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Butler County, Nebraska Registrants for Military Duty - August, 1917

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Last               First                   Town
Abiy,              Rudolph J               Dwight

Abshire,           Claude                  Bellwood

Abshire,           Marvin                  Bellwood

Abshire,           Robert A                Bellwood

Ackerman,          Orville Vernon          David City

Adams,             Floyd Drew              Bellwood

Aden,              Paul Gearheart          Surprise

Adkisson,          Hershel Jay             Millerton

Adkisson,          James Jesse             David City

Adkisson,          John Elijah             Rising City

Adkisson,          Ralph William           Rising City

Albright,          Charles Francis         David City

Allen,             Edward Carl             David City

Allen,             Frank Ray               David City

Almstrum,          Edwin B                 Rising City

Alt,               Frank Edward            Rising City

Ammon,             Charles DeWitt          David City

Andel,             Frank L                 David City

Andel,             Joseph                  David City

Anderson,          Charley Guy             Rising City

Anderson,          Paul Alexander          Bellwood

Anderson,          Thomas Lloyd            Bellwood

Anderson,          Emil H                  Rising City

Andrew,            Harrison Henry          Ulysses

Angel,             William Henry           Ulysses

Angell,            Charles James           Ulysses

Arehart,           Arthur Amos             David City

Armagost,          Clarence Robert         Rising City

Armagost,          Earl David              Rising City

Augusta,           Joseph J                Dwight

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Last               First                   Town
Baecke,             Julius De               David City

Baer,              Harrison Ben            Bellwood

Baer,              John P                  David City

Baer,              Peter Frank             David City

Bajek,             Joseph                  Abie

Baker,             John Junior             Rising City

Ball,              George W                David City

Balliet,           James C Elmer           Rising City

Balmer,            Benjamin Harrison       Linwood

Balmer,            Milton Sellers          Linwood

Barcal,            Frank J                 Linwood

Barcal,            Anton James             Edholm

Barta,             Rudolph                 Linwood

Bartek,            Florian                 Dwight

Bartek,            Ralph F                 Loma

Barth,             Alfred                  David City

Bartholome,         Pete                    David City

Bartunek,          Frank                   Abie

Bartunek,          Joseph A                Abie

Basta,             Joseph                  Brainard

Bate,              Grover C                David City

Bates,             John Francis            Rising City

Bauer,             Otto Frank              Rising City

Baumgardner,       LeRoy Mandell           Ulysses

Bean,              Fred Richie             David City

Becker,            Lewis Henry             Rising City

Beckius,           Neal                    Bellwood

Beede,             Clark E                 David City

Beede,             Ivan G                  David City

Beisner,           Herman F                Rising City

Bendfeldt,         William John            Rising City

Benesch,           John J                  Octavia

Benesch,           Louis E                 Octavia

Benfield,          Ira William             Surprise

Benjamin,          Charles Eugene          David City

Bennett,           Jesse Eine              Surprise

Benson,            Loyal Summer            Ulysses

Beranek,           John                    David City

Beringer,          Peter John              Bellwood

Berucha,           Frank P                 David City

Besch,             Frank Joseph            Bellwood

Bezac,             Edward L                Linwood

Biatny,            Anton R                 Bruno

Billa,             Joseph H                Dwight

Billings,          Roy H                   David City

Birkel,            Carls Peter             Ulysses

Birkel,            John Joseph             Ulysses

Black,             Ruben C                 Edholm

Blackstone,        Ivan Earl               David City

Blaha,             Frank                   Abie

Blank,             Roy Francis             Rising City

Blank,             Vernon Lee              Rising City

Blatny,            Jacob Anton             Linwood

Blatny,            James Jos               Linwood

Bock,              Adam Henry              Bellwood

Bock,              Clarence G              David City

Bock,              Fred L                  David City

Bock,              George                  David City

Boehme,            Foster A                Rising City

Boehme,            Omer Henry              Rising City

Bohaty,            Anton                   Abie

Bohaty,            James F                 Brainard

Bohaty,            Jerry                   Bruno

Bohaty,            Joseph                  Loma

Bohuslavsky,       Frank W                 David City

Bohuslavsky,       Jim                     Abie

Bohuslavsky,       Joseph Vincent          Bellwood

Bolek,             Edward Louis            Brainard

Bonnell,           Charles R               David City

Bose,              Carl L                  David City

Bose,              Frank                   David City

Bose,              William                 David City

Bosnjak,           Simon                   Brainard

Bradeen,           James                   Rising City

Braden,            George William          David City

Bradley,           Stephen Alexander       Ulysses

Bradley,           Warren Cyrus            David City

Brandenburgh,      Algearn Roscoe          Bellwood

Brandenburgh,      Lemuel James            no town

Brandt,            Henry James             Surprise

Brandt,            John Louis              Surprise

Brandt,            Louis John              Surprise

Brecka,            Louis J                 Linwood

Brekavait,         Elfons                  David City

Brewer,            Peter Joseph            David City

Brighton,          William                 David City

Briza,             Robert                  David City

Brochtrup,         Bernard Joseph          David City

Brochtrup,         Lawrence Henry          David City

Brochtrup,         Leo                     David City

Brochtrup,         Theodore Bernhard       David City

Brockett,          Halford Milo            David City

Brown,             Eugene Archie           David City

Brown,             Harry Guy               Ulysses

Brown,             Jay Dee                 Brainard

Brown,             Roy L                   David City

Browning,          Albert Joseph           David City

Brsch Jr,          Matt Pete               Bellwood

Bruckner,          Rudolph                 Rising City

Bruner,            John                    Brainard

Bruner,            Adolph A                David City

Bruner,            Frank J                 David City

Bruner,            Joseph                  David City

Bruner,            Joseph J                David City

Bruner,            Louis                   David City

Bruner,            Mike P                  Brainard

Bryant,            Glenn A                 David City

Buck,              Henrich Jacob           Ulysses

Buck,              Vincent Harold          Bellwood

Buell,             Julius Fredrick         Rising City

Buffaloe,          Claude Leroy            Bellwood

Bull,              Clinton A               Octavia

Bunda,             James                   Linwood

Buntger,           Tony                    David City

Burkholder,        Arthur                  Edholm

Byam,              William Ralph           Ulysses

Byers,             Charles                 Bellwood

Bykerk,            John Adrian             David City

Bykerk,            Joseph William          David City

Byrom,             Fred Smith              David City

Byron,             James Elma              David City

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Last               First                   Town
Cady Jr,           Fredick Clinton         Bellwood

