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This page has some different information from "THE OFFICIAL STATE ATLAS OF NEBRASKA: Compiled from Government Surveys, County Records, and Personal Investigations" (Everts & Kirk; Philadelphia; 1885).

See Names of Leading Business and Professional Men in Cass County, Who Have Aided in the Publication of the Official State Atlas of Nebraska

ANDRUSVILLE - Andrusville, a post office in the southwestern part of Cass County, 40 miles from the county seat
Andrus, C. R. - justice of the peace
Andrus, O. M. - postmaster

AVOCA - Avoca is in the southern part of Cass County, on the Missouri Pacific Ry. It is quite a lively shipping point, 515 cars of grain and 120 of live stock having been sent from this point last year. Avoca has just erected a substantial and attractive schoolhouse at a cost of $3,000. The Congregationalists have a good house of worship. Avoca Lodge No. 7, I.O.G. T., is a strong organization. The Bank of Avoca is well known and favorably regarded in the financial circles of the state. David Dean is its president.
Bank of Avoca - David Dean pres, C. N. Folsom vice-pres, C. A. Kaufman cashier
Barden, A. A. - pumps and windmills
Barry, G. S. - Harnessmaker
Betty & Co. - Drugs
Betz, W. H. - Billiards and cigars
Bunte, H. F. - insurance, loan and real estate agent
Central Hotel - E. A. Kirkpatrick propr.
Colven, Wm. - Saloon
Day, E. E. - Grain and agl implts.
Haight, Wm. - Livery.
Himers, & Lindermann - genl. Mdse.
Hulburd, O. T. - grain elevator.
Kirkpatrick, E. A. - propr. Central Hotel.
Kraft, Jno. - Grain Dealer.
LaGrange & Co. - Drugs, groceries.
Loomis, E. R. - shoemaker.
Malcom, R. - barber, justice
Marquardt bros - genl mdse.
Marquardt, J. H. - postmaster
Megeile, Fred - meat market.
Miller, F. G. - Blacksmith.
Morris, A. - Carpenter.
Packard, W. A. - physician.
Peckham, A. - Carpenter
Richmond, Ernest - agl implts.
Sebring, C. F. - sta, tel and ex agent.
Shriver, Saml. - carpenter
Smith, A. R. - Billiards.
South Platte Lumber CO. - Lumber, coal, C. A. Kaufman mgr.
Tefft, A. & Son. - loan brokers.

Cedar Creek, a flourishing station on the B. & M. R. R., in the northern part of Cass county, 12 miles from Plattsmouth. It has a population of about 100.
Connor & Draper - grain shippers and elevator.
Draper, D. S. - insurance.
Duff. J. B. - physician and surgeon.
Jones, W. H. - carpenter.
Miller, T. - boarding.
Mutz, G. W. - blacksmith, agl implts.
Richey bros. - lumber, J. B. Tipton mgr.
Riddell. Wm. - station, tel and ex agt.
Sayles, C. W. - genl mdse, drugs.
Schroeder, Fred - propr. Cedar Creek Mill.
Snyder, C. W. - genl mdse, justice and postmaster.
White, F. E. - grain shipper, elevator.
Wildi, Joe. - carpenter.

Eagle, a post office in the western part of Cass County, 40 miles from Plattsmouth, the county seat.
Blanchard, J. - postmaster, druggest, genl mdse.
McClain, Nettie - dressmaker.
Shannon, J. J. - blacksmith.

Eight Mile Grove has a population of 40, and is in the southeastern portion of Cass County, 10 miles from Plattsmouth, the county seat.
Fulton, Thomas E. - blacksmith and wagon maker.
Jenkins, Walter - postmaster.
Jenkins, Julia A. - dressmaker.
Miller, Samuel - druggest.
Morris, Rozzell - justice of the peace.

Elmwood is in the west central portion of Cass County, on the Lincoln branch of the M. R. Ry., 35 miles west of Plattsmouth, and has a population of 100. Roller mills costing $25,000 have been erected here in the past year. Two church organizations are represented, the Methodist and Christian.
Arends, J. H. - genl mdse.
Carpenter, H. N. - lumber.
Clapp, C. D. & Co. - hardware and genl mdse.
Deler, Wm. - justice of the peace.
Green, J. H. - drugs.
Harton, F. C. - Blacksmith and wagon maker.
Hytton, Mattie - Dressmaker.
Royer, J. E. Mrs. - Postmistress.
Schick, Wm. - Blacksmith.
Woodruff. G. W. - genl mdse.

