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Atlas of Butler & Polk Counties, NE, Pub. 1918

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Farmers' Directory of Summit Precinct

Abbreviations: Sec., section; ac., acres; Wf., wife; ch., children; ( ), years in county; O., owner; R., renter.

ALEVEN, George, Bridget, Mary, 10, Mary SLENTZ –Owner

ALT, Frank E., Anna, Frank E., 4, Herman ALT –Owner

BABB, Charles, Minnie, Veva, Claudia, Merle, Loren, Marion, Dean, 12, N. J. GALE –Owner

BEIERLE, T. W., Josephine, Mamie, Lillian, Viola, Helen, Bernice, 40, George M. PHILLIP –Owner

BENDFELDT, Wm., May, Walter, 8, Peter POWERS –Owner

BITTNER, A. M., D. Pearl, Frances, Ruth, Milton, Ben, Mildred, May, 5, M. E. CYPHERS –Owner

BOYERS, W. W., Sadie, Gretta, Lee, Harry, Pearl, Bessie, 34, Lydia A. BOYERS –Owner

BUCHRER. George,  ,  , 45, Owner

BUNTGEN, Peter, Tony, Charlie, Margaret, Clara, Clinton, 37, Samuel W. ALLEN –Owner

CALLAGHAN, Edmund, Bessie, Merle, Orville, Ina, 28, G. GALLAGHAN –Owner

CALLAGHAN, G. Sr., Julia, David H., Thomas Mc., Edmond, Gregory J., 39, Owner

CALLAGHAN, Greg, Florence, Kenneth, Dale, Thomas, 27, L. J. HANEY Estate –Owner

CARPENTER, Aaron, Nannie, Belle, Edward, Hilbert, 40, --Owner

CARPENTER, H. E.,  ,  , 26, Stephen ROGERS –Owner

CLARK, O. W., Jessie, George, Phillis, Florence, Orma, Howard,, 3, Chas. E. & D. D. HANEY –Owners

DEAVERS, Frank, Flossie, Thelma, Edna, 20, John M. DEAVERS –Owner

DEAVERS, Oscar H., Florence, Evelyn, Mary S., 20, John M. DEAVERS –Owner

DECHERT, E. F., Anna, Iris Pauline, 30, George DECHERT –Owner

DECHERT, G. F., Emma, Dorris, 26, George & Lizzie DECHERT –Owners

DERICKS, Peter W., Jessie P., Jennie, Arthur, Allen, 7, Owner

DRAWBAUGH, A. T., Lydia, Harry W., Loren D., Edna, 35, Owner

DRAWBAUGH, Fred T.,  ,  , 30, Oscar ZOLLARS –Owner

DRAWBAUGH, H. W., Grace, Carol, Harlin, 30, J. L. FOZZARD –Owner

DRAWBAUGH, Loren D.,  ,  , 24, M. CYPHERS –Owner

ESCHILMAN, A. O., Eva, Jasper, Wayne, 30, Nellie JACOBS –Owner

ESCHILMAN, David, Viola, Lewis, Freda, Opal, 32, Owner

ESCHILMAN, Henry, Mary, David C., William H., Elizabeth M., Arthur O., Pearl M., 32, Owner

FERGUSON, W. M., Leona,  , 21, Mary BREDWELL –Owner

FLUHARTY, P. W.,  , Jessie, Zelma, Raymond, Beulah, , 9, S. SANBORN & Chester SHELDON –Owners

FOHL, John, Anna, Loretta, 26, J. N. DELAHAMET –Owner & renter

FOZZARD, Lewis, Alice, Dale, 3, J. A. ERTEL –Owner

FROM, Ed, Nancy, Emeline, Laura, 45, Owner

FROM, Francis, Susie, Florence, Clint, Edith, Belle, Maude, Loren, Ralph, 47, Owner

FROM, John H., Eva, Josephine, Ray, Gena, Blanche, 43, Owner

GARHAN, Glenn, Mamie,  , 29, Adolph YANIKE –Owner

GARHAN, James, Edith, Glenn, Mildred, Lyle, Belle, William F., 47, Owner

HANEY, Daniel E., Laura, Juanita, Bruce, Grace, 38, Owner

HANEY, James, Maggie, Leta, Bernice, 40, Owner

HANEY, John, Minnie, Everett, Mary, Mildred, Helen, Margaret, Arnold, 35, Owner

HARRIS, A. W., Eva, Ivan, Mildred, Sybil, Lewis, 37, Owner

HARRIS, Jesse, Matilda, Gladys, Mabel, Lucile,  , J. W. HARRIS –Owner

HASSELBACH, Otto, Ida, Alma, Merle, Oma, 6, Owner

HAYHURST, Frank J., C. Anna, Gladys, Aletha, Virgie, James, Maudie, Gerald, Dwight, Anna, Gaylord, 28, W. A. WELLS –Owner

HILL, F. H., Flossie,  , 30, J. R. HILL Estate –Owner

HOLCOMB, Lynn, Edna, Louis, 29, J. L. FOZZARD –Owner

HOLCOMB, P. H., Fanny, Harry, Lynn, Cecil, 34, Owner

JAUCH, August, Lizzie, Lydia, Ervin, 6, Owner

JANIKE, William, Fannie, Helen, Wilma, Grace, Edward, 35, Owner

JONES, B. W.,  ,  , 38, David JONES Estate –Owner

KALLENBACH, B. A., Elizabeth, Lola, Clint, Harold, 16, Lewis KALLENBACH –Owner

KALLENBACH, E. W., Winnie, Lewis, Ethel, 13, Owner

KELGORE, Alancin, Delmar & Fay,  ,  , 26, Emily R. HENFLING –Owner

KOSCH, Henry, Angeline, Dorothy, Marcella, 28, Owner

LAMUNYON, W. W., Mary G., Nora, Hattie, Matie, Willard W., Thomas H., Bessie, G, Wyman, J. Asa, Orphie, Justus H., 47, Owner