Callaghan Jr,      Gregory                 Rising City

Callinikos,        Philip D                Dwight

Canedy,            Ivan Gilbert            Ulysses

Capenhoft,         William Henry           Surprise

Capoun,            Albert B                Brainard

Capous,            Joseph F                Brainard

Carey,             Rome                    Surprise

Carpenter,         Halbert L               Rising City

Carpenter,         Hubert E                Rising City

Carral,            Valentine               Rising City

Casey,             George Luther           Garrison

Castens,           Rudolph                 Surprise

Cech,              Anton                   Bee

Cekal,             Edward J                Linwood

Cermak,            John James              Ulysses

Cerny,             Fred                    David City

Cerny,             James                   Brainard

Cerny,             John                    Brainard

Chambers,          Coy Lenard              Octavia

Chambers,          James                   David City

Chambers,          John Harrison           David City

Chapin,            Frank Dee               Garrison

Chermak,           Joseph L                Brainard

Chermok,           Anton Rudolph           Brainard

Chermok,           John                    David City

Chladek,           James L                 Abie

Chmelka,           Fred R                  Ulysses

Chmelka,           Mike J                  Ulysses

Christiansen,      James                   Bellwood

Christy,           Lauren Doig             David City

Church,            Frank                   Bellwood

Cidlik,            Anton                   Brainard

Cihal,             Albert Frank            Brainard

Cink,              Frank                   Ulysses

Clapp,             Jennings B              Brainard

Clark,             Alva Wayne              Surprise

Clemmer,           Ernest Lee              Rising City

Clingingsmith,     Guy Arthur              Ulysses

Clyde,             Leonard William         Millerton

Clyde,             Walter                  Rising City

Clymer,            Roy                     Garrison

Cobbs,             David Robert Deloss     Ulysses

Cocklin,           Stephen Eldon           Rising City

Coleman,           Fred D                  Ulysses

Coleman,           Harold D                Surprise

Coleman,           Harry Charles           Ulysses

Compton,           John Thomas             Ulysses

Connell,           Clarence Fay            Ulysses

Conrad,            Frank Fred              David City

Cooper,            James Sheridan          David City

Cordes,            Henry Louis             Ulysses

Cordes,            Hermann Jacob           Ulysses

Cordes,            Theodore Carl           Ulysses

Cornwall,          Earle G                 Dwight

Correll,           George Henry            David City

Cosandier,         Paul A                  Octavia

Coufal,            Adlph T                 Bruno

Coufal,            Edward R                Bruno

Coufal,            Hubert Louis            Brainard

Coufal,            Joseph J                Dwight

Coufal,            Leopold H               Brainard

Coufal,            Louis E                 Brainard

Coufal,            Mike                    Brainard

Coufal,            Thomas Wenzelous        Dwight

Cox,               Claud W                 Rising City

Craft,             Earl C                  Surprise

Crapenhoft,        Fred                    Surprise

Crapenhoft,        Marion D                Surprise

Crapenhoft,        Rowlin                  Surprise

Crawford,          Earl Burdette           Linwood

Crawford,          Robert Glenn            Garrison

Creech,            Benjamin Roscoe         Bellwood

Crim,              James Calvin            Ulysses

Criss,             Samuel Lewis            David City

Cross,             Lawrence Dannais        David City

Crow,              John Smith              David City

Crumbliss,         Ranza Adrian            Rising City

Crumbliss,         Roscoe Leon             Surprise

Cuhel,             Anton J                 Bruno

Culek,             Frank J                 Bruno

Culek,             John                    David City

Culek,             Ludvik                  Bruno

Curda,             Anton J                 Dwight

Curry,             Habbie                  David City

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Last               First                   Town
Dale,              Charles Lester          David City

Dallegge,          Frederick August        Garrison

Darnell,           Walter Logan            Ulysses

Daro,              Bernhard J              Ulysses

Daugherty,         Ray W                   David City

Davenport,         Floyd E                 Octavia

Davenport,         Earl J                  Octavia

Davenport,         Frank B                 Bellwood

Davenport,         Ray R                   Bellwood

Davidson,          Ralph Charles           Ulysses

Davis,             Charlie                 Brainard

Davis,             Don Dickinson           David City

Davis,             Jesse Thurston          David City

Day,               Leslie Whitfield        David City

Day,               Roy Silas               Bellwood

De Baecke,         Julius                  David City

De Fries,          Sherman                 Rising City

Deavers,           Frank B                 David City

Deavers,           Oscar Hower             Shelby

Debrusky,          Charles F               Ulysses

Decker,            George                  Ulysses

Deekert,           Edward Fredrick         Rising City

Deford,            Irvin Edgar             Bellwood

Deford,            Jesse Bell              Garrison

Deford,            Lewis J                 Garrison

Dehner,            Henry J                 Octavia

Delmer,            Mike S                  Octavia

Delmer,            Peter D                 Octavia

Demuth,            Jacob H                 Bellwood

Demuth,            Michael B               Bellwood

Demuth,            Mike A                  Octavia

Demuth,            Nicholas D              Bellwood

Demuth,            Nick B                  Octavia

Demuth,            Peter A                 David City

DePauw,            Achiel                  Garrison

DeSantelle,        Norman Edward           Rising City

Dewey,             Harold Wolsey           Ulysses

Dias,              Anton                   David City

Didier,            Cornelius J             David City

Didler,            John P                  Bellwood

Didler,            Wlliam                  David City

Diers,             Bernard Mac             Ulysses

Diers,             Carl E                  Ulysses

Dittmar,           Hermann Alfred          Rising City

Dittmar,           Hugo                    Rising City

Ditzler,           Floyd E                 Edholm

Divis Jr,          James                   Brainard

Divis,             Albert A                Brainard

Divis,             Charles J               Brainard

Divis,             Edward A                Brainard

Divis,             Fred E                  Loma

Divis,             Louis J                 Brainard

Divish,            John                    Linwood

Dobesh,            Thomas                  David City

Dobrusky,          Emanuel T               Dwight

Docherf,           George F                Rising City

Dodge,             Lewis                   Brainard

Doehling,          Emil August Conrad      Surprise

Dolezal,           Charles J               Dwight

Dolezal,           Frank A                 Bruno

Dolezal,           Frank J                 Dwight

Dolezal,           Josef                   Linwood

Dolezal,           Stephen                 Linwood

Dolgner,           Arthur Mandus           Rising City

Dolgner,           Reginald Carl           Rising City

Doliata,           J P                     Abie

Dolison,           Fred V                  David City

Dolison,           Melvin                  David City

Dollison,          Chester T               David City

Domann,            Albert Erhardt J        Rising City

Dorothy,           Delbert H               David City

Dorothy,           Vern                    David City

Doty Jr,           Ira E                   David City

Doty,              Clait Jennings          Rising City

Doty,              Howard Gillis           Rising City

Doty,              Hubert William          Rising City

Doty,              Ray Gilbert             Surprise

Doty,              Roy Royal               Rising City

Doty,              Royal Alexander         David City

Drawbaugh,         Harry William           David City

Drawbaugh,         Loran                   David City

Drovek,            Louis B                 Brainard

Drozda,            Ignatius                David City

Duda,              Edward James            Edholm

Dufek,             Joseph Frank            Brainard

Duffek,            James                   Dwight

Dunker,            Conrad J                Surprise

Dus,               Frank Edward            Brainard

Dus,               James                   Brainard

Dusatko,           Emit                    Brainard

Dusatko,           Maxwell                 Brainard

Dvorak,            Anton  A                Brainard

Dvorak,            Bedrick                 Brainard

Dvorak,            Frank J                 Octavia

Dvorak,            Louis J                 Abie

Dvorak,            Joseph Charlie          David City

Dworak,            Eadislaus Frank         David City

Dworak,            Joseph J                David City

Dworak,            Nathan A                David City

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Last               First                   Town
Earlywine,         Jesse Lee               David City

East,              Jesse                   Ulysses

Eberle,            Rudolph                 Bellwood

Eberly,            John                    David City

Edbough,           Jesse Earl              Linwood

Edwards,           Guthrie W               Ulysses

Egly,              Frank Harold            Garrison

Egly,              Jesse Curtis            Garrison

Ellenwood,         George Raymond          David City

Eller,             Nicholas                David City

Eller,             Peter H                 David City

Elliott,           John Johnson            David City

Ellis,             Thomas Whitfield        Bellwood

Emerson,           Earl C                  David City

Emery,             William Richard         Garrison

Enyeart,           Lincoln Hiram           Rising City

Eschlimoan,        Arthur D                Rising City

Eskildson,         John                    David City

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Last               First                   Town
Fahringer,         George E                Octavia

