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    Mr. Andrews was born in Wisconsin in 1866. He married Mary Belle BARNEBEY who had been born in 1876. They came to Ulysses in 1905. Mr. Andrews operated a watch repair shop for many years, and he died in 1953. Until recently, Mrs. Andrews resided with her daughter, Mrs. Oliver MOORE in Ulysses. Another daughter, Mrs. G.W. EDWARDS also lived in Ulysses.

    Thomas was born Oct. 17, 1855, in Illinois. He married Ann MISTEL Dec. 23, 1885, in Omaha. She was born Jan. 23, 1868 in Michigan. Mr. Baumgardner came to Ulysses in the early 1880's and was in the mercantile store with Mr. Reed. In 1890, the Baumgardners moved to a farm and in 1913, they moved back to town. Mr. Baumgardner died July 10, 1927, and his wife died June 27, 1928. Their daughter, Daisy, was born April 18, 1895. She married Charles GUBSER, who was born Dec. 1, 1893, in Oklahoma. His parents were John Gubser, born in Iowa in 1858, and Mary SLOAN Gubser, born Dec. 3, 1865. They were married March 5, 1884, and homesteaded near Surprise. They migrated to Oklahoma, where Charles was born, and then returned to Nebraska.

    Robert was born March 23, 1841, in Vermont and died July 4, 1905. He married Florilla MATTOON July 16, 1864; she was born in Vermont, March 11, 1844 and died March 31, 1929. The Bigelows settled in the northern part of Seward County in 1882 and moved to Ulysses in 1888. Their daughter, Miss Mabel Bigelow was born May 1, 1884 and resided in Ulysses.

    Four Burge brothers bought land 10 miles east of Ulysses in 1881 and by Dwight. Of course there was no Dwight at that time and Ulysses was their town. Jeremiah and his wife the former Mary Ann LAWRENCE, daughter of Rev. John and Sarah Lawrence (originally from England and settled and Iowa) were wed March 1, 1855 in New London, Iowa, moved to Ulysses in 1881. Jeremiah was born April 11, 1831 in Licking County, Ohio and died Jan. 6, 1898 in Ulysses. Children of Jeremiah and Mary's were John Burge married Ella BYERS and moved to Ulysses in 1904; daughter Elvina married Charles WHITE; Alfred H. moved near Ulysses in 1902; Jeremy, James F; and Mary E. who died in 1884 unmarried. Mrs. Ross SHEPPARD, a daughter of Alfred, was born in 1885. Ross Sheppard was born west of Surprise in 1881.

    Henry was born in Canada, April 5, 1852. He was married to Catherine KOLB in 1877. She was born Sept. 16, 1859, in Pennsylvania. Mr. Byam died June 1, 1918, and Mrs. Byam died Oct. 13, 1932. They came to Ulysses in 1880 and moved in 1881 into the house which is still occupied by the family - Ralph, a son, born Nov. 3, 1894 and Miss Mayme, born Dec. 20, 1901.

    Mrs. Bryam was born Sept. 26, 1873, near Nimburg, Nebr. Nimburg was near Abie. She moved to Ulysses in 1938.

    Henry was born Feb. 17, 1890, in Illinois. His wife, Maggie MARTINS was born near Millerton, Nebr., Oct. 18, 1892. They came to Ulysses in 1913.

    Henri was born in Germany in 1825 and he died Jan. 24, 1887. His wife, Minnie, was born in Germany in 1822 and she died Dec. 1, 1887. They came to Ulysses from Michigan in 1868 and settled on a farm northwest of town. Their daughter, Mary E., was born May 14, 1861, and died Jan. 28, 1945. She married William DECKER in 1877; he was born in New York Sept. 15, 1852, came to Ulysses in 1875, and died Aug. 26, 1913. One son, George Decker, who was born in Ulysses May 5, 1893, and resided in Ulysses. (Henri and Minnie are buried at Blue Valley Cemetery, Surprise, Nebr.)

    William first came to Ulysses in 1876 from Illinois and went back. Then back again in 1879 when the railroad was built. A son Walter was born in 1886.

