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Portrait and Biographical Album of Otoe and Cass Counties

Surnames A through L

Surnames M through Z

Chapman Brothers; (Chicago: 1889).

Originally printed as one volume, this resource contains numerous biographies from the title counties. Of these, nearly 400 focus on Cass County residents. Below is an index to Cass County residents whose biographies are included in the Album.

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Abbott, M.D.
Adams, G.W.
Adams, Himenus
Adams, William T.
Akeson, Mattes
Albert, John
Andrus, Daniel D.
Andrus, Cyrus R.
Andrus, John E.
Andrus, Orsemus.M.
Applegate, Isaac N.
Ashmun, Russell A.
Ashmun, Henry
Bahr, Jacob J.
Bailey, William P.
Baird, John R.
Baldwin, William J.
Ballou, Otis H.
      Picture Ballou
Barden, A.A.
Barnum, Evander W.
      Picture Barnum
Barr, Henry D.
Barrett, George W.
Barrett, Wilber L.
Becker, John H.
Behrns, Henry
Bein, Amelia
Beodeker, Charles H.
Berger, E.
Berger, George L.
Berger, James W.
Bickert, Ambrose
Billings, Spencer S.
Bird, Lewis
      Picture Bird
Black, John, M.D.
Black, Robert W.
Bobbitt, Hon Theo Newton
Brooks, James W.
Brown, W.L.
Buck, Hon. John F.
      Picture Buck
Bullis, Joshua W.
Burdick, Joshua P.
Butler, Dr. Milton M.
Calkins, Newton J.
Carney, Rev. T.J.
Carter, Samuel
Cassel, William Henry H.
Chalfant, John
Chapin, Reuben A.
Chapman, Samuel M.
Christenson, James
Clements, John
Clemmons, Noah
      Picture Clemmons
Clemmons, Silas E.
Colbert, James
Cole, Hon. Braud
      Picture B. Cole
Cole, William T.
Coleman, Elic Chalker
Colman, Asa
Compton, Elias M.
Conklin, George S.
Conn, Jasper W.
Cooley, Alfred S.
Coon, Peter
Corbet, John
Cox, Joseph W.
Crabtree, Abel
Crabtree, Allen
Cremer, Francis A.
Cremer, J.M.
Critchfield, William P.C.
Critchfield, Mrs. Harriet
Cutforth, Walter
Cutler, George T.
Cutler, Henry C.
Davis, Edwin
Davis, Henry J.
      Picture H. Davis
Davis, Wesley A.
Davis, William W.
Day, Everett E.
Dimmitt, Beal Harvey
Dimmitt, Edwin
Dobney, Frank
Domingo, Jacob
Domingo, John
Donovan, Edward
Dysart, James
Edgar, William
Egenberger, John V.
Eickhoff, Louis C.
Eikenbery, William
Emens, Robert
Engelkemeier, Henry
Engell, Philip C.
Ernst, Albert
Eveland, Peter
Fetzer, Frank
Flower, Perl F.
Flower, W.A.
Foltz, Louis
Forsyth, Jacob
Foster, Daniel W.
Fountain, Thomas J.
Fowler, John M.
Frans, Robert H.
Frans, William
Fry, Andrew C.
Garrison, H. Greeley
Gilbert, Elias S.
Gilmore, John
Girardet, Sterling F.
Gleason, Horace W.
Goodier, Thomas
Goos, Frederic
Gorder, Frederic
Gordon, Ira
Grimes, G.W.
Gullion, William W.
Guthmann, Francis R.
      Picture Guthmann
Hain, George
Hall, Dr. Joseph E.
Halmes, Nicholas
Halverstadt, David S.
Hansen, John G.
Hanson, Knud
Harrison, Phillip F.
Hasemeier, John H.
Hathaway, Abram
Hatt, Jonathan
Hawkins, Alfred
Hawley, Hiram G.
Hay, Valentine
Hays, John G.
Heil, Adam
Heil, George
Heil, Wendel
Hennings, Charles C.
Hennings, John A.
Herold, William
Hess, Andrew E.
Hess, John
Higgins, Hon. James M.
Hild, Adam
Hinners, H.C.
Hite, David
Hirz, Henry
Hobbs, Dr. Noah R.
Holden, Samuel M.
Holmes, Charles M.
Holmes, John B.
Holschuh, John
Hoover, John T.A.
Horn, George P.
Horn, Phillip
Howland, Henry
Hulfish, Stephen
Ingram, James
Jacobs, Oliver
James, William
Jasper, Wilhelm
Jenkins, Aaron
Jenkins, Elijah
Johnson, Mathias
Johnson, James
Johnson, John
Johnson, William A.
Johnson, W.T.
John, Theordore
Jones, Richard Douglas
Judkins, Simon Bolivar
Keithley, James K.
Kendall, Francis G.
King, C.H.
Kirkpatrick, Hon. S.M.
Knabe, John C.
Knotts, A.B.
Kraeger, Adam
Kraeger, John
Kunzmann, Jacob
Lambing, George W.
Lang, Benjamin F., M.D.
Latta, William E.
Laughlin, Ebenezer G.
Laughlin, Benjamin F.
Laughlin, William J.
Leesley, J.E.
Lehnhoff, Frederick D.
Leis, John M.
Lewis, Albert E.
Lewis, Richard
Lewis, William R.
Leyda, Reuben K.
Livingston, Robert Ramsey
      Picture R. Livingston
Livingston, Nehemiah
Livingston, Theodore P.
Lloyd, John M.
Long, Simeon I.
Lorenson, Christian

Surnames M through Z

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