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[some non-census text omitted for present purpose]


  This census enumeration was transcribed by the editor from the original manuscript, now preserved at the University of Nebraska Library.


[p. 1] Tenis Hoekstra(a), b. Bergen, Freesland, Netherlands; Elky, b. Tersar, Freesland.
William Bull, b. Granzure, Taswell Co., Tenn.; Elizabeth, b. Knoxville, Knox Co., Tenn.
Albert H. Thomas, b. Norwich, London Dist., Canada; Cathran, b. Riplet, Ind.; Caroline, b. Hemisburgh,
    Canada West.
Horrace Garfield, b. Irwin, Venango Co., Pa.; Margret, b. Ireland.

  (a) Tunis Hookstra was living in 1884 on the 86 acre farm on the south bank of the Platte River, just south of Shinn's Island, which he had purchased in 1866 - Official State Atlas of Nebraska (1885), pub. by Everts & Kirk, Philadelphia, p. opposite 101.



Edger Dodge, b. Andover, Windsor Co., Vt.; Evaline, b. Newport, Lake Co., Ill.
A. E. Kemp, b. Newport, Lake Co., Ill.; Albert, b. N. Y.
Arthur F. Wollaston, b. Philadelphia, Pa.
Lydia Baldwin, b. Benton, Yates Co., N. Y.
Hiram Bushnell, b. Pownal, Bennington Co., Vt.; M. J., b. Benton, Yates Co., N. Y.
Thomas Lucas, b. Deerfield, Warren Co., 0.; Margrett, b. Chatham, Warren Co., 0.
Robert Lockwod, b. Parkins, Erie Co., 0.; L. T., b. Whisby, Canada.
C. C. Lumis, b. Saukfield, Oneida Co., N. Y.; Suzan E., b. Troy, Rennsselaer Co., N. Y.; Franklin F.,
    b. Ashderbuly, Jefferson Co., 0.
Wytre Vanderkalk, b. Bargum, Friesland, [Netherlands]; Siske, b. in Bargum, Friesland; Tabitha,
    b. Bargum, Fiesland; Ada(b), Pella, Ticherdale Co., Ia.
S. D. Shinn(c), b. Hillborough, Highland Co., 0.; Harriet A., b. Somerset, Perry Co., 0.
J. M. Preston(d) , b. Penfield, Monroe Co., N. Y.
[p. 2] David Sampson, b. Avins, 0.; L***a C., b. St. Clair Co., Ill.; Austin, b. Avins, 0.
James A. Duncan, b. St. Clair Co., Ill.; Eliza, b. Lee Co., Ia.
Thomas J. Crocker, b. Ill.; Suzan A., b. Tenn.
Samuel S. Green, b. Herrodburg, Mercer Co., Ky.; Lucinda, b. Cherry Valley, Green Lake, N. J.; William,
    b. Vincennes, Knox Co., Ind.; John A., same; Nancy, b. Rackcoon, Pike Co., Ind.; John, b. Montisuma,
    Parke Co., Ind.; Mary J., b. Fountain Co., Ind.; James, same; Elizabeth, b. Sheridan Co., Mo.
Rubin Black, b. Ill.
James Powell, b. Fairfield, De Kalb Co., Ind.; Clarinda, same; Danel, same; Elizabeth, b. Tuscarawas,
    Holmes Co., 0.
Samuel True, b. Tuscarawas, Holmes Co., 0.; Lucinda A. b. Fairfield, De Kalb Co., Ind.
Aaron White, b. Middleton, Conn.; Jane C., b. Guilford, Conn.
Thomas J. Debord, b. Ill.; Sarah J., b. Cayuga Co., N. Y.
Olive G. Foot, b. Mishanwalla, Ind.; Ann, b. Utica, N. Y.
James H. Dorsey, b. Oxford, Butler Co., 0.; Emily J. b. Camden, Lorain Co., 0.
[p. 3] Albert Manswaring, b. New York, N., Y.
Asa Phillips, b. Elkland, Tioga Co., Pa.; Lucretia, b. German, Chenango Co., N. Y.; Joseph, b. Vixsville
    [Wilkesville?], Vinton Co., 0.
Lanson Franklin, b. Ulysses, Tomkins Co., N. Y.; Emma, b. Scipio, Cayuga Co., N. Y.
J. A. Taylor, b. Prible, Cortland Co., N. Y.; P. J., b. Summer Hill, Cayuga Co., N. Y.
John Wood(e), b. Orange, Orange Co., Vt.
Gerome Tilden, b. Perkins, Erie Co., 0.; Roza, b. Catarogus Co., N. Y.

