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John Eberhard Weber & Wives

Würtemberg>1870 USA>Muscatine Co. IA>1882-1886 Butler Co. NE
aka: Weaver, Wever, Weber

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Research questions:
I need to verify the death of John Eberhardt Weber so I can get a copy of his Death Cert. He is our immigrant ancestor and we are trying to get his port of entry to the U.S., his port of departure from Germany, and his parents' names so we can move from there.

Descendants of John Eberhardt Weber, Sr. [Immigrant ancestor]
Generation No. 1

1.  JOHN EBERHARDT1 WEBER, SR. was born February 06, 1841 in Wurtemburg? [southeast Germany], and died October 05, 1913 in Rising City, Butler Co, NE - Son's home, Charles Weber.  He married WILHELMENIA DALLEGGE September 13, 1868 in Muscatine Co, IA, daughter of FREDRICK DALLEGGE and MINNIE HYPHER.

Died in his son's home (Charles Weber) [see later note]
Have a document (Oath of Allegiance?) in the name of "John E. Weaver" August 1875 in Muscatine County, Iowa of citizenship. Document states John E. Weaver has lived in the US for 5 years and on Sept 4, 1875 was given citizenship. Says he was a citizen of "Wurtemberg". I'm assuming that was Germany.  It also states at the bottom of the paper that John Weaver's name was legally changed to John Weber.

No Webers were found in the 1860 Census Index for Muscatine Co, IA .

From; Iowa 1870 Index Vol. 2 - 'Census 977.7 x22ij 1870 v.2' from Mesa LDS, film # 0545912

No Webers were found, but I did find:
Wever, Frederick Muscatine 171 Moscow Twp
Wever, John        Muscatine 171 Moscow Twp

On Page 171 of 1870 census (pg 6) for Moscow Township Muscatine Co taken 9th of June 1870 I found the following:

Line 11
Wever, John, 29, M W, Farmer (value Personal estate) 200
Born: Wirtemberg
Both parents indicated as being of foreign birth
Column 19 & 20 were marked with a "1" - (I think those columns referred to
over 26 & being naturalized.)

Line 12
Wilhelmina, 18, F, W, Keeping house
Born: Prussia
Both parents indicated as being of foreign birth

Line 13
Anna, 1, F,W
Born: Iowa
Both parents indicates as being of foreign birth

Line 14
Frederick, 25, M, W, Farm laborer
Born: Wirtemberg
Col 20 marked with = 1, which would indicated that he also was naturalized.

**Now my question is what relation to John is this "Frederick Wever"? Brother? Did they come across at the same time?**

In the 1880 Census - Muscatine Co, IA, Goshen Township Mesa LDS Film
#1254358, (taken 10th June, 1880) I found the following:

Line 21 79/80
Weber (?) John MW 40 Married Farmer    Swenderb (?)

Line 22
Wannie (?) WF 29 Wife Married Keeping House Prussia, Prussia, Prussia

Line 23
Annie    WF 12 Daug At school Iowa

Line 24
Catherine WF 9 Daug Iowa

Line 25
Mathilda WF 7 Daug Iowa

Line 26
George WM 5 Son Iowa

Line 27
William WM 3 Son Iowa

Line 28
Elizabeth WF 7/12 Oct Daug Iowa

I then checked Butler Co, NE for the years 1900 (LDS film #1240918) and
1910 (LDS film #1374852) and found the following information.

Now I'm not sure if this is our "John Weber" as it appears he has remarried and I have no current information on this happening.  However, I suspect this is our John with his new wife, Anna, and her two children from a previous marriage as Herman Louis would have been his last child with Wilhelmina who died in 1895.  I don't see "Annie or Maggie" as his children, but "Eddie" is definitely a possibility.

