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George & Mary J. Lapp Zahler

by Paula Zahler Allerdyce



George Zahler was born in August, 1844 in Prussia, Germany



Mary J. Lapp was born April 1, 1845, in Ohio, her father was John Lapp of German descent.





In October 30 or 31, 1863, Mary J. Lapp and George Zahler were united in marriage in Freeport, Illinois.




George Zahler made a homestead claim (1871) in Reading township; three miles south-east of the present town of Rising City.


1880 Census - Rising City Pricinct, Butler County, Nebraska
George Zayler - white, male, age 35, farmer, b. Prussia, parents b. Prussia
Mary -wife, white, female, age 34, b. Ohio, parents b. Prussia
Elizabeth - daughter, age 15, b. Illinois
John - son, age 13, b. Illinois
Annie - daughter, age 8, b. Nebraska
Theresa - daughter, age 6, b. Nebraska
Charles - son, age 5, b. Nebraska
Albert -son, age 3, b. Nebraska
Peter - son, 2 months, b. Nebraska






1900 Census Reading Township, Enumeration District 4, Sheet 10

George Sailer - Head, white, male, b. Aug 1844, age 55, married 37 years, b. Germany, parents b. Germany, emigrated 1857, farmer

Mary J. - wife, white, female, b. Apr. 1845, age 55, married 37 years, 12 children, 8 living, b. Ohio, father b Germany, mother b. Pennsylvania

Elizabeth Snyder - daughter, white, female, b. June 1864, age 35, widow, 1 child, 0 living, b. Illinois, housekeeper

Alfred W., - son, white, male, b. Feb. 1878, age 22, single, b. Nebraska, farm laborer

Francis E. - son, white, male, b. Nov 1881, singel, b. Nebraska, farm laborer

Ellry E. - son, white, male, b. July 1887, single, Nebraska, farm laborer






Observed by Mr. and Mrs. George Zahler of David City

Mr. and Mrs. George Zahler, highly esteemed residents of Butler county 42 years and of David City five years, observed their golden wedding anniversary today (Thursday)[Oct 30, 1913], a company of relatives and old-time friends being entertained by them at their home in observance of the anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. Zahler were married 50 years ago in Freeport, Ill. Mrs. Zahler's maiden name was Mary Jane Lapp.

Eight years after their marriage in Illinois, Mr. and Mrs. Zahler came to Nebraska and Butler county, taking a homestead claim that year (1871) in Reading township; three miles south-east of the present town of Rising City. They made a fine farm of it and resided there 37 years and until 1908 when they moved to David City.

They still own the old homestead. Their sons, Alfred and Francis, live on it.

Mrs. Henry W. Helming, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Zahler, came from Landsford, North Dakota, to attend the golden wedding observance. Mrs. Anna Hunt, a sister of Mrs. Zahler, came from her home near Medina, North Dakota.

Mr. and Mrs. Zahler have eight children living. Five of them live long distances from the parental home and could not be present at the golden wedding observance, the three children in attendance being Alfred and Francis Zahler, of Reading township, this county, and Mrs. Henry W. Helming, of Landsford, North Dakota.

In attendance form Rising City were Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Bauer, Mr. Edward Brakefield, Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Jones, Mr and Mrs. Charles Kuhl, Mr. and Mrs. William Lemley, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Ohm, Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Noddings, Mr. Peter Reinheimer, Mr. and Mrs. George Smith and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Want.

Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Pillar and Mr. and Mrs. Reinhault Pillar were present from Millerton and Mr. and Mrs. Adolf Pillar from Garrison.

David City people who were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Zahler at their golden wedding observance included Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Aerts, Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Coe, Judge and Mrs. A. J. Evans, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Flynn, Mayor and Mrs. L. S. Hastings, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Hoker, Mr. John Hilger, Mr. and Mrs. John Litty, Judge and Mrs. Matt Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Myer, Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Miller, Mrs. Daniel O'Keefe and family, Supt. and Mrs. F. A. Stech and Mrs. H. H. Smith.

An elaborate dinner of four courses was served. The table decorations were chrysanthemums, a large wedding cake with fifty lighted candles as centerpiece.

Among the presents received by Mr. and Mrs. Zahler as tokens of love and esteem were $10 in gold, articles of cut glass, various articles of silverware, a gold watch chain, a silk umbrella and two handsome rocking chairs.
Ref: from newspaper clipping (probably David City, Nebraska) found in the family Bible




She Had Been a Resident of Butler County Since 1871

Mrs. George Zahler, one of Butler county's pioneer women, died at her home in David City Wednesday evening, Feb 17, [1915] shortly after 8 o'clock, Mrs. Zahler's death was from pneumonia. She was sick just a week, having contracted the disease a week ago Wednesday.

Mrs. Zahler was in her 70th year. She was born April 1, 1845, in Ohio, and was of German descent. Her maiden name was Mary J. Lapp. When a young girl her father, John Lapp, a shoemaker, moved his family from Illinois where he kept a shoe shop in the house for many years.