Greenwood, a town of 650 inhabitants, on the B. & M. R. R., is located on the broad level valley of Salt Creek, in the northwestern part of Cass County, of which Plattsmouth, 37 miles distant, is the county seat. The surrounding country is largely devoted to the production of grain and livestock. The shipments for the 1885 at Greenwood being 600 car loads of grain and 150 of Stock. The First National Bank, John Fitzgerald, president. N. H. Meeker, Cashier, is the local banking institution and has the confidence of the public. Hotel facilities are afforded by the Commercial house, D. S. Kellison, proprietor, and the Central House, Eugene Brush, proprietor. The Greenwood Hawkeye is the local sheet, and is ably conducted by E. O. Mayfield & Co., proprietors. There are four churches - The Methodist, Congregational, Christian and Catholic. Mission Ridge Post, No. 140, is the G. A. R. organization.
Alexander, B. I. - physician.
Alley, Mrs. A. J. - milliner.
Avery, M. W. - propr Parlor Hotel.
Barr, Wm. - Flour and feed.
Bascom, G. H. - jewelry.
Brush, Eugene - propr. Central House, rates $1.00 per day, try us.
Carnes, J. V. - Livery stable.
Carnes & Sayles - meat market.
Central House - Eugene Brush, propr.
Cheuvront, M. E. - confectionery.
Cheuvront, V. A., Mrs. - dressmaker.
Cheuvront, T. - carpenter.
Clark, J. R. - auctioneer.
Cline, J. - restaurant.
Coffin, B. F. - Blacksmith.
Combs, M. J. - veterinary surgeon.
Commercial Hotel - D. S. Kellison propr.
Conn, W. W. - drugs.
Connor, J. A. - grain elevator.
Crittenden, A. - justice of peace.
Crittenden, A. E. - hardware, implts.
Curruth, F. - jewelry.
Cuttler, G. T. - wagon maker.
Denis & Horford - furniture.
First National Bank - John Fitzgerald, pres; J. W. Quackenbush, vice-pres; N. H. Meeker, cashier.
Fitzgerald, John & Co. - genl mdse.
Green, Phil & Co. - genl mdse.
Greenwood, Hawkeye - E. O. Mayfield & Co. proprs.
Hall, J. L. - meat market.
Hoham Bros. - Hardware.
Hollister, J. - Dentist.
Holloway, A. E. - harnessmaker.
James, S. T. - postmaster.
Jeary, Edwin - attorney at law.
Jenkins & Billeps - feed mill.
Keesler, M. - mgr telephone office.
Kellison, D. S. - propr Commercial Hotel, refurnished, new management, best hotel in town.
Kerrihard, Thos. - Billiards.
Lockey & Truslove - pumps and windmills.
McKesson, S.D. - notions.
Manker, L. - dentist.
Mayfield, E. O. & Co. - pub Greenwood Hawkeye.
Meeker, N. H. - notary public.
Moon, T. O. - attorney at law.
Nethercutt, Wm. - brick mason.
Newman, J. - groceries, crockery.
Newton, H. E. - sta. Tel and ex agt.
Noel, E. A. - Mrs. Dressmaker.
Norris, U. H. - physician.
Parlor Hotel - M. W. Avery propr.
Payne, T. A. - carpet weaver.
Phillips, J. L. - broker.
Potter, Joseph - harnessmaker.
Quackenbush Bros. - Lumber, coal.
Ralstback, Mitchell & Co. - grain elevators.
Roberts, William - Barber.
Ryder, L.H. - genl mdse.
Sayles, J. - restaurant.
Show & Lytel - genl mdse.
South Platte Lumber Co. - Lumber.
Steiner, Jacob. - blacksmith.
Stetson & Harding - drugs.
Truslove, W. H. - musical intruments.
Truslove, W. H. Mrs. - milliner.
Wager, W. A. - boots and shoes.
Wagne, E. N. - shoemaker.