Failing,           Joseph Kimball          David City

Falk,              Mahley                  Brainard

Fendrich,          Jerry J                 Abie

Fenlon,            Walter Edward           Garrison

Fiala,             Anton Frank             Brainard

Fiala,             Arnold J                Brainard

Fiala,             Charles J               David City

Fiala,             Frank W                 Bruno

Fiala,             John Adolf              Brainard

Fiala,             Louis C                 Bruno

Fiedler,           John                    Rising City

Fischer,           Fritz Christian         Ulysses

Fischer,           Willie Severlen         Columbus

Flansburg,         Ralph Henry             Surprise

Fleek,             Thomas Arthur           Abie

Flekal,            Charles                 Dwight

Flynn,             Daniel W                Brainard

Focher,            Joseph V                Abie

Folsom,            James Clyde             Ulysses

Forney,            Harold Rudolph          Surprise

Forney,            James Frederick        Surprise

Fortna,            Arthur Curtis           Octavia

Fortna,            Ralph E                 Octavia

Foster,            Vilbert C               Ulysses

Frahm,             Joseph W                Brainard

Francis,           Roscoe Eudoras          Bellwood

Franda,            Hubert                  David City

Frank,             Henry                   Ulysses

Fredlick,          Frank J                 Abie

Frerichs,          Walter                  David City

Fricke,            George William          Rising City

Fricke,            Herbert C               Bruno

Frohner,           Joseph F                Abie

From,              Guy D                   David City

From,              Harvey                  David City

Fronk,             John Martin             Bee

Fudge,             Harry Albert            Ulysses

Fudge,             William                 David City

Furshay,           Charles Abren           David City

Fuxa,              Charles                 Brainard

Fuza,              James F                 Bruno

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Last               First                   Town
Gannon,            John Francis            Ulysses

Garcia,            Manuel                  Bellwood

Garhan,            Glen                    David City

Garman,            Leroy C                 Edholm

Garman,            Lovington               Edholm

Gates,             Archie Joseph           David City

Gates,             Frank Glidden           David City

Gelwick,           George C                David City

Gelwick,           Calvin Cyrus            Ulysses

Gibson,            Hyram Ray               Ulysses

Gibson,            James L                 David City

Gill,              Ray Elmer               Surprise

Gillespie,         Walter Raila            David City

Glock,             Carl David              Rising City

Glock,             Edwin Charles           Millerton

Glock,             John W                  Garrison

Glock,             Miller David            Millerton

Glock,             William P               Rising City

Gottschall,        Orville                 Columbus

Grant,             Chas Darius             David City

Gray,              Charles                 David City

Gray,              Don                     Bellwood

Greenslit,         Charles Verne           Surprise

Gregory,           George Patrick          Rising City

Gregory,           Walter Edward           Rising City

Grice,             Eli Jackson             Garrison

Griffin,           Charles Clarence        Octavia

Griffin,           Ray Dewitt              Garrison

Grim,              Earl Charles            Ulysses

Griss,             John Henry              David City

Grubaugh,          Art Oliver              Rising City

Grubaugh,          Messe Monroe            David City

Grubaugh,          Richard Hurkey          David City

Grubaugh,          Roy                     Linwood

Gruntorad,         Edward E                Abie

Gruntorad,         Emil L                  Ulysses

Gruntorad,         Joseph                  Abie

Gubser,            Allen W                 Rising City

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Last               First                   Town
Habecker,          Erich                   Surprise

