         Weaver, Jesse C. 
Carlson, Otto           Johnson, F. F.       Packard, R. M.          Wells, Emma 
Carlson, Peter          Johnson, F. Gilbert  Packwood, S. L.         Wennerberg, Gus 
Carlson, Rachael        Johnson, G. Adolph   Page, John              Weseen, Gust 
Carlsten, Erick H.      Johnson, Gust P.     Palmer, Peter           Westerberg, E. M. 
Carlton, C. G.          Johnson, Gust.       Palmquist, Adolph       Westermark, Nels 
Cedergren, John         Johnson, Gust. B.    Palmquist, Ed           Westrick, C. S. 
Chinberg, Emma, Mrs.    Johnson, Henry       Palmquist, F. G.        Wickerstrom, Philip 
Chmeier, Anna           Johnson, Herman J.   Palmquist, Jennie       Wickstrom, A. F. 
Christenson, Henry      Johnson, Hjalmer     Paradise, H. M.         Wickstrom, Andrew 
Christenson, Mabel      Johnson, J. A.       Parsons, N. C., Rev.    Wickstrom, Chas., Jr. 
Claussen, Oscar         Johnson, J. G.       Pearson, Swan           Wickstrom, Chas., Mrs. 
Claussen, Walter        Johnson, J. P.       Peden, A. B.            Wickstrom, Clarence 
Claypool, J. A., Mrs.   Johnson, John        Peden, A. D., Mrs.      Wiese, O. H. 
Clerg, Martin           Johnson, John M.     Pederson, Olav          Willard, Swan 
Colligan, Alice         Johnson, Levi        Perkins, C. D.          Willnard, Pauline 
Colligan, John          Johnson, M. W.       Person, Andrew          Woerman, Lewis 
Colson, E. H.           Johnson, Martin      Person, Chas.           Wurdeman, Aug. 
Colson, Elmer B.        Johnson, Martin      Person, Ed              Young, Albert 
Colson, Ida V.          Johnson, Mary, Mrs.  Person, Frank O.        Young, Augusta M. 
Colson, Victor          Johnson, Nels        Person, Oscar F.        Young, Isaac 
Cromer, Geo.            Johnson, Oke         Person, Roy             Youngdahl, Augusta 
Cull, A. L.             Johnson, Oscar W.    Person, Swan            Youngstrom, Walter,  
Cutler, E. C.           Johnson, P. G.       Peters, Wm.              
Damm, Herman            Johnson, Peter, Mrs. Peterson, A. M., Mrs.    
Danielson, O. F.        Johnson, R. M.       Peterson, Andrew         
Davis, R., Mrs.         Johnson, Raymond     Peterson, Aug.           
Ebberson, A. E.         Johnson, Theo.       Peterson, C. P., Mrs.    
Ebberson, John          Johnson, Verna       Peterson, C. W.          
Edquist, Erick N.       Johnson, Victor      Peterson, E. S.          
Ekstrand, Iivar         Johnson, Walfrid     Peterson, Ed             
Ellinghausen, D.        Johnson, Walter E.   Peterson, Ed O.          
Engdahl, A. E.          Johnson, Wilber E.   Peterson, Emil           
Engdahl, Gust           Johnson, Will J.     Peterson, Fred           
English, Chas R.        Johnson, Wm. F.      Peterson, H. G.          
Englund, Albert         Jonas, C. O.         Peterson, Hilda, Mrs     
Enstrom, Carl           Kauffman, A. L.      Peterson, Hilda, Mrs.    
Ericksen, Wm.           Kauffman, Earl       Peterson, J., Rev. Mrs.  
Erickson, A. G.         Kauffman, L. V.      Peterson, John           
Erickson, Augusta, Mrs. Keifer, I. S.        Peterson, John A.        
Erickson, Carl          Kerl, Irving         Peterson, John F.        
Erickson, Fred          Kerl, M., Mrs.       Peterson, Lawrence       
Erickson, Gust          Kerl, Marcus         Peterson, Matenna, Mrs.  
Erickson, Hugo          Kerl, Thos. T.       Peterson, Matilda        
Erickson, Oscar         Kindschuk, Emil      Peterson, Oscar          
Erickson, Roy           Koehler, Clara H.    Peterson, Otto           
Erickson, Walter L.     Koehler, Herman      Peterson, P. G.          
Evans, Joe              Kondrup, H.          Peterson, Theo., Mrs.    
Evans, R. A.            Kramer, B.           Polson, Emma             
Falk, Alex              Krasne, Imie         Polson, Nels             
Falk, Aug. L.           Krasne, Joe          Poppe, C.                
Fisk, Chas.             Krasne, Max          Poppe, G.                
Force, C. W.            Kruse, John          Preston, D. L.           
Ford, A. M.             Kull, G. A.          Preston, J. F.           
Ford, A. O.             Landen, Wm.          Preston, J. Geo.         
Franklin, A. W., Mrs.   Lantefield, Frank    Preston, J. W.           
Franklin, Ruth          Lantefield, Henry    Rasmussen, O. C.         
Freed, Carl             Larsen, Oscar E.     Reetyas, N.              
Fried, Ray              Larson, A. M.        Reimers, Fred            
Fried, Russel           Larson, Aug.         Renard, Agnes            
Fried, V., Mrs.         Larson, C. H.        Richards, R. G.          
Frisk, Albert           Larson, C. O.        Roberg, Gus.             
Frisk, P. E.            Larson, Chas.        Roberts, Reno E.         
Gleason, Andy           Larson, Edgar        Roberts, W. W.           
Gleason, Ed             Larson, F. E.        Rohde, Fred              
Gleason, Honora         Larson, Fritz        Romey, Lester            
Gleason, James          Larson, Geo. E.      Rooth, Carl              
Gleason, John           Larson, Gilbert      Rosen, Dave              
Gleason, S. P.          Larson, Herbert      Rosen, Henning           
Green, John             Larson, John G.      Russell, Florence        
Gustafson, A.W.         Larson, John L.      Ryan, Fred               
Gustafson, Albin        Larson, Louis M.                              
Gustafson, Alfred       Lind, Anna, Mrs.                              
Gustafson, Arnold       Lindahl, Esmer                                
Gustafson, John         Lindberg, John                                
Gustafson, Linnea       Lindgren, Louis                               
Gustafson, R. I.        Lindman, V. A.                                
Gylfe, Chas.            Lindstrom, Gust.                              
Gylfe, Victor           Linn, B.                                      
                        Lippett, H.                                   
                        Lohmeyer, Aug.                                
                        Lonquist, Eva                                 
                        Luebker, Aug. A.                              
                        Luebker, Wm. A.                               
                        Lund, A. C.                                   
                        Lund, Ed                                      
                        Lund, Geo.                                    
                        Lund, H. T., Mrs.                             
                        Lund, Peter                                   
                        Lund, Tills                                   
                        Lund, Walter H.                               
                        Lundgren, Richard                             
                        Lundhoilm, John O                             
                        Lundquist, Olof                               
                        Lundquist, S. L.                              
                        Lundstrom, Swan A.                            