LAWTHERS, Mrs. J. E.,  , James, Cecil, Clarence, Oliver, 9, Ray H. SMITH –Owner

LEIMSER, F. R., Louisa, Laura, Leona, Lawrence, Margaret,  , Anna SEIFORD –Owner

MAHLIN, Edgar F., Sadie, Lucile, Mildred, Marian, 32, C. D. ALLEN –Owner

MORGAN, N. A., Bessie, Florence, Lois, Merle, 38, W. W. LAMUNYON –Owner

MARTIN, David S., Maude, Albert, Ruth, Robert, Lloyd, Marietta , 44, Wm. JANIKE –Owner

MCGOWAN, Michael, Mary A., John C., Anna, Henry L., Catherine, Loretta, 35, Owner

MCHENRY, D., Alice, C. C., A. H., Edith, 34, Owner

MCKEEKIN, Jim, Dave & George,  ,  , 12, S. A. REICHENBACH - owner

MEDINGER, P. J., Mary, Francis, 30, J. P. SPEICHER –Owner

MEYERS, George, Sylvia, Walter, Sylvia, Willie, Frank, 13, Abbie GEER –Owner

MILLER, B. W., Bessie, Grace, Mildred, 27, Owner

MILLER, Lester, Nellie, Violet, Alvin, Otis, Floyd, Baby, 33, Alva SMITH –Owner

MINICK, D. A. , Elizabeth, George, Lillie, Henry H., Sadie, Gilbert, Marion, Flossie, 47, Owner

MINICK, G. L., Laura, Olive, 39, David FROM –Owner

MULGRUE, Bernice, Agnes, Mary, Margaret, John B., 32, Owner

MULLEN, Gottfried, Theressa, Fred, Sophie, John, Edward, Rudolph, 30, E. R. CARPENTER –Owner

PARSLEY, Edward J.,  ,  , 40, Owner

PECK, G. W., Harriett, Mabel, Maude, Blanche, Orilla, Fern, Georgia, Minnie, Harold, 46, Owner

PERINE, John P., Lucy, Daisy, Pansie, 49, Owner

PITZER, R. F.,  ,  , 20, C. E. SELDON –Owner

POEFFEL, John, Minnie,  , 2, C. H. CARPENTER –Owner

ROGERS, Anna M.,  ,  , 26, Owner

ROGERS, Wm. B,  ,  , 24, Owner

SCHAF, Joseph F. Jr.,  ,  , 25, Owner

SCHELBY, Albert, Bertha, Floyd, 14, F. D. ADAMY –Owner

SHELDON, H. S., Brewer, Walter, Grace, Clarence, Evelyn, 32, George MAHLIN –Owner

SHENEFELT, S. M., Flossie, Phyllis, 13, Bruce CARPENTER –Owner

SHIELDS, Henry, Minnie, Angeline, John, Henrietta, Henry, Rose, Augusta, Minnie, 35, Owner

SHUNK, Albert, Hattie, Luella, Lester, Lawrence, 4, Daniel MILLER –Owner

SHUTT, Charles, Mary, Eva, Clarence, Owen, Roy, Florence, Lucile, Clyde, 35, Owner

SHUTT, Henry,  ,  , 35, Owner

SIEDEL, Frank, Caroline, Annie, Hannah, Della, Minnie, Frank Jr., 30, Samuel MARTI –Owner

SIPP, Roy, Anna, Thurman, Anna, Maxine, 2, P. J. STEVENSON –Owner

SKODA, Anton, Bertha, Mildred L., Beatrice M., 11, Owner

SMITH, Lloyd, Golda, Bernice, 28, George W. SMITH –Owner

SMITH, Ray H.,  ,  , 46, Owner

STINEMAN, H. T., Alice M., Clyde, Mildred, Beulah, 17, Emily R. HENFLING Owner?

STYER, Wm., Elnora, Nora, Sarah, 40, Owner

SWEENIE, W. J., Anna, Lewis, Leroy, William J., Elizabeth A., 13, Owner

TALBOT, F. W., Estella, John, Irene, Cletus, 32, John W. TALBOT –Owner

TALBOT, L. W., Ina, Morris, Ruger, 29, John W. TALBOT –Owner

TOWNLEY, R. C., Maria, William A., Clara, Emma, 48, --Owner

VAN MATRE, James A., Maggie, Charlie, Pearl, James, Ray, 30, --Owner

VASS, S. H., Orphie, Howard, Nellie, Henry, Walter, 15, J. R. HILL Estate Owner

WALLACE, D. L., Esther, Helen, Bernice, Virgil, 31, Owner

WARNER, M. H., Alma,  , 18, Oliver E. WADE –Owner

WEBER, Charles H., Louise, Joseph, Marie, Eddie, Ludwinnie, 31, Daniel SANLEY –Owner

WIDDOWSON, L., Martha, Edna, Wilbert, 47, Owner

WILLIAMS, Frank, Patience, Iola, 13, Nettie OUTHER –Owner

WILSON, Joseph H., Bridget,  , 36, Owner

WILSON, R. T., Rosa A., Sadie, Mollie, Emma, 34,  

WINTERFIELD, H. A., Ollie, Viola, Denzil, Roy, Alice, 3, Jacob H. HELWIG –Owner

WONT, C. H. , Cora, Hazel, Floyd, Julian, 45, Owner

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