Hagemeister,       Louis R                 Ulysses

Hahn,              Herman J                Rising City

Hahn,              Lester K                David City

Hahn,              William                 Rising City

Hajek,             Frank W                 Abie

Hajek,             Frank Louis             Garrison

Hajek,             Jerry                   Abie

Hajek,             Vaclav A                Abie

Hale,              John Kenyon             David City

Hall,              Bern Ezra               Bellwood

Hall,              Clark Miles             Bellwood

Hall,              Claude Leroy            Surprise

Hall,              Lee Buren               Bellwood

Hall,              William Everett         David City

Halstead,          Charles Wesley          Linwood

Halstead,          Ira                     Linwood

Hammond,           John                    David City

Hammond,           Thomas Robert           David City

Hanak,             Paul James              Surprise

Hangley,           Sidney Grover           Ulysses

Hanner,            Frank Harrison          David City

Hanner,            Harry M                 David City

Hanner,            William Henry           David City

Hanse,             Grover Cleveland        Rising City

Hansen,            Charles                 Bellwood

Hansen,            James Gardner           David City

Hanus,             Louis J                 Brainard

Harenberg,         Otto Carl               David City

Harriger,          Harold Edgar            David City

Harriger,          Lewis Cyrus             David City

Harris,            Ivan Ellsworth          Bellwood

Harris,            Judson Donald           Rising City

Harris,            Otto                    Rising City

Harris,            William Vand            Rising City

Hartford,          Charles Otto            Rising City

Hartman,           Earl Freeman            Garrison

Harvey,            Henry Ray               Ulysses

Hasik,             James W                 Bruno

Hasik,             Ludvik C                Loma

Haskell,           Loyal Peter             David City

Hatra,             Lee Roy                 David City

Haughn,            John Ernest             Linwood

Hausner,           Emil                    Brainard

Havel,             Emil J                  Abie

Havelka,           Vaclav                  Brainard

Havlena,           Joseph F                David City

Havlik,            Frank                   Linwood

Hawley,            Bruce Porter            Shelby

Hayek,             Antone Martin           Bellwood

Hayes,             Thomas Andrew           David City

Haynes,            John Ethmer             Garrison

Heath,             Osto Victor             Bellwood

Heel,              John                    Brainard

Heins,             Henry John              Rising City

Heins,             Herman                  Rising City

Heins,             Herman Albert           Surprise

Heins,             John Claus              Rising City

Heins,             John Theodore           Surprise

Helgoth,           Charles Frederick       David City

Helgoth,           Frank Nicholas          David City

Henderson,         Willard Davis           Rising City

Henderson,         William McNain          Rising City

Hennings,          Vern Yocum              Surprise

Hermsen,           Joseph Francis          David City

Hewiz,             Dean Myers              David City

Heyman,            Neal                    David City

Hilger,            Harry                   David City

Hilger,            Leo P                   David City

Hill,              Frank T                 David City

Hill,              Frank Harrison          David City

Hill,              Charley Hubert          Bellwood

Hillegass,         William Henry           Rising City

Himebaugh,         Pierce  C               David City

Hinds,             Oscar Collins           Garrison

Hinze,             Alfred Franz            Rising City

Hinze,             Ernest C                Rising City

Hinze,             Ervin M                 Rising City

Hinze,             Fredrick August         Rising City

Hinze,             Otto Alfred             Rising City

Hirman,            Nelik                   Octavia

Hladky,            Alois J                 Brainard

Hladky,            Anton Joseph            Brainard

Hladky,            John V                  Abie

Hladky,            Joseph W                Bruno

Hlavac,            Adolf                   Bruno

Hlavac,            Edward F                Bruno

Hlavac,            Fred L                  Brainard

Hoboril,           Edward J                Dwight

Hoeft,             Alfred John             Rising City

Hoeft,             Henry Louis             Garrison

Hoeft,             Herman                  Ulysses

Hoeft,             Louis Henry             Garrison

Hoffbauer,         Jacob Vancent           Brainard

Hoffman,           Fritz Carl              Rising City

Hoffman,           John Valentine          Bellwood

Hoffman,           Otto Wm Frank           Rising City

Hogan,             Marion Cromwell         Ulysses

Holbrook,          Raymond Edward          David City

Holcomb,           Lynn                    David City

Homan,             George N                Bellwood

Homolka,           Emil Henry              David City

Homolka,           James Joseph            David City

Hookstra,          Floyde E                Edholm

Hopkins,           George L                Bellwood

Horacek,           Anton E                 Dwight

Horacek,           Chalrey W               Brainard

Horacek,           John A                  Brainard

Horacek,          Joseph                  Brainard

Hornung,           Balthasar               Bellwood

Hornung,           John                    Bellwood

Horsak,            Rudolf                  Brainard

Horse,             Wesley Gass             Octavia

Horton,            Levi Lester             Ulysses

Hosch,             Herman Joseph           Bellwood

Hotovy,            Frank Andrew            Dwight

Hotovy,            John G                  Dwight

Hotovy,            Ludrik Frank            Dwight

Hotovy,            Wincl Albert            Dwight

Hottovy,           Anton M                 Dwight

Hottovy,           Charles Leo             Ulysses

Hottovy,           Cyril                   Dwight

Hottovy,           John Emil               Garrison

Hottovy,           Joseph James            Dwight

Hottovy,           Mike L                  Dwight

Houdesheldt,       George Washington       David City

Houdesheldt,       Marion Edwin            David City

Housington,        Ralph W                 Dwight

Houska,            Frank A                 Dwight

Hraban,            James F                 Dwight

Hraban,            Vaciav D                Brainard

Hubbell,           Bernie Martin           David City

Hubbell,           Ira C                   Brainard

Hubbell,           Thomas W                Brainard

Huff,              Clyde Newton            David City

Humlicek,          Adolph J                Ulysses

Humlicek,          Frank G                 Linwood

Humlicek,          Joseph C                Abie

Humphrey,          Harold Leslie           Surprise

Hunsche,           Edward William          Ulysses

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Last               First                   Town
Ihnen,             Onke Ellet              Rising City

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Last               First                   Town
Jackson,           Benjamin F              David City

Jackson,           Jessie Raymond          Ulysses

Jacobs,            Henry Majar             Bellwood

Jaenike,           Edmund Frank            Rising City

Jakub,             Anton                   Brainard

Janak Jr,          Anton                   Brainard

Janak,             Anton                   David City

Janak,             Edward F                David City

Janak,             Edward                  Surprise

Janak,             Frank J                 David City

Janak,             Frank W                 David City

Janak,             Fred C                  David City

Janak,             Joseph                  Garrison

Janak,             Louis Joseph            Surprise

Janak,             Robert A                David City

Janak,             Joseph J                Brainard

Janousek,          John M                  Brainard

Janousek,          Loddie                  Brainard

Jecha,             Frank J                 Brainard

Jelinek,           Charles                 Brainard

Jelinek,           Edward                  Abie

Jelinek,           Joseph                  Brainard

Jelinek,           Stephen Herman          Brainard

Jennings,          Clark Walter            Rising City

Jensen,            Fred Theodore           Rising City

Jisa,              John H                  Bellwood

Jisa,              Joseph F                Brainard

Jiss,              Frank Charley           Brainard

Jockisch,          Lewis Henry             Rising City

Jockisch,          Ralph Ervin             Rising City

Johannes,          Frank Anton             Linwood

Johannes,          George                  David City

Johannes,          Louis V                 Abie

Johnson,           Jacob Julius Max        David City

Johnson,           Albert E                David City

Johnson,           Barton A                Edholm

Johnson,           Charles F               Bruno

Johnson,           Orval                   David City

Johnson,           Orville E               David City

Jones,             Clyde Albert            David City

Jones,             Frank                   Ulysses

Jones,             J Joseph                Ulysses

Jones,             Joe Emmett              David City

Jordan,            Louis                   Bellwood

Juranck,           Charlie B               Edholm

Jurka,             Frank                   Ulysses

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Last               First                   Town
Kabourek,          Vaclay J                Dwight

Kadavy,            Joseph  F               Brainard

Kadavy,            Paul                    Loma

Kadlee,            Anton                   David City

Kadovy,            Godfrey Joseph          Surprise

Kaniza,            John                    David City

Kantor,            Dominik B               Loma

Kapke,             Paul Gerhard            Garrison

Karlson,           Walfred Theadore        Rising City

Karnik,            Anton                   Bruno

Kastl,             Edward                  Bruno

Kastl,             John                    Bruno

Kavalec,           Joseph                  Linwood

Kavan,             Joseph A                Edholm

Keder,             John                    Bellwood

Keller,            Fredrick Miller         Edholm

Kelley,            Albert Verlien          Bellwood

Kelley,            Alvin                   Bellwood

Keough,            Joseph R                Loma

Kezisck,           Mike F                  Dwight

Kilgore,           Alancin W               David City

Kilgore,           Delmar                  David City

Kilgore,           Fay                     David City

Kimberley,         Homer I                 Surprise

Kindler,           Albert                  David City

Kindler,           Tony Leonard            David City

Kinman,            Robert A                David City

Klaus,             Fritz                   Columbus

Klein,             George                  Bellwood

Klein,             Jake  Adam              Bellwood

Klein,             Louis Conrad            Bellwood

Kletke,            William                 Linwood

Klingeman,         Theodore August         Ulysses

Klingemann,        Henrick Herman          Rising City

Kober,             John                    David City

Kobza,             Adolph V                David City

Kobza,             Emil Louis              Brainard

Kobza,             Fred F                  Brainard

Kobza,             Joseph A                Brainard

Kobza,             Joseph A                David City

Kobza,             Michael                 David City

Kocarnick,         Joseph J                Bruno

Kocarnik,          Louis C                 Bruno

Kocodrek,          Anton                   Ulysses

Kodovy,            John A                  Brainard

Koenig,            John Joseph             Rising City

Kohls,             Edmund                  Rising City

Kolar,             Frank E                 Dwight

Kole,              Frank Joe               Surprise

Konrad,            Frank Joseph            Surprise

Kopke,             Henry Harry             Garrison

Korinck,           Frank A                 Dwight

Korinek,           Joseph J                Dwight

Kosch,             Adolf Clarence          Bellwood

Kosch,             Henry                   David City

Kosse,             William P               Brainard

Kouba,             Lee                     David City

Koupal,            Frank J                 Bruno

Kovar,             Anton                   Brainard

Kovar,             Frank Joseph            Brainard

Kowalski,          Peter J                 David City

Koza,              Fred A                  Bruno

Koza,              Louis                   Brainard

Koza,              Ludvik                  Bruno

Kozisek,           Frank G                 Abie

Kozisek,           Joseph J                Brainard

Kozisek,           Joseph A                Bruno

Kozisek,           Robert J                Garrison

Kozlsek,           Louis J                 Abie

Kral,              Charles                 Ulysses

Kral,              Charley                 Bruno

Kratzer,           Oren Dee                Garrison

Krca,              John J                  Abie

Kregger,           William John            David City

Kreider,           Arthur B                Octavia

Kreizinger         Louis Robert            Bellwood view card

Krejci,            Frank M                 Bruno

Krenk,             Anton  F                Bee

Krenk,             Joseph F                Dwight

Krivanek Jr,       John                    Linwood

Krivanek,          Edward                  Abie

Krivanek,          Leopold                 Linwood

Krivanek,          Ludvik                  Linwood

Kriz Jr,           John J                  Brainard

Kriz,              Edward                  Brainard

Kriz,              Fred L                  Brainard

Kriz,              James A                 Brainard

Kroesning,         Earnest Julius          David City

Krska,             Rudolf James            Linwood

Kruse,             Harm                    Millerton

Kubetski,          Martin Carl             Ulysses

Kubezki,           George  Richard         Ulysses

Kucera,            Anton                   Garrison

Kucera,            Edward                  Ulysses

Kucera,            James                   Abie

Kucera,            Joseph J                Bruno

Kudlacek,          Eddie                   Brainard

Kudlacek,          Fred                    Garrison

Kuhl,              Frank Henry             Rising City

Kuhl,              Otto Carl               Rising City

Kunzman,           Arthur                  Surprise

Kunzman,           William E               Surprise

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Last               First                   Town
Ladwig,            Herman                  Rising City

