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Biographical Submissions

Isaac Newton Gochenour

In an article in a Plattsmouth Journal publication of 1952, the story is told of Isaac Newton Gochenour (1840 to 1906). Isaac was born in Page County, Virginia, possibly in the town of Luray. There are several stories that have been handed down in the families, but no one seems to be able to discover who Isaac's father was. His mother's name likely was Miss Barbara Gochenour. Her family appears to have raised Isaac. These 'facts' notwithstanding, Isaac appears to have grown into a fine young man, someone his family is proud of.

He was an early settler of Nebraska territory and the Plattsmouth community. His life was typical of the hearty and vigorous way of the Nebraska pioneer who struggled to "advance the American frontier across the Missouri." Isaac enlisted in the famous First Nebraska on September 7, 1861. Thus he was an early volunteer in the Civil War. Later this division of soldiers was stationed in Nebraska to protect settlers from Indian attacks.

In 1866 Isaac Gochenour mustered out of the military at Omaha. He then settled in Rock Bluff where he later married Sarah L. Russell on July 15, 1873 in Mills County, Iowa. They had sons: John, Samuel, Harry, Walter and Claude. Isaac is said to have been a big gentle man who loved children and they loved him. His sons and grandsons possessed the same trait, being large in size and great in heart as well. Forty years after taking up residence in Rock Bluff, Isaac still exhibited the pioneer spirit. He homesteaded new land at Burwell, Nebraska where he died a few days after proving his claim. He was buried at Horning cemetery a little south of Plattsmouth. His wife (1854 - 1928) is buried in the same cemetery.

    The children are as follows:
  • Samuel Newton Gochenour - born November 17, 1874 in Mills County, Iowa, died 1964 in Missouri Valley, Iowa buried in Magnolia Cemetery, Magnolia Township, Harrison County, Iowa, married Laura Birdsall on September 12, 1897, in Mills County, Iowa.

  • John Alexander Gochenour - born June 10, 1877 in Bethlehem, Iowa, died March 09, 1957 in Plattsmouth, Nebraska, buried, Horning Cemetery, Plattsmouth, Cass County, Nebraska, married Maude Jaretta Rice on May 12, 1898, in Plattsmouth, Nebraska.

  • Isaac " Walter" Gochenour - born September 16, 1879, died 1952 in Plattsmouth, Cass County, Nebraska. ( I have no other information on him.)

  • William "Harry" Gochenour - born January 17, 1880, in Pacific Junction, Mills County, Iowa, died March 16, 1962, in Nebraska City, Nebraska, buried, Oak Hill Cemetery, Plattsmouth, Cass County, Nebraska, married Myrtle M. Karnes on August 31, 1901, in Plattsmouth, Cass County, Nebraska.

  • Claude Louis Gochenour - born November 21, 1882. died 1950 in Plattsmouth, Cass County, Nebraska, married Nellie Sheldon. (I have no other information on him.)

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© copyright 2002 Debbie Gochenour
Great Great Granddaughter to Isaac

Biographical Submissions

Sarah Lynn

Nebraska City, Nebraska Friday, March 4, 1904
Grandma Lynn possesses a great deal of independence, and that is why she decided to celebrate her 76th birthday in her own way, which she did by inviting her children to take dinner with her that day. It was a most enjoyable re-union, attended by other relatives in addition to her children, and they all joined in giving her many valuable and useful presents. Those attending were Andrew Lynn and wife o Ohiowa, Mrs. Albert Johnson and Mrs. Martha Drumm of Weeping Water, John Campbell and wife of Rock Bluffs. Mrs. Barbara Taylor, Mrs Peter Clarence, Joseph Lynn and wife, Rev. G. W. Ayers and family, Rev. A. L. Folden; Misses Luella, Minnie and Elsie Taylor, Zeietta and Hattie Clarence, Nellie and Pearl Lynn; Frank, Earnest [sic], and georgie Lynn and Lester Clarence. Grandma Lynn, whose maiden name was Sarah Truax, was born in Pennsylvania, and with her husband, the late Joshua Lynn, located in this precinct 44 years ago. May she celebrate many more birthdays.

[Transcriber's Note: Sarah Lynn died in 1908]

Biographical Submissions

John Wesley Farmer

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