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Nimburg (Nimberk) Cemetery

updated June 05, 2001 +++ Partial listing In Progress +++

Nimburg (Nimberk) Cemetery location, "2.3 m. N of Abie, Sec. 11, Linwood Twp. or 0.3 m. N of old Nimburg village site."

Bob Howe wrote, "Went to the cemetery today [5/2001] and the grass is about 2 feet tall and very overgrown. There were only 2 stones visible that we could find - a Vaclav Koutnik & a Marusak. A local told us that the Knights of Columbus had cleaned the cemetery up and had thought of putting a chain link fence around it, but this must have been some time ago. There were some Zeleny's at one of the cemeteries in Abie, but not Anna or Josef."

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