Ladwig,            August                  Rising City

Lambe,             Laurence Paul           Ulysses

Langerv,            John                    Shelby

Lanspa,            William                 David City

Laudenklos,        Charles                 Octavia

Lauterback,        Henry Arthur            Octavia

Lawson,            Charles                 David City

Lawson,            Roy                     David City

Lawson,            William                 Rising City

Lawthers,          James A                 Rising City

Lawver,            Clyde R                 Rising City

Lawyer,            Sidney                  Millerton

Leath,             Charles E               Ulysses

Lebeda,            Frank                   Edholm

Lehman,            Phillip Ludwig H        Rising City

Lein,              Joseph John             Bellwood

Lenneman,          Fred Carl               David City

Letteller,         John Phillip            David City

Liebrecht,         Andrew Reginal          David City

Linda,             Helmet Leopold          Surprise

Liska Jr,          James J                 Dwight

Liska,             Jerry D                 Brainard

Liska,             John E                  Brainard

Liska,             John R                  Dwight

Liskovec,          Frank                   Bruno

Lisy,              Vaclav James            Linwood

Litjen,            George Peter            David City

Litjen,            Raymond William         David City

Litty,             Ernest Louis            David City

Lockner,           Adam                    Linwood

Lombard,           Herbert Roy             Bellwood

Lombard,           Herman Clay             Bellwood

Lomicka,           James                   Loma

Loos,              John Christian          Garrison

Loose,             Alvin Eberly            Octavia

Loveless,          Lester Abe              Bellwood

Loveless,          William                 Bellwood

Lovell,            Vern Ernest             Ulysses

Ludenklos,         Louis J                 Bellwood

Lux,               Frank                   Shelby

Lux,               Osward                  Shelby

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Last               First                   Town
Macalik,           Joseph                  Bruno

Macek,             George                  David City

Machirek,          Charles C               David City

Magnuson,          Anders W                Loma

Mahlin,            Edgar F                 David City

Mahoney,           George Antone           David City

Mahoney,           William Edward          David City

Majer,             James                   Dwight

Makovicka,         Rudolph                 Garrison

Maly,              Anton                   Brainard

Manning,           Francis Edgar           Octavia

Mansfield         Frederick Ross          Rising City

Marble,            Everett                 Rising City

Mares,             Albert John             Ulysses

Mares,             Frank C                 Dwight

Mares,             Fred J                  Dwight

Mares,             James Samules           Ulysses

Mares,             Louis E                 Ulysses

Marguis,           Ray Miles               Garrison

Mark,              Chester Asbury          Bellwood

Mark,              Ira Gibson              Bellwood

Markus,            Frank Michael           Bellwood

Markus,            John Albert             Bellwood

Markuson,          John Harold             David City

Marsh,             Leroy                   Surprise

Marshall,          Jay Leslie              David City

Martens,           Calus William           Ulysses

Martens,           John H                  Garrison

Martin,            Charles Harry           Rising City

Martin,            Edgar Hope              David City

Martin,            Glenn J                 David City

Martin,            James Slattin           Rising City

Martin,            Paul Phillip            David City

Maruna,            Joseph F                Brainard

Masek,             Ladislav Karel          David City

Mashek,            Charlie James           Ulysses

Massie,            Charles H               David City

Mathews,           Fred William            Rising City

Mathiesl,          Joseph                  David City

Matulka,           Frank V                 Dwight

Matulka,           Joseph                  Dwight

Mazanec,           Adolf                   Brainard

Mazanec,           Fred                    Abie

Mazanec,           Fred                    David City

Mazanec,           James                   Garrison

Mazanec,           Louis                   David City

McCartney,         Brace Lon               Octavia

McCoy,             George                  Ulysses

McCoy,             Milo Hazen              Surprise

McCoy,             Ralph Orlando           Surprise

McCracken,         Everett J               David City

McCracken,         Orville S               David City

McCracken,         William Edward          David City

McCray,            Fred Lester             Surprise

McDermand,         Percy William           Bellwood

McDermott,         John James              David City

McFadden,          William H               Garrison

McGurk,            James F                 David City

McIntosh,          Edward Henley           David City

McIntosh,          William Perry           Bellwood

McKibben,          Walter Edward           David City

McMeekin,          David John              Rising City

McMeekin,          George A                Rising City

McMillen,          Jesse                   David City

Medina,            Louis                   Bellwood

Medinger,          Peter J                 David City

Mehuron,           George Garland          David City

Mehuron,           Glenn W                 David City

Mehuron,           John L                  Ulysses

Meister,           John Frank              Garrison

Mensik,            John                    Linwood

Mercer,            Elmer L                 David City

Messinger,         Willard Hylton          Surprise

Meyer,             Clifford C              David City

Meyers,            Mike                    David City

Mierscheim,        Carl                    Rising City

Milburn,           Raymond Peter           Bellwood

Milburn,           Roy C                   David City

Miles,             John Leslie             David City

Millard,           Charles J               Surprise

Miller,            Albert                  Garrison

Miller,            Andrew                  Garrison

Miller,            Benjamin                David City

Miller,            Bernard R               David City

Miller,            Charles Clayton         Bellwood

Miller,            Charles Loran           Surprise

Miller,            David Stanley           Rising City

Miller,            Frank                   Garrison

Miller,            Frederick               Garrison

Miller,            Jay Calvin              Garrison

Miller,            Oliver Leroy            David City

Miller,            William Augustus        Surprise

Miller,            Wm Donald McVeigh       David City

Millineaux,        Ralph H                 Dwight

Mills,             William Richard         Brainard

Mishek,            Frank                   David City

Mitchell,          Arthur James            David City

Mizera,            Frank Harold            David City

Mocholan,          Joseph William          Linwood

Mock,              Ferdinand George        Bellwood

Moes,              John                    David City

Mohler,            Samuel Groff            Octavia

Moore,             Oliver Piper            Ulysses

Moran,             Thomas                  David City

Moravec,           James John              Ulysses

Moravec,           Joseph                  Ulysses

Morbach,           John Peter              Bellwood

Morbach,           Joseph John             Bellwood

Morris,            Victor J                Dwight

Mortensen,         Arthur Paul             Bellwood

Moser,             Loyd William            Rising City

Moural,            Alden Robert            Bellwood

Muller,            John J                  Rising City

Mundil,            Federick Freddolia      Linwood

Muntz,             Andrew Joseph           Garrison

Muntz,             Carl L                  Garrison

Murphy,            Marvin William          David City

Murrie,            John                    Bellwood

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Last               First                   Town
Nabity,            John F                  Dwight

Nathlen,           Benjamin Earl           David City

Natkes,            Harry Andrew            Bellwood

Naverkal,          Anton John              Linwood

Neal,              Elmer Nathaniel         Surprise

Nehls,             Johnnie Aberheard       Ulysses

Nekuda,            John                    Brainard

Nemoc,             Anton J                 Dwight

Neubel,            Carl August             Rising City

Neujahr,           Louis Fred              Ulysses

Neujahr,           Rudolph Herman          Surprise

Nichols,           Floyd F                 David City

Nichols,           Walter A                David City

Nicolas,           Joseph Conrad           Bellwood

Nicolas,           Louis Oster             Bellwood

Nordmeyer,         Herman                  David City

Novacek,           Adolf                   Edholm

Novacek,           Frank A                 Bruno

Novak,             Charles F               Abie

Novak,             Edward                  Abie

Novak,             Frank J                 Dwight

Novak,             Harry                   Abie

Novak,             Harry R                 Linwood

Novak,             James J                 David City

Novak,             Joseph                  Bruno

Novak,             Julius J                Loma

Novotny,           Joseph                  Brainard

Novotny,           Walter                  Bruno

Nozicka,           Louis W                 Bruno

Nozicks,           Joseph                  Bruno

Nuebel,            Fred Gotleb             Rising City

Nuebel,            William Jacob           Rising City

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Last               First                   Town
Ohlsen,            Albion Arnold           David City