  (b) Ada Vanderkalk taught the first school in Butler Co. It was a subscription school held in a log building, built on Sec 4, Town 16, Range 3 in 1867. The first meeting of the County Commissioners was also held in this building. - Johnson. Harrison, History of Nebraska, pp. 221-2.
  Andreas (p. 449) however states that Mrs. Frances G. Crowley taught a school at her home in Oak Creek Pct. in the winter of 1865-6.
  (c) S. D. Shinn and William Butler came to Butler Co. in 1860. Shinn was afterwards proprietor of Shinn's ferry. The southern terminus of Shinn's ferry was near the home of "Tennis Hoekstra." - Andreas, A. T., History of Nebraska, pp. 448-9. T.
  (d) In the manuscript the first page of Pepperville Pet. follows this page. Then follows the second page of Bone Creek Pct,
  (e) John Wood in 1884 was living on a 160 acre farm between four and five miles



G. Hookstrea(f), b. Friesland; Margrett, b. Friesland.
Hannah Vierson, b. Pella, Marion Co., Ia.
Benjamin Vanfleet, b. Holland; Rhoda, b. Vt.; Joseph, b. Holland; Ida, b. Holland, died Dec. 10, 1868.
William Butler(c)(g), b. Burlington, Vt.; J. E., b. Williston, Chittendon Co., Vt.; Lydia R., b. Jerico,
    Chittendon Co., Vt.; Rubin, same; Jane S., same.
Sarah Whiss
, b. Lexington, Perry Co., 0.
Lewis Butler, b. Phillipsburg, 0.
James Blair(h), b. Butler Co., Pa.; Mary Ann, b. Dunamoh, county Tyron, Ireland; Thomas, b. Butter
    Co., Pa.
Jefferson Winship
, b. Phillips, Franklin Co., Me.; Enoch L., same.
[p. 4(i)] Spencer Phillips, b. Chenango Co., Pa.; Malinda, b. Meigs Co., 0.
Jehiel Hobert(j), b. Essex, Chittenden Co., Vt.; Mandana, same; Gilbert H., same; Forest, same.
Orrange Holsted, b. Henry Co., Ind.
James McBride, b. Dublin, Ireland.
Jane Maken, b. Dublin, Ireland.
William Spring, b. New York, N. Y.; Cathran, b. Sweden.
John Smith, b. Barnston, Orleans Co., Canada East.
F. C. Johnson(j), b. Southington, Hartford Co., Conn.; Sarah H., b. Essex, Chittenden Co., Vt.
Linus Slater
, b. Essex, Chittenden Co., Vt.; Mary J., same.
Mila Manswaring, b. Miegs Co., 0.


[p. 1] H. Pepper(k), b. Lucern Co., Pa.; 0. E., b. Newcomerstown, Tuscarawas Co,. 0.
H. J. Johnson
, b. Georgetown, Brown Co., 0.
W. G. Hanshew, b. Pittsburgh, Van Buren Co., Ia.
Strong Pepper, b. Providence, Lucern Co., Pa.; Emma Jane, b. Charlestown, Tioga Co., Pa.
Julia Ann Wheeler
, b. Harrison, Winnabago Co., Ill.
A. N. Briggs, b. Johnburgh, Vt.; Harriet G., b. 0.
Isaac Clark, b. Plymouth, Ind.; Mary, b. Ia.
Mikel Eble, b. Hamburg, Germany; Catharine, b. Pevary, Prickam, Germany.
Adam Lotner, b. Baden, Germany; Josiphine, same; John, same; Augustus, same.
Matthew Wilsey
, b. Woodstock, Ulster Co., N. Y.; Mary, b. Moretown,

