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Surnames Beginning with A and B

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Name Township
Abbott, A. J., Greenwood
Abbott, B., Greenwood
Abbott, James, Weeping Water
Abbott, M. D., Greenwood
Abel, Cyrus, Murray
Abel, Homer, Murray
Abel, T. E., Murray
Adams, A., Plattsmouth
Adams, Elijah, Mt. Pleasant
Adams, F. J., Mt. Pleasant
Adams, G. A., Weeping Water
Adams, G. W., 8 Mile Grove
Adams, J. H., Plattsmouth
Adams, Jonathan, Plattsmouth
Adams, J. Q., Plattsmouth
Adams, J. W., 8 Mile Grove
Adams, R., Plattsmouth
Adams, Thaddeus, Louisville
Adsky, C., South Bend
Ahl, H.J., Plattsmouth
Ahl, J. H., Plattsmouth
Ahl, John, Plattsmouth
Ahl, Lorenzo, South Bend
Akeson, M., Louisville
Albee, Frank Sr., Louisville
Akeson, Peter, Louisville
Albert, James E., Plattsmouth
Albert, John, Plattsmouth
Albin, B., Union
Albine, David, 8 Mile Grove
Alden, H.H., Greenwood
Alexander, B. J., Greenwood
Alexander, J. M., Greenwood
Alexander, P. W., Greenwood
Allhands, Wm., Weeping Water
Allhands, J., Weeping Water
Allis, John E., Plattsmouth
Allen, A., 8 Mile Grove
Allen, B.F., Weeping Water
Allen, Charles, Sunlight
Allen, H., Rock Bluffs
Allen, J. G., Union
Allen, J. H., Greenwood
Allen, L. R., Greenwood
Allen, N. M., Union
Allen, Thomas, Sunlight
Allen, Wave, Plattsmouth
Allen, W. B., Rock Bluffs
Allen, W. D., Greenwood
Alley, F., Greenwood
Allison, A., Weeping Water
Allison, F. H., Plattsmouth
Allison, James, Murray
Allsion, J. G., Plattsmouth
Allison, J. H., Murray
Allison, Lee, Rock Bluffs
Allison, W. G., Plattsmouth
Alloway, Jas., Weeping Water
Alloway, Jesse, Louisville
Althouse, George, Greenwood
Alton, Cyrus, Greenwood
Amick, D. L., Weeping Water
Amick, G. D., 8 Mile Grove
Amick, J. P., 8 Mile Grove
Amick, J. W., Plattsmouth
Amick, R. O., Weeping Water
Ammerman, E. E., Weeping Water
Anderson, A., Plattsmouth
Anderson, A. J., South Bend
Anderson, Andrew, Louisville
Anderson, Chas., Greenwood
Anderson, D. L., South Bend
Anderson, Nels, Greenwood
Anderson, R., Plattsmouth
Anderson, Robert, Greenwood
Anderson, S. A., Plattsmouth
Anderson, S. L., Greenwood
Anderson, Thos. , Greenwood
Andrews, Dill, Plattsmouth
Andrews, J.K., Weeping Water
Andrus, C. R., Andrusville
Andrus, D. D., Andrusville
Andrus, J. C., Andrusville
Andrus, O.M., Andrusville
Andrus, T. C., Andrusville
Angell, M. E., Greenwood
Annis, M. M., Greenwood
Anthony, John, South Bend
Anthony, W. R., South Bend
Antill, J. P., Plattsmouth
Apphun, Frederick, Greenwood
Applegate, I. A., Factoryville
Applegate, Nelson, Factoryville
Appleman, R.D., Greenwood
Archer, A. H., Plattsmouth
Archer, M., Plattsmouth
Archer, M., Rock Bluffs
Armitage, A. A., Louisville
Armstrong, P. S., Sunlight
Arnold, Lauren, Greenwood
Arnold, W. B., Greenwood
Artkolter, Henry, Greenwood
Ashley, P. R., Weeping Water