Ohlsen,            Herman Arthur           David City

Okrina,            Charles F               Bruno

Okrina,            Frank R                 Bruno

Olson,             Ervin                   David City

Olson,             Fred Wm                 Brainard

Olson,             Lester Reuben           Brainard

Ondracek,          John                    Dwight

Onnen,             Herman Anton            Garrison

Osantowski,        Thad W                  David City

Osmer,             Peter R                 Bruno

Osmera,            Charles F               Brainard

Osmera,            Frank James             Ulysses

Osmera,            Joseph                  Brainard

Osterbout,         Lyle Clair              David City

Osterhout,         Garth                   David City

Ostermeier,        Herman Christ           Rising City

Ostry,             Joseph Method           Brainard

Otoupalik,         Hugo Medford            David City

Otoupalik,         Kamille Otto            David City

Otoupalik,         Victor Edward           David City

Ott,               Norman                  Surprise

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Last               First                   Town
Paden,             Preston Oswell          Bellwood

Palik,             Cyril E                 Bruno

Palik,             Frank J                 David City

Palik,             James Joe               David City

Palmer,            Charles Edward          David City

Parks,             Marvin Andrew           Ulysses

Parolek,           John W                  David City

Parsley,           John Truman             Surprise

Pavel,             Emil Frank              Linwood

Pavel,             James J                 Linwood

Peck,              Alfred Gibson           Bellwood

Pelan,             Edward E                Bruno

Pelan,             Joseph J                Bruno

Pelikan,           Eddie Robert            David City

Peltz,             Frank                   Linwood

Peltz,             Rudolf                  Linwood

Peltz,             William                 Linwood

Perkins,           Lester Belz             Rising City

Pernicek,          Emil A                  Octavia

Peschek,           Adolph Emanuel          David City

Peterson,          Frank Russel            Surprise

Petrzilka,         Emil J                  Brainard

Petrzilka,         Joseph  F               Brainard

Phillips,          George Henry            Ulysses

Phillips,          Henry George            Bellwood

Phillips,          Wald H                  David City

Phillips,          William Joseph          Bellwood

Piatt,             Marion Edward           David City

Piatt,             Thomas C                David City

Pickering,         Fred                    Ulysses

Piitz,             John Joseph             Brainard

Piller,            Reinhold Chrisitan      Millerton

Pitz,              Mathias                 Brainard

Pitzer,            Roscoe                  David City

Plasek,            Anton                   David City

Pleskac,           Rudolf                  Brainard

Podolak,           Anton                   Dwight

Podszus,           Franz Fritz             Surprise

Poeffel,           John                    Shelby

Poels,             Anton                   David City

Pojar,             A J                     Abie

Pokarek,           Anton                   Brainard

Pokorny,           Ludvik L                Dwight

Polak,             Adolph J                Brainard

Polak,             Joe                     Brainard

Polansky,          Kilment                 Bruno

Policky,           John W                  Garrison

Polivka,           Edward                  Brainard

Pollock,           Francis Albert          Ulysses

Pollock,           Frank Albert            David City

Popp,              John Jacob              Ulysses

Pospichal,         Frank M                 Ulysses

Pospichal,         William J               David City

Potter,            Harry Allen             Bellwood

Potter,            William Francis         Rising City

Powell,            Halleck Virgil          David City

Powell,            Joseph J                David City

Powers,            Adlai E                 Ulysses

Powers,            James Michael           Ulysses

Prchal,            James                   Dwight

Prenosil,          Anthony J               Dwight

Prochaska,         Emil Frank              Ulysses

Prochaska,         Frank T                 Dwight

Prochaska,         James Joseph            Brainard

Proskevec,         Frank                   Bruno

Proskovec,         Emil B                  Bruno

Proskovec,         Emil E                  Bruno

Proskovec,         Joseph L                Bruno

Proskovec,         Louis A                 Bruno

Proskovec,         Otto                    Bruno

Pryor,             Leo E                   David City

Ptacek,            James F                 Bruno

Ptacek,            John A                  Bruno

Ptacek,            John William            Ulysses

Puetz,             William Joseph          Bellwood

Puetz,             Peter John              Bellwood

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Last               First                   Town
Quade,             George Charles          David City

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Last               First                   Town
Racek,             Ludvic                  Loma

Rada,              Joseph                  Garrison

Rada,              Joseph                  Ulysses

Raitt,             Archie Claud            Rising City

Raitt,             Claud                   Rising City

Ramirs,            Lionardo                Bellwood

Ranson,            Roy Avery               Surprise

Rathje,            Bernhard Deireick       Rising City

Rathje,            Hans H B                Rising City

Rathje,            Julius John Carl        David City

Rech,              Frank J                 Brainard

Rech,              James R                 David City

Reif,              Theodor                 Linwood

Reighley,          William Walter          Columbus

Reisdorff,         Peter C                 David City

Rejda,             Anton J                 Brainard

Rejda,             Joseph R                Brainard

Remmers,           George                  Garrison

Ren,               Walter Elliott          David City

Rerucha,           Alois Frank             Bruno

Rerucha,           Henry J                 Bruno

Rerucha,           John A                  Bruno

Rerucha,           Thomas W                Bruno

Rezac,             Anton A                 Brainard

Rezac,             Edward A                David City

Rezac,             Emil                    Linwood

Rezac,             Fred J                  David City

Riblett,           Olin D                  Rising City

Richmond,          Bly                     Rising City

Riegel,            Fred                    David City

Riegel,            Elmer Lorell            David City

Riha,              Frank J                 Dwight

Riha,              James R                 Dwight

Riha,              Louis                   Dwight

Rima,              Elbert Leuen            Rising City

Roberts,           Earl Harvey             Ulysses

Roberts,           John Frederick          David City

Roelendts,         Alfons                  David City

Rogers,            William B               Rising City

Roh,               Joseph V                Bruno

Rohrich,           Ludwig Nicolas          Bellwood

Rolenc,            Joseph E                Brainard

Rolenc,            Vincent A               Brainard

Romes,             Carlos                  Bellwood

Romshek,           Joseph Matt             Bellwood

Rose,              Ernest M                Bellwood

Ross,              Frank                   David City

Ross,              Ralph Parsons           David City

Rotrekl,           Theodore                David City

Roubal,            Jacob P                 Abie

Royers,            Lester Achey            Edholm

Rudil,             Felix                   David City

Russell,           Roy Richard             Ulysses

Ruth,              Alonzo Hanford          Rising City

Ruth,              Carl Alvin              Rising City

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Last               First                   Town
Sabata,            Anton                   David City

