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S.A. MORRISON, the subject of this sketch, was born in Sarpy county, Nebraska, on hisfather's farm about eight miles from Louisville, Nebraska, which is now his adopted home. Hisboyhood days were spent on the old home farm, where he assisted in the work of the farm insummer and attended the district school of his neighborhood in the winter until he wasseventeen years of age. He then undertook the task of securing for himself a good education,and this he did by teaching and studying and attending school as his means would allow. Hespent two terms at the Fremont Normal school, at Fremont, Nebraska. He taught variousdistrict schools in his own and Cass county, at Alvo, Eagle and Union, where he gave the bestof satisfaction as a teacher, to both patrons and scholars. This he could not help, as anyonewho knows him will understand, as it comes to him by nature to be pleasant, polite andagreeable to all with whom he meets, especially is this so with children. And there is no higherstandard by which we can judge men than this. A happy trait of character to possess.

At this time Mr. MORRISON had grown to young manhood and having the pride and spirit inhim to do something in life, and that to do this it was necessary that he should fit himself forthe task, so he decided that he would attend the Lincoln Normal university, at Lincoln,Nebraska, where he spent one year, graduating with credit. This I say of my own accord, andof a truth, that Mr. Morrison is a most worthy young man, and one whose influence willalways be felt in any place or community he may live. He is a young man that has grown up byhis own efforts, and much to his credit, has left off the bad and vulgar habits common to somany of our young men of today. He is moral in his habits and speech and has not become avictim of that vile and dirty use of tobacco or drink. And while he is fond of society and hiscompany is sought and enjoyed by his friends, he is not one that can be easily led away. Aftercompleting his university course he did not sit down and wait for something to come to him ofitself, but set about the task of looking up something that he might do that would be of good tohimself and a benefit to others, for while Mr. Morrison is enterprising he is not selfish. At thistime the Eagle Beacon, a newspaper at Eagle, Nebraska, was offered for sale and Mr.Morrison at once purchased that paper and took charge and became its editor for three yearsand by ability and energy he raised the subscription and general standard of the paper to oneof the best in the county. In July, 1902, he sold his paper at Eagle, Nebraska, and bought TheLouisville Courier, a Republican paper, and the only newspaper published in that little city.

Mr. Morrison is Republican in politics, but is of that class of men who are broad minded, justand generous to those with whom he may differ. He has the confidence and good will of allwho know him. He is a man of high character and is worthy of any place or position of trust towhich he might aspire or his friends might give him.John H. SEXTON


OTTO BECKER was born in Germany December 14, 1857, was educated in the Germanschools at Brunswick, and served three years in the army. He came to the United States whenhe was twenty-five years of age and settled in Chicago where he was engaged as architect forfour years. He then went to Brown county, in the north-west part of Nebraska, where hebecame the owner of a large ranch and engaged in farming and stock raising on a large scale.This was at a time when everything was high. The years that followed were hard ones. Thestock that he had paid high prices for had dropped in price until he lost all he had invested,about $6,000. He then engaged in the saloon business in Ainsworth, Nebraska, and also atButte, Nebraska, where he done[sic] a fairly good business for several years. He then cameto Louisville, in 1894, where he again engaged in the same trade. Mr. Becker prides himselfon the neatness of his place, having modern fixtures and furniture, as up-to-date as the citysaloons. His gentlemanly ways have won for him a good trade, and the respect of all. Herecently erected a beautiful home here, having a wife and four children who share in itspleasantness.


MR. TIDD is a native of the presidential state, Ohio, and is proud of it. He came to Nebraskaa year ago and as yet has not felt that the move was a bad one. He attended the ValparisoNormal school of Indiana, graduating in 1888. But not feeling that the school room was hisplace he decided to study law, which he did, graduating from the law department of theUniversity of Missouri in 1894, and has to be shown. He is a careful thinker and when hegives you his opinion you can rest assured that it is judgment formed from careful thought, andnot the rattling off of first impressions as is often the case. Mr. Tidd has contributed severalarticles on important law subjects to leading law magazines. He is associated in business withMr. Spurlock and the firm is one of the strongest legal teams in our county, either one havingno superior at the bar.