east of Shinn's ferry which be bought in 1868. - Official State Atlas of Nebraska (1885), p. opposite 101.
  (f) G. Hookstra in 1894 was living on a 120 acre farm on the south bank of the Platte River about five miles northeast of Shinn's ferry which he bought in 1864. - Ibid, p. opposite 101.
  (g) William Butler's 80 acre farm purchased in 1862, was located about two miles east of Shinn's ferry - Ibid, p. opposite 101.
  (h) James Blair and wife of Linwood celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Feb. 16. They were married in Butler Co., Pa., and settled at Linwood in 1858. Among those present were their nephews, A. P. and Philo P. Garfield, who had been present at the wedding. - People's Banner (David City) 1904 Feb. 25, p. 1 (5).
  This family is listed in the 1860 census in Calhoun (now Saunders) Co.: Jaynes Blair, age 26, b. in Pa.; wife, Mary A., b. in Ireland; children, Isabella, age 6, and William, age 4, both born in Pa. - U. S. Census Mss.
  In 1863 James Blair homesteaded 160 acres about two miles east of Shinn's ferry. - 0fficial State Atlas of Nebraska, p. opposite 101.
  (i) This part of a page is on the lower part of p. 2 of Pepperville Pet. It probably should precede p. 3.
  (j) Jebiel Hobart and F. C. Johnson settled at Linwood in 1862. - Andreas, p. 449.
  (k) Hubbell Pepper, b. Aug. 11, 1841, served in the Civil War in the Thirty-eighth



    Chittenden Co., Vt.
Judson T. Wilsey, b. Lenox, Susquahana Co., Pa.; Mary E., b. Providence, R. I.
Albert A. Bouton(l), b. Albany, N. Y.; Alace, b. Providence, R. I.; Smith A., b. Albany, N. Y.
Harvey Jillson(m), b. Fulton, Schoharie Co., N. Y.; Emaline, b. Florence, Onedia Co., N. Y.
A. Gerard, b. Indiana Co., Ind.
Iva Grant, b. Pliming, Branburg.; Malissa, b. Madison Co., Ind., died Sept. 2, 1868; Quincy, b. Wabash
    Co., Ind.
[p. 2] Meahitable Wilson, b. Chesterfield, Cheshire Co., N. H.; Henry C., same; Catherine, b. Ashland,
    Wabash Co., Ind.
George D. Grant, b. Rush Co., Ind.; Mahala, b. Darke Co., 0.
J. 0. Sprage, b. Erie Co., 0.; Jane, b. Wayne Co., 0.
David R. Gardner(n), b. Otsego Co., N. Y.; Sarah J., b. Rochester, Monro Co., N. Y.
Mary Simpson, b. Bloom Co., Ill.
Elbridge G. Page, b. Fort Wayne, Ind.
Samuel Woodward, b. Pittsburgh, Allegany Co., Pa.
Benjamin Franklin, same.


[p. 1(o)] Geo. Giffin, 1 m. 60 to 70; 1 m. 30 to 40; 1 m. 20 to 30; 1 f. 50 to 60; 1 f. 20 to 30; 2 f. 10 to 20.
H. F. Giffin, 1 In. 20 to 30; 1 f. 20 to 30.
H. Stopher, 1 m. 50 to 60; 1 m. 30 to 40; 3 m. 20 to 30; 2 m. 10 to 20; 1 m. 5 to 10; 1 f. 50 to 60;
    1 f. 20 to 30; 1 f. 10 to 20.
Green Beeman, 1 m. 30 to 40; 1 m. 10 to 20; 2 m. 5 to 10; 1 f. 30 to 40; 1 f. und. 5; 1 f. und. 3; 1 f.
    und. 1 yr.
James D. Brown(p), 1 m. 40 to 50; 2 m. 20 to 30; 2 m. 10 to 20; 2 m. 5 to 10; 1 m. und. 2; 1 f. 40 to 50;
    2 f. 10 to 20; 1 f. 5 to 10; 1 f. und. 5.
Absolum Falkner, 1 m. 60 to 70; 2 m. 30 to 40.
Charles Simpson, 1 m. 30 to 40; 1 m. und. 2; 1 f. 20 to 30; 1 f. 5 to 10.
Lemuel Simpson, 1 m. 30 to 40.
Richard Brooks, 1 m. 60 to 70; 3 m. 10 to 20; 1 m. 5 to 10; 1 f. 40 to 50; 1 f. 10 to 20; 1 f. und. 5;
    1 f. und. 3.
Grove Disney, 1 m. 40 to 50; 1 m. 10 to 20; 1 m. und. 2; 1 f. 20 to 30; 1 f. und. 5; 1 f. und. 1.
David Mitchel, 1 m. 50 to 60; 1 m. 10 to 20; 1 m. und. 5; 1 f. 30 to 40; 1 f. 10 to 20; 1 f. und. 5.
Willis Richardson, 1 m. 20 to 30; 1 f. 20 to 30.
John Furneaux, 1 m. 20 to 30.
Clinton Lattin, 1 m. 20 to 30; 1 m. und. 3; 1 m. und. 1; 1 f. 20 to 30.