    Crissie was born July 16, 1864. She was reared to womanhood at the family home near Swan Pond, now Harriman, Tenn., and was married Aug. 17, 1884, to George F. Dewey, who had already taken up residence near Ulysses, and where the couple came immediately after marriage, and for a period of eighteen years lived just east of town. In 1902 they removed to the home place one and one-half mile southwest where they lived until the spring of the 1920 when they removed to Ulysses. Crissie died July 28, 1920 and George died July 23, 1930. They are buried next to Crissie's brother Samuel and family in Grimm Cemetery northeast of Ulysses.

    Henry came to Ulysses from Iowa in 1882 and ran a general merchandise store on the east side of the tracks until 1888 when he built the two story brick building west of the tracks and is still standing. He continued in this store until 1918 when he sold it to the Farmer's Coop Co. In 1921 his son, Carl Diers, bought the business and ran it until 1956. Henry and Winifred Diers had four children born in Ulysses. Anise Diers ALLEN, born 1886, died 1954, Carl E. Diers, born 1893, last living in Loup City, Nebr. Bernard M. Diers, born 1896, died 1958, and Francis H. Diers, born 1898, last living in Fredonia, NY.

    Jacob and wife Mary came to Nebraska from Illinois in 1869 and settled on the homestead 4 miles north of Ulysses. They lived in a sod house. Mr. Dorn died June 16, 1895, at the age of 56. He served in Co G 83 Illinois Infantry Volunteer Infantry GAR Post 73. Mary A. was born Aug. 21, 1843 and died June 5, 1899. Jacob and Mary are buried at the historical Grimm Cemetery two miles North of Ulysses. Son Elmer born in 1876 and died June 18, 1893, is buried next to them. Philena Dorn (Mrs. Ray PARKE) was born in the sod house Oct. 18, 1878. Mrs. Dorn died June 5, 1899. Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Dorn are the grandparents of Gladys Woolsey. Hector Woodruff bought the farm now owned by George Woodruff, a son.

    Mrs. Elkhorn was born Feb. 11, 1877 in Ireland. She came to America when she was 5 years of age. Mr. and Mrs. John Elkorn came to Ulysses in 1931.

    Joseph was born in 1858, in Pennyslvania. He married Sarah ANDERSON, who lived one mile west of Seward. A son, Jim G. Foster, was born Sept. 8, 1884 and Arthur, Sept. 24, 1882, who was a rural mail carrier, now deceased. James Foster married Dec. 22, 1904, to Mae MOORE who was born in Ulysses, May 4, 1884, and lived here all her life. They are the parents of Mrs. Bernard HURT and Donald Foster.

    Charles was born Dec. 11, 1856, and died Dec. 6, 1940. He married Emma WORLEY in 1879. She was born Dec. 20, 1862 and died Oct. 23, 1909. Mrs. Grim had come to Ulysses with her parents in 1871. A son, George, was a born Jan. 9, 1883, in Ulysses. The family moved to Hamilton County in 1890. George returned to Ulysses and resided there until he moved to a nursing home in McCook because of failing health. Charles and Emma are buried in Grimm Cemetery two miles north of Ulysses.

    Earl, born Nov. 5, 1889, near Garrison. His parents moved to that farm in 1888. Since then four generations of "Hartman's" have lived on the farm.

    Mr. and Mrs. Tom Harvey moved to this community in 1881 and purchased 160 acres of land at $5.00 per acre. Mr. Harvey is a direct decendent of Daniel Boone. Mrs. Tom Harvey related an interesting story of how an Indian woman and two bucks came into the house one day when Mr. Harvey was in the field. It was just after dinner and the Indians proceeded to invite themselves to the repast and thoroughly enjoyed themselves until Mr. Harvey came in. Mr. Elmer Harvey, a son, was born June 15, 1885, and lived in Ulysses.

    Mr. Hillyer was born Feb. 5, 1879, and came to Ulysses when he was five years old. He spent his life in Ulysses.

