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Heritage Heroes

The USGenWeb project offers a unique tool for genealogists around the country. One of the attributes that makes the entire project so special is that all information is provided for free and the work to bring that information online is all volunteer.

We would like to recognize and express our gratitude to the following people and organizations who have helped to preserve the heritage of Cass County and to bring it to the online public.

RootsWeb Genealogical - RootsWeb is an all-volunteer organization providing services to the online genealogical community. A large part of the USGenWeb project, including this site, resides on server space provided for FREE by RootsWeb. learn more about their organization.

M. A. Carmichael - Mr. Carmichael devoted countless hours and effort to compiling a comprehensive database of marked burials within Cass County. His work is now housed at the Cass County Historical Society and he has graciously allowed an index to his database to be made available at this site. To learn more about his work and to utilize this valuable resource, visit the Index to Cass County Burials.

Judy Arnold and Robert Doud Martin - These individuals have transcribed vital records and historical documents pertaining to their Cass Co. ancestors and others. Copies of their transcriptions have been donated to the USGenWeb Archives to aid in the preservation and dissemination of information. Their contributions can be viewed at the Cass County, NEGenWeb Archives

Wendy Anderson - Wendy, a young wife and mother, next took over the site and between taking care of husband and child, gave this site the look it has today. She spent many hours designing the pages and creating user-friendly internal search modes, so people could find the wealth of information she then spent many more hours adding to the Cass Co. site and to the the Nebraska Archives.

Jean Lambert - In 1999, Jean volunteered to help put on the list of those registering for service in 1917 before World War I. She ended up doing the entire list for every precinct in the county and then returning to proof-read the entire list after it was initially put on line. She has gone on to contribute other data

J.E. (Gene) Wheeler - Gene has generously shared with us, his long work abstracting records of baptisms and burials in Plattsmouth, Nebraska for Holy Rosary Catholic Church and the Czech community in the late 1800's and early 1900's.

Angela Hanson - Angela has generously given her time to search the Plattsmouth Journal, a major newspaper in Cass County, to find and transcribe obituaties. She is also helping to complete the work Wendy Anderson began on a page about local funeral homes. Angela is interviewing funeral homes and providing the coordinators of this site with the resulting information, so folks can find pertinent information about their ancestors.

David Gochenhour - David has diligently and generously worked to get the 1920 Cass County Census on line at the USGenWeb Census Project pages. He has also sent in many transcribed documents.

Others - Many kind folks have sent in items to be posted on this site. Not all have wished to have their names published. Others can no longer be contacted for permission to do so. The coordinators of this site, Becky Applegate and I, appreciate every person who has helped to increase the richness of the Cass County USGenWeb site. They are the strength factor of the NeGenWeb Project.

Please consider making your own contribution to the online genealogical community.

  • Donate material to a county site or to the USGenWeb Archives. Transcriptions of resources such as marriage records, obituaries, articles of broad historical interest, and records of private organizations are welcome.
  • Volunteer to look up information for others in a genealogical or historical resource that you own.
  • Those who have the ability to undertake a larger project, should consider joining one of the following efforts:
    Census-On-Line Project
    Tombstone Transcription Project

    If you have any questions or ideas about how you can contribute, please contact
    David Gochenour.

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Main Page and Search Engine for this site.
Links to Data and Online Resources for Cass County NOT on this Site
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