Ashman, A. H., Weeping Water
Ashman, R. W., Weeping Water
Ashman, William, Weeping Water
Askens, John, Mt. Pleasant
Atherton, Wm. L., Greenwood
Atkins, C. C., Elmwood
Atwood, S. H., Plattsmouth
Atwood, Wm., Plattsmouth
Auble, John N. D., Andrusville
Auble, M. F., Andrusville
Auble, W. L.D., Andrusville
August, H., Avoca
Austin, J. H., Union
Austin, L. A., Plattsmouth
Axemake, John, Greenwood
Babb, A.F., Eagle
Babb, A.M., Greenwood
Babbington, D. E., Plattsmouth
Babbitt, G. H., Ashland
Bach, August, Plattsmouth
Bachelder, E. H., Plattsmouth
Bachaler, P., Plattsmouth
Bacher, L. F., Plattsmouth
Backemeyer, C., Greenwood
Backemeyer, Chas., South Bend
Backmann, F., Weeping Water
Backus, Robert, Plattsmouth
Bafford, Wm., Greenwood
Bahmer, A., Eagle
Bahr, J.J. , Eagle
Bailey, C. G., Elmwood
Bailey, C. H., Plattsmouth
Bailey, George S., Nehawka
Bailey, J. D., Weeping Water
Bailey, R. D., Elmwood
Bailey, T. E., South Bend
Bailey, W. P., Plattsmouth
Bailey, W. P. Jr., Plattsmouth
Baird, George, Greenwood
Baird, J. R., South Bend
Baird, J. T., Plattsmouth
Baird, P. S., Avoca
Baker, D. H., Sunlight
Baker, G. E., Sunlight
Baker, George, Sunlight
Baker, John, Greenwood
Baldwin, F.C., Greenwood
Baldwin, Milton, South Bend
Baldwin, W. R., Greenwood
Balance, Geo., Plattsmouth
Balance, Robt., Plattsmouth
Balance, Wm., Plattsmouth
Baming, J.E., Factoryville
Barbour, W., Weeping Water
Barden, A.A., Avoca
Barker, H. J., Louisville
Barker, Sam, Plattsmouth
Barker, S. L., Plattsmouth
Barker, W. H., Plattsmouth
Barnes, P. S., Weeping Water
Barnhardt, W. A., Plattsmouth
Barnum, Thomas, Factoryville
Barnum, E. A., Factoryville
Barr, A. B., Greenwood
Barr, J. R., Greenwood
Barr, J. W., Greenwood
Barr, Wm. L., Greenwood
Barr, W. F., Avoca
Barrett, Frank, Weeping Water
Barrett, G. W., Weeping Water
Barrett, Joseph, Greenwood
Barrett, P. A., Weeping Water
Barrett, W. L., Weeping Water
Barrow, Abner, South Bend
Barrows, C. N., Union
Barry, G. S., Weeping Water
Barry, T. S., Plattsmouth
Barthold, H.S., Plattsmouth
Barton, J. L., South Bend
Barts, John, South Bend
Bascom, Geo H., Greenwood
Bassett, R. S., Plattsmouth
Basworth, M. W., Weeping Water
Bates, Calvin, Elmwood
Bates, C. L., Weeping Water
Bates, C. O., Avoca
Bates, E., Mt. Pleasant
Bates, E., Weeping Water
Bates, Isaac, Rock Bluffs
Bates, Jacob, Plattsmouth
Bates, Julius , Rock Bluffs
Bates, L., Weeping Water
Bates, Lemon, Rock Bluffs
Bates, P. D., Plattsmouth
Bates, T. C., Rock Bluffs
Bauer, Frans, Union
Bauer, John, Plattsmouth
Baumeister, J.F., Plattsmouth
Bauer, John T., Plattsmouth
Bauer, O., Plattsmouth
Baum, F., Weeping Water
Baum, John, Weeping Water
Baumeister, F. M., Plattsmouth
Baumeister, J. F., Plattsmouth
Baur, John, Louisville
Bax, G. H., Plattsmouth
Bayless, Jacob, Greenwood
Bayless, J.J., Greenwood
Bayless, Wm., Sunlight
Baylie, J. W., Weeping Water
