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Wagon designed to commemorate the 4th of July in 1908.

Clara Weber (left) and Ivy Spies (right) on the occasion of their high school graduation, 1902.

The home of A. H. Weckbach at 7th St and Ave A in Plattsmouth. At the gate are A. H. Weckbach and his wife, Mary Egenberger. Helena Egenberger and her son Fred are standing along the side of the house. The girl at the top floor window is unidentified. The house is still standing in Plattsmouth and the steeple in the background is the bell tower of the original high school.

Plattsmouth High School class of 1902. Clara Weber has the blue X on her blouse. Ivy Spies is thought to be in the row behind to Clara's left.

This is the wedding photograph of William Weber and Veronica Egenberger, they married 30 Sep 1881 in Plattsmouth.

This a photo taken in 1888 of the Weckbach store in Plattsmouth, Nebraska. Henry Weckbach is leaning against the display case on the left with the X.The identity of the others is unknown.

I'm not sure who Annie Claus is but I would assume this is in Plattsmouth since I think that is Jeannette Weber on the left in the back row, the taller girl with the large hair bow that shows to each side of her head. Louis Schiele is second to the left in the front row, the small boy next to the larger boy. This would be summer, 1910.

This photo is only titled "Plattsmouth after the tornado". Notice the chair in the side of the house between the two windows.

Clara Weber on the right and Margaret Weber on the left. Early 1890's.

My Father definitely identified two of these men. The left seated is William Weber, the right standing behind is Fred Egenberger. Just from looking at other photographs it is quite possible that the left standing behind is Herman Spies and the right sitting is JV Egenberger. All from Plattsmouth.

This photo is my Grandparents wedding photo. They were married in Plattsmouth on 17 Apr 1907. Francis A. Schiele and Clara E. Weber

Rear Right: Helena (Guthmann) Egenberger, Grandmother Far Left Seated: Annie Egenberger Left Standing: Ivy Spies Right Standing: Clara Weber (married name Schiele) Right Seated: Margaret Weber (married name Starkjohn)

This is undated but Ivy Spies on the right,was born 1882/3, Eddie Spies is on the left.

This is of William and Veronica (Egenberger) Weber on their porch. Notice the Cigar Factory license behind them. Louis Schiele is standing behine them. Francis "Bus" Schiele is sitting on William's lap, the other baby is unidentified. This is the summer of 1910.

William Weber was born February 7, 1858, at Zorheim, Switzerland, where his childhood days were passed. The family came to the United States in 1867 when Wm. Weber was 9 years old, locating near Hermon, Mo. and where William grew to manhood and received his education in the schools of that place. In 1878, he came to Plattsmoutth and entered into the cigar making trade, later opening a factory of his own and remaining in this business up to the last few years. He was a prominent figure in social and political life. Eigth years before his death he was elected to the position of police judge and police magistrate and justice of the peace, holding these offices to the time of his death on November 24, 1928. He was married to Veronica Egenberger on Spetember 29, 1880. To their union were born six children, one of whom died in infancy. Funeral services were held on Tuesday afternoon, September 26, 1928 from the home at 8th & Vine St. Plattsmouth and burial in Oak Hill Cemetery. Died November 24, 1928.

This photo was taken about 1928. It is Fred Egenberger and his sister Veronica Weber.

Veronica Egenberger Weber was born in Waldhausen, Germany on November 4, 1857, on a small farm or acreage. Her parents, John Valentine and Helena were of the thrifty type, and by hard work and economy, saved a little money. Father died when Veronica was about 12 years of age, >leaving the mother to care for herself and six children. Two children had preceded the father in death. A Brother of Veronica's mother, had traveled to America and settled in Plattsmouth, Nebraska, where he was successful, and saw a future for Helena and Her family, so he made a trip to Germany and after much coaxing, he persuaded his sister to let him take Veronica and John Valentine Jr. to America with him. On the 19th of March 1872, Veronica took her first Holy Communion and on the 21st of March 1872, she and her brother and a relative, Kathryn Henn, age 12 years, and Uncle Frank Guthman said farewell to the folks at home and came to a new land, arriving in Plattsmouth, Nebraska April 17, 1872. Veronica then kept house for Uncle Frank for two years, when he married. By this time Helena had disposed of her home in Germany, and with the remaining four children came to America and settled in Plattsmouth, where her family grew to manhood and womanhood. On September 29th 1880, Veronica was joined in wedlock to William Weber who proceeded her in death on November 24, 1928. To them were born six children, five of whom are living, their first born, a son Fredrick, died in infancy. Veronica's greatest joy and comfort in this life was her faith in her religion, and she did her best, under any circumstances to do what was right and just, and I'm sure she has earned a crown and the blessings and joys of everlasting life in Heaven.

If you have any questions about the photographs, please email Marie Coury

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