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Joseph Semin Sr. & Mary Kaderabek

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Introduction: Bohemia was an ancient kingdom in Central Europe.   The Czechs, a Slavic people, entered the country by the First century A. D.   The Germans tried to Christianize the region with little success.  It was the Moravians with their eastern version of Christianity who were more successful in this effort in the period 800-900 A. D.  The high point for Bohemia was probably in the reign of King Charles (probably reigned 1346-1378) as he expanded Prague, founded the University of Prague, established order, but failed in an attempt to codify the laws due to the nobility.  His son, Wenzel, became king but was not successful and turmoil was common (Hussite Wars) until peace was made in 1436.  More of the same for the next 400 years. (Sigh!!)

1848: In a revolution, the leadership passed from the aristocracy to the new middle class.  Czechs, Slovaks, Germans were all involved in the Aristocrat-Middle Class struggle, the linguistic dominance struggle, the constitutional revision struggle, and the scientific-education struggle, and the ecclesiastical struggle.    All-in-all, not a very stable place to be. [commentary added by Emmett Mason based on 1956 Encyclopeadia Britannica, Vol. 3]


186_: Jozef Semin (m. est. 186_) Josefa Zemanova (w1) in the province of Bohemia in Austria-Hungary. And later Mary Kaderabek (w2)

1870: Louisa Semin (b. abt 1870) to Jozef and Josefa Zemanova Semin in the province of Bohemia in Austria-Hungary

187_: Josefa Zemanova Semin (w1) (d. ?) in Europe

1874: Immigration
SEMIN, Josef 43, Marie 29, Josef 18, Barbara 12, Anton 8, Aloisia 4, Bohemia: Berlin: 30 May 1874. Nebraska
Note: Aloisia Semin was also known as Louisa Semin
Ref: Leo Baca. Czech Immigration Passenger Lists, Vol IIII.

187_: The Semin's may have located in Cincinnati, OH for a time.

1875: "Brainard: - The first (settlers) came in 1875 and they were:
Matej Slavik, born in Okresanec; Frank Maixner, born in Prijemky, Chotebor.  Within two years later came the following: Matej Kabourek, born in Stepanov, Lisov; Ignac Dvorak Sr., born in Pustinna, Jindrichuv Haradec; Joseph Semin Sr., born in Vlasimsko; Frank Novacek Sr., born in Jasenice, Namest; Joseph Jakup Sr., born in Mysliborice, Hrotovice."
Ref: A History of Czechs in Nebraska. page 202. Thanks to Ken Chromy, Ohiowa, NE

1880: Semin in Skull Creek, Butler County, NE in 1880. 

1884: Fred A. Semin (b. 1884) on a farm outside of Bruno, NE. Both he and his son Fred C. Semin are written up in the Brainard Centennial Book 1878-1978.

1885: NE Census??

1890: 1890 Gazetteer Butler Co. Farmers
Semen Joseph, Bruno

Ignac Dvorak & Theresia Spurna

Ignac Dvorak, was born in Bohemia and his native language was Bohemian.

Researcher: Charlene Swan (

1833: Ignac Dvorak b. 7 Jan 1833 in Bohemia.

1834: Teresie Spurna b. 29 Sep 1834 - Bohemia.

18__: Ignac Dvorak (m. ?) Teresie Spurna
Ignac Jr. "Nathan" or Nick Dvorak b. 4 Agus 1861 - Bohemia
Matous Dvorak b. 19 Sep 1863 - Bohemia
Marie Dvorak b. 25 Oct 1865 - Bohemia
Tomas Dvorak b. 24 Sep 1868 - Bohemia
Ferdinand Dvorak b. 21 July 1876 - Wisconsin

1869: Immigration
DWORAK, Wenzel 19, Ignac 36, Theresia 35, Ignac 7, Math. 6, Marie 4, Thomas 11/12. Bohemia; BALTIMORE 19 Jun 1869.
Ref: Leo Baca. Czech Immigration Passenger Lists, Vol III.

1875: Wisconsin

1880: Did not find the Dvorak's in Butler County in 1880.  Since Fred was born in Wisconsin in 1876 they may have still lived in WI during the 1880 census.



1900: Fred Dvorak married Mary A. Semin (Louisa's half sister).  They were married 14 Feb 1900 in Brainard, Butler, NE.  She was born 1879 in NE and died 1936.   Fred died 7 Jun 1958 in Seward, Seward, NE.  It is assumed Mary died there as well.

1900: Fred and Thomas Dvorak are in the 1900 census for Oak Creek, Butler, NE.
Fred was 23 and Mary A. was 21.  He born in WI she in NE

Thomas was 31 b. Bohemia was married to Mary b. Dec 175 Bohemia. They were married 7 years and had two children:  Thomas b Dec 1896 NE and Joseph b. January 1899.

1900: I didn't find Nathan and Louisa in the 1900 census for Butler County.  They may have moved to MN because their son George shows in the 1910 census for Plum Creek, Butler, NE that he was born in MN.  He was born in 1898 and his next brother was born in 1904 in NE.

1924: Teresie Spurna Dvorak died 19 May 1924.

1924: Nathan Dvorak was living in Omaha, Douglas Co. NE when his mother died.