GEO. M. SPURLOCK was born at Plattsmouth, Nebraska. He attended public schoolsthere and later at York, Nebraska, where his father, Burwell Spurlock, now resides. Enteredthe State University at Lincoln in the latter part of the eighties. After spending a few yearsthere he became a student at DePauw University, at Greencastle, Indiana, where he graduatedin the law course. Returned to Plattsmouth in 1894 and was admitted to practice law. Waselected county judge of Cass county as a republican in 1895, and held the office for twosuccessive terms, from 1896 to 1899, inclusive. Declined to accept the nomination for a thirdterm by his party. In 1900 he formed a law partnership with Mr. A.L. Tidd, under the firmname and style of Spurlock & Tidd, and has been actively and successfully engaged in thepractice of law since that time at Plattsmouth. He was nominated by the republican party andelected last year as float representative, from Cass and Otoe counties, to fill the vacancycaused by the death of Hon. David Brown, of Nebraska City, and was again nominated bythe republican party for re-election by the convention held in Nebraska City in September,1902. Mr. Spurlock is possessed of a strong personality, good address, and a forciblespeaker, and is always in demand where good speaking is desired. In November, 1898, hemarried Maybird Smith, of Marysville, Missouri. His family consists of his wife and a risingyoung attorney he calls son.


MR JOHNSON was born April 21st, 1859, in Schuyler county, Missouri. When he was sixyears old his parents moved to Plattsmouth, Cass county, Nebraska, where they lived for twoyears, and then moved back south traveling through the states of Missouri and Arkansas.After wandering for some time they finally came back to Cass county and settled on a farmthree miles south-west of Louisville, where his father afterwards bought a farm. Thomasremained on the farm with his parents until grown, going to school as he could catch the timebetween working seasons. When he was about twenty years of age he made up his mind tosee the world, going west to Colorado, Montana and Wyoming, and to the National Park,working his way from place to place. Coming back to Nebraska he stayed a short time andthen took a trip through the southern states, coming again back to Nebraska in 1892, settlingon a farm in Cass county where he farmed for three years when he bought the livery barn inLouisville where he now has a good business. Mr. Johnson is a well posted and all roundpleasant gentleman to meet. He was married on October 16th, 1886, to Miss Lizzie Halpin, ofOtoe county, Nebraska. They have had three children born to them two of which are living.


MR. DIERS was born April 26th, 1867, at Comunnia, Iowa, his parents at that time living ona farm. Here his boyhood days were spent attending school and helping with the farm affairs.While educating himself at school he was being given a practical training at home, which hassince been instrumental in his being the successful business man he is today. As all successfulmen, Mr. Diers is richly endowed with the pleasant, gentlemanly way, which gains for all whoare the possessors of such, many friends.

In the fall of 1888 he started out in life for himself, first going to Ulysses, Nebraska, where hewent into the mercantile business with his brother. Two years later the Diers Brothers openedtheir first branch store, its location being at Gresham, Nebraska, W.F. Diers taking charge ofthe business at that place. In the spring of 1900 this firm purchased the general merchandisestock of Stander Brothers, at Louisville, where Mr. Diers was transferred to take charge ofthat branch. He moved his family to Louisville at that time and has since made that his home.

The firm have here a building which would be a credit to towns much larger, and thestock it contains is large and well selected. As in their several stores of this state they enjoy alarge trade and the confidence of their customers. They have stores located in eight differenttowns in this state namely, Ulysses, Rising City, Fullerton, Cedar Rapids, Madison, Humphry,Gresham and Louisville. Six brothers are jointly interested as the firm of Diers Bros. Mr. Dierswas married on May 17th, 1900, to Miss Hoth, of Gresham, Nebraska. The subject of thissketch is fitly represented by his portrait on another page.

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Louisville Table of Contents
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