Tekamah Journal
Mar. 7, 1918


     Three large boxes were shipped this week from the Red Cross rooms. The box containing surgical dressings has 1717 pieces. The box of knitted goods contained 25 sweaters, 19 pairs of socks, 16 mufflers and 12 pairs of wristlets. The box containing hospital garments had 50 hospital shirts, 35 bathrobes. 16 pajama suits and 10 bed jackets. These shipments surely represent the work of a number of patriotic women.

     There are now so many different lines of work there is no excuse for anyone. The woman who can't sew may knit or press or work on surgical dressings. Women who are kept at home because of little ones in the home are of course excused but there are ladies who have no home ties who have never been to the rooms. If any man in Tekamah was found to be so unpatriotic he would be called down by the patriotic citizens of the town. Why not also the women? Some perhaps will say that the have knit. Those who hava (sic) done a great deal of knitting are doing their part but the woman who at her own pleasure has knit a sweater or scarf perhaps for six months is not showing the right spirit. To do real Red Cross work a sacrifice must be made. Perhaps you will have to neglect some social duties, or perhaps you will have to arise an hour earlier, but nevertheless millions of women all over the county are making these sacrifices and greater ones.

     Last week an auxiliary was organized with the ladies of districts No. 2 and 19. At the first meeting 20 ladies were there prepared to stay and sew for the whole day. A great deal of work was accomplished. The next meeting will be at Mrs. John Frazer's. The auxiliary has already planned to buy a sewing machine that they may sew at the school house next summer.