Sabata,            Charley                 David City

Sabata,            John                    David City

Sabata,            Robert                  Brainard

Sabata,            Charles S               David City

Sacrider,          Horace Greely           David City

Salak,             Louis                   Edholm

Salger,            William                 Surprise

Samek,             Frank                   Octavia

Sands,             Edward                  David City

Sands,             William                 David City

Saul,              Peter Tuswill           Octavia

Sauser,            Edward A                David City

Sayers,            Benjamin Franklin       David City

Schadegg,          John Charles            David City

Schadegg,          Mathew Mark             Brainard

Schaefer,          William John            Garrison

Schaf,             Edward John             Rising City

Schaf,             Joseph Franklin         Rising City

Schafer,           Henry J                 David City

Schaumburg,        William Chester         David City

Scheel,            Herman Julius           Ulysses

Scheele,           Gustave Chas J          Rising City

Schelby,           Albert John             Shelby

Schlentz,          Benjamin                David City

Schlenz,           Nick                    Bellwood

Schlesinger,       Will                    Rising City

Schlienz,          Joseph                  Bellwood

Schmer,            John                    David City

Schmid,            Anton J                 David City

Schmid,            Emil Arthur             Rising City

Schmid,            Frank Alois             Rising City

Schmid,            James J                 Abie

Schmid,            Joe C                   David City

Schmid,            Rudolph Robert          Rising City

Schmit,            John Aloysins           Bellwood

Schmit,            Leo Cornelius           Bellwood

Schmit,            Nicholas Cornellus      Rising City

Schmit,            Peter                   Rising City

Schmitt,           Charles H               Ulysses

Schmitz,           Aloysius R              Brainard

Schmitz,           Anton                   Brainard

Schmitz,           Bernard C A             Brainard

Schmitz,           George H H              Brainard

Schmitz,           William J               Brainard

Schroeder,         Henry                   Garrison

Schroeder,         Joseph                  Garrison

Schroeder,         Martin F                Garrison

Schultz,           Arthur Hugo             Rising City

Schultz,           John                    Bruno

Schutt,            Benjamin Franklin       Bellwood

Schutt,            Charley Raymond         Bellwood

Schutt,            William Bryam           Bellwood

Schweser,          Carl Edward             David City

Schweser,          Clyde J                 David City

Schweser,          Harold George           David City

Schweser,          Elmore Charles          David City

Scott,             Logan Raymond           Bellwood

Scott,             William Eldon           Ulysses

Sediacek Jr,       John                    Bruno

Seiz,              Lew Adolph              Bellwood

Seizer,            Otto John               Bellwood

Sellhorn,          Frank George            David City

Semin,             Edward                  Bruno

Semrad,            Chas G                  Abie

Semrad,            Henry B                 Abie

Semrad,            Louis H                 Dwight

Semran,            Charles                 Ulysses

Setger,            William                 Garrison

Severn,            Don Rex                 Surprise

Sevesta,           John Joseph             Dwight

Shaffer,           Bert G                  Linwood

Shandera,          Joseph R                Brainard

Sheets,            Adam Marion             David City

Sheets,            Chas Alfred             David City

Sheets,            William M               David City

Sheldon,           Leroy Benjamin          David City

Sheldon,           Walker G                Octavia

Shenefelt,         Sherman M               Rising City

Shenfelt,          Foster M                Rising City

Shenk,             John K                  Octavia

Sherwood,          Martin Rueben           David City

Shimerka,          Vincent R               Abie

Shonka,            Anton V                 David City

Shonka,            Jerold E                David City

Shonke,            Emil Frank              Linwood

Shores,            Oscar J                 Linwood

Shorney Jr,        Frank                   Abie

Shrader,           David Solomon           Surprise

Shrader,           Fred Kathermine         Surprise

Shrader,           Harold Edwin            Surprise

Shrader,           Ross Wiltsey            Rising City

Shrader,           Walter Clark            Surprise

Shramek,           Frank                   Linwood

Shunk,             John L                  Bellwood

Sieddens,          Johannes Cornelus       Bellwood

Siffring,          Herman David            Garrison

Sikmund,           Joseph                  Brainard

Sima,              Bohumil                 David City

Simek,             John                    David City

Simpkins,          Ross Woodhull           Ulysses

Sipp,              Chas R                  David City

Sisel,             John M                  Brainard

Sisel,             Albert                  Brainard

Sisel,             Anton                   Dwight

Skinkle,           James VanWyck           Ulysses

Skinner,           Robert F                David City

Sklenar,           Mike                    Garrison

Slavik,            John A                  Bruno

Slavik,            Joseph Frank            Dwight

Sleeger,           Charley                 David City

Slefr,             Charles                 Ulysses

Slipsager,         Peter                   David City

Slossar Jr,        Joseph                  Abie

Slossar,           James                   Abie

Sloup,             Emil                    Garrison

Sloup,             Jacob V                 Brainard

Smersh,            George I                Brainard

Smid,              Edward                  Bruno

Smith,             Dayton Jilson           Bellwood

Smith Jr,          George                  Ulysses

Smith,             Abraham Floyd           David City

Smith,             Christopher C           Ulysses

Smith,             Fay Martin              Bellwood

Smith,             Henry E                 David City

Smith,             Henry Nicholas          Bellwood

Smith,             Hillar John             Bellwood

Smith,             Howard Creet            Ulysses

Smith,             John Lloyd              David City

Smith,             Leland J                Ulysses

Smith,             Leslie Newel            Ulysses

Smith,             Lloyd                   Rising City

Smith,             Louis D                 David City

Smith,             Mason Earl              Ulysses

Smith,             Peter Leo               Bellwood

Smouse,            Ludvik                  Brainard

Snavely,           Robert Huston           Bellwood

Snodgrass,         Ora Lester              Ulysses

Snyder,            Arthur Forest           David City

Sobolik,           J F                     Abie

Sobolik,           W L                     Abie

Sobota,            Earl                    Brainard

Souia,             Charles                 Garrison

Soukup,            Frank                   Brainard

Spatz,             Edward B                Bruno

Spatz,             John                    Abie

Spearow,           Harry G                 Surprise

Spelts,            Logan                   David City

Spisik,            Andrew                  Bellwood

Spurlock,          William Harrison        David City

Srb,               Joseph J                Dwight

Stafford,          Alfred Esau             Rising City

Stafford,          Floyd W                 David City

Stafford,          Fred Lyman              David City

Stafford,          Laurel Weldon           David City

Stager,            Lewis Joseph            David City

Stajgr,            Charles E               Dwight

Stamer,            Andrew J                Ulysses

Stanard,           John Turner             Ulysses

Stanek,            Joseph                  Brainard

Stanislav,         Joseph                  Linwood

Stanislay,         Frank                   Linwood

Stanley,           Albert Eugene           Garrison

Stara,             James J                 Bruno

Starling,          Ray Richard             David City

Stastny,           Anton K                 Brainard

Stava,             Albert T                Dwight

Stava,             Alois H                 Dwight

Stava,             Emil F                  Bruno

Stava,             Frank F                 Ulysses

Stava,             Robert G                Dwight

Stemper,           Frank Raymond           Bellwood

Stemper,           Henry Laurence          Bellwood

Stephens,          Morris Cook             Rising City

Sternberg,         Hugo Carl               Ulysses

Stevens,           William Daniel          David City

Stoddard,          Fred Lemon              Rising City

Stoddard,          Martin Henry            Rising City

Stoddard,          Merle                   Rising City

Stohler,           Eli                     Bellwood

Stonek,            Rudolph Charles         Brainard

Stoops,            Benjamin Ogle           David City

Stouffer,          John Roy                Ulysses

Stoupa,            John M                  Brainard

Strahan,           Charles Floyd           Linwood

Stransky,          Alfred                  Dwight

Stransky,          James L                 Dwight

Strasser,          Frederick Marcus        David City

Streeter,          Charles Osterling       David City

Strickler,         Ira                     Bellwood

Struebing,         Albert                  Garrison

Struebing,         Joseph C                Rising City

Strum,             Olaf Elven              Bellwood

Stryker,           Earl Albert             Rising City

Stuchl,            Joseph                  Abie

Styakal Jr,        John J                  David City

Styskal,           Leopold                 David City

Styskal,           Louis M                 David City

Styskal,           Louis Joe               David City

Styskal,           Mathew F                Abie

Suddarth,          Clyde Robert            Rising City

Suddarth,          Earnest Nelle           Rising City

Supencheck,        Conrad                  David City

Supencheck,        Matt Jr                 David City

Svobada,           Emil                    Linwood

Svoboda,           Anton L                 David City

Svoboda,           Frank J                 David City

Svoboda,           James L                 David City

Svoboda,           John A                  David City

Svoboda,           John J                  David City

Svoboda,           Charles A               Abie

Svoboda,           Martin                  Bee

Swan,              Earl Eugene             Bellwood

Swanda,            Frank                   Linwood

Swanda,            Joseph                  Linwood

Swands,            Frank Harry             Brainard

Swanson,           Henry Alvin             Ulysses

Sweney,            Alfred John             Rising City

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Last               First                   Town
Tabor,             Oscar                   David City