Iowa Volunteer Infantry. He married Miss 0. E. Boydston at Lincoln in 1865 [?] and settled in the north west corner of Butler Co. the same year. - Andreas, p. 460.
  (l) A. A. Bouton in 1868 homesteaded 160 acres between one and two miles north west of the site of Bellwood. - Official State Atlas of Nebraska, p. opposite 100.
  (m) Harvey Jillson, b. abt. 1833, settled in Butler Co. abt. 1866. His younger brother, Allen Jillson later settled in the same county. - Andreas, p. 459.
  (n) David R. Gardner, son of John and Sabra Gardner, was born in Otsego Co., N. Y., Mar. 24, 1815. His father died when he was four years old and he was raised by an uncle named Hale. His fourth wife, with whom he came to Butler Co. was Miss Sarah Wakefield, whom he married in 1849. He settled in Butler Co. in 1959. - Ibid, pp. 449, 470.
  (o) Page 1 gives a summary of the families by age. It is followed by pages 2 and 3 and preceded by page 4 giving each person in the family with place of birth.
  (p) James D. Brown and J. C. Hatchett, as well as J. Crowley and Robert Lee, located on Oak Creek in 1865. - Andreas, p. 449.



Andrew Fisher, 1 m. 30 to 40; 1 m. 5 to 10; 1 f. 30 to 40; 2 f. 10 to 20; 1 f. 5 to 10; 1 f. und. 4
Benjamin Simpkin, 1 m. 20 to 30; 1 m. 10 to 20; 1 In. 5 to 10; 1 f. 20 to 30; 1 f. 5 to 10; 1 f. und. 2.
John C. Hatchett(p), 1 m. 30 to 40; 1 m. 5 to 10; 1 m. und. 5; 1 In. und. 3; 1 f. 20 to 30; 1 f. und. 1.
M. Belville
, 1 m. 30 to 40.
[p. 2] George Giffin, b. Belmont Co., 0.; L. A., same; G. M., same; 1. A., same; Wm., b. Gurnsey Co., 0.;
    Laura Bell, b. Knox Co., 0.; Olive E., same.
H. Stopher (q), b. Pa.; Phebe, b. Va.; Martha (?) Ericson, b. Adams Co., Ia.; S. B. Erickson, b. Noble Co.,
    Ia.; Uriah Stopher, b. Adams Co., Ia.; Mary Simpkins, b. Knox, Ia.; Geo. Stopher, b. Ia.; Christina,
    b. Knox, Ia.; Ladan, same; Joseph, same; S. Ericson, same; H. M. Ericson, same; T. B. McClellan, same.
G. Beeman, b. 0.; Martha, b. Logan Co., 0.; J. T., b. Ia.; J. H., same; J. L., same; Elizabeth A., same;
    Elizabeth E., b. Neb.; Harriet J., same.
Jas. D. Brown, b. Bedford Co., Tenn.; Phebe, b. Ray Co., Mo.; [p. 3] Thomas B., same; Jeremiah, same;
    Wm., same; Kansas, b. Carroll Co., Mo.; Jos., same; Emeline, same; Jas. C., same; John, same; George,
    same; Ellen, b. Ray Co., Mo.; Andrew J., b. Butler Co., Neb.
Absolum Faulkner, b. Va.; David, b. Ky., insane; Jas., b. Ky.
Charles Simpson, b. York; Tibble, b. Boone Co., III.; Amanda, b. Platte Co., Neb.; Fred, b. Butler Co.,
Lemuel Simpson(r), b. N. Y.
Richard Brooks, b. county Oxford, England; S. A., b. N. J.; P., same; Noah, same; Johnathan, same;
    Mary E., b. Ill.; Caroline M., same; Stephen, same.
Gove Disney, b. Md.; Margaret J., b. Pa.; E. E. b. Ill.; G. T., same; Eli, same.
[p. 4] David Mitchel, b. York Co., Pa.; Delila, b. Lee Co., Pa.; Anna E., same; J. N., same; David W., same;
    Manerva J., same.
Willis T. Richardson(s), b. Conn.; Mary E., b. Monroe Co., Mich.
John Furnaux, b. Ill.
Clinton Lattin, b. Mills Co., Pa.; Mary E., b. Mo.; Lewis M., b. Neb.; C. 0., b. Butler Co., Neb.
Andrew Fisher, b. Scotland; Elizabeth E., b. Ireland; Mary E., b. Ill.; Agnes A., b. Minn.; Christina, same;
    Win. H., b. Colo.; Estella, b. Butler Co., Neb.
Ben Simpkin, b. 0. (?); Sarah M., b. 0.; Delia A., same; Cora B., same; Charles L., same; Fuller L., same.


