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1900 Census: Butler Co. NE

updated December 03, 2001

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Census Transcription (in progress)

Reading Township, Butler Co, NE, 1900 Census.  Roll T623-918, Page ??.

George Sailer [sic Zahler] - Head, white, male, b. Aug 1844, age 55, married 37 years, b. Germany, parents b. Germany, emigrated 1857, farmer
Mary J. - wife, white, female, b. Apr. 1845, age 55, married 37 years, 12 children, 8 living, b. Ohio, father b Germany, mother b. Pennsylvania
Elizabeth [Zahler] Snyder - daughter, white, female, b. June 1864, age 35, widow, 1 child, 0 living, b. Illinois, housekeeper
Alfred W., - son, white, male, b. Feb. 1878, age 22, single, b. Nebraska, farm laborer
Francis E. - son, white, male, b. Nov 1881, singel, b. Nebraska, farm laborer
Ellry E. - son, white, male, b. July 1887, single, Nebraska, farm laborer
Ref:  ED 4, Sheet 10, transcribed by Paula Zahler Allerdyce

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