Louisville, a thriving town of 700 inhabitants, at the intersection of the B. & M. and Missouri Pacific railways, in the northern part of Cass County, 18 miles west of Plattsmouth, the county seat. The M. P. crosses the Platte at his point, over a substantial bridge, erected at an expense of $40,000. The Louisville stone-crushing works, situated near town, gives employment to about 200 men. Other indications of enterprise are seen in the extensive stone ware manufactory here located, flouring mills, and fire brick works; The latter operated by J. T. A. Hoover, are the only works in the state, and have built up an excellent reputation. The Hall House, I. W. Weeley, proprietor, is the leading hotel. One of the pushing journals of this section, is the Louisville Observer, G. W. Mayfield & Co. proprietors, which circulates generally among the people of Cass and Sarpy counties. Religious societies represented here are the Congregational, Baptist, Christian and Methodist. The G. A. R. has here A. B. Fox Post, No. 175.
Adams, T. - hardware.
Bartman, N. - watchmaker.
Bielefeldt, C. A. - propr. Louisville House.
Boedeker, L. & Co. - saloon.
Bringman, John - shoemaker
Cleyhorn, G. C. - justice of the peace, notary public, insurance and collect.
Cox, J. T. - sta, tel and ex. Agt B. & M.
Cuthforth, W. - Hardware.
Drake, J. N. - groceries, shoes.
Echols, S. F. - grain shipper.
Ellis, J. P. - sta, tel and ex agt. Mo. Pac.
Fetzer, Frank - blacksmith.
Fitzgerald, James - livery stable.
Hall, A. W. - Hotel.
Hall House - I. W. Neeley propr.
Hall, Truman - harnessmaker.
Hasemeir, J. H. - physician, surgeon.
Heitzhausen, E. H. - groceries, mgr. Telephone ex.
Hoover, J. T. A. - brick mfr, only mfr of fire brick in the state, also engaged in the culture of German carp.
Huber Bros. - genl mdse.
Hutchins, D. B. - clothing.
Jackman & Son - proprs Louisville Mill.
Kelso, H. - restaurant.
Lehman, W. F. - carpenter.
Lehman, W. F. Mrs. - dressmaker.
Loucks, R. P. - barber
Louisville Bank - Frank Stander, pres; James Stander, cashier;
Louisville House - C. A. Bielefeld, propr.
Louisville Observer - G. W. Mayfield, propr.
Mayfield, G. W. & Co. - pubs Louisville Observer.
Neeley, I. W. - propr. Hall House.
Nicholas, J. K. - groceries and photographer.
Ossenkop, J. - grain elevator.
Pankonin, & Evans - agl implts, wagons, buggies, pumps and windmills.
Peterson, M. Mrs. - genl mdse.
Peterson, P. - boot and shoemaker.
Ripple, C. - bakery and restaurant.
Robinson, A. V. - physician.
Rockwell, S. F. - Atty and real estate.
Ruby, M. D. Mrs. - millinery.
Sanborn, H. A. F. - barber.
Scaggs, J. R. - bridge builder.
Schlaeflie, Charles - meat market.
Scaggs, J. R. Mrs. - dressmaker.
Senner, L. - saloon, billiards.
Shyrock, T. W. - postmaster.
Shyrock, W. B. - jewelry, drugs.
Stander, Frank - genl mdse.
Stout, H. B. - meat market.
Waterman & Co. - lumber, coal.
Waterman, J. M. - physician.
Waters, Orthello, Dr. - drugs.
Western Pottery Co. - T. W. Mecher, pres; E. Benedict, vice-pres; E. D. Van Court, secy. and treas.

Manley, near the center of Cass County, is a promising station and postoffice, on the Missouri Pacific railroad, about 16 miles from Plattsmouth, the county seat.
Bingham, John - harnessmaker.
Gerey, Jacob - blacksmith.
Gleason, W.W. - postmaster and genl. mdse.
Goering, J. - blacksmith and wagon maker.
Jinklus, Carson - Attorney.
Lehman, Miss. - Dressmaker.
Pancanan & Evans - agl implts.
Redfern, James - saloon.
Rockwell, O. T. - genl mdse.

Murray, a postoffice in the eastern part of Cass County, 12 miles south of Plattsmouth, the county seat.
Letta, S. J. - postmaster.

Nehawka, a post office in the southeastern part of Cass county, 18 miles from Plattsmouth, the county seat.
Pollard, S. H. - postmaster.

Oreapolis, a junction of the B. & M. R. R., in Cass County. 4 miles west of Plattsmouth.

Rock Bluffs has 200 inhabitants and is located in the eastern part of Cass county, 7 miles from Plattsmouth, the county seat.
Allen, Handson - blacksmith.
Archer, M. - attorney at law.
Byers, M. Mrs. - dressmaker.
Graves Bros. - genl mdse.
Graves, C. L. - justice of peace.
McColloch, B. - wagon maker.
Paterson, F. - post master
Reynolds, E. E. - flouring mills.