    James, born 1828, died 1912. He married Ellen MORGON in 1871. She was born in 1847 and died in 1935. Mary (Kelly) GOULD was born in Illinois Sept. 26, 1875. She lived near or in Ulysses since 1882 when she and her parents moved to Ulysses. Her sister, Isabelle, (Mrs. William GANNON), was born in Ulysses June 27, 1885. William GANNON was born July 31, 1886, by Ulysses, a son of Anna (WEBER) and Patrick Gannon. The Weber family came to settle in 1880 and the Gannon family in 1879. Mrs. Patrick Gannon died in 1940 and Mr. Gannon in 1922.

    John "Amos" Kilgore was born on August 15, 1861 on a farm in Chanceford Twp. York Co., PA. In 1877, when he was sixteen, his family decided to relocate to Biggsville, Henderson Co., Ill. While in Biggsville he worked on a farm and in 1882 he moved to Emerson, Iowa, where he met and married Sarah Ella MOORE daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Moore of Emerson. They were married on March 2, 1884, and in the spring of 1885 they moved to Ulysses, Butler Co., Nebr. In 1887 a son Raymond was born to them. While living in Ulysses Amos was a member of the Ulysses Methodist Church and the I.O.O.F. lodge for over 35 years. He was in the Grain Elevator business and his son was in the restaurant, bakery business. They spent the greater part of their married life in Ulysses and his church came first in his life, and he attended faithfully, as long as he was able. Sarah passed away on September 21, 1950, and is buried in the Ulysses Cemetery. Mr. Kilgore went to live with his son Ray in Downey, Calif., where he passed away on June 30, 1952 and he was buried beside his wife in the Ulysses Cemetery.

    The great grandparents of Dorothy PAYNE were Michael Kirschner born in Germany, 1823, died in Ulysses, 1903, his wife, Eva M., born in Germany in 1821, died at Ulysses, 1897, and both buried in the Catholic Cemetery. Michael was married when he decided to go to California from Germany to get in on the gold rush, he came alone. After being there for awhile he returned to his family in Germany to tell them of the gold, too much ever to run out, then going back to California. Michael knew the wagon trail well enough by then to try to encourage the wagon train driver to go a different route than he had suggested as the Indians would kill all of them, the driver would not listen and went their way but Michael and one man went the route he had suggested and were the only two to reach California. The others were all killed as he said. Later Michael Kirschner went back to Germany and this time brought his family over with him between the years of 1866-1869, and homesteaded the land now farmed by the Wilbur Coleman family, land owned by Frank KARPISEK, the land lies on the northwest edge of Ulysses. Their daughter, Elizabeth, born 1850, married in 1871, to Herny JAUCH, who was born in 1840. He came to America and homesteaded south of Ulysses. Henry Jauch helped plant the tree in Palmer's grove with another man. The grove, a place for picnics, is now mostly overgrown. Recently the trees are being cut for barrels. Many trees have 100 rings in them and very well could be trees planted by him. According to Henry Jauch the winter before he was married he lived across the river from a tribe of Indians. They never bothered each other. One day a squaw and baby came over to get food and when he showed how little the pile of potatoes were in the cave she went home. One of the cows died in the field, the Indians ate it to keep from starving. Henry Jauch was the grandfather of Dorothy Payne. He died in 1919.

    Mrs. Korinek was born in Europe Dec. 20, 1883. She came to America when six months old. She and her husband moved to Ulysses in 1908.

    Henry was born in Davenport, Iowa, Aug. 10, 1858. With his parents he went to Annawan, Ills., when but a few months old. He was united in marriage to Uretta Adelia Bumphrey on Dec. 25, 1880. With his wife and four children he moved to Phillips, Nebr. in the fall of 1888. Here six children were born, one passing away at the age of two weeks. Mrs. McCoy, born June 2, 1862 in Kewanee, Ill., passed to her reward April 25, 1903. With his children, Mr. McCoy removed to Ulysses in 1905. Here he was united in marriage to Mrs. Josephine A. Harkins-Snodgrass, of Emerson, Iowa, Aug. 10, 1908. Mr. McCoy engaged in the butcher business in Kewanee, Ill., many years ago and had continued in this line since with the exception of three years spent in farming in Hamilton County. Deceased was known as an untiring worker, his habits of industry being formed in early youth when at the tender age of nine years he assumed responsibilities adapted to the shoulders of those many years his senior and as failing health obliged him to transfer his business to his sons, George and Harley, his regret was that he could not be up and doing. Henry died June 24, 1922. He and wife Urettta are buried in Kewanee, Ill.

