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WWI Soldiers, Sailors and Marines from Cass County, Nebraska

Submitted by Jean Lambert.

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1.Allen, David ForrestPlattsmouthEnlisted
2.Allen, Herbert Jesse Plattsmouth Enlisted
3.Allen, Thomas, CharlesEagleEnlisted
4.Andrews, Ray EugenePlattsmouthEnlisted
5.Ankersen, Jacob EmanuelWeeping WaterEnlisted
6.Armstrong, Arthur FranklinGreenwoodEnlisted
7. Babbitt, Bryon WilderPlattsmouthEnlisted
8.Ball, Harvey MonroeLouisville Enlisted
9. Barger, Earl CliffordPlattsmouthEnlisted
10.Barkus, Frank LeePlattsmouthEnlisted
11.Beal, Clarence LeroyPlattsmouthEnlisted
12.Biggs, BerlPlattsmouthEnlisted
13.Bogard, Clyde MelvilleAvocaEnlisted
14. Bornemeier, Albert HenryWabashEnlisted
15.Briggs, Chester BurdettePlattsmouthEnlisted
16. Brooks, EddieMurdockEnlisted
17.Brown, James ErnestPlattsmouthEnlisted
18.Buttery, Ernest HerbertPlattsmouthEnlisted
19.Cappen, Ira ValentineWeeping Water Enlisted
20.Cecil, Clifford IsaacPlattsmouthEnlisted
21.Connell, Ralph ElliottAlvaEnlisted
22.Davis, Cecil GilmoreWeeping WaterEnlisted
23.Dawson, Frederick GeorgePlattsmouthEnlisted
24.Dean, Albert EdwardGreenwoodEnlisted
25.Delesdernier, Noah ReynoldsElmwoodEnlisted
26.Der Nier, Harrold DeLesElmwoodEnlisted
27.Dickson, Norman EmmonsPlattsmouthEnlisted
28.Dolan, George AnthonyLouisvilleEnlisted
29.Dovey, Charles SorbyPlattsmouthEnlisted
30.Dugay, Frances AlvaPlattsmouthEnlisted
31.Durham, Carlos CourneyAvocaEnlisted
32.Duxbury, Aubrey HobartPlattsmouthEnlisted
33.Duxbury, Marion FranklinPlattsmouthEnlisted
34.Fieselman, John MathiasAvocaEnlisted
35.Fisher, Leo ThomasWeeping WaterEnlisted
36.Fredrickson, Kane AnseeWeeping WaterEnlisted
37.Gillespie, Roley MurelMurdock Deserted
38.Goehry, ErhartMurdockEnlisted
39.Gradoville, Charles MatthewPlattsmouthEnlisted
40.Grefe, Martin WilhelmLouisvilleEnlisted
41. Hall, Luther Benjamin UnionEnlisted
42. Hall, Sumner B.AlvoEnlisted
43. Hardy, Samuel JamesEagleEnlisted
44. Hartman, Wendel JohnPlattsmouthEnlisted
45. Hathaway, William Earl UnionEnlisted
46. Hollenberger, Claude OwenAvocaEnlisted
47.Isner, ThomasPlattsmouthEnlisted
48.Jacobson, Paul ArthurLouisvilleEnlisted
49.Janda, Cyrill Mathew Jr.PlattsmouthEnlisted
50.Jirousek, John JosephPlattsmouthEnlisted
51.Kear, LewisWeeping WaterEnlisted
52.Kirscheinblatt, Louis GabrielPlattsmouthEnlisted
53.Klabunde, Otto WilliamLouisvilleEnlisted
54.Koubek, Joseph JohnPlattsmouthEnlisted
55.Krivanek, George FrancisPlattsmouthEnlisted
56.Lamphear, George ErvinPlattsmouthEnlisted
57.Lamphear, Roy LouisPlattsmouthEnlisted
58.Lawton, Ford LincolnWabash Deserted
59.Lawton, Fred E.WabashEnlisted
60.Ledgway, Clarence EdmundPlattsmouthEnlisted
61.Lehman, Harold WesleyWeeping WaterEnlisted
62.Lister, EugenePlattsmouthEnlisted
63.Long, Virgil LewisElmwoodEnlisted
64.McCleery, FredWeeping WaterEnlisted
65.McCrary, John AllenPlattsmouthEnlisted