Beach, A., Weeping Water
Beach, A. C., Weeping Water
Beach, A. W., Weeping Water
Beach, G. M., Andrusville
Beadle, J. W., 8 Mile Grove
Beardsley, H. G., Elmwood
Beardsley, J. M., Weeping Water
Beaty, J. E., Avoca
Beaver, Abel, Ashland
Beaver, A. R., Cedar Creek
Beaver, P.T., Cedar Creek
Beck, J. S., Weeping Water
Beck, J. S., Weeping Water
Beck, W. H., Weeping Water
Becker, A. L., Union
Becker, Harvey, Union
Becker, J. H., Plattsmouth
Becker, L. C., Union
Becker, Nicholas, Eagle
Beckly, J. M., Manley
Beckman, Ben, Murray
Beckner, J., Plattsmouth
Beeson, Allen, Plattsmouth
Behn, John, Plattsmouth
Behrns, Henry, Avoca
Behrns, James, Avoca
Behrns, John, Avoca
Beidwell, David, Plattsmouth
Beins, A., Plattsmouth
Being, August, Manley
Bejeck, John, Plattsmouth
Belknap, T. M., Greenwood
Bell, Charles, Plattsmouth
Bell, Jas. N., Greenwood
Bell, John H., Greenwood
Bellinger, C. A., Greenwood
Bellinger, J. W., Greenwood
Bellows, F., Weeping Water
Bennett, Henry, Greenwood
Bennett, H. L., Elmwood
Bennett, James, Greenwood
Bennett, John R., Sunlight
Bennett, L. D., Plattsmouth
Bennett, W. S., Weeping Water
Benton, M. A., Weeping Water
Benton, Stephen, Andrusville
Benton, W. A., Weeping Water
Benyman, J. M., South Bend
Benyman, M., Manley
Benyman, Z., Manley
Benz, J. C., Eagle
Bergaman, J., Louisville
Berger, E., Murray
Berger, Geo., Louisville
Berger, J. T., Weeping Water
Berger, J. W., Murray
Bergguist, A. J., Greenwood
Bergling, H. A., Louisville
Bergmeister, F., Plattsmouth
Berkley, C. W., Weeping Water
Berve, Wm., Mt. Pleasant
Bester, H., Plattsmouth
Bethel, S. C., Greenwood
Bethel, W. S., Greenwood
Betts, Benjamin, Avoca
Betts, W. H., Avoca
Beverage, C. N., Plattsmouth
Beverage, G. W., Plattsmouth
Bickert, A., Elmwood
Billings, H., South Bend
Billings, S. S., Plattsmouth
Billings, Wm., South Bend
Bilstein, Richard, Plattsmouth
Bink, J. W., Greenwood
Bird, Lewis, Mt. Pleasant
Bird, Wesley, Greenwood
Bird, W. S., Nehawka
Birn, L., Plattsmouth
Bishop, J. F., Union
Black, C. E., Plattsmouth
Black, E. W., Plattsmouth
Black, G. H., Plattsmouth
Black, J. N., Weeping Water
Black, John, Plattsmouth
Black, R. W., Plattsmouth
Blackman, F., Avoca
Blakely, Justice, Greenwood
Blanchard, H. P., Weeping Water
Blanchard, J. A., Sunlight
Blessington, Pat, Louisville
Bluma, Henry, Manley
Bobbett, T. N., Sunlight
Bock, John, 8 Mile Grove
Bodeker, C., Louisville
Bodeker, F., Louisville
Bodeker, T., Louisville
Bodeker, Tom, Louisville
Boeck, Geo., Plattsmouth
Boedeker, F., Louisville
Boedeker, H., Louisville
Boetel, Claus, Plattsmouth
Bogard, Chas., Avoca
Bogard, Cornelius, Avoca
Bogard, John, Sunlight
Bond, J. L., Bushbury
Bonk, R. N., Greenwood
Bonner, E., Cedar Creek
Bons, H. M., Plattsmouth
Bons, John, Plattsmouth
Boon, J. C., Plattsmouth
Boos, J. J., Louisville
Bornemeier, Aug., South Bend