    Thomas was born in Ireland in 1847 and died May 4, 1911. In 1872 he married Mary KELLY in Illinois. She was born in Ireland Dec. 26, 1843 and died Jan. 28, 1913. They settled in the northern part of Seward County where they resided until 1889, then they moved west of Ulysses. To them were born Kate (Mrs. James TIMONEY), 1873, she died Jan. 12, 1961; John F., April 28, 1874, he died Jan. 21, 1957; and George, born Oct. 27, 1879.

    Mr. McGuinness homesteaded south of Ulysses in 1875. He died in 1877. His brother, John, took over the homestead in 1878. John was born in 1847. He was married to Elizabeth REYNOLDS in 1881. Their daughter, Catherine McGuinness was born in 1893 and resided in Ulysses.

    Mr. Miller was born in Ohio in 1845. He married Hannah BEERBOWER in 1866, who had been born in 1844. They moved on a homestead in the northern part of Seward County in 1871. Mrs. Miller died in 1907. Mr. Miller moved into Ulysses in 1909 and lived here until his death in 1929. Harvey Miller, son of George and Hannah, was born in 1878. He married Hannah LUDEMAN of Utica in 1902. Mr. Miller died in 1945 and Mrs. Miller in 1957. They had two sons, George and Harvey, that resided in Ulysses. George entered the auto repair business with his father in 1935 under the name "Miller Garage".

    John was born June 20, 1895. His parents and sister moved to the farm between Garrison and Ulysses in 1889. As of 1967, John and his family were still living on the same farm where he was born.

    Anne was born near Abie, Nebr., in 1883. She came to Surprise in 1902. Married Waldo OTTO in 1904 and moved to a farm west of Ulysses. In 1967 Mrs. Otto was residing in Ulysses.

    Mrs. Pleskac, born June 8, 1881, in Europe, came to America with her husband and children in 1914. Moved to Ulysses in 1927.

    Rylole came to Nebraska in 1885 and died in 1955. Fred Pollock was born April 3, 1891, in the upstairs of the Dr. Avery Bulding (now the Little Diner). Mr. Pollock first was a butcher and then had a livery stable till 1895 until cars took over. Mrs. Rylole (Elizabeth DAY) Pollock came to Ulysses in 1884. She was born Nov. 14, 1862, in Ohio an died in 1939. She had the millinary in Ulysses over 50 years.
    William was born in Illinois Oct. 21, 1847. He came to Nebraska in 1870 and filed a homestead. He was the first settler in this region. In 1871 William married Hattie RADFORD who was born Jan. 1, 1850, in England. Ulysses had a post office and one store and there were only a few buildings in Seward. They lived in a sod house for 5 years where the Ritchie school stands. Then they moved to the present location which he got as a grant for being a Civil War Veteran. They built a small structure. He owned the first lumber yard in Ulysses. He was a member of the lower house in the state legislature of 1891 and was a member of the state senate representing Butler and Seward counties in 1899. His son, Charles, was born April 17, 1876. He married Ida GIBB Sept. 3, 1908, who was born March 1, 1877. Charles Ritchie was elected State Senator in 1908. He died Dec. 25, 1913, and as of 1967 was residing on the homestead.