According to Nathan's son, James, the children of Matous Dvorak:
Clarence, George, Edward, Emil, Helen and Marion.  The children of Fred:  Freddie, Albert and Mary.

1952: According to probate and divorce records for grandfather, Louis B. Dvorak.  He died 8 Feb 1952 in Portland, OR but he is buried at Ingelwood Cemetery in California near his mother.  Louisa was born 19 Dec 1869 in Bohemia and died 9 Feb 1946 in Los Angeles, CA.

Death information is known for all of Nathan and Louisa's children.  Unfortunely, it is not known when or where Nathan died.  His mother's obituary from 1924 says he was living in Omaha, NE.

18__: Thomas Dvorak (m. 18__) Unknown
1. Thomas Dvorak Jr.
2. Nathan Dvorak
3. Matthew Dvorak
4. Fred Dvorak

18__: Thomas Dvorak Sr. is said to have settled in Wisconsin after immigrating from Europe.

187_: Thomas Dvorak, Jr. (b. 187_ ).

187_: Nathan Dvorak (b. 187_ ).

1885: NE Census?

18__: Thomas Dvorak Jr. (m. ) Unknown
Children: at least 4 children


Nathan Dvorak & Louisa Semin

187_: Nathan Dvorak (b. 187_ ) in Austria and he spoke Bohemian

1870: Louisa Semin (b. 1870) daughter of Jozef and Mary (Kaderabek) Semin.


1885: NE Census

1890: 1890 Gazetteer Butler Co. Farmers
Dvorak, Frank; Brainard
Dworak, Annie; Brainard
Dworak, Frank; David City
Dworak, Ignats; Brainard
Dworak, Joseph; Abie

1892: Nathan Dvorak (m. 1892) Louisa Semin, the daughter of Jozef and Mary (Kaderabek) Semin

1. Nathan Dvorak Jr. (b. 03/27/1893) (d. 07/04/1987) (m. 1st) Marie Zeleny
2. Louis B. (b. 06/30/1894) (d. 02/08/1952) (m. 1st) Anna Hofbauer
3. George (b. ) never married
4. Joseph Charles (b. 10/17/1903) (d. 05/ /1984) (m.) Vanita ?
5. James (b. ) (d 1989) (m.) Georgia Blanchard
6. Jesse (b. 10/09/1904) (d. 08/26/1965) (m.) Helen Seldomridge
7. Ted (b. ) (d. 04/_ /1984) (m.) Olive ?
8. Bernice (b. 08/06/1909) (d. 06/15/1967) never married

Nathan [Sr.] left his family after the 8th child was born and became a drifter.   When his children were adults he would drop in on them unannounced and be taken care of for a short time and then he would disappear again. He didn't want a job or any responsibilities. He may be buried in a paupers grave in Omaha, NE.


1916: Louis B. Dvorak (m. Feb 21, 1916) Anna Emma Hofbauer, might have been printed in a Czech/American newspaper in Brainard, NE.
1. Blanche Elaine Dvorak (b. 06/28/1916) (m.) Louis Fisher
2. Dorothy Doris Dvorak (b. 04/13/1918) (m.) Walter Galley
3. Edmond Dean Dvorak (b. 11/02/1921) (m. 1st) Jeanne Brown, (m. 2nd) Betty Tryon

Louis was a railway mail clerk and traveled the trains as part of his job. The family lived in Brainard, Nebraska, Bellville, Kansas, and then back to Omaha, Nebraska where my mother graduated from Benson High School in 1935.

1917-18: Butler Co. Draft Records
Dvorak, Anton A; Brainard
Dvorak, Bedrick; Brainard
Dvorak, Frank J.; Octavia
Dvorak, Louis J.; Abie
Dvorak, Joseph Charlie; David City
Dworak, Eadislaus Frank; David City
Dworak, Joseph J.; David City
Dworak, Nathan A.; David City

1920: NE Census
Louis B. Dvorak (his father was born in Austria and the family spoke Bohemian).
Ref: 1920 NE Census, Butler County, Brainard, NE


1835:  "April 25, 1935: The following communication was received by The Clipper from Louis B. Dvorak of Omaha, a former Brainard boy."

Since I have moved away from Brainard over fifteen years ago, I have lost no interest in the actrivities of my friends and relatives there. I have been following up the music world and participating in musical activities and have played under some of the outstanding band leaders of our country and served on the board of directors in several outstanding and prize winning band organizations. I served as judge in several school contests and played in one band that took first place for four consecutive yeas in the state of Kansas. This band took second, fifth and seventh in national band contests. During the World War I had the honor of playing under the direction of John Phillip Sousa. In view of these experiences I do not deem the following comments as mere empty words.   April 12 and 13 I had pleasure of seeing and hearing various school bands and orchestras participating in the District Music Contest at the South High School, Omaha, Nebr. Among these bands and orchestras I was pleased to see Brainard High School represented under the leadership of Fred Semin, Jr. (His cousin)
Ref: Brainard Centennial Flashbacks


19__ Nathan Dvorak (d. ____) may be buried in a pauper's grave in Omaha, NE.

1946: Louisa Semin Dvorak (b. 1870) in Bohemia and (d. Feb 9, 1946) in Los Angeles, CA


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