1900 Census Butler Co, NE page 179 for David City Township

Line 21 302-297 / 302-398
Weber, John  Head- W, M, Feb 1844 - 56 Married #2 (years married)
Column - Nativity - Self - Germany, Father & Mother - Germany
Column - Citizenship - Yrs of Immigration to US - 1864
"            -  # yrs in US - 34
Indicates Naturalized
Occupation - Laborer

Line 22
Anna - wife  - W, F, June 1870 - 29, Married #12 (? years married - hard to
read if it's 2 or 12)
gave birth to - 3 children
all 3 are still living
Nativity - self- Germany, Father & Mother - Germany

Line 23
Annie, Daughter - W, F,  Oct 1889 - 10 - single
Born - NE, Father/Mother - Germany
Indicates - At School

Line 24
Maggie, Daughter - W, F, June 1891 - 8 - single
Born - NE, Father/Mother - Germany
Not indicated - At School

Line 25
Eddie, Son - W, M, Nov 1898 - 1 - single
Born - NE, Father/Mother - Germany

1910 Census Butler Co, NE, David City, TWP - I find no "John Weber"...where did he go by 1910? He dies in Oct 1913 in Rising City, in the home of his son, Charles Weber (Karl Herman Weber?). Maybe that's where he is in 1910 in Rising City and not David City. I will have to check that next.

I then checked "Germans to America Vol 15 - June 1863 - October 1864" and found the following Webers that fit my criteria:

Ship: Teutonia
From: Hamburg & Southampton
To: New York
Arrived: 15 Jan 1864

Name        Age    Sex     Occupation    Destination
Weber, John    26    M    Farmer         USA
Weber, Thomas    24    M    Farmer         USA

Ship: Therese
From: Bremen
To: New York
Arrived: 07 Jan 1864

Weber, John    27    M    Farmer         NY

Ship: Germania
From: Hamburg
To: New York
Arrived: 24 Mar 1864

Weber, Johs    22    M    Farmer         USA

Ship: Germania
From: Rotterdam
To: New York
Arrived: 05 Aug 1864

Weber, John    21    U    Unknown     USA

Ship: Saxonia
From: Hamburg
To: New York
Arrived: 08 Aug 1864

Weber, Johs    21    M    Wvr         USA

Ship: Humboldt
From: Hamburg
To: New York
Arrived: 18 Aug 1864

Weber, Johs    18    M    Farmer         USA

From: "Germans to America Vol. 16 - Nov 1864 - Nov 1865"
I found the following:

Ship: Hansa
From: Bremen & Southampton
To: New York
Arrived: 22 May 1865

Weber, Johs    21    M    Mcht (Merchant?)

Ship: Energie
From: Antwerp
To: New York
Arrived: 03 Aug 1865

Weber, Joh    24    M    Labr         NY

**Butler Co, NE was created in 1856 from Greene Co, NE.**

According to Grandma's notes:
"Don't know John E's brothers or sisters. Father married 3 times, Mother 1 or 2 marriage."

From email 2-5-2002 (Mary Matheson) the following information was obtained:
"Debbie, this is per Rosie who probably got it from Marcy or Jenny. Grandpa John Weber died of Asthma. His son, Edward, Frank, and Adam died of Diphtheria. She says, he was at the State Farm near David City when he died.
I have always thought he died at his son's home. Mary"

2-13-02 - Checked online records from the Butler Co, NE website for Grim
Cemetery in Ulysses, NE. I found the following names and dates:

    John E.
    b. 6 Feb 1841
    d. 5 Oct 1913

    William C., father (This would be Karl Wilhelm)
    b. 3 May 1877
    d. 31 May 1956

    Wilhelmine C. L., mother
    b. 30 Jun 1886
    d. 20 Nov 1930

    Fredrich, son of Wm. & Minnie
    b. 26 Sept Iglo (? I have no idea what this is supposed to be. df)
    d. 24 May 1912

    Charley H., son of Wm. & Minnie
    b. 12 Sept 1906
    d. 3 Oct 1909

Weber (I'm assuming these listings were for two separate areas since they were not listed together. df)
    b. 28 Oct 1892
    d. 20 May 1697 (? should it be 1897, I think this was a typo.)

    b. 11 Feb 1884
    d. 17 May 1897

    b. 20 Mar 1888
    d. 17 May 1897

    b. 30 Jan 1895
    d. 23 July 1899

    Minnie, wife of John
    b. 26 Oct 1848
    d. 3 Feb 1895

(So, it seems Minnie was buried with four of her sons, while John was buried with an older son and grandsons.)