[p. 1(t)] W. C. Will, b. Nelson, Halton Co., Canada West; Catharine, b. county Down, Ireland; James,
    b. Nelson, Halton Co., Canada West;

  (q) Apparently Martha Ericson and Mary Simpkins were daughters of H. Stopher
  (r) He died in 1870. - Andreas, p. 449.
  (s) Willis T. Richardson, b. July 20, 1849, Durham, Conn., came to Neb. in the spring of 1868 and took is homestead. He married, 1869, in Lincoln Miss Mary E. White. - Ibid, p. 460.
  Lancaster County Marriages records give Willis T. Richardson, age 21. and Mary E. White, age 19, married, Jan. 19, 1868, by J. Cadman. probate Judge. - Nebraska and Midwest Genealogical Record, IX. p. 51. Apparently Mr. Richardson was born in 1846. - Ed.
  (t) The pages for this precinct are bound, 4, 3, 1, 2.
  (u) John Wills came to Butler CO. in the early 1870's (1860's?) with his parents



    John(u), same; Case, same; Wm., b. Union, Benton Co., Ia.
A. Towner, Jr.(u), b. Polk Co., Mo.; Amanda, b. Ia.; Alice, b. Butler Co., Neb.
Ephram Palmer, b. Scotland, Windham Co., Conn.
Jas. C. McIntosh, b. Trimble Co., Ky.; Reb. M., same; Win. I., same; Mary L., same; Levin E., same;
    Elizabeth, same; Lenora, b. Macoupin Co., Ill.; Elisha, b. Morgan Co., Ill.; Elijah, same; Julian, same,
    Jas. E., b. Butler Co., Neb.
Jane Johnson, b. Ky.
Jacob Knauber, b. Altripp, Bavaria; M. A., b. Trimble Co., Ky.; Ruth ,E., b. Lancaster Co., Neb.
M. M. Davis, b. Ross Co., 0.; C. C., b. Madison, Highland Co., 0.; G. W., same; Mary, same.
James Darnell, b. Maquon, Knox Co., Ill.; Sumner; same; [p. 2] Allen, same; Rachel Ann, b. Fulton Co.,
    Ill.; Martha, b. Maquon, Knox Co., Ill.; Sumner, same; Charley, same; Jane, same.
J. M. Palmer(w), b. Scotland, Windham Co., Conn.; Prudence, b. Hickory, Fulton Co., Ill.
B. McD. Towner(v), b. Bates Co., Mo.; Lucy A., b. N. C.; Winnifred, b. Butler Co., Neb.
S. T. W. Thrapp(x), b. Wayne Co., 0.; Margaretta, b. county Monohan, Ireland; Lily L., b. Butler Co., Neb.;
    Ecce Homo, same.
John Brown, b. Prince William Co., Va.
James Reed, b. Ireland.
Joseph Shields(y), b. 0.; Matilda, b. Ky.; Ann, b. Morgan Co., Ind.; Thomas, same; Mary, b. N. J.;
    Maggie J., b. N. J.
Ruben Borton (no data).
G. McCarty(z), b. Putnam Co., Ind.; Matilda, b. county Monoham, Ireland; Rachel Reed, b. Cass Co., Neb.
   (probably living with McCarty family.)
Wm. H. Records, b. 0.; Anna, same; Spencer M., b. Monroe Co., Ia., [p. 31] Mary E., same; Mordeca,
    b. Lucas Co., Ia.; Robert b. Clark Co., Ia.; Amanda L., same; Lincoln, same; Phebe J., same; Siegle,
    b. Cass Co., Neb.; Sarah, b. Platte Co., Neb.; James E., b. Polk Co., Neb.
A. Towner, Sr.(v), b. Watertown, Bradford Co., Pa.
Alex Miller, b. Ill.; Amos, same.
Wm. Roberts, b. Washington Co., 0.; Aurelius Roberts(aa), b. same; Stephen, b. Jefferson Co., Ia.; Nancy,
    b. Ind.; Rachel, b. Ark.