    Frank was born Oct. 14, 1852, in Michigan, came to Nebraska in 1871 and located on a homestead claim 6 and 1/2 miles west of Ulysses. He married Anna LUDDEN in 1874. She was born in Wisconsin in 1858. Frank Salsbury died March 9, 1916, and Mrs. Salsbury died April 23, 1925. Mary, a daughter, was born Oct. 31, 1875; she married Ben SPERRY in 1893. Ben, the son of Ami Sperry, was born Nov. 26, 1871. Ami Sperry was born in Wisconsin in 1857. To Mr. and Mrs. Ben Sperry was born a daughter, Mabel, who married Joe CATHCART. Joe and Mabel reside on the land homesteaded by her grandfather, Frank Salsbury. Their son, Rodney Cathcart, lived on part of the land homesteaded by the other grandfather, Ami Sperry. A story is told of the night when the Jessie James gang was passing through here from a robbery committed in Minnesota. They were staying in a barn across from the farm home of Joe Cathcart. The men sent to the house for a bed sheet, and obligingly paid $25.00 for this scarce and precious item. The following morning, the men headed south. Evidence of their plight was discovered when bloody bandages were found in the barn. The Younger brothers, who rode with the James gang, have relatives living in the Gresham Community today.

    Otto Schmitt was born Aug. 28, 1863, in Illinois and died in 1949. He came to Ulysses in 1890. He married Mary MORRISON Dec. 28, 1891, of Seward. She was born in Connecticut. One of their sons, Ed, born Feb. 6, 1899, lived near Ulysses.

    Joe, born May 15, 1881, in western Nebraska. Settled in the Ulysses vicinity in 1913. Mrs. Joe Semin, born March 18, 1881, near Prague, Nebr., moved near Ulysses in 1918. They lived in Ulysses.

    Samuel was born Jan. 3, 1849, in Indiana. He came to Nebraska as a pioneer in 1874, homesteading on a Tree Claim near Bruno, Nebr. This Tree Claim was signed by President Grover Cleveland and the document is still in the family. (In those days, a Tree Claim was the title to their land. When homesteading, instead of first building a home, they were required to plant trees. When this was done, the land was theirs, and they received a Tree Claim.) The first year he homesteaded was the year of the grasshopper invasion. He was destitute and his sister in Indiana wrote to him asking what he needed to get along on the next year. He answered "seed corn and salt pork." He used the pork for lard and eating. The seed corn was white and planted by his sons until they lost the seed in the dry thirties. On June 13, 1880, he was united in marriage to Winnie B. SANDERS. Their open well was a quarter of a mile from the house and barn. All the water they used had to be carried this distance and they would lead their horses to the well for water. During the first years of their homesteading, there were a number of Indians roaming the land, and they would stop and beg for food and grain. Mr. Sleight went down to the well one day to water his horses and noticed a group of friendly Indians by the well. When they left, a young Indian squaw stayed behind, and it was obvious to Mr. Sleight that her baby was soon to be born. He went back to the house and asked his wife to fix a plate of food for the Indian girl, as she would surely be hungry when her ordeal was over. Mr. Sleight set the food some distance from the girl, as he didn't want to scare her. Early the next morning when he went back to the well for water, the food had been eaten and the young mother had left the area. Her baby had been born during the night, and she and her new papoose had gone to join the tribe. They resided on this homestead until 1898, at which time they moved to a farm north of Ulysses. The country between Bruno and Ulysses was practically all open prairie. This new farm cost them $6.00 an acre. They moved into Ulysses in 1908 when their son, Henry, was married and took over the farm. The closest place to get their grain for flour and meal was Schuyler, Nebr. They traveled by wagon and had to ford the Platte River. It took two days to make this trip. Henry Sleight finished his schooling at District 31, two miles north of Ulysses. His six children and seven grandchildren also attended this district school.

    James was born in 1874 in Illinois. He came to Ulysses as a child. He married Osa DAY in 1899. He operated a general merchandise store up to 1960 when his health failed. He passed away March 6, 1967. Mrs. Stephens died Nov. 26, 1947.