Taborsky,          James                   Brainard

Tabot,             James Walt              Bellwood

Talbot,            L W                     Bellwood

Talbot,            Oscar                   David City

Talbot,            Tom Neathen             David City

Tannahill,         Glen Ray                Bellwood

Tannehill,         Edgar Theodore          David City

Taylor,            Carl Alfred             Bellwood

Taylor,            Ernest C                Rising City

Tejral,            Frank Adolf             Brainard

Tejral,            Method James            David City

Teller,            William                 Edholm

Tenny,             Roscoe Conkling         David City

Test,              James Arthur            Rising City

Tharp,             Charles Earl            Rising City

Theel Jr,          Paul                    David City

Theewen,           William Mathew          David City

Theewen,           Martin Henry            David City

Thomas,            Edward John             Rising City

Thomas,            Fred Ferdinand          Linwood

Thompson,          Ray                     Rising City

Thomson,           James                   David City

Tiamka,            Bohumil                 Brainard

Tichacek,          Alfred                  Linwood

Tichacek,          William John            Linwood

Tichy,             Joseph                  Dwight

Tilden,            Glen Herald             David City

Tilden,            Lloyd Jerome            Edholm

Tillma,            William Earl            David City

Timms,             James B                 David City

Timms,             Worth William           David City

Tlomka,            Alois                   Brainard

Tobey,             Harold Paul             Ulysses

Toman,             Jos F                   Abie

Tomanek,           Frank T                 Bruno

Tomek,             Phillip Anthony         David City

Tomes,             George John             Ulysses

Tomes,             Lewis Benedict          Dwight

Tonar,             Jim                     Rising City

Townley,           William Alonzo          David City

Trojan,            John                    Ulysses

Trojan,            Joseph E                Ulysses

Trojan,            Louis John              Ulysses

Trpisovaky,        Joseph                  Brainard

Trpisovsky,        Anton                   Brainard

Trukse,            Anton                   Brainard

Turek,             Edward                  Brainard

Turek,             Raymond                 Ulysses

Turner,            Howard                  Octavia

Tyral,             Albert John             Brainard

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Last               First                   Town
Uphoff,            Harrison James          Rising City

Urban,             Gus Alexander           David City

Urban,             Leo Nicholas            Bellwood

Urbanck,           Frank                   David City

Urbanovsky,        Jahn C                  Brainard

Urbanovsky,        Joseph J                Brainard

Uridil,            J M                     Abie

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Last               First                   Town
Vacek,             Joseph George           Rising City

Valla,             Joe                     Ulysses

VanBummel,         Willie                  David City

VanBummel,         Peter                   David City

Vandarkolk,        George E                Octavia

Vanderheghen,      Cyril                   David City

Vanderheiden,      George Mathew           David City

Vanderhelden,      Joseph Antone           David City

Vanek,             Frank                   Rising City

Vanek,             Joseph                  David City

Vanous,            Adolph James            David City

Vavra,             Joseph Frank            Octavia

Veleba Jr,         Frank                   David City

Vernon,            Floyd Melburn           David City

Vidlak,            Frank J                 Abie

Vidlak,            Joseph                  Edholm

Viglicky,          Anton Edward            Edholm

Vitamvas,          Emil Fred               Linwood

Vivria,            Joseph F                Brainard

Vivrina,           Jerold L                Brainard

Volgeltanz,        Joseph M                Bee

Vomacka,           Emil                    Octavia

Vondra,            Frank                   Abie

Voss,              Gerhard Henry           Surprise

Vraspir,           Adolph E                Bruno

Vrbka,             Amiel                   Brainard

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Last               First                   Town
Wade,              Robert Lincoln          Rising City

Wade,              Royal Henry             Rising City

Wadsworth,         Ralph G                 Bellwood

Walla,             Emil                    Linwood

Wallace,           Delmar L                Rising City

Walloert,          Morles                  David City

Walter,            La Verne T              David City

Walter,            Lloyd Couffler          Rising City

Wandt,             Floyd H                 David City

Warner,            Marion Henry            Rising City

Warren,            Henry                   Ulysses

Warren,            Willard Bentley         Ulysses

Waters,            Floyd Ralph             Ulysses

Watkins,           Harry Elmer             David City

Way,               Ira Vern                Surprise

Way,               Ray Sylvester           Rising City

Weaver,            Charles                 Surprise

Weber,             Chas H                  Rising City

Welch,             Frank S                 Surprise

Welte,             George Joseph           David City

Welte,             Paul J                  David City

Welte,             Ralph                   David City

Welte,             Roy D                   David City

Wensel,            Perete Elmer            Rising City

Werner,            William Ralph           Columbus

Wert,              Heman E                 David City

Wesely,            Frank                   Linwood

West,              Harry Lee               Bellwood

West,              James Earl              Ulysses

Westley,           Charles W               Brainard

Westoer,           Roy Duham               David City

Weyand,            Irving Hewit            Bellwood

Whetsel,           John Don                David City

White,             James Jeremiah          Ulysses

Whitemore,         Clyde Warren            Bellwood

Whitmore,          Howard Edward           David City

Whitmore,          Howard Clarence         Surprise

Widdowson,         Wilbert T               Rising City

Wilber,            Arthur James            Rising City

Wilbourn,          Orland Earl             Ulysses

Wilhelms,          Meno H J                David City

Will,              Williard E              Surprise

Williams,          Christopher             Rising City

Williams,          Earl Carl               David City

Wilson,            Daniel Forest           David City

Wilson,            Harry LeRoy             David City

Winkelman,         Charles William         Ulysses

Winkelman,         John Henry              Ulysses

Winslow,           Harlan Colbath          David City

Wintermute,        Russell Clark           Bellwood

Wise,              Everett Earl            Ulysses

Withers,           Allen Wussow            Ulysses

Witkowski,         Herman A                David City

Witkowski,         Paul Frank              Garrison

Witzel,            Carl Emil               Brainard

Wolfe,             Adolph                  Brainard

Wolfe,             William                 Surprise

Woodruff,          Charles Bryan           Ulysses

Woodruff,          Fred Wilber             Ulysses

Woodruff,          George                  Ulysses

Wrede,             Charles Vincent         David City

Wrede,             Floyd Ernest            David City

Wustrack,          John Erie               Surprise

Wustrack,          Oscar Seymour           Surprise

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Last               First                   Town
Yanike,             Walter Charles          Bellwood

Yeeha,             James                   Brainard

Yordy,             Clyde R                 Surprise

Yordy,             William H               Surprise

Yotaya,            Peter J                 Edholm

Young,             Elmer Earl              Linwood

Young,             James Leslie            Linwood

Young,             Marlin J                Linwood

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Last               First                   Town
Zacek,             Thomas A                Rising City

Zahler,            Edward                  Rising City

Zeilinger,         Clyde John              David City

Zeleny,            Edward Louis            Linwood

Zeleny,            Emil J                  Bruno

Zeleny,            Joseph                  Bruno

Zellinger,         Carl Hamilton           David City

Zellinger,         George Ralph            Bellwood

Zellinger,         Thomas Leroy            David City

Zima,              Frank                   Garrison

Zima,              Tom                     Brainard

Zimmer,            Frank Leslie            Bellwood

Zimmer,            Leo Earl                Bellwood

Zitek,             Frank Joseph            Ulysses

Zvolanek,          Rudolph J               David City

Zvolanek,          William                 Ulysses

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