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The line drawn images found through out this site were modified from those found in:

"Plattsmouth, Nebraska, The Gateway to the Great South Platte Country." (1892)
This booklet was published for the purpose of attracting investment and prospective residents to the area and includes many images of area buildings.

Line drawings that can be seen within the Cass County NEGenWeb site include the following:

The Waterman Opera House
Completed in the early 1880s from plans drawn up by local architect, G. H. THOMPSON, the Opera House had a seating capacity of 1,500. The owner was the firm of H.A. Waterman and Sons. This building can still be seen on Main Street in Plattsmouth.

Pepperburg Cigar Factory
Plattsmouth Journal, Monday, March 3, 1919

Fifty years ago, Julius PEPPERBERG came to Plattsmouth, a young man filled with all the ambition necessary to make a business venture of any sort a genuine success, and established a little cigar store and manufacturing plant in this city, at that time making most all the goods he sold over the counter and to the trade, himself. The little frame building shown below stood on the Main street of Plattsmouth, on the south side, about opposite where the court house now stands, and was the home of the now and then very popular brands of Pepperberg’s cigars, of which the “Buds” has always been a favorite. Mr. Pepperberg stands in the center of this picture, and as you will note by him stands one of the “good Indians” of Nebraska, as in those days they were very numerous in this part of the state, and very few of them were as well behaved and kept their place like this old trusty Pepperberg Indian. Mr. Pepperberg remained in this location for a number of years, and as the city advanced, Mr. Pepperberg grew with it and moved farther west on Main street, and at the time the Journal publisher came to Plattsmouth, he occupied the two-story brick building where the S.S. CHASE meat market now is located. This was seventeen years ago. During all these years, the cigar business with Mr. Pepperberg was increasing steadily, and at this time, he was employing in the neighborhood of twenty men, and his brands were then sold in many towns over eastern Nebraska and western Iowa. Julius Pepperberg was always a good man for the town he called home, and he was always a good man for Plattsmouth and Cass county, and still has a world of friends in his old home who will stand behind everything that can be said good in his behalf. It was with the deepest regrets that they received the news of his removal to Lincoln. Since the removal of the Pepperberg Cigar Establishment to Lincoln, they have taken on a large jobbing business, as well as increasing their manufacturing plant to a great extent and at the present time are employing over thirty men in the hand-made department all the year round. The “Buds” and other brands of their cigars are sold all over the state of Nebraska and in adjoining states. According to the records of the Omaha Internal Revenue Collector’s office, the Pepperberg factory is the oldest in the state, and during that fifty years since its establishment on the banks of the Missouri river, they have made over fifty million cigars, with a continued growth right up to the present time. We also print here a picture of Mr. Julius Pepperberg as he is today, looking hale and hearty, after fifty years of work with a growing business from the day of its incipiency. May he long live and continue to prosper is the wish of the Journal.

Bonner Stables
Although no longer standing, the "JONES and EIKENBARY Bonner Stables" are memorialized in this line drawing.

Other Items of Interest to Cass County

Beck Family Bible A previous county coordinator posted this picture of a page from a family Bible. It is usual policy, however, to require transcriptions. [JR]

Wabash Methodist Church Used with permission of Craig Bosley.

Picture of a Church in Otoe County just over the line from Union. Many folks have had their weddings here.

Picture of the First Presbyterian Church in Cass County.

Pictures of Creed Fulton Harris and his Family

       Pictures Submitted By Marie Courie

       Pictures Submitted By Paula Wolkerstorfer


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