     Toward the last of March the Home guards and the Red Cross are planning the greatest patriotic meeting that has ever been held in Tekamah. F. W. Judson, the state Red Cross director with several of the other state officers will be present to present Burt County Chapter with a flag for being the banner county with 72 per cent of the whole county members of the Red Cross.

     With the sale of the goose last week at $1000 and this week the sale of a car load of hogs donated for the Red Cross bringing $5600, Tekamah has certainly brought herself into prominence. One hundred and fifty-one peoeple (sic) donated each a hog to be sold at auction at the South Omaha market. One deck brought $16.80. The other $17.05, being a little more than 50 cents above the market. Bert Palmer, Fred Morehouse, C. D. Houston, W J. Dixon and George McGuire deserve the credit for starting the soliciting and the farmers for responding so generously. Many spectators were down to see the decorated cars and some of the hogs, some elaborately trimmed in red, white and blue with Red Crosses painted on their backs.

     The following is the list of names of those contributing to the car.

Earl Peck                   George Smith                 Steve Harney 
H. L. Webster               Kirk Smith                   Will Brookings 
Will McNear                 Bur Latta                    John Tobin 
George Ott                  John Gardipee                Virgil Smith 
Frank Sims                  Clarence Valder              Chas. Houston 
W. S. Breckenridge          Wallace Dixon                A. H. Rice Jr. 
Highly Stanfield            A. G. Nelson                 Lee Kearney 
W. M. Bobbitt               Bud Latta                    Len Faucett 
Geo. Rath                   Chris Speck                  Henry Valder 
Geo. Latta                  Joe Potter                   John Canfield 
Tom Elliot                  Ike Williamson               W. M. White 
Guy McKinnis                Frank Crannel                George Schrawger 
Lafe Method                 Norseen and Blankberkler     George Douglas 
Jesse Speilman              Roscoe Little                Leo Corbin 
Fred Story                  Fred Christenson             Pete Marr 
Len Ackerman                G. R. Gammel & Sons          George Beaver 
Frank Cameron               Clyde Grothe                 Sam Lydick 
H. VanNostrand              Will Boten                   Alvin Lydick 
Elix Corbin                 John Erickson                Jake Lydick 
A. N. Robinette             S. Swanson                   Willis Haekins 
Bert Webster                C. W. Conkling               Virgil Clifford 
Spencer Breckenridge        Albert Gilbert               L. Blankenbeckler 
Abe Reyman                  John Kelley                  D. J. Blankenbeckler 
Frank Reinert               Clyde Kelley                 Chas. Goll 
Chas. Lester                Pete Kelley                  Duane Tomilson 
Gordon Bryant               Ed Pratt                     Jim Williamson 
J. T. Gill                  W. R. Schrawger              Tom Baldwin 
Dave Russel                 Fred Morehouse               D. W. Mason 
James Barrett               Clarence Weaver              Harry Cooper  
Dwight Johnson              Earl Wixer                   Chris Brandt & Son 
Clarence Snyder             S. A. Chatt                  Ike Redding 
Al Litel                    Fred Plumer                  Ralph Redding 
George McGuire              Jim Deaver                   Will Johnson and Son 
Jack Singhaus               George Wood                  Art Baker  
George Corbin               L. S. LaRue                  Tom Marsh 
Dr. Lukens                  D. W. Greenleaf              Stout Bros. 
Elza Roberts                Farmers G and Live Stock Co. Chas. Fuller 
John Fischer                P. C. Peterson               T. H. McCarty 
-----Henning                Lewis Peterson               John Sklener 
Eli Bowden                  John Oberst                  Sam McCurdy 
R. A. Templeton and Son,  2 George Kelley                Roy Baker 
Dave Richardson             P. P. Gibbons                Clay Stork 
William Taylor              Pete Kohler                  John Eckley 
Pete Elliot                 Olen Palmer                  Walt Lydick 
J. E. Cornish               John Peck                    Oscar Valder 
Ed MacDonald                Charlie Finley               Wilbur Bell 
Oliver Olinger              Billie Isgrig                C. C. Roberts 
Roy Witheral                Otto Palmer                   
Fred Stevens                Burt Palmer                   

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