from Iowa. He died at Surprise, Jan. 22, 1914, aged 61 yr., 7 mo., 11 da., survived by widow and six children. - People's Bonner (David City) 1914 Jan. 29, p. 7 (5).
  (v) Abram Towner, b. June is, 1806, Bradford Co., Pa., married there, Jan. 1, 1826, Miss Hester Vought. They moved to Ohio in 1829, to Mo. in 1832 and to Cass Co., Neb., in 1854. He was licensed as a Methodist minister in 1844. His wife died at Rock Bluffs, Feb. 7, 1866, and the following year he settled near Ulysses in Butler Co. He married a second wife in Calif., who lived but a short time. He died at Ulysses, Aug. 29, 1886, survived by seven children, among them Abram and McD. of that place. Cox, W. W., History of Seward County, Nebraska (1888), p. 244.
  (w) James M. Palmer, b. Jan. 27, 1835, Windham Co., Conn., visited Nebraska twice before settling in Butler Co. in 1867. He married, July 2, 1868, Miss Prudence C.. daughter of John and Susan Roberts, early settlers. - Andreas, p. 464. For Roberts family see Cox, pp. 266-7.
  (x) Nebraska and Midwest Genealogical Record, XVII, p. 14.
  (y) Joseph Shields settled on the east side of the Blue River, across from Ulysses, in 1866. - Andreas, p. 449.
  (z) Gilalmous McCarty, b. Oct. 16, 1839, Greencastle, Ind., came to Cass Co., Neb., in 1856, where he remained till 1869. There he married Miss Matilda Reed, a native of Ireland, in 1857. He served in the Civil War in the Fifth Missouri Volunteer Cavalry. He settled in Butler Co. in 1869. - Ibid, p. 464.
  (aa) Aurelius Roberts, b. July 15, 1835, Washington Co., 0., married Miss Elsada



J.H. Sisty, b. Briar Creek, Columbia Co., Pa.; Mary E., b. Rockland, Lincoln Co., Me.; Hannah J.,
    b. Harrison, Henry Co., 0.; Arthur C., same; John, same; Ezra B., same; Warren, same; Ellen, same;
    Mabel, b. Damascus, Henry Co., 0.; Curtis, same; Ervin, b. Nebraska City, Neb.
E. A.. Hibler, b. Allegany Co., Pa., dead; Frank, b. Fremont, Neb.
[p. 4] David Read (bb) , b. county Suffolk, England; Jane E., b. county Dorcet, England; Stephen, same;
    Hattie, b. Port Hope, Canada; Emma b. Cass Co., Neb.; Anna M., b. Butler Co., Neb.; Freddy E.,
    b. Butler Co., Neb.
W. S. Crockett, b. Eden, Seneca Co., 0.

McCray at Burlington, Ia., Aug. 28, 1862. She died June 24, 1866 and he married, secondly. Mar. 28, 1869, Miss Lizzie A. Brooks. He served in the Civil War becoming Lieutenant Colonel of the Thirtieth Iowa Regiment. He came to Neb. in Mar. 1868 and served in the legislature in 1871 and 1872. - Ibid, p. 466. See also Edmunds, A. C., Pen Pictures of Nebraskans, pp. 121-3.
  (bb) David Read, b. Sept. 8, 1827, Haram, county Suffolk, England. son of Stephen and Mary Read married, Nov. 4, 1850, Miss Jane E. Baker. They moved to the province of Quebec, Canada, in 1855, and to Cass Co., Neb., in 1858. He settled In Butler Co. in 1861. - Andreas, p. 470. See also Garrison Argus, 1906 Mar. 8. p. 8 (5).

[some non-census text omitted for present purpose]

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