In October 1863, Miss Lapp and Mr. George Zahler were united in marriage in Freeport, Illinois. In 1871, eight years after their marriage, the Zahler family came from Illinois to Nebraska and Butler county and took up their residence in a sod house on a homestead in section 24, Reading township. Here for 39 years the Zahler family resided. Mrs. Zahler with her energetic spirit and indomitable will was of great assistance to her husband in meeting the same discouragements and overcoming the same obstacles that were so familiar to the early day homesteaders. Mr. and Mrs. Zahler bought a home in David City five years ago and moved here shortly after the purchase was made. They have resided here ever since.

Mrs. Zahler was the mother of eleven children, eight of whom are living. They are Mrs. Elizabeth Snyder, of San Diego, Calif.; John F. Zahler, Shawnee, Okla; Mrs. Anna Brown, of Omaha; Mrs. Grace Helming, of Lansford, N.Dak; Charles Zahler, of San Diego, Calif; Alfred and Francis Zahler, of Rising City; and Edward Zahler, of Portland, Ore. Mrs. Helming and Francis Zahler are in San Diego, Calif, visiting. Mr. Zahler and two sisters also survive Mrs. Zahler. One sister, Mrs. Lizzie Lawver, lives in Rising City; the other sister, Mrs. Anna Hunt, lives near Medina, N.Dak. Mrs. Brown came from Omaha Monday evening on account of the illness of her mother and Alfred Zahler has been here from Rising City the past week. John F. Zahler of Shawnee, Okla., will arrive here this (Thursday) evening.

No definite arrangements for the funeral services have been made as yet, but they probably will be held next Tuesday [Feb 23, 1915]. The body will be held until some of Mrs. Zahler's children arrive from California. It is not known how many of them will come. Burial will be in the Rising City cemetery.
Ref: Obituary found in the family Bible, probably from David City, Nebraska newspaper.



Body of Mrs. George Zahler Was Laid to Rest Wednesday

The last rites for Mrs. George Zahler, who died in her home in David City on February 17, were held on Wednesday morning, February 24, at 10 o'clock in the Lutheran church in Rising City by Rev. M. L. Melick, pastor of that church. The singers were Mrs. Clinton Hillegass, Miss Mabel Miller, Edward Dechert and Fritz Hoffman, with Mrrs. O. A. Wickert as organist. The pallbearers were Edward Brakefield, Jacob Helwig, George Moser and Peter Reinheimer, all old-time friends of the Zahler family. Burial was in the Rising Sun cemetery.

The body of Mrs. Zahler lay in state at the Zahler home Tuesday afternoon prior to Christian Science services which were held at 3:30 o'clock at the Zahler residence. The services were conducted by P. H. Rosebrook and Mrs. R. A. Bennett. Mrs. Mary Maltby gave two vocal solos, "No Night There" and "Abide With Me."

On Tuesday evening the remains were taken to Rising City and the body lay in state there in the home of Mrs. A. J. Kaempfer.

Those going from David City to Rising City to attend the funeral services were George Zahler, husband of Mrs. Zahler, and Alfred and Francis Zahler; Mrs. Anna Brown and daughter, Olive, and son, Clyde, of Omaha; Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Helming of Lansford, N. Dak; John F. Zahler of Shawnee, Okla; John Helser of Palmer; Mrs. Lizzie Lawver, whose home is in Rising City, but who had been in the Zahler home during Mrs. Zahler's illness and since her death; Mr. and Mrs C. G. Hoker and C. H. Allen. Alfred, Francis and John Zahler, Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Helming are Zahler children. Mr. Helser is a cousin of Mrs. Zahler and had lived with the Zahler family for over twenty years. Mrs. Brown had been in David City since Monday, February 15, John Zahler came last Thursday evening, Clyde and Miss Olive Brown and John Helser came Monday evening and Francis Zahler and Mr. and Mrs. Helming, who were visiting in San Diego, Calif., arrived Monday evening.

Three Zahler children, Mrs. Elizabeth Snyder and Charles Zahler, of San Diego, Calif., and Edward Zahler, of Portland, Ore., were unable to come.

The many beautiful floral offerings sent to the Zahler home after the death of Mrs. Zahler were tokens of sympathy from friends of the Zahler family and were emblematic of the high esteem and respect with which Mrs. Zahler was regarded.
Ref: Obituary found in the family Bible, probably from David City, Nebraska newspaper:


1920 Soundex

George Zahler white, age 75, born in Germany, residence 4814 Long Branch Enumerated with Elizabeth Snyder

August H. Zahler, white, age 67, birthplace Illinois, same location there also.
Ref:  Soundex Vol 88, ED 250, Sheet 5, Line 45, San Diego Co., California Census

1920 US Census

Elizabeth Snyder -Head, female, white, age 52, widow, no education, reads and writes, b. Illinois, tailoring - college

George Zahler - Father, male, white, age 75, married, no education, reads and writes, born in Germany, speaks German, not employed, does not speak English, parents b. Germany

August H. Zahler - wife, female, white, age 67, no education, speaks and writes, b. Illinois, parents b. New York
Ref: US Census: San Diego Township, San Diego Co. CA

Submitted by Paula Zahler Allerdyce ( and Liza Zahler Gaby


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