66.McDaniel, George ThomasPlattsmouthEnlisted
67.Marshall, Cary Andrew Jr.PlattsmouthEnlisted
68.Mayfield, Pearl EdwinLouisvilleEnlisted
69.Miller, Albery HenryPlattsmouthEnlisted
70.Morgan, Verlin BartowLouisvilleEnlisted
71.Murphy, Frank EdwardWeeping WaterEnlisted
72.Murray, EddEagleEnlisted
73.Neuschaefer, Herny LymanWeeping WaterEnlisted
74.Newman, WilliamPlattsmouthEnlisted
75.Niel, Glen ClarencePlattsmouthEnlisted
76.Olander, Carl WalterWeeping WaterEnlisted
77.Palecek, Frank StuartPlattsmouthEnlisted
78.Patton, Bean LenixPlattsmouthEnlisted
79.Paulsen, Louie WalterWeeping WaterEnlisted
80.Persinger, James AlbertPlattsmouthEnlisted
81.Pittman, Corda LaFayettePlattsmouthEnlisted
82.Pittman, Marion CalvinAvocaEnlisted
83.Pittman, Owen Leslie UnionEnlisted
84.Propst, Dwight ArthurPlattsmouthEnlisted
85.Prouty, Herbert JoyceAlvoEnlisted
86.Rainey, William MerlePlattsmouthEnlisted
87.Ravenscroft, FanWeeping WaterEnlisted
88.Rebal, Edward WilliamPlattsmouthEnlisted
89.Rebal, Frank AntonePlattsmouthEnlisted
90.Reckard, Howard EmersonWeeping WaterEnlisted
91.Rennie, George WashingtonPlattsmouthEnlisted
92.Rich, Ralph SmithWeeping WaterEnlisted
93.Roddy, Eugene Davis UnionEnlisted
94.Schafer, CharlesMurdockEnlisted
95.Schafer, LeonardManleyEnlisted
96.Schmader, AndyLouisvilleEnlisted
97.Schmarder, FrankLouisvilleEnlisted
98.Schuldice, Harry ThomasPlattsmouthEnlisted
99.Schwart, Walter Henry GeringNehawkaEnlisted
100.Scott, David WrightSo. BendEnlisted
101.Sedlak, Joseph BlythePlattsmouthEnlisted
102.Seeman, FredElmwoodEnlisted
103.Shopp, William HersheyPlattsmouthEnlisted
104.Small, George ElsberryMurryEnlisted
105.Smetana, Joseph RobertPlattsmouthEnlisted
106.Spencer, FrankAvocaEnlisted
107.Spencer, FredWeeping WaterEnlisted
108.Squire, Audrain DeweyWabashEnlisted
109.Squires, Chancy ClydeWabashEnlisted
110.Stander, Thomas RegulaLouisvilleEnlisted
111.Steinkamp, EdwardLouisvilleEnlisted
112.Stohlmann, Walter AndrewMurdockEnlisted
113.Stoll, Albert LouisNehawkaEnlisted
114.Sturzenegger, Alfonzo JohnSo. BendEnlisted
115.Talbott, Earl RobertSo. BendEnlisted
116.Timm, John WilliamSo. BendEnlisted
117.Trumble, Warren LeslieEagleEnlisted
118.Vroman, Ellery BryanPlattsmouthEnlisted
119.Vroman, Eugene OvidPlattsmouthEnlisted
120.Weaver, Judd SamuelSo. BendEnlisted
121.White, Harry CharlesPlattsmouthEnlisted
122.Wildrick, Earl HarrisonWeeping WaterEnlisted
123.Wildrick, FranklinMurryEnlisted
124.Wilson, Harry MorrisPlattsmouthEnlisted
125.Wilson, Irl HomerWabashEnlisted
126.Windham, BenjaminPlattsmouthEnlisted
127.Witzke, Gustav AdolphAvocaEnlisted
128.Wood, James EdwardNehawkaEnlisted
129.Yeager, FrankAlvoEnlisted

WWI Solders (Navy) Casualties - Cass County, Nebraska

1.Ingram, Paul SpenceLouisvilleDied
2.Roddy, Robert BernardUnionDied
3.Trudeau, ArcherAvoca Died
4.Vallery, Albert WesleyPlattsmouthDied

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