Burial: October 08, 1913, Grimms Cemetary, Ulysses, NE
Emigration: August 1875, Wurtemberg, Germany?

Her last child, Herman Louis, was born Jan 30, 1895 and dies in (unknown) 1895. She also dies on Feb 3, 1895; a few days after her child was born. Was her death child birth related?

Last name also listed as "Deliga",  "Dalgyr" & "Daluger".

Show a "John G. Weaver" marrying "Wilhelmenia Deliga" on 13 Sept 1868 in Muscatine Co, IA.

According to Grandma's notes I have the following information on Wilhelmenia's father:

(Possible siblings of Wilhelmenia):

Augusta        -  ? Kindler
Wilhelmena - John E. Weber
Herman        - Augusta Hinze
August         -
Tillie             - Frank Patten
Charles        - Ellia Chenney (?)

Her mother is buried in Muscatine Co, IA.

Burial: February 06, 1895, Grimms Cemetary, Ulysses, NE

2.    i.    ANNA MARIE2 WEBER, b. Abt. February 10, 1869, Muscatine Co, IA?; d.
Abt. 1940, Ulysses, Butler Cty, NE.
3.    ii.    CATHERINE REGINA WEBER, b. January 20, 1871; d. February 03, 1929.
4.    iii.    MATILDA (Till)WEBER, b. January 20, 1873, Muscatine, IA; d. February
25, 1961, Grimms Cemetary, Ulysses,Butler CO, NE.
    iv.    JOHN GEORGE WEBER, b. December 30, 1874; d. Garrison, Butler Cty, NE;

Burial: Surprise, NE

5.    v.    KARL (William) WILHELM WEBER, b. May 03, 1877; d. June 1956, Hastings
Hospital, Hastings, NE.
    vi.    JOHANNA LOUISE WEBER, b. October 15, 1879; d. February 20, 1881, as
infant, Muscatine, IA.
    vii.    JOHN EBERHARDT WEBER, JR, b. September 30, 1881, Muscatine Co, IA; d.
April 19, 1967, Riverton , WY; m. MARGARET HIENS.

Birth verified from Muscatine Co, IA Birth Records 1880-1910 at Mesa LDS
Film #6010944 page 165.

Father & Mother listed as follows: Weber, John E & Dalygr, Wilhelmina dob 30 Sept 1881
Child: Weber, John E

    viii.    FREDRICK AUGUST WEBER, b. February 11, 1884; d. May 18, 1892, Grimms
Cemetary, Ulysses, NE.

6.    ix.    KARL HERMAN JOSEPH WEBER, b. January 30, 1887, Ulysses, Butler Cty,
NE; d. January 23, 1940, St Mary Hosp, Columbus, Platte Co, NE.
    x.    FRANK ALBERT WEBER, b. April 14, 1888; d. May 18, 1892, Grimms Cemetary,
Ulysses, NE dies as child.
    xi.    ADAM EDWARD WEBER, b. October 16, 1890, Ulysses, Butler Cty, NE; d. May
21, 1892, Grimms Cemetary, Ulysses, NE.
    xii.    HERMAN LOUIS WEBER, b. January 30, 1895, Ulysses, Butler Cty, NE; d.
1895, Grimms Cemetary, Ulysses, NE.

Frederick Dallegge & Eva (w2)

IA> Butler Co. NE

Wilhelmenia (Minnie) Dallegge married John E. Weber. Minnie's father, Frederick, was in Butler Co and is buried there as well, with a second wife, Eva, & more children from this marriage. My understanding from family members is that the Webers were Lutheran until the marriage of my g-grandfather, Charles (Karl) Herman Weber to his wife, Aloysia (Louisa) Theresa Schaf. The Schafs were Catholics from my understanding. The Schlesingers would be related to the Schafs as Aloysia's mother was, Theresa Schlesinger.

Schaf & Schlesinger

see above paragraph

Stoners & Cortners

The Stoners & Cortners would be in Otoe Co. NE as far as I know right now.

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