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Cass County, Nebraska

Click on the map or use the complete listing of locations below to go to an enlargement of an area.

- The above map includes current towns, major roads and numbers marking the locations of cemeteries.
- Click on the map or use the complete listing of locations below to go to an area map that includes more extensive location information.
- Area maps include current towns, major roads, cemeteries, discontinued towns and historical post office designations for rural areas.

Area maps: North-West Cass County | North-East Cass County | South-West Cass County | South-East Cass County

1. Alvo- S.W.
2. Alvo Brethren
         (Dunkard)- S.W.
3. Avoca- S.E.
4. Belmont- N.W.
5. Billings- N.E.
6. Buck- S.E.
8. Callahan- N.W.
9. Camp Creek
       (Pleasant Hill)- S.W.
10. Clemmons- N.E.
11. Doom- N.E.
--- Dunkard- see Alvo Brethren
12. Dysart-Hoback
       (Pleasant Grove)- S.E.
13. Eagle- S.W.
--- Eaton's- see Sciota
14. Eight Mile Grove- N.E.
15. Elmwood- S.W.
16. Elmwood North- N.W.
--- Emmanuel Evangelical-
        see German Evangelist
17. German Evangelist
       (Emmanuel Evangelical)-
18. Glendale- N.E.
19. Grandview- S.E.
20. Greenwood- N.W.
21. Hill & Worrell- N.W.
22. Holy Sepulchre- N.E.
--- Horning-
         see Pleasant Ridge
--- Immanuel Lutheran-
         see Lutheran
23. Kenosha- S.E.
24. Lewiston- S.E.
25. Lutheran (Immanuel)-
26. Mt. Pleasant- S.E.
27. Oak Hill- N.E.
28. Oakwood- S.E.
29. Otterbein- S.E.
--- Pleasant Grove-
        see Dysart-Hoback
--- Pleasant Hill-
         see Camp Creek
31. Pleasant Ridge
         (Horning)- N.E.
32. Riverview- N.W.
33. Rock Bluff- N.E.
34. Sciota (Eaton's)- S.E.
35. Sheffer Pioneer- N.W.
36. South Bend- N.W.
37. St. John's- S.E.
38. St. Patrick's- N.E.
39. Trinity Lutheran- N.W.
40. Union East- S.E.
41. Union West- S.E.
42. Wabash- S.W.
43. Wortman- N.W.
44. Wright- S.W.
45. Young- N.E.

Current Towns
Alvo- S.W.
Cedar Creek- N.E.
Eagle- S.W.
Greenwood- N.W.
Louisville- N.W.
Manley- N.W.
Murdock- N.W.
Murray- S.E.
Nehawka- S.E.
Plattsmouth- N.E.
South Bend- S.W.
Union- S.E.
Weeping Water- S.E.
Discontinued Towns
Andrusville- S.W.
Cassville- S.E.
Concord- N.E.
Eight Mile Grove- N.E.
        (Union Mills)- S.E.
Kenosha- S.E.
Mt. Pleasant- S.E.
Mynard- N.E.
Oreapolis- N.E.
Rock Bluff- N.E.
Union Mills- see FactoryvilleVictoria- S.W.
Wabash- S.W.
Waterville- S.E.
Rural Post Offices
Belmont P.O.- S.W.
Bushberry P.O.- S.W.
Center Valley- S.E.
Cleveland- S.E.
Glendale P.O.- N.E.
John Brendle P.O.
         and Store- S.E.
Lewiston- S.E.
Luella P.O.- S.W.
Maineland P.O.- N.W.
Sunlight P.O.- S.W.
Three Grove P.O.- S.E.

Maps and More
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Special thanks and credit are due Linda Barnard Duncan of the Cass Co. Historical Society. These maps are partially based, with permission, on her map "Cemeteries of Cass County" available through the Cass Co. Historical Museum.

© 1997 by Wendy J. Anderson
Map, key and table of contents by Wendy J. Anderson.
Permission in granted for personal, non-profit use only.