Bornemeier, H., South Bend
Bornemeier, S., Louisville
Bose, Fritz, Weeping Water
Bower, Jos., Greenwood
Bower, S. R., Greenwood
Bowers, Fritz, Louisville
Bowman, C., South Bend
Bowman, M. A., Greenwood
Boyce, Jas., South Bend
Boyd, Frank, Plattsmouth
Boyd, W. D., 8 Mile Grove
Boyles, E. H., Elmwood
Boyles, T. H., Greenwood
Boyles, W. O., Sunlight
Brace, Jacob, Avoca
Bradbeck, M., Plattsmouth
Bragg, H., Elmwood
Brandt, Carl, Nehawka
Brandt, Fritz, Nehawka
Brandt, J. G., Union
Bratner, S. J., Plattsmouth
Breck, Henry, Plattsmouth
Breckenfield, C., Plattsmouth
Bredehorst, F., Factoryville
Breedon, John, Elmwood
Breedon, Samuel, Elmwood
Bremer, Fred, Plattsmouth
Brendel, John F., Union
Brewster, R. B., Plattsmouth
Bricker, A. W., South Bend
Bricker, J. W., Sunlight
Briggs, B. J., Louisville
Briggs, Thomas, Louisville
Bringman, John, Louisville
Bringman, W. H., Louisville
Brittian, S. A., Elmwood
Brodin, T. F., Louisville
Brogan, P., Plattsmouth
Broker, Fred, Weeping Water
Brokmayer, A., Plattsmouth
Bromhak, August, Louisville
Brookins, W., Weeping Water
Brooks, B. M., Plattsmouth
Brooks, G. M., South Bend
Brooks, John, Greenwood
Brown, C. M., Plattsmouth
Brown, F. G., Greenwood
Brown, George, Sunlight
Brown, I. W., Greenwood
Brown, L. B., Rock Bluffs
Brown, Thomas, Greenwood
Brown, W. A., Murray
Brown, W. B., Plattsmouth
Brown, W. L., Plattsmouth
Brown, W. A., Plattsmouth
Bruner, Ben, Rock Bluffs
Brunko, August, Manley
Brunko, Fred, Manley
Bruns, John, Avoca
Brunson, N., Murray
Brunson, R. N., Greenwood
Brush, B. O., Weeping Water
Brush, C. B., Weeping Water
Bryan, Thomas, Plattsmouth
Buchel, George, Plattsmouth
Buck, J. F., Murray
Buck, T. D., Murray
Buchingham, A. D., Greenwood
Buckingham, J., Weeping Water
Bucton, Chas. A., Weeping Water
Buell, G. E., Mainland
Buell, J. A., Plattsmouth
Buford, Joseph, Greenwood
Buford, O. F., Greenwood
Bulles, J. W., Weeping Water
Bumgardner, J. Q., Union
Bumgardner, S. W., South Bend
Bunker, C. E., Plattsmouth
Burdick, A. D., Andrusville
Burdick, J. P., Andrusville
Burger, Jesiah, Sunlight
Burgess, O., Weeping Water
Burke, James, Greenwood
Burke, M., Weeping Water
Burnett, Jesse, Greenwood
Burns, C. M., South Bend
Burns, J. S., Plattsmouth
Burns, J. W., Eagle
Burns, M. J., Eagle
Burns, Wm., Plattsmouth
Burrows, W. P., South Bend
Burtnell, L., Plattsmouth
Burton, J. H., Murray
Burton, T. J., Plattsmouth
Busching, Fred, Avoca
Bushie, F., Louisville
Buskirk, John, South Bend
Buskirk, T., Louisville
Busley, Jas., Weeping Water
Busley, J. J., Weeping Water
Buster, Wm., Elmwood
Butler, C. M., Plattsmouth
Butler, M. M., Weeping Water
Buttery, J. H., Plattsmouth
Buttery, J. J., Plattsmouth
Butts, C. D., Avoca
Butts, O. F., Plattsmouth
Butts, P. M., Mt. Pleasant
Buzzell, John E., South Bend
Byers, Joseph, Rock Bluffs

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