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1860 Census Mortality Schedule

"1860 federal Census, Schedule 3.- Persons who Died during the year ending 1st June, 1860, in the County of Cass, Territory of Nebraska, enumerated by me, J.D.Simpson Ass't Marshal"

See Notes
Name A-Sx-MS PoB MoD Occup. Cause of Death LoI Ln
Ashley, H.J. 45 - m - marr. NY Mar. farmer Lung Fever 1w 25
Beatty, Nancy 51 - f - marr. OH May   Consumption 3y 31
Bowler, Alexander 4 - m IA Aug.   Typhoid fever 2w 16
Brown, Daniel 5/12 - m IA ?   Scarlet Fever 1w 17
Coleman, Mary 1/12 - f NE Mar.   Infl of Brain 1d 12
Cornwell, A. (male) 38 - m - marr. unk. July carpenter Lung fever 3w 6
Davis, Lydia 17 - f OH Aug.   Cong of Brain 10d 11
Doom, Mahala 36 - f - marr. IN Sep.   Consumption 6y 35
Ehrling, A. (male) 48 - m - marr. OH Sep. physician accidental poisoning 2d 7
Folden, George W. 6 - m IA Sep.   Bilious Fever 3d 27
Folden, Isabella B. 5/12 - f NE July   Cholera Infantum 2d 28
Garrison, Viola 3 - f IN Oct.   Inf of Lungs 3m 22
Gaslee, Eddy 2 - m IA Feb.   Cong of Brain 4d 5
Gaslee, Vincent D. F. 37 - m - marr. OH Feb. physician Cong of Brain 9d 4
Howard, Oscar 23 - m VT Aug. carpenter Infl of bowels 4w 3
Jacobs, Alice J. 3 - f IA Jan.   Accidental Burning sudd. 30
Jacobs, Leah 1 - f IA Aug;   Brain Fever 2w 29
Jenkins, E.C. 10/12- f IA Jan.   Scarlet Fever 4d 18
Kennedy, Arthur 1 - m NE Aug.   Infl of Lungs 4w 1
Kirkpatrick, Julia F. 1/12 - f NE Apr.   Internal Hemorage 1d 26
Lee, Mary 36 - f - marr. MD June   Consumption 3y 13
Lemon, James A. 3/12 - m NE Apr.   Infl of Brain 1w 10
Lose, Henry 59 - m - marr. Holstein Sep. farmer unknown 12d 33
Murry, Wm. 3 - m NE July   Cancer 3w 20
Parmele, Mattie 2/12 - f NE June   fever 3d 2
Royal, James L. 14 - m PA Sep.   Typhoid Fever 7d 14
Smith, Susan M. 3/12 - f NE Oct.   ?? [see note] 16w 9
Snyder, Barbara 14 - f VA Mar.   Inf of Heart 4d 19
Spratlen, Luzene 4/12 - f NE Sep.   Congestive Chill sudd. 15
Stafford, Sarah 46 - f - marr. NC Oct.   Fever 2w 21
Swain, John 1/12 - m NE Sep.   Spasms 1w 32
Valentine, Nathaniel 20 - m OH Nov. plasterer Ulceration of throat 1y 8
Waldradt, Bertha 4/12 - f NE May   Flux 4w 34
Wiley, Florence 2/12 - f NE Aug.   Fever 3w 23
Windham, Martha A. 56(?)- f VA Oct.   Dropsy 3m 24

Transcribed from "Federal Non-Population Decennial Census Schedules for Nebraska," National Archives Microfilm Publications, Call No. T1128, Roll 2. Transcription by Wendy J. Anderson.

Original Enumeration Columns
1 - NAME OF EVERY PESON WHO DIED during the year ending 1st June, 1860,whose usual place of abode at the time of death was in this family.
Description (columns 2-5)
2 - Age (given in number of years or fractions of a year)
3 - Sex
4 - Color,} White, black or mulatto (this column was not filled out)
5 - Free or slave (this column was not filled out)
6 - Married or Widowed7 - PLACE OF BIRTH Naming the State, Territory, or Country.
8 - THE MONTH in which the person died.

[Note: The cause of death of this person appears to be written as "Euyspehelous".]

- Name of deceased
- A-Sx-MS: Age - Sex - Marital Status; "marr"= married (none of the individuals were enumerated as widowed)
- MoD: Month of Death; standard abbreviations are used
- Occup.: Occupation
- Cause of Death: written as found on schedule
- LoI: length of illness; d=days, w=weeks, y=years
- Ln: line number of entry on Mortality Schedule
- [ ] : Words in brackets were added by the transcriber

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