Southbend, a small village of 225 inhabitants, 23 miles west of Plattsmouth, the county seat, in the northwwestern part of Cass County, on the B. & M. R. R. The principal industry is stone cutting. The South Bend stone quarry, opposite the town, on the north side of the Platte, employing a large number of men. The G. A. R. has here Bob Mercer Post, No. 145.
Cavalin, C. J. - blacksmith.
Commercial Hotel - T. W. Fountain, propr.
Day, E. E. - grain, elevator, Holstein Cattle.
Dreher, Chas. - Blacksmith.
Fountain, T. W. - propr. Commercial Hotel, agl implts.
Fountain, J. G. - agt. Mutual Pacific Telegraph Co.
Ganzas, E. G. - hotel.
Grand Central Hotel - Mrs. H. Kirk, proprss.
Hurd, M. L. - sta, tel and ex agt.
Jacobs, Oliver - books and stationery.
Kirk, H. Mrs. - Proprss Grand Central Hotel, drugs.
McCormick, George - blacksmith.
McGinnis, Ed - carpenter.
Munford, J. - shoemaker.
Mutual Pacific Tel. Co. - J. G. Fountain, Mgr.
OÍBrien, M. E. - mgr State Fishery.
Pankonin & Evans - agl implts, buggies and wagons.
Sawyer, H. L. & Son - clothing, dry goods.
South Platte Lumber Co. - David Folsom Mgr.
Sharp, Joseph - livery.
Streight, H. J. - grain elevator, genl mdse.
Weacher, C. T. - meat market.

Union, a post office in the western part of Cass county, 15 miles south of Plattsmouth.
Davis, Wm. B. - postmaster.

Victoria, a post office in the southwestern part of Cass county 22 miles from Plattsmouth
Cross, L. E. - postmaster.