    Samuel was born in Ohio, June 15, 1843, and his wife, Catherine BOWER, was born in Indiana, June 24, 1843. They were married Jan. 27, 1867, in Indiana and came to Nebraska in 1871. They homesteaded where Keith ALDRICH lives. They moved to a farm near Ulysses in 1879. Mr. Stroman died Feb. 12, 1921, and Mrs. Stroman died Jan. 19, 1925. To them was born a son, Charles, on June 16, 1868, who was one of the first graudates from the Ulysses High School. He died Jan. 22, 1948. A daughter, Sylvia, was born April 20, 1870. She married Chester Aldrich, June 4, 1889. Mr. Aldrich was born Nov. 10, 1862, in Ohio. At the time of his marriage, he was Superintendent of Schools at Ulysses. In 1911, Mr. Aldrich was elected Governor of Nebraska. Their son, "Chet" Aldrich, resides in Ulysses. Sylvia Aldrich died May 7, 1939. Burr, a son of Samuel Stroman, was born Mar. 22, 1880, and died March 6, 1965. One of his daughters, Lois MILLER, lives in Ulysses.

    Anton was born in Europe, Dec. 15, 1887. He came to America in 1913. Mrs. Truska, born June 13, 1887, also in Europe, came to America in 1914. At first they lived near Brainard and Dwight, and later in Ulysses.

    John came to Nebraska and settled in the northern part of Seward County, according to Catholic Church records. His son, Patrick, married Jane JUDGE. She died in 1918. To them were born Emily, Josephine, James and Bill Ward who still reside in or near Ulysses.

    Charles WHITE came to Ulysses in 1882. He was born in Illinois in 1861. He married Elvina BURGE, daughter of Jeremiah Burge, Sept. of 1886. Mrs. White died in 1899. Mr. White died in 1922. Children born to them, Clara (Mrs. Fred Pollock) born April 10, 1894; Jim White born Sept. 29, 1891; and Mable Wynegar born Nov. 12, 1886, died Aug. 1966.

    Henry was born in Alleghany County, North Carolina, on April 2, 1810, and died on June 10, 1902, at the age of 92 years, two months and 8 days. He lived on a farm north of Ulysses. He came to Nebraska in 1862. Haywood Woodruff was born in Alleghany County, North Carolina and came to Ulysses in 1881 to live with his father on a farm 2 miles north of Ulysses, where sons, George, Fred and Charles were born. Charles resided on the family farm. It was homesteaded while Ulysses S. Grant was president on Oct. 1, 1869 by Joseph B. DONAVAN, and sold on April 11, 1872, for $2,100 to George PLEQENMAIER and he sold it on Dec. 13, 1875, for $4,000, to Rebecca C. MAXON, a sister of H. Woodruff. She sold a one hundred feet wide strip of land through the farm to Lincoln Northwest Railroad Company Aug. 19, 1879, for $400 then sold to H. Woodruff on July 1, 1885, for $3,500.

    Samuel was born Jan. 14, 1862 near Ten Mile, Tenn. Bought a farm in West Plains, Mo. Came to Ulysses and bought a farm, went back to Missouri to bring his young bride, Julia Ann Neill, to their new home north of Ulysses. In 1903 he sold the farm in Nebraska and went to back to the farm in Missouri where stayed a very short time before he also sold that farm and moved back to Nebraska onto a rental farm. Samuel died Oct. 6, 1904. Julia, born Sept. 19, 1859 in Athens, Tenn., then married Herman Vogler. She died Dec. 20, 1925 and is buried beside her husband Samuel in the Grimm Cemetery northeast of Ulysses along with two of their children and Samuel's sister Chrissa Dewey and her family.

    Isaac was born in Minnesota in 1852 and his wife, Elizabeth McINTOSH was born in Kentucky in 1858. They were married in Ulysses in 1876. Mrs. Workman came to Nebraska with her parents when she was two years old. She died in 1944. A son, Earl Workman, was born in Ulysses in 1886 and resided there.

    Joe Wynegars folks came in 1882 and bought a farm but decided to move back east. Joe Wynegar moved here Nov. 7, 1884, and lived on the same place all his life. Part of the building that was used as a house on this farm was moved to the John Stauffer (Mrs. Stauffer was a daughter of Joe Wynegar) place and is still standing. Robert was born Nov. 7, 1884, and has lived on the same farm all his life.

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