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Portrait and Biographical Album of Otoe and Cass Counties

Surnames M through Z

Surnames A through L
Chapman Brothers; (Chicago: 1889).

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Magee, Ashford H.
Magney, John
Marcellus, Peter W.
Martin, C.J.
Marshall, John T.
Marshall, William
Mathew, James S.
Mathews, Mrs. Louisa
Mayfield, Albert U.
Mayfield, George W.
McClain, James O.
McClintic, Samuel
McConnaha, John
McDermed, John W.
McFall, Archibald
McGill, Robert
McPherson, John P.
McReynolds, Nelson
McVay, Jesse R.
Mendenhall, Daniel G.
Messner, Henry L.
Meyer, Christoff
Miller, Albert A.
Mills, Joseph T.
Mitchell, Thomas
Monroe, William J.
Morgan, Miles W.
Morrow, Rozzel
Murdoch, John
Murphy, Ezra
Murphy, William
Murray, Joshua
Murray, Leonard C.W.
Murray, Rev. George R.
Mutz, Walter
Neeley, John M., M.D.
Nickel, George P.
Nolting, Mrs. Wilhelmina
Norris, Dr. Urban H.
Norton, George W.
Oberle, George
O'Neill, James
Orton, Stephen W.
Parmele, Elam K.
Patterson, Hon. James M.
      Picture J. Patterson
Perkins, Willis P.
Peters, Peter
Philpot, Charles
Philpot, John, Jr.
Philpot, John, Sr.
Pickens, William H.
Pittman, J.W.
Pittman, Andrew
Pittman, Eli J.
Post, Edward
Propst, Martin
Race, Harry G.
Ragoss, Julius F.
Ramsey, Basil S.
Rankin, Thomas
Rausch, Henry
Reed, Harry D.
Reed, Hon. Eugene L.
Reynolds, William B.
Rexford, Frederic F.
Rhoden, William A.
Richards, Edwin F.
Richards, Horace T.
Richardson, John
Richardson, Samuel
Richey, Hon. Francis M.
Ritchie, Harry C.
Robbins, John
Rockwell, Abram M.
Roelofsz, Henry
Roelofsz, Peter
Romine, James G.
Root, Hon. Anderson
Root, Dr. Anson L.
Root, Rev. Edward
Rose, Hon. A.M.
Rose, G.A.
Rose, William
Rowland, William M.
Ruby, Benjamin F.
Ruby, Martin
Ruby, Thomas
Rummel, Christina
Russell, Lycurgus
Rusterholz, Jacob
Sackett, Edward A.
Sacks, Julius
Samson, David
Samson, Eli
Schafer, Philip J.
Schildknecht, W. H., M.D.
      Picture Schildknecht
Schlanker, Jacob
Schomaker, J. Fredrick
Schrider, Emil
Sears, James
Shafer, William Henry
      Picture Mr. & Mrs. Shafer
Shannon, John W.
Sheffer, William
Sheldon, Amsdel
Sheldon, Hon. Lawson
Sherman, Charles W.
Sherwood, Robert
Shomaker, Henry
Short, Thomas
Shrader, Zachariah W.
Shryder, George F.
Shryock, William B.
Simpson, John D.
Skinner, Linwood E.
Smith, Mrs. Frances Jane
Smith, Orrin P.
Snyder, William
Sperry, James W.
Spink, Maynard
Spohn, Charles
Spurlock, Burwell
Stander, Frank
Stanford, Hirah
Starkjohann, Theodore
Stewart, George A.
Stine, John
      Picture Stine
Stoehr, Christ
Stone, Isaac
Stopher, Edgar A.
Stull, Jacob
Stull, John Frederick (Stoll)
      Picture John Stull
Taber, Calvin G.
Taylor, Henry F.
Tefft, Hon. Orlando
Theis, Nicholas
Thomas, Hon. James W., M.D.
Thomas, Thomas
Tighe, William
Timm, Hans H.
Todd, Ammi B.
Todd, William O.
Torrence, Sylvester
Traver, George
Treat, Garry
Tritsch, Jacob
Tritsch, Philip
Troop, Robert
Tucker, William M.
Turner, John
Tyson, A.
Upton, George S.
Umland, Henry
Vallery, Conrad H.
Vallery, Jacob, Jr.
Vallery, Jacob, Sr.
Vallery, Peter
Van Doren, Aaron L.
Van Horn, Hezekiah
Volk, Peter
Vosburgh, Cornelius
Vosburgh, Zuray S.
Waltz, Martin W.
Ward, Israel
Ward, Oliver
Warner, Charles H.
Warrick, W.J.
Webster, Charles A.
Weckbach, Joseph V.
Wehrbein, Fred
Westlake, William
Weston, Addison P.
      Picture Mr. & Mrs. Weston
Wetenkamp, William
Wilbern, John W.
Wilbern, Mrs. Sina
Will, Asgil S.
      Picture Mr. & Mrs. Will
Williams, Edmund E.
Williams, Edward
Williams, Francis H.
Williams, Thomas E.
Wintersteen, William
Wise, Jonathan N.
Wolf, Isaac N.
Wiedeman, Gustus H.
Woodard, David
Woods, George H.
Wolpert, John
Wolph, Hon. H.C.
Wright, Alpha
Wunderlich, John G.
Young, George W.
Young, Lewis H.
Young, Nicholas
Young, Thomas T.

Surnames A through L

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