Weeping Water, located on the Missouri Pacific Ry., near the center of Cass county, is 24 miles southwest of Plattsmouth, the judicial seat. Population, 900. An extension of the M. R. Ry. is in course of construction from this point to Lincoln, and it is expected it will be completed by the 1st of August. The Weeping Water, which passes close to town, furnishes an excellent power for manufacturing purposes. Four gain elevators are in operation, and the Weeping Water Mills, the Cascade Mills, and the Valley Mills are doing a prosperous business. The Weeping Water Manufacturing Company is sustained by able management and ample resources, contributing largely to the business of the town. Sharing the confidence of financial circles, the Weeping Water Bank, E. S. Reed, president; R. S. Wilkinson, cashier; and the Commercial Bank, P. S. Barnes, president; J. M. Roberts, cashier; both stand on a firm business basis and have liberal support. The brick building of the former is admirably adapted to their business and was erected a year ago. The Commercial Bank has been recently moved into a new brick block, just completed at a cost of $10,000. Other improvements in building include new churches for both the Congregational and Baptist societies, costing $2,000 and $3,000 respectively. One of the important institutions of the town is the Nebraska Farm Mortgage Security Co., C. S. Brown, president; B. A. Gibson, Vice-president; which as its name indicates, makes a specialty of farm loans. With a capital of $100,000, this is a growing enterprise. The Weeping Water Academy, George Hindley, B. D., President, a recent acquisition, was opened with a full corps of instructors September 25, 1885. Three courses of study are presented„academic, scientific, and college preparatory and the institution already indicates a prosperous condition. Among the enterprising journals of this section are the Republican, J. K. Keithley, proprietor, and the Cass County Eagle, H. G. Race, proprietor, which circulate freely in Cass. The Gibbon House, O. K. Cromwell, proprietor, is the leading hotel. The public schools are noteworthy for their excellence, and three churches have representation here. Viz: Methodist, Rev. W. H. Vance, pastor; Congregational, Rev. George Hindley, Pastor, and Baptist, Rev A. W. Webb, pastor. The civic societies are: Prairie Lodge No. 25, I.O.O.F.; Woodlawn Rebecca Lodge, No. 22, I.OO.F.; Euclid Lodge, No. 97, A. f. & A. M; Evergreen Lodge, K. of P.; Lafayette Post, No. 61 G.A.R.; Royal Arcanum, and Weeping Willow Lodge, No. 170, I. O. G. T.
Weeping Water Academy.
George Hindley, B. D. - Principal and President.
G. W. Noble, A. B. - Languages.
F. Bellows - Grammer.
E. P. Churchill - Mathematics.
J. H. Bellows - Political Science.
George Ashmun - Book Keeping.
Miss Nettie Bierce - Instrumental and vocal Music.
George Hindley - president.
J. H. Bellows - secretary.
R. S. Wilkinson - treasurer.
Opened September 25, 1895. Will build brick, costing $10,000, this season.
Adams & Gilbert - grain elevators.
Ashley, A. O. - Painter.
Ashmun Bros. - Furniture and hardware, stoves and tinware.
Baldwin & Everetts - mfrs patent end gate.
Barnes, P. S. - Drug, jewelry.
Bates, C. L. & Co. - drugs, books.
Barry, J. S. - harnessmaker.
Bates, E. Miss. - dressmaker.
Beach, A. W. - harnessmaker.
Beardsley, Clark & Co. - lumber , coal.
Bellows, J. H. - attorney at law and collection agent.
Black, J. N. - agl implts.
Burgess, O. - stock dealer.
Butler, M. M. - physician.
Cannon, A. S. - propr Missouri Pacific Hotel.
Cass County Eagle - H. G. Race propr.
Chase & Churchill - Hardware, furniture and house furnishing goods.
Clark & Howard - real estate.
Clark, J. W. - attorney at law.
Clinton, S. - flouring mills.
Commercial Bank - capital $50,000, P.S. Barnes pres; A. B. Smith, vice-pres; J.M. Roberts, cashier.
Crippen & Amick - genl mdse. Also Boots and Shoes, Flour and Feed.
Crippen, G. B. - propr. Valley Mills.
Cromwell, O.K. - propr Gibbon House and the Railroad Lunch Counter.
Davis, S. M. & Co. - Dry goods, etc.
Dudley, D. T. - Confectionery.
Dunn, Wm. - livery stable
Fleming, D. C. - genl mdse.
Flower, Charles - skating rink.
Flower, W. A. - photographer
Gorder, Fred - agl implts.
Grothe, C. F. - flouring mill.
Haldeman, J. H. - attorney, notary.
Hall, J. E. - physician, surgeon.
Hammond, Wm. - shoemaker
Hasse, W. A. - clothing
Hatch, Geo. - clothing
Holland, L. - grain shipper and elevator
Huff, F. P. - confectionery.
Jones, D. E. - blacksmith.
Keithley, J. K. - propr, Weeping Water Republican, H. D. Barr editor.
King, C. H. - justice of peace.
Lambing, G. W. - agl implmts.
Marshall Bros. - boots and shoes.
Missouri Pacific Hotel - A. S. Cannon, propr.
Monroe, J. W. - livery stable.
Nebraska Farm Mortgage Security Co. - capital $100,000, C. S. Brown, pres; B. A. Gibson, vice-pres.
Norton, G. W. - grain elevator.
Paine, C. M. Miss. - millinery.
Parkins, J. F. - agl implts, grain.
Peterson, P. C. - meat market.
Race, H. G. - pub. Cass County Eagle.
Reed Bros. & Co. - genl mdse.
Reed, E. L. - pres. Of Weeping Water Bank and attorney at law. Post master, stone quarries.
Reed, Fuller, & Thompson, proprs. - Weeping Water Lime Co., E. Reed, Mgr.
Ripley & Coglizer - meat market.
Rolston, Chas. - barber.
Root, A. L. - physician
Sackett, E. A. - Lumber and coal.
Sayles, A. Mrs. - Millinery.
Seaman, E. - justice of the peace.
Selleck, Wm. - blacksmith
Serry, J. W. - brick yard.
Sitzer, C. D. - physician and surgeon.
Swearingen, M. D. - sta. Tel and ex agt.
Thomas J. W. - physician
Thomas & Orton - drugs, paints.
Travis, H. D. & I. F. - real estate.
Upham, Alva - confectionery.
Webster, C. A. - musical mdse.
Weeping Water Bank - capital $ 39,000, E. L. Reed, pres and notary; B. A. Gibson, vice-pres, atty and notary, R. S. Wilkinson, cashier.
Weeping Water Manufacturing Co. - J. Chase, pres., S. W. Coglizer, vice-pres. P. Churchill, secy and tres. Manufacturers Favorite stock troughs.
Wessel & Kohn - genl mdse.
Wilkinson R. S. - cashier Weeping Water Bank.
Wilson, O. T. - Barber.
Woodard, David - livery.
Wooley, E. H. - attorney at law.
Yeomans